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Bindu’s escapades – Dirty Sex Tales


My name is Bindu. This is my true story narrated by my boyfriend & forwarded to me. I would like to share it with everyone.

My name is Vinay. Just after college I met Bindu through a good college friend. She used to stay with Bindu in same colony. Bindu was very sexy girl and her figure was 34 28 36. With a bust size of 34 she used to look astonishing. She always wore sexy clothes but could not carry them properly. When she used to bend her bra and cleavage was visible and while wearing mini skirts at times her panty was visible. Seeing her I always had a hard on. I yearned to fuck her.

I became her friend and we came close to each other. Bindu was staying alone with her mother who used to work in some office. Bindu used to be alone in the house the entire day. She did not wear bra & panty in the house. At times roam just in bra & panty or stay without any clothes once her mother used to leave for the office. She used wear proper clothes only when the part time maids used to come or someone rings the bell.

Slowly I started visiting her house in the day. We used to discuss everything including sexual talks. I proposed Bindu but initially she denied me but on persistent requests she agreed. I got the chance I was looking for & hugged her tight and started to kiss & smooch her. I bit her lips & made them red. Then I caught her boobs & pressed them. When she did not object I opened two buttons of her shirt & put my hand inside her bra.She cried in pain because the bra was tight. I immediately pulled her shirt but in that process rest of the buttons of her shirt broke and her black bra was visible. She always wore sexy lingerie . I took off her shirt and unhooked her bra. She had the most beautiful boobs and her light brown tits were erect. I sucked & presses the boobs and she hugged me tight. She was wearing a short skirt and I pulled her skirt up and put my hand inside her panty & started fingering her pussy. She was very moist. I yanked her panty down & took out my dick to fuck her but she stopped me. I did not push her but my dream to fuck her remained unfulfilled.

I went to her house on several occasions & we enjoyed smooching and fondling with her boobs. One day we were involved in our sexual activities and I saw that her jeans was ripped from centre and her panty was visible. I put my finger from the hole and started rubbing her pussy. She didn’t stop so I ripped the hole further and put my hand inside the panty and fingered her clitty and pussy. I could sense that she is very hot. I got up and ripped her jeans apart with shreds of cloth remaining around her. Without wasting time I took off her T shirt. She was not wearing bra. My dick was erect and throbing wild. I undid my trousers took out the dick and thrusted it in Bindu’s wet cunt and started fucking her. She was in top of her sexual desires.

I took out my dick from her cunt and put it in her mouth and leaked there. Bindu tried to take out my dick and in process the cum fell on her face body and boobs. I got naughty and made her drink the cum in her mouth. That day I fucked her 2-3 times that day without condom as I was not carrying it. Bindu asked me not to force her for sex again until marriage.

After one week I went to her house. The maid was just going out after finding her work. I asked for Bindu & she told that she had gone for bath. I told her that she could go and I would wait for Bindu. Bindu never locked her room. I peeped in her room. She came out of her bathroom in her bra & panty and towel wrapped on the hair. With slight wet body she was looking a sex queen. I sneaked in and held her from the back. She got shocked I immediately put my lips on hers and started smooching her not letting her say anything. Fragrance of her soap and shampoo was awesome. My dick was erect and was poking her in the ass and other places of her body. She also got turned on. I pushed her on the bed and slid her panty till her knees and inserted my tool in her cunt. She was wet and accommodated it well. I slid her bra straps took out the boobs and sucked the tits hard. After screwing her, first time she asked me to fuck her once more as she was feeling very horny & was not satisfied. I removed her bra & panty picked her up in my arms and took her to living room. I made her raise one leg on the table so that her pussy was visible. I fucked her from behind. I was not ejaculating as I had just fucked her. I fucked her continuously for an hour in various positions and leaked on her face.

We started meeting more frequently at her house and our meeting used to culminate into deep sexual activity and fuck. I used to lick her cunt and she used to get super aroused and did not mind sucking my dick or having any kind of sex. We fucked all around her house -In her bed room, living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom. After a month she told that she suspected that she is pregnant so I took her to a gynecologist & got her abortion done.

