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Bill to Billie 7 – Dirty Sex Tales

We spotted the cove as the sun was starting to go down. Tom carefully navigated the small entrance. Purely a spectator I watched from the little pulpit thingy that extended out over the bow, taking it all in as we rounded the point. Bending over the railing I was focused on the fish darting to and fro in front of us when Tom yelled “don’t put your ass up like that I am trying to drive”. Instantly up and headed to cockpit (that word makes me giggle) I sniped “if you think that is a distraction let’s see if you can handle this” before crawling under the wheel, taking his cock out and licking the head. Within a few seconds his balls were smacking my chin as Tom humped my face like aunt Karen’s chihuahua humps a leg…lol. I guess Tom wasn’t able to pay attention because when we cleared the point he almost sideswiped another boat.. I kept sucking.. “I am sorry” he shouted to the occupants of the other boat and slowed down desperately trying to maintain his composure… I sucked deeper and faster. Unable to hold it any longer Tom erupted in my mouth, his groan echoed across the cove, no doubt heard by anyone on the other boat. Laughing I returned Tom’s cock to his shorts and rose from beneath the wheel just as he dropped anchor. He grabbed my waist, turned me around, bent me over and thrust his tongue deep in my pussy.. I squealed like a little girl and broke away running with Tom in hot pursuit. Our game of “catch me fuck me” got interrupted by the sound of an outboard motor and someone shouting “ahoy there, may we come aboard”. “Yeah sure come on up” Tom replied then helped the couple get aboard. I straighten my clothes and hair as best I could before Tom introduced himself and to my pleasant surprise introduced me as his fiancee, Billie. The couple greeted us, introducing themselves as Mike and Kim from Texas. “We are out of Florida, come have a seat and a drink” Tom said and guided them to the seating area by the bar while I took drink requests. Making my way behind the bar I began preparing four crown and sevens when Kim sat down at the bar and ask if I needed any help to which I responded “thanks Kim please take these two glasses for me”. She handed the guys each a drink and sat beside Mike. I returned to the table with drinks for Kim then sat down. Kim kept looking at me like I had something stuck in my teeth finally gesturing that I had something on my cheek, near my lips. With my finger I wiped what was a puddle of cum from my face then licked off saying “good to the last drop”. Mike grinned and said “at first we thought you might have been having a spasm, the way you were jerking back and forth when you passed us then we heard that groan and had to see if you’re going to be ok, glad to hear it you are alright”. Kim quickly added “Tom that must have been a pretty awesome bj from the sound you made, damn Billie can I get a few pointers”? Mike chimed in “yes Kim I was just going to ask her the same thing”. We laughed and drank for awhile, as the alcohol lessened inhibitions the conversation became more explicit. The men stopped talking to listen to the smack talk between the ladies about who could do what better when Kim claimed to be the best at “deep throating” and put Mike on the spot “right baby I take it all the way to the balls, tell them”. Mike tried to alter the course the conversation seemed to be taking by stating he wasn’t qualified to declare anything is the best of all in the entire universe and that he could only declare it is best he ever had or seen. Mike had the chance to stop there but didn’t have the ability, alcohol removed all filters and delays that prevent thoughts (ones you to think but never ever say out loud) from being verbalized. What came out of his mouth next started a full on battle of the cocksuckers… He said although you give the ‘best’ bj I’ve had, it would be difficult to say it is better than the one that gave Tom an epileptic fit and that groan was epic, he finished with this and I quote “shit Kim you saw it yourself he was downright face fucking her”, Kim’s head looked like it was going to explode and snarled at Mike through clinched teeth that it was time to go. I said goodbye, smiled and waved to Kim, (looked at me like I stole something) before she went down the ladder. Tom was laughing at Mike and said “man that was some suicidal shit for sure you gonna be in the dog house for a while”. Mike grinned and said “Tom it is psychology she will try so hard to do it now that she has something to prove, thanks for the gift I couldn’t have gotten her to do it for anything”. Mike started down the ladder I heard him yell “See you tomorrow”. Tom and I sat watching as they headed back to their sailboat.. Quietly laughing about how the skiff was zigzagging and Kim’s head bobbing up and down between Mike’s legs. Tom looked at me and softly said “I am a lucky guy”. I kissed him and chirped “yes you are my dear, yes you are” before taking off towards the galley to prepare dinner.

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