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Becoming Mistress Victoria – Part 2

I am Mistress Victoria, This is part two of my past , I hope you are enjoying it.

Everyday at the Gentleman’s club was a new adventure. The men would come to eat, drink and socialize. The waitresses were fondled and fingered but it would never really go on beyond a hand job. If the men wanted more, they would go to Miss Maggie and she would procure someone to fulfill their sexual needs.

If they were very special, Miss Maggie would take care of them herself. I learned a lot from her. How to please both women and men alike.

Many men enjoyed the exoticness of Irina , she was about 25 and from Romania. She was a dark haired beauty with ample breasts and full sexy lips. She would fulfill any and all fetishes that the men would ask for. She was of course very popular. I was the new girl and I was starting to get a word of mouth following. Irina was never happy I was there, and never really talked to me at all.

Young Tommy was there for the men who at the time couldn’t be “out” as gay or bisexual. Tommy’s gift is that he was hard all the time and had a very tight asshole. He also would cum a lot, every time. Tommy and I would become close, He taught me what men liked during sex, and how to give a great blowjob.

Most men enjoyed my young, taut, pale body and my shaved pussy. Miss Maggie would dress me up in pink dresses and ribbons in my hair. The men would be every age, but mostly older. When brought to the parlour, they would mostly like me to slowly take off my clothes. They would closely examine my breasts and my pussy, sometimes my tight asshole, but that was off limits according to Miss Maggie.

“Your virgin asshole is to be kept for a very special occasion” she would inform me.

I generalize the men, but they were very consistent. They would stare at me naked, then, pull out their cocks. If they were soft, I would stroke them, or suck on their cocks until they were hard. As soon as they were hard they would climb on top of me and pound away. Most men would last about three or four minutes before they shot their hot cum inside of me. It always felt good when they fucked me, but no matter what I never did cum when they fucked me. After they came I would get up and wash their cock with warm soapy water and then send then on their way.

I soon became popular with a few of the men, and they visited me regularly.

I was always excited when Mister Smythe came by. He was of the few men that would lick my shaved pussy, and would almost get me to cum. I loved taking his large hard cock in my mouth. It gave me great pleasure when he would cum in my mouth. I would swallow every drop. My all time favourite thing is when he would suck on my toes as he fucked me. I love having my toes and feet licked. Sucking on them made his cock very hard, and usually cum very quickly.

Mister M would come by every other Wednesday, like clockwork. He wanted Tommy and I together. At first he just wanted Tommy and I to have sex with each other as he, stroked his cock and watched. Then as the weeks went on, he would be more adventurous. He started with licking my pussy after Tommy would cum in it. Then he wanted to suck on Tommy’s cock with me until he came in our mouths and faces. Soon he was asking Tommy to fuck him in the asshole, while he licked my pussy. Later he just wanted me to watch him and Tommy have sex. I guess it was just the process to have his homosexual adventure. Homosexuality had just become, not illegal, but still frowned upon. To this day I still really enjoy watching the two men have sex.

My other favourite visitor at the Gentleman’s club, wasn’t a gentleman at all, it was a lovely lady named Mrs. R. She would come by once a month, unfortunately through the side entrance, (Women were not allowed in the front) She would slowly take off my clothes like she was unwrapping a present. Then she would examine every inch of me. Giving me soft kisses all over my body. I would tremble on every kiss. She would then lie back on the bed and spread her legs and have me lick her pussy for hours. I would tease her until she was close to cumming then stop. I became quite good at orgasm denial, and it would benefit me my entire life. I became very adept with my tongue and my fingers. She would become very wet very quickly. I loved the taste of her pussy. When she would start to cum, she would bite on a towel to muffle her screams of pleasure. If she didn’t, I am sure someone would think a murder was happening.

I loved most days at the club. Most men were respectful. A few were violent and fucked me with anger. Some wanted to degrade me. Thankfully they were few and far between. I learned a lot and had many great sexual adventures.

My 18th birthday was quite special. Miss Maggie gave me a very pretty dress, it was white lace, and short. White fishnet stockings with a garter belt and no knickers. I was brought into the main room where there were about fifty of the members there. I sat in the middle of the room as each man came up, kissed me on the lips and gave me an envelope, which I found out was full of money. Some with the upwards of 1000 pounds.

A large cake was brought out and they all sang, “For she’s a jolly good fellow.”

I felt very special.

Then Miss Maggie said it was time for my special present. She introduced a man named Omar. He was very tall, dark skinned and wearing only a silk robe. He removed the robe and he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It hung down to his knees and wasn’t even hard yet. The members watched in awe at the spectacle to come. I knew that this was the “special occasion” and that monster cock was going to fuck my virgin asshole. I was scared but some how ready.

Miss Maggie lubed up Omar’s cock. It didn’t get any bigger, it just became hard.

I was told to get on all fours and Omar went behind me and entered my asshole with out warning. It was very painful at first, but I enjoyed it after a while. He fucked me for a long while until he grunted and shot his hot cum inside me. He pulled out and I guess his cum gushed out of my asshole. I fell to my side exhausted and spent, but I wasn’t done. Mister Smythe mounted me and fucked my pussy in front of they mesmerized crowd. One after the other, the men would take me, either in my pussy or freshly fucked asshole. I actually think I came four or five times in the night.

At the end of the night, I was totally spent and being held warmly by Miss Maggie. An older but distinguished gentleman came up to us. He was an American, from Texas. I had seen him before, he never participated, but liked to watch. He offered Miss Maggie £10,000 for me and offered me a job at his company in America. Miss Maggie asked me if I would like to go? She said the man was trustworthy and I was always welcome back . I didn’t know what to think, being sold for to a strange man but, I nervously answered yes, excited about the next chapter of my life.

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