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Be careful what you watch

Nikki loved to run, and today was no exception, the feeling of the fresh late afternoon air caressing her lithe body gave her an almost sexual buzz. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail and weighing less than 115lb she was skinny for her 5’7”. Her small pert breasts were unencumbered under her thin Lycra top, though a liberal smear of vaseline kept chaffing to a minimum. Dave, her ex-live in partner, often used to remark how the skin tight running gear she wore left nothing to the imagination. In fact through the black material the outline of her vulva and labia were clear, and you could have counted her pubic hairs, if she had any.

Nikki floated up the hill without really breaking a sweat reflecting on the twists and turns in her life so far. After leaving university at 21 she had drifted into public relations finding chatting to people easy and soon became a hit at public social events. It was there she met her ex-husband Harry and by 23 was happily married and things went well for the next 3 years until Dave came into her life. Sex with Dave was exciting and a lot more adventurous than with her husband and as their affair continued it was only a matter of time before Harry came home one day and walked in on the pair of them. She remembered the look on poor Harry’s face as he saw his wife being fucked senseless by Dave’s substantial cock deep in her ass.

After a reasonably amicable divorce Nikki moved in with Dave and for the next few years things seemed to be going well. They always say what goes around, comes around and it was a few weeks after her 28th birthday that Nikki came home early to find Dave fucking the next door neighbour’s 18-year-old daughter. Declining Dave’s offer to join in, she moved out the same day, after some name calling and tears and had lived a celibate life for the last 9 months. Granted she had her fingers and a very nice dildo she had purchased online, she missed the comfort of having a partner., and if she was honest a real-life cock in her.

As Nikki picked her way through the woods she realised she had a pressing need to relieve her bladder. Calculating that she was too far from home to make it, she headed off the path to find a concealed spot. Finding a bush on the slope Nikki peeled her Lycra running gear to her knees and squatted down to let a steady stream of urine flow onto the grass. As she squatted she heard a noise below her and realised a blonde haired woman walking a huge black and white great dane had entered the clearing below her hiding place.

Nikki was in a panic, there was no way she could get dressed in that position but if she stood surely the woman would turn and see her naked pulling up her running pants. Nikki decided to wait it out and hopefully the woman would move on quickly but to her horror the woman seemed to have decided that she liked that spot and spread out a blanket and sat on the grass next to her dog.

What happened next blew Nikki’s mind. As she watched the woman bent her head and as she started to feel under the dog Nikki saw a red cock start to emerge. “She’s not going to…” but the thought died on Nikki’s lips as the woman did do what Nikki wondered if she was going to do and started to lick at the blunt end of the dog’s cock. Nikki was astounded at the amount of pre-cum dripping from the dog cock and could see clearly as it grew in length and girth. Nikki’s eyes widened at the sheer size of the cock and the woman’s hand could hardly fit round.

Nikki was both shocked and appalled in equal measures, but at the same time, like witnessing a horrific accident she couldn’t take her eyes off the scene before her. As she watched the woman stripped off until she was almost naked apart from her red stockings and Nikki realised she was about to witness something she had heard rumours about but never thought it was true, the woman was about to get fucked by a dog. Nikki felt uncomfortable and wanted desperately to get away from the unnatural event unfolding before her. As she tried to alter her position enough to tug up her running pants an almighty moan filled the air and Nikki looked and couldn’t believe her eyes. The dog had reared up and mounted the woman who was on all fours and had most of his long red cock buried inside her and fucking her at a tremendous pace. The sounds were coming from the woman and Nikki could only assume they were sounds of ecstasy, though as to why when committing such an act Nikki had no idea.

Determined to get away from these horrors Nikki tugged hard at the skin-tight material and then disaster struck as her legs became tangled and she fell forward rolling down the slight incline until she stopped a few feet from the couple. Nikki went to try to stand but the Great Dane barked at her causing her to freeze where she was, still with her running pants round her ankles. The Dane dismounted the woman and went to sniff at Nikki while the woman uttered words in an Eastern European language before standing over Nikki with her hands on her hips glaring at Nikki.

“Why you spy on me?” The woman said in heavily accented English.

Nikki wasn’t really listening as she was trying to push the dog away who was attempting to bury his head between her thighs. “I am not some form of common slut that fucks dogs,” Nikki cried as she went on, “get off me you great brute.”

The sting of the slap that hit Nikki’s face made her ears ring and the blonde woman was almost frothing at the mouth as you spewed, “how dare you judge me, we will see who is common.”

The woman was much more powerful than Nikki could fend off and she found herself being dragged to an old tree stump of a mighty oak, that had been cut off a while ago. The woman produced a small but sharp knife and cut Nikki’s Lycra suit using the parts to secure Nikki’s ankles and wrists. Nikki could feel the wood still warm from the sun on her belly while her ass felt exposed in the air as the sun was starting to set.

“My poor Thor did not get his release so now we will see about who is a common slut.” The blonde hissed as she admired her handiwork, and then reaching forward traced a finger along Nikki’s shaven pussy, “a shaven slut I see as well,” before offering her fingers to the Great Dane. Nikki realised what was going to happen as the dog started to sniff and then licked at Nikki’s exposed pussy and ass.

