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Lousie is feeling the heat with my hand moving on her bum. She is wearing an Indian traditional dress of saree and peticote. We both are in Uzma’s apartment going to meet her. We have booked a cab to reach her apartment and inside cab, we both spent 20-25 minutes to reach her. Cab driver has put a curtain in between front and back seats to give passengers a safe ride..

Inside car Lousie as well as Garry is sitting on backseat. Looking at me, my hot mom Lousie moved closer and put her lips on my lips as well as face while my hand has grabbed her soft breast to massage hardly. Lousie has hold me in her arms and her both boobs are giving me soft touch on my chest. Now I took my mom’s lips in my mouth to suck while she is rubbing my back, slowly Lousie pushed her tongue in my mouth and I am sucking it with my palm massaging her breast hardly. Lousie has put her hand on my pant and she is unzipping it, after a while my long cock is in her palm. She took out her tongue and put her head on my shoulder, my hand is moving on her back and she whispered…… “Garry I want to suck your cock darling, are you ready my son?

(Garry) sure but do it fastly. ” And Lousie sits on ground. Now she is moving the upper part of my penis on her lovely face as well as lips. Lastly Lousie took my cock in her mouth and she is sucking it fastly, her head is swinging fast and my penis is in full erection in her mouth. Later on, looking at me her tongue is moving on my penis and a nice blow job comes to an halt while car approached to Uzma’s apartment. I put my pant in hurry and my hot mom put her clothes intact. We both left the cab..

Lousie looking at me, smiled…. “Garry I am feeling too horny

(Garry) yes mom, I want to fuck you. ” And we both moved inside car parking zone with too many cars parked inside. Now we both are in the corner of parking, place is deserted, so we are standing in between two cars. She is inciting me for oral sex and I knelt down to lift her saree as well as peticote upto her waist. Her lower parts are nude and I am kissing her thigh as well as legs but we both are in hurry for fuck. So I put my lips on her labias to kiss and like a bold lady, she put her fingers on her vagina to open the vaginal mouth while my tongue is rolling inside her cunt. Now she is enjoying my love on her vagina while my 2/3 rd tongue is moving in her deep cunt. She has hold my hairs tightly and I sucked her cunt for a while..

Lousie turned back and while standing behind her, I pushed my long cock in her glory hole. Now I am fucking her with speed as well as power, I have hold her waist tightly and she is swinging her bum fast to enjoy my penis inside. After 5 minutes of fucking she is shouting….. “Oihhh uummm Garry I will cum. ” And her cunt ejaculated cum inside her vagina. While sitting on my legs I put my tongue inside her cunt and got the taste of vaginal juice. Now I started fucking her again and she is swinging her ass fast and my penis is hitting her vaginal walls and after 10-12 minutes of fuck, my penis cummed in her vagina. We both put our dress properly and walked to Uzma’s flat.

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