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Another Letter From The School Principals

Dear Loli Lover,

It is noticed that Seetaa, a chick in our prestigious school, has posted you an important letter on a vital topic of sexual pleasure. We fully endorse it. As you might be helpful in fostering our cause let us ( I and my colleague Ms Dolly Donna Dorel ) reveal the true nature of our pious institution. The school is in contrast with other such schools. We have started it five years ago for developing powerful sexual personality for girl kids. Here we groom the kids and chicks for rendering sexual pleasure for the society, particularly to senior citizens ( old farts ), handicapped, perverts, male prisoners, and predators ( including humans and animals ).

We groom them and we train them for such social service as you can infer with your attitude to chicks. We train girls for physical culture so we have a gymnasium and dance classes. We teach refined music. Photography and other visual arts. Some of our girls have acted in aesthetic films. We utilized Sita’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual worth by introducing her in a raw porn film. We are in touch with some foreign sex research institutions and national sports clubs.

Recently we introduced our beautiful and sexy chicks to sexual tourism internationally. We sometime cater for certain deluxe escort clubs exclusively established for Professors, Politicians, Military, Justices, and Social Service dignitaries.

Our sacred institution is composed with a sound academic and Practical Faculty, around 40 male and female teachers to look after 200 girls. We maintain our standards high.

More recently we also included courses for lesbians.

We would like to know you better and request to encourage us in sexual matters with your vast experience.

I also attach an independent letter of our Schools Vice Principal Dolly Donna Dorel.

The Letter Ends Here but another one starts.

” Dear LOLI Lover,

I am Dolly, a 33 years sexy female, supervising and rendering sexual pleasure instructions to chicks of our sacred school. I have heard a lot about you through the pretty mouth of our student Sita.

My specialization is in the arts of certain taboo and restricted topics. It is generally related to Incest, BDSM, Perversion of a heinous kind, and Cruel gang bangs, and Violent sex. As we cater to sex tourism business and specialized escort clubs my duty to enrich this kind of sex in the society is permanently useful.

We have a faculty of 40 males and female teachers. We conduct special session of our faculty for sexual perversion and violent sex adventures to each other.

May I request you to join such a session? Please response.

Yours Daughter Alike


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