“No no please I beg you,” Nikki sobbed as the dog stopped sniffing and rose up placing its paws round Nikki’s small waist and thrusting with his cock trying to find an entrance.

The blonde woman reached out and touched Nikki’s pussy laughing as she found Nikki to be dry as an old maid. “Don’t worry” she cackled like a witch, “Thor will produce enough lubrication,” and grabbing the large dog cock smeared it across Nikki’s pussy before guiding him to her hole.

With a growl the dog lurched itself forward burying most of its 11” cock deep into Nikki. “Oh.. my …god ….. NOOOOOOO,” Nikki screamed as her dog virginity went forever and the dog thrust forward forcing himself deeper with each thrust. The pre-cum had lubricated Nikki sufficiently to allow Thor to thrust in and like a canine battering ram, reaching depths inside that Nikki would have never in her wildest dreams ever thought would have been reached. During her time with Dave they had enjoyed some wild sex, which even included him fisting her, but nothing had prepared her for this. Nikki’s body jerked like a puppet, her moans of pain and humiliation becoming fainter as she was dog raped. She could barely raise a whimper of pain as Thor tried in vain to force his tennis ball sized knot inside Nikki’s battered pussy. Despite not being able to knot Thor was still able to unload his seed deep inside washing Nikki with what seemed like gallons of hot dog sperm.

When Thor had dismounted and sat on the grass licking himself the blonde-haired woman lifted Nikki’s head by her hair to look into her tear stained face. “Please release me,” sobbed Nikki quietly, “I promise I won’t say anything.”

“Of course you wont,” the blonde said, “and who is the common slut now she laughed,” holding up the smart phone she had used to record the dog rape. “My name is Lena by the way.”

Then to Nikki’s horror Lena inserted two fingers deep into Nikki’s pussy and scooped out a large dollop of dog cum. That was the first time that another woman had touched Nikki there wasn’t sure how to react as after licking her fingers clean Lena returned to stroking Nikki’s pussy and clit.

The fingers felt light and delicate compared to the brutal fucking she had just received and despite trying not to Nikki found herself responding to Lena’s skilful manipulation of her clit. Nikki found herself getting hotter and hotter as her orgasm started to mount until she was teetering on the brink. Then just as she was about to cum Lena withdrew her fingers and started to collect her clothes. “What are you doing?” said Nikki panting with excitement.

“You must learn to enjoy dogs,” Lena laughed and then pointing in the direction of the woods went on, “there is a pack of semi wild dogs living over there and I am going to leave you as a present to them.”

“No please don’t,” Nikki said with panic in her voice, “they will eat me.”

“No” said Lena, “they will all fuck you and when you have learnt to orgasm on their cocks like a good little slut maybe then I will release you.” With that Lena walked off into the wood leaving Nikki exposed and vulnerable.

It was dusk and starting to get dark and Nikki had dozed a little, exhausted from the fucking and her mind reeling from the enormity of what had just happened. Perhaps, she was just thinking to herself, that Lena was lying about the pack of dogs when she heard a rustling in the bushes. Nikki squeaked with fear when a big black shaggy head appeared and a large mongrel dog padded into the clearing followed by a collection of equally scruffy mongrels.

The dogs surrounded her jostling each other as they sniffed at her upturned pussy and ass and every so often one would dart forward and take a long lick which sent shivers of fear through Nikki. Nikki’s fear was on two levels, the primary level was her fear that she was to be raped again, but her secondary fear was that she could feel her body respond to the licking. The black dog was clearly the alpha, as with a long growl the others backed away and sat on their haunches waiting their turn. The black dog started to lick Nikki in earnest and tasting the previous dog’s seed had a deep seated animal instinct to replace it with his own.

Nikki couldn’t see the black dog but could feel its tongue and as she looked she could see the other dogs watching her, knowing that soon it would be their turn to breed the new bitch. Nikki sobbed as she counted 6 dogs before her and knew that all would have their way before the night was out.

Then Nikki felt the dog behind her rise up and mount and instinctively she started to struggle, but to her terror the dog grasped the back of her neck with his teeth. The grip wasn’t sharp enough to break the skin but powerful enough to send the clear message to Nikki that she was the bitch and she would be bred. To her surprise the dog wasn’t as big as her previous canine lover though curiously a lot more energetic and she felt her body rubbed raw against the tree stump as the dog drove in and out. With a mighty yelp the dog forced its knot into her eliciting a groan from Nikki as she felt the a dog knot for the first time and the way it throbbed and pulsed inside spraying her with hot cum. Despite the shame that Nikki felt her body betrayed her and she found herself orgasming on the dog cock.

For what seemed like ages the dog lay on her back panting and slobbering in her ear as he remained locked inside. Then the dog started to pull away making Nikki wince with pain put then he was out leaving Nikki empty inside. That didn’t last for long as the next dog was on her back and in her before she had time to draw breath and the sharp nip on her neck kept her in place. This cock was longer but thinner and to her shock Nikki realised she was in danger of becoming a dog cock connoisseur as the dog fucked her with as much ferocity as the first.

