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Mr. Khan was just saying goodbye to his twelve year old daughter Pia, who Amy who was in the same class at school as Pia walked into the shop that Mr Khan owned, Mr Khan looked at the Amy and knew that he was going to get racial comments from the girl who was known as a racist trouble maker, and sure enough not long after being in the shop Amy started to mouth off making racial comments, Mr Khan had tried to ban Amy and her sister Sara who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Amy was but worse behaved and just as racist, Amy was at the end of the shop and did not see her very strict mum enter, Amy carried on shouting racial comments but when she saw her mum she very quickly shut up and became scared, Amy’s mum grabbed Amy by her collar and dragged her to the front of the shop saying I have warned you many times as she went, Amy was saying sorry I will not do it again, at the front of the shop Amy’s mum held her down over the counter and after pulling her skirt right up and her panties down started spanking Amy’s bare bum while Mr Khan watched admiring Amy’s naked bum, Sara walked into the shop saw what was happening and said ” what the fuck you doing” Amy’s mum threw Amy onto the floor as Amy landed Mr Khan saw Amy’s legs were open and he had a clear of her love tube and smiled, Amy’s mum grabbed Sara and after putting her over the counter raised her skirt pulled her panties down and started spanking her bare bum, Mr Khan watched in awe, after giving Sara five hard slaps and letting her go her mum said ” if they give you any trouble you can do whatever you want to punish them and shortly after was leading her daughters out of the shop, Mr Khan looked at his crutch and thought after sixty years my cock still gets hard. After school Pia had just arrived home when Sara and her sixteen year old boyfriend Steve walked into the shop, Steve started to shout at Mr Khan about Sara’s spanking, Steve’s mum walked into the shop and with out any hesitation pinned Steve over the counter and after pulling his trousers and underwear down started to spank his bare bum, Pia was staring at Steve’s seven inch dick as it swung around, after letting Steve go his mum told Mr Khan that the mum’s had been talking and all gave the same permission that Sara’s mum had. Mr Khan smiled. Steve said “bollocks to that” his mum grabbed him again and was soon spanking his bare bum again and again Pia was staring at his dick, over the next few days Mr Khan and Pia had seen a few of the local white kids getting their bare bums spanked, Pia was very happy at seeing the white dicks, then one day Steve came in with Amy behind him Amy was wearing a one piece sweat suit. Steve looked at Pia and told her to fuck off out the way, Mr Khan grabbed Steve and soon had him over the counter spanking his bare bum much to Pia’s delight, after a few minutes Steve was pulling his trousers up and running out of the shop, Amy looked at Mr Khan and said to him ” you must be fucking queer” and went dead quiet when she heard her mum say ” you may show her your not” Mr Khan grabbed Amy and soon had her sweatsuit off, Amy’s mum said ” take her in the back” Sara walked in grabbed Mr Khan saying leave her you bastard, Sara’s mum grabbed her saying you can go to and soon both girls were in the back off the shop where Sara’s mum told her to strip Sara knew better than to refuse and was soon naked watching in dismay as Mr Khan thrust in and out of Amy’s love tube and after five minutes when he looked at her as he with drew his dick from Amy’s love tube Sara said no but after ten minutes Mr Khan was rubbing her boobs as he thrust in and out of her love tube. The girls were never seen in the shop again the local kids became much more well behaved and when other shops adopted the same style of punishment the recorded shop lifting dropped and trouble in the area started to stop both Mr Khan and Pia were very happy and when Pia saw Steve naked with a nine inch erection which he was forced to jerk off Pia had watched in awe thinking very cool.

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