I taught her to drink and smoke. While smoking a cigarette she used to look extraordinarily hot. Once we were having beer in a restro bar. After having lunch we went to her house. She was high. I asked her to give me a striptease show. She went to her room and came out dressed in a translucent shirt and a navy blue mini skirt. She was also wearing black stockings with garter belt and high heal sandals. She played light music. Then she cane near me and raised her leg and put it on my thigh rubbing my prick. I could see her sexy transie black panty. I was erected. Then she moved back and started swaying and unbuttoned her shirt. Her black bra was visible which was also transie. She took off her shirt and threw it on me. Slowly she unzipped her skirt and slipped it down and pushed it aside. She was standing just in her crotchless panties bra and stockings. She turned her back towards me and unhooked her bra showing her sexy bare back. She turned again and slowly slid her bra teasing me and wrapped it around my neck. Her tits were erect. She was looking a true stripper. She took off her panty and threw it on my face. Her panty was smelling of her pussy juices. She came and bent in front of me and took out my cock and started sucking it vigorously. I could not control myself and lifted her and put her twat on my throbbing hard tool. Her pussy juices were flowing and she started to push her cunt up and down on my dick.

We fucked for a long time before I ejaculated in her vagina and she was making pleasure sounds all the time.

Once we went out of movie and dinner. She was wearing a mini skirt and a very small sleeveless shirt. While getting out of the car I forced and made her remove her bra and panty. In the balcony of the hall the rear seats were empty. Just two three young couples were sitting at a distance from us but they were involved in themselves. While watching movies I started my advances towards Bindu. I slid her skirt up and started playing with her hairy pussy and slowly undid the buttons of the shirt. I took off her shirt and skirt and she was stark naked. One couple could make out that Bindu was completely nude. I enjoyed it. While having dinner she was conscious as the top was short and tight with no bra and her boobs were big so were visible from side and people were ogling at her. After dinner I made her wear her bra & panty but removed rest clothes I drove as the window panes of the car were dark printed. Before we reached home, I parked the car at a secluded place, removed her panty, made her sit on my hard dick and fucked her.

Once I called her at a park near her colony at night. She came wrapped in knee length gown. I took her behind the bush and removed her gown. She was wearing a short transie nighty without bra and panty. I got hard erection. I removed her nighty with a swish and ducked her in doggy style. Two men saw her getting fucked and they came and stopped her from going. They gave cheap comments and asked Bindu to give them blow job or else they will make noise and alert people. Bindu pleaded but they did not agree and pressed her boobs too. Bindu had no choice and had to suck their penis. They leaked on Bindu and her nighty and wiped their dicks with her nighty. Nighty got so soiled that she had to go back just in gown. Gown was tied just with one ribbon at the waist. When she walked her boob was popping out and when she stepped forward the entire naked leg uptill her cunt was visible.

After this incident I went to cajole Bindu but she said it was ok because she had sexual relationships with three guys and one girl in past.

First incident was when Bindu was in Xth class. She had a friend who was senior to her. She used to call Bindu at her place and touch her body and kiss her in the stair case. One day she offered Bindu for a blue film at her place. Bindu was excited as she had never seen one. Both of them watched the xxx movie at her place. She took Bindu to her terrace and took out some dildo. Bindu was excited after watching the blue film. The girl took off her clothes and Bindu’s clothes and started playing and inserting the dildo in Bindu’s pussy. She fondled with her breasts and made Bindu lick her cunt. Now this activity became frequent & whenever they got chance they had lesbo sex on the terrace. Friend’s servant used to stay on the terrace and he knew about the their sexual foreplays and used to shag watching them. The friend made Bindu to fuck with the servant in order to keep his mouth shut. This was Bindu’s first fucking experience and she lost her virginity. Friend gifted her the dildo and Bindu used to play with her pussy in the night and started masturbating.

Then she met Mani in the first year of her college. Mani used her and fucked her whenever he got a chance. Mani was her infatuation so she gave in and allowed him to use her body.

