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Awesome Sex with IT colleague in Pune

Hi, my name is Arav working in an IT MNC in PUNE. I am average looking guy ageing 25years, clean and hygenic. My colleague Tanwi(Name changed), she got promoted and was working on the same project with me. Tanwi, she was a good looking female, not very hot, just simple beautiful girl.

We have been working on the project for about a year, we use to only have office discussions and nothing more. For giving project details we were called to our Mumbai head office. It was a weeks discussion with our seniors.

We started to Mumbai in my car. while on our way I got to know more about her. She was married and having a daughter. We reached Mumbai at 3.00 pm and checked in our hotel. I as a gentleman asked her for dinner in the same hotel, to which she agreed.

We met for the dinner, while having dinner she opened up a lot. There I got to know, the girl who is simple and sweet in the office, is very opened and bold. After dinner when I was changing in room I got a message from her saying thanks for the nice time needed it since long. I thought due to work pressure she has send this message.

The next 2 days were totally busy , we were working from 8 to 10. After 2 days we got a break of half day. We went to hotel and had planned to have lunch together after getting freshen. I went to my room and started to watch movie while getting freshened up. After watching a scene on the TV, my penis was up and was hungry. It had been a week since I had sex. So I was playing with dick. I was enjoying the scene on the TV and was masturbating. I don’t remember but I think I had forgotten to lock the door completely. She opened the door and after seeing me with my dick in hand she frozen for a minute and then saying sorry went away. I felt ashamed and after getting freshened up went for the lunch.

While having lunch we never looked at each other or spoke anything. The day we did not speak a single word. At about 10 in the night I got a message from her saying sorry and can we chat. I said its ok, it happens and then we started to chat again. Then out of sudden she asked do you masturbate every day. I said no as I had not had sex I was feeling horny and thought of unloading. She said you have sex every day. I said few days a week. She kept quite for sometime then got a message after 10 mins saying, Yours is very long I had never seen that much long.

I replied back its just 6 inch long. She got bold and said my husband’s dick is very small, and she wanted to see it again. I had already got horny reading her sms. She said I will just come and see you keep your door open. She also took a promise that I will not say this to anybody or do anything to her. I said ok. She came to my room after half an hour. She came and sat on the chair beside my bed. She was not looking at me and didn’t say a word. After some time she just said show. I unzipped my trouser and removed my Dick. As after seeing her temptation. My penis was already hard and in its full show. She was seeing my penis as if she had seen a penis first time in life.

After 2 mins she said can I touch it, but you should not touch me. I said ok. First she just touched it by finger, then she wrapped her had around my penis and started to stroke it. I was very much excited and tried to touch her boobs. To which she denied and removed her hand. I said what happened. She said you promised not to touch me. I thought at least I will get a hand job and said ok. She again started to stroke, I was in heaven. I was enjoying with my eyes closed. Suddenly I felt wetness on my penis.

When I opened my eyes, I was shocked. She was sucking my penis like a candy. She had taken whole of my dick in her mouth. She was trying to put whole of my dick in her mouth but due to its size it was not going completely in her mouth. She was enjoying, after 5 mins I was about to come, she removed her mouth and I came on the floor. She just saw me cum and left the room. After 20mins I got a message from her saying she enjoyed a lot.

Next day she was getting close to me and was giving naughty looks to me. In the evening, while having dinner she said she will like to do it again. But she said she will not get naked or have sex with. She loves her husband and will remain loyal to him. She said she loves my penis and will always like to see it in action. I thought whats going on, if I am not able to see her naked or do anything whats the use then. Then my mind said lets enjoy this now, later on will see about sex. We went to my room, she after seeing my penis grabbed it like a hungry cat. She played with it, licked it, sucked it, kissed it and made me cum.

After a week we were back to Pune. One day while in office I got her message, want to see it now. I looked at her, she was saying please. I replied where to go now. She thought and replied you have to decided that. We went to my car and drove out of office premises. While driving she was getting naughty and was trying to touch my penis. I got an idea and parked my car on the side of the road. My car was having a very dark film. She got afraid and said if anybody sees. I said try it.

She went out of the car and went around the car checking if anything can been seen or not. She came back and we sat on the back seat. She was getting hot and she started to play with my dick. She climbed on me. I was able to feel her hot pussy below her salwar and panty. She wanted to remove my dick fast from the pants. I removed she got wild and started to playing with heat. She feeling excited, slowly touched her left boob, she moaned. I got a green signal, I started pressing her boob, she was moaning and enjoying. I took my face near her face and opened my lips to kiss her lips.

She opened her lips and we started to kiss. She was biting my lips, licking my tongue. The Kiss was wonderful. I put my hand in her kurta and touched her bare boobs. Wow, from outside they were not wonderful, but when I touched them they were soft and perfectly round shaped. I pinched her nipples. She moaned and gripped my penis harder. I was totally aroused and wanted my penis to put in her hole. She was enjoying my penis, I touched and rubbed her pussy from outside. She was the out of control.

She started to press her pussy on my hand. I could feel the heat. Slowly I inserted my hand in the salwar and started to rub her pussy. Her pussy was already wet and flowing. She got up and removed her shalwar and panty. As there was less space in the car she climbed on me and brought her pussy near my mouth and her mouth near my dick. We were in 69 position.

She started to lick my and I started to lick her pussy. Her pussy was beautiful, I never imagined that a girl who looks average from outside may be due to loose clothes she use to wear, was having a perfect round shape ass and beautiful pussy. I started to lick her pussy, her pussy was flowing like water from the tap. She was biting, licking my penis which I was enjoying. I opened her pussy lips and touched her clitoris with my tongue, she gripped my penis hard and ejaculated. She had an orgasm. She loosed my penis grip and was breathing heavily.

I got up and took my penis near her pussy. My penis felt the heat of her pussy. I pointed my penis and inserted it in her pussy slowly. Her pussy was not tight, she was a mother of one child. But my size fitted in perfectly. She was in heaven, she was shouting like hell and her nails were tearing my back. I put my lips on her to stop her shouting. She was getting mad and was lifting her ass up and down .

I started to pump her hardly, after inserting my penis fully , she contracted her pussy and held my penis tightly in her pussy. I was out of my mind, my penis was about to explode. Then she held me tightly and dug her nails in my back. She had another orgasm. I was also about to explode. She got into sense and told not to unload inside. I removed my penis from her pussy and put it in her mouth. My penis was wet with her pussy juice. She licked harder. I was about to unload, she removed my penis from her mouth and I unloaded on her neck. Our clothes were wet with each other’s juices.

We rested for 15 mins in my car and later left for home. We cleaned up in the near by restaurant. Later on she said she never had such kind of sex. She said her husband use to come and fuck her without even knowing whether she is liking or not. She said she will enjoy it again. Since then we are having sex during office times in my car. We go to long drives and park the car and have sex. I got to know even if a girl / woman is simple from outside, she is also having dreams of enjoyment. I wish all girls / women get all the enjoyment they want even after marriage.
So friends do tell me about the story on my email and can contact me on below id: [email protected]
Thanks for reading.

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