Nikki found her body wanting the knot and as much as she could arched off the stump towards the dog. Once again, her insides were sprayed with hot cum though this time the dog’s dismount was easier as she had been stretched. The third dog started to send Nikki’s head into a spin and not bothering to fight her feelings started to orgasm during the fucking which almost seemed to merge into the forth dog. Neither having to bother pinning the bitch beneath them who was now a willing participant.

“Oh yes fuck me please I beg you,” Nikki heard a disembodied lust ridden voice say which to her surprise she realised was her own. All vestige of shame had gone from Nikki as the fifth dog mounted her and despite her pussy being sore and battered she orgasmed as the dog entered her. She could feel the cum squirting from her pussy as the dog fucked her until finally his seed joined his pack before him.

Nikki passed out briefly before the final dog mounted her and then the sudden sharp stab of pain jolted her eyes wide open. The dog was missing her pussy completely and sliding up dangerously close to her anal star. Nikki wasn’t an anal virgin by any means but things had normally gone much slower and measured than this frantic assault. Nikki’s pleas of mercy fell on deaf ears as the dog jabbed and poked as Nikki tried to move within the confines of her bindings. A sharp nip on her heck and Nikki ceased her struggles for a moment and the dog sensed his opportunity and thrust hard entering Nikki’s anal star. Her yell of pain and humiliation filled the glade as the dog worked himself deeper with each frantic thrust.

Nikki’s surrender was quicker this time and within a few minutes found herself liking the brutal assault as she cried out, “Oh yes doggy fuck my slutty ass.” To her amazement she actually orgasmed just from the anal stimulation and then came again even bigger as she felt the hot dog cum spray deep inside her bowels. She could feel the dog wanting to force its knot in and Nikki clenched hard before the dog pulled out and she felt herself slip out of consciousness.

It was fully dark when Nikki came to and she croaked as her throat was dry and her whole body ached. Despite this as Nikki heard a noise behind her she assumed the pack had returned for a second go at their new bitch. “More,” said Nikki in a cracked voice, “please fuck me more.”

“Is that what you want?” said a voice behind her., and as Nikki opened her eyes a pair of boots came into view and Nikki felt her head being gently lifted and a water bottle placed to her lips. The water was cool and refreshing and Nikki could feel the life course back through her body.

“Yes I want dog cock,” said Nikki confidently and clearly, “I want dog cock every day and every night.”

“Good” said Lena as she fastened a black studded collar round Nikki’s neck and moved the rags that the Lycra running suit had now become with her toe. She laughed as she said, “well you won’t be needing clothes anyway.” As Lena fastened a leash to the collar on Nikki’s neck, who was still on all fours, Lena inspected Nikki’s battered pussy and ass and the mess that was flowing freely from them. Then with a sudden movement Lena jammed 3 fingers deep into Nikki’s pussy, which quickly changed to 4. Nikki instinctively tried to move forward and away but Lena jerked her back with the leash, forcing her fingers deeper.

Nikki started to sweat as Lena moved her hand back and forward getting 4 fingers deeper and deeper. Nikki was so open and lubricated with dog cum that when Lena folded her thumb to her palm her hand slipped inside with little or no resistance. Forming her hand into a fist Lena tugged slightly causing Nikki to moan with pleasure. “Thor’s knot is bigger, but you will take it with ease,” said Lena, “but now you must learn to please a dog with all your holes.” With that Thor moved into view and was already showing a considerable amount of cock as he stood by Nikki’s head.

As Nikki watched Thor’s cock grew and grew and like before started to drip copious amounts of pre-cum onto the floor. With the hand that wasn’t inside Nikki, Lena took hold of Thor’s cock and moved it gently until the tip was at Nikki’s mouth. Nikki was contented with her new role and opened her mouth and licked, tasting dog cum for the first time. The taste was a little bitter but not too bad and opening her mouth even wider she carefully took Thor’s throbbing cock into her warm mouth.

Nikki could feel Lena’s fist inside her pussy gently moving and stimulating as she sucked Thor deeper moving her head up and down on the red cock. Lena’s other hand round Thor’s cock stopped him from choking her as the dog stood patiently. Lena said, “no teeth a dog is sensitive,” and although Nikki tried to keep her teeth away from the dog’s skin it was hard due to its size. Suddenly Thor tensed and his body went rigid as Lena helped with her hand into Nikki’s mouth. When the first gush came Nikki nearly chocked but kept trying to swallow but there was so much it spilled out of her lips and onto her face and chin.

After Thor had finished Lena carefully gathered a few drops from Nikki’s face and sucked them into her own mouth before she pulled out her other hand from Nikki’s pussy. It was coated with the various dog cum and Lena held it to Nikki’s mouth as she said, “clean my hand pet.”

It seemed the most natural thing in the world to say as Nikki replied, “yes Mistress,” before eagerly licking every drop of seed from Lena’s fingers and they both knew they were going to be very happy with this new arrangement.

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