Her best friend is Ruksana. Ruksana has a brother Faizal. Bindu usually used to go to Ruksana’s house for night stay. Once Bindu went to her house for a couple of days to stay with her. For some emergency work Ruksana had to go out of the house with other family members for some urgent work. Bindu was alone in the house with Faizal. It was hot summers and the cooler was not very effective. Bindu was wearing a light coloured thin cloth shorts and deep neck sleeveless tank top. She was feeling uncomfortable so removed her bra & panty from underneath and slept. Due to thin material and light colour of shorts, her pubic hair were visible. Cleavage and side of her boobs were also visible from her sleeveless tank top which wrapped up showing her navel. At lunch Faizal came to the room to call her. Bindu forgot to lock the door and it was slightly ajar. Faizal entered the room and went near Bindu and seeing the condition of her clothes got enticed and his prick became hard. He noticed that Bindu was in deep sleep. He touched Bindu’s boobs lightly but she did not respond. He got encouraged and undid the buttons and unzipped her shorts. He could see Bindu’s cunt under the scanty hair. He went out & came back in the room with some stuff in a bag. He took out a rope and tied Bindu’s legs and hands with the bed post. Bindu awoke with the commotion & seeing her hands and legs tied with Faizal standing in front of her got shocked. She tried to break free and shouted for help but it was no use as no one was in house. Faizal bent and kissed Bindu on her lips putting his tounge deep inside her mouth and biting her lower lip. Her lips became red. Bindu tried to evade his advances and on second attempt tried to bite him. Faizal became angry and slapped her twice and smooched her wild spitting in her mouth. He took out a scissors from the bag and started cutting her top. Her boobs were out. Bindu was terrified. He rolled the scissors on Bindu’s boobs and tried to catch her tits with it and slid the scissors down till navel giving slight scratch on the body. Then he cut the shorts and it was wrapped around her in shreds. He took out a few clips and snapped them on Bindu’s tits and cunt wall putting a string through the clips and tightly pulled them and tied to a chandelier above. Bindu’s tits were pulling and the cunt was wide open . Bindu was feeling the pain but was getting hot as her genitalia were being stretched. He caught hold of Bindu’s hair and asked her to fuck him or else he would be harsh. Bindu did not agree and said that he was like her brother and she could not imagine sex with him. Faizal cut her leg strings and thrusted his cock in Bindu’s cunt and started to fuck her. Bindu was not cooperating. He turned Bindu on her back and slashed her with his belt on the back, hips and cunt. She cried in pain. Faizal started slapping her hips and cunt fingering in between. Bindu got very hot. She was now yearning to fuck. She told Faizal that he could fuck her. Faizal cut the strings of her hands and put his cock in her mouth and Bindu started sucking him. Faizal removed his cock from mouth and thrusted it in her pussy and fucked her hard. Despite the rough fucking, Bindu enjoyed the session. He dared Bindu to tell anyone about it or else he would make a story and her relations with Ruksana will get sour. Bindu cherished her friendship so kept mum.

Hearing her ordeals I started fantasising to get my girlfriend fucked in a group. I talked to her about my fantasy but she turned it down. I was not satisfied and was looking for the right moment. Once Bindu’s Mom had to go out of town for 3-4 days for official work. I planned to call my friends for a drinks party at her place. I put the proposal in front of her and convinced her. I invited four of my friends for a gangbang of my girlfriend. They all agreed as they always wanted to fuck her. I insisted that the fuck shall be without condom and it should be a natural feel.

