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Public jerking over the sleeping sunbather (foot fetish)

While on vacation, I stayed in a small hotel with a pool and gym. One of my many hobbies is getting naked and jerking off in public places. The riskier the better. My rules for this are that I must remove every item of clothing including shoes and socks.

I was lucky on this trip as it was an older, cheap hotel and the corridors lacked CCTV. Perfect for naked missions. There were also few other guests which made it even better.

One day, I planned to leave my clothes in my room, lock the door and see how far I dare go. It was a 2 storey hotel with stairs and elevators. From my balcony, I could see a cute woman sunbathing on the poolside so thought I’d see how close I could get to her. I stripped off and stepped out into the corridor, immediately feeling the familiar buzz of excitement of naked missions. I took my camera with me to photograph and film my escapades.

I headed down towards the stairs and crept down. It was midday but the hotel was eerily quiet. The day was hot and most of the guests were out exploring. I reached the ground floor and careful not to be spotted by any staff or guests. I started touching my cock and soon it grew hard. I headed in the direction of the pool area and thought about sunbathing naked for a bit. I snook down the corridor towards the pool where she was

There she was, sunbathing by the poolside. She was laid on her chest and facing away from me. She looked to be in her 30s and was in a bikini with her head covered by a shawl. I was careful to find a hiding place when I stepped out of the corridor into the outside area by the pool.

However, she didn’t move and I stayed hidden for a couple of minutes. I took my camera and snapped a few shots of her, eager to satisfy my foot fetish but I wanted to get closer. I figured she was asleep so I gingerly stepped out of my hiding spot and crept towards her. Between me and her was a shrub that I hid behind, again to see if the coast was clear.

My heart was pounding. I was naked on the poolside in public and could either be caught by this woman, a member of staff or another guest. What if she was waiting for a husband for a husband to join her at any moment? I took my camera and again shot some pictures of her bikini clad butt and bare feet.

My cock was pounding and I  started jerking off with excitement of the risk and excitement of being naked in public and staring at this gorgeous woman’s feet, soles and butt.

Finally, with a final surge of adrenaline, I stepped out from behind the shrub and out into the hot sun where she was sunbathing. Looking back up to the hotel balconies, I didn’t see anyone outside or who could see me and most of the windows had closed curtains so it was go time. I was buzzing from adrenaline, nerves and excitement as I slowly crept up to the woman and eventually squatted down at the end of her sunbed, right near her tasty bare feet.

Her feet were glistening with sweat in the hot sun and her skin was shining from the lotion oil she’d put on. Her soles were defined with soft wrinkles and high arches. Her toes were defined with a perfect red pedicure. My cock was throbbing. Carefully looking to see if anyone was on the nearby balconies or in the windows, I took some close up photographs of her soles and toes and started jerking off again.

I then sat down on the hard floor and brought my face just inches from her soles. I wanted to lick and suck them so badly but couldn’t. I jerked hard, bringing myself to a climax before I stood up to come, spread eagled and staring down at her feet and body as I jerked furiously and crossed the point of no return.

My orgasm was so intense my knees buckled as I shot hot spurts of jizz onto the floor just inches away from this woman’s feet while she was totally oblivious and I could have been seen or caught by anyone on the nearby balconies or a member of staff.

After my orgasm, to my horror, the woman suddenly moved and I froze with fear. She turned completely over onto her back but thankfully her face was also covered by the same shawl and she didn’t seem to notice me.

I crept back slowly to my hiding place to check if the coast was clear, then made a dash for the sanctuary of my room.

Again, to my horror, when I got back to my room and looked out the window, the woman was gone! Had she noticed me the whole time but was too afraid to do anything? Had she gone to report me? My nerves shook till moments later when she returned to her sunlounger. With her husband. Lucky bastard doesn’t know just minutes before I was naked right behind his wife and jerking off to her feet with pictures I’ll savor for a lifetime.

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