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Banged my teacher – Dirty Sex Tales

Hello readers, this is the my first story here. This story is not a made up one but it’s my real time experience and was my first experience, so I can’t really forget it.

It happened with my teacher, and I think it’s almost every guy’s dream to fuck a teacher, well I became lucky there.

Well it started with a FB post, to which I replied her in personal message. She encouraged it and started the conversation. In the college, she was just for one semester, and that whole semester I uses to stare her. She was short with build up body.

As I was saying, our conversation went well, we exchanged numbers. Then my mind started playing and I asked her that, let’s play truth and dare. And she agreed. During this game I found that she was horny and needed sex. In the truth game I asked about her sex life with BF and she said how she masturbates now as there’s no one now. Then I played my number, but she said in a funny way that, nothing’s gonna happen as you are my student.

But, I again tried and waited for that moment, and after many months we decided to meet and she said we would just kiss and leave and I agreed, though I know, at least a blowjob is a definite thing.

She came to my home. My maid offered water, and we went to the upper floor (for doing my prpjpro work ). Then I tried to approach her to kiss. She said wait and show me your house. And then I showed my house and went to my room, where she sat in my bed and I sat just side-by-side.

She was wearing a sleeveless suit so I put my hands on her shoulders. She hold my hands and said hold it tight and don’t be afraid. The moment created and guys I was kissing my teacher.

We kissed for a long tome, I groped her boobs, she just touched my dick and went away. I followed her and grabbed and again kissed her. She sat in a chair and I started pressing her boobs and kissing her shoulders, she became horny. My dick was hard, but she said don’t take your dick, but I took it and she loved my Dick’s size and thickness and started stroking with her hands.

The next moment my dick was in her mouth and within moments I came in her mouth. She cleaned it and when she came, I grabbed her and started removing her dress. I was already nude, now it was wild.

Quickly we were into each other and she was rubbing her pussy over my dick and see what my dick was inside her. Since it was not so wet, I went down and started licking, she became wet and some drops were squirting out, she again sucked my cock to give a lubrication.

Now I put my dick into her and stroked it.

We had an awesome sex but now I miss her as she left town.

This is a real experience, any suggestions and need is welcomed at [email protected]

Thank you!!

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