In the evening I made gifted her a small dress. It was a raunchy indecent dress. It was a short maroon sleeveless dress length just enough to cover panties. Top part was very deep neck showing cleavage and top of bra. She refused to wear it but I insisted and convinced her by telling her that I wanted to boast about my pretty girlfriend and make my friends jealous. I took out a black thong with lacy net in front through which pussy was visible and a strapless bra with net through which tits could be seen. Eight O’clock my friends arrived. Bindu was looking extremely sexy in her negligees. Everyone had a hard on seeing her. We started our drinks and offered one to Bindu. My friend had made it strong and added sex enhancement drug in it. In one drink Bindu was high. The dress was so vulgar that whenever she walked or sat somewhere it would raise and her sexy pussy with scanty hair was visible from her panty. The top side was loose enough to show her boobs and if she bent to pickup something her boobs and entire body was visible. My friend made a second drink for her and in few sips she lost control. Now all her clothes were not in her control. The lower portion of the dress was slipping up without her realisation and the top of the sleeve was sliding down. I went to her and started kissing her and pressing her boobs. I took off her dress and started putting hands in her panty & she was not realising that there are other people in the room. I told her that I wanted to fuck her with her eyes blindfolded. I took a scarf from her cupboard and tied it on her eyes. She was moaning. I took off her bra and she was just in her panties. I realised that she is not able to recognise. I called one of my friends and he removed her panty and inserted his prick in her wet cunt. She started moaning louder. Another friend came and put his dick in her mouth. Without resistance she started sucking it. The sex drug was effecting and she was extremely hot. She attained little consciousness and removed the scarf. She noticed that she was all nude and a guy screwing her and other three naked looking at her. She was full of lust so couldn’t stop them. She caught hold of prick of another guy and started sucking him. The guy fucking her leaked warm cum in her pussy and she got more horny. Another guy got on top of her and started fucking her and one more started rubbing her boobs and licking her super erected tits. One of them slid his finger in the ass hole and fingered it with two more fingers till the time it got little wide. Now Bindu had regained total consciousness. She was enjoying thoroughly. The guy who was fucking her started licking her pussy. Now Bindu was uncontrollably high. She yearned for dicks. The guy bent Bindu in doggy style and inserted his prick in her ass hole. It pained initially but later she started enjoying. The first guy slid under her and inserted his dick in her cunt. The other one pressed her boobs and the last one put his dick in her mouth. She was being fucked in all her holes. I called my neighbour and his cousin too. They too joined the party of Bindu’s gangbang. Watching her getting gangbanged I was shagging and enjoying. All the guys cummed in her holes. They fucked her all night individually and in group. They gave cum shots in her pussy, ass, mouth, face, boobs & body. By morning she was covered in cum from mouth till toe. She was so tired getting fucked by so many cocos whole night that she slept like that. This was her first anal sex experience. She woke and found her body sticky and smell of cum every where including her bed. She put all the clothes in washing machine and took bath. She came out wrapped in a towel. She told me that her lust for fuck was not over and she wanted to fuck more. I pulled her towel and saw that her tits were swollen and popping out as if sucked a lot. Side walls of her pussy was also out & spread and it was very sensitive to touch arousing her & made her moan. I stayed with her for next couple of days and this time she took initiative for a fuck. I fucked her day and night for two days in various positions and in all type of sex.

Once we had a big fight & we broke off. She narrated it to Ruksana. Ruksana cajoled her & suggested her for a revenge fuck to forget me. Ruksana could not suggest a guy for it. Bindu & Ruksana dressed up sexy and went to look for a guy in the posh market. Bindu liked a macho guy there. Ruksana asked Bindu to flash in order to attract him. Bindu went and sat at a place near him from where he could see her. Bindu uplifted her skirt to a length so he could see her panty. She opened few buttons of her shirt loosened her bra and adjusted it low enough so slight glimpse of her tits were visible. The guy saw her and approached with an offer to buy her something. Bindu got up went close to him and said “do you want a fuck”. The guy was taken aback but said surely. He got his bike and took Bindu to a hotel. She sucked his cock and fucked him hard.

In few days we made up with each other. Bindu’s mother was after her marriage. She asked me to marry her. I was not settled properly & talked about my inability. Bindu’s Mom got her married with someone else. Two years after her marriage I met her in the market in a Saree. She was quite silent. We sat in a coffee shop & talked. She told that her husband is a drunkard and her sexual life was zero right from the day of marriage. I got happy and asked her to become my fuck buddy like the old days. She refused saying she was married. I was not convinced. I yearned to fuck because no one I had sex with could give sexual pleasure like her. I devised a strategy. I found out the bar her hubby used to go. I started going to that bar and became pally with her hubby. One day after the bar closed at 11 o clock he wanted to drink more & offered me to accompany home for few drinks. I agreed with pleasure. We reached his home and he served drinks. Bindu used to live just with her hubby in the house. Bindu came in a red & white Saree with sleeveless blouse with cleavage showing. I got an erection seeing her. I pretended to drink but made him drink. He called Bindu & asked her to make some hot snacks. In the meantime the water finished. He was not in a state to move so I offered to fetch the water. Kitchen was small and Bindu was in front of the stove that was at the entrance & the fridge was at the other side. There was hardly any space between Bindu & the back wall. I entered the kitchen & squeezed behind Bindu to reach the fridge. While moving I paused for a moment and pressed my hard prick against Bindu’s back. She did not object. I got encouraged and on the way back pressed her boob and felt her midriff. She kept cooking. I went to the sofa where we were drinking and made a strong drink for the hubby. He drank the glass and passed out. Bindu came with snacks & while putting it on table her Saree Pallu slid down showing her covered boobs. I got up and hugged her tightly and smooched her wild. I picked her up in my arms & carried her to her bedroom. She didn’t resist because she was hungry for sex. I took off her blouse. She was looking astonishing in Saree & bra. I asked her to remove her bra. She didn’t move. I reached her back and unhooked the bra and took it off. She tried to hide the boobs with her Pallu but I pulled. Her boobs had become little big maybe because they were pressed a lot. Slowly I pulled her saree with her circling.

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I pulled the string of her petticoat. Now she was in her panty. I pounced on her like a hungry lion and fucked her by sliding her panty aside. While I was fucking her second time, her hubby came & he went out in anger. He turned Bindu out next morning. Bindu got divorced.

Once Bindu required fifty thousand which she had taken from a friend who was now after her life to return it. She approached me but even I didn’t have it. I suggested to approach a film maker who lives near my house. Bindu was smart, beautiful model types with an excellent figure. She agreed and I fixed an appointment with that person. She went on the designated date to meet him. He liked Bindu very much and asked her for audition. He said he recruits girls for foreign movies and they can earn a lot. He gave Bindu a short transie dress. The dress was red lacy translucent with a slit in front which stretched to show bra & panty. Bindu objected to wear it. He told such dresses are common abroad. She sat down and the guy started clicking her pics and shoot video. He asked her to spread her legs saying it would help her getting attention of the director. He asked her to remove the dress so that the director can have an idea of her figure. She was sitting in bra & panty & he was shooting. He now asked her to take off her bra & panty as foreign films have nude scenes and her body has to be perfect for it. Bindu was completely nude. He played a xxx movie on the screen. Bindu got shocked. He told her that if she work for porn movie, the job is easy and money is fast. Bindu refused and started wearing her clothes. He placed five thousand bucks in her hand and told her that they can all be hers if she suck his cock. Bindu was in dilemma. She had to give some amount to her friend next day else she would report to her mom. Bindu took out the dick from his pant & started sucking it. He pressed Bindu’s boobs and asked her to reverse on the sofa & bend. Bindu refused saying that the deal was to suck the cock. He showed the photos and video clip & said that if Bindu will not give her pussy he will upload them. She had no way out and bent. He fucked her for a long time but deleted all the photos and videos as promised.

Bindu’s problem was still not solved. She had to earn quick money but she knew that it will come only through unacceptable means. I know suggested her that she is a good dancer & there was an orchestra group who arranges girls to dance in parties. Bindu did not hesitate for the offer. She left her number with the orchestra group. In one week she was called fir a party at a farm house. There were 50-60 guests at the farm & three more girls besides Bindu to perform. Party started and girls were sent one by one to perform. In her first performance Bindu was given mini skirt and top to dance on a western song. Bindu danced well to the beats and people showered notes on her. Next performance she had to do Mujra. She was given appropriate dress but whenever she had to take a round swing her ghagra would fly in air showing her legs and panty and besides showering notes people whistled and commented vulgar. Bindu was the most beautiful & sexy & her dances were excellent so she was in popular demand and was made to dance maximum. By the end of the party people were high on drinks and demand for nude mujra came. Other girls had no objection as they were professional but Bindu was hesitating. People started to demand for Bindu. The orchestra owner forced Bindu to shed her clothes while dancing & if she won’t she will have to make good of loss that he would have to face from the client. He told her to arrange for one lac rupees before she goes back. Bindu was stuck so she had to agree. Going nude in front of so many people was giving jitters to Bindu. She was given a long skirt with buttons in front and a transparent top. Top showed bra inside but Bindu didn’t bother as everything is going to come off anyway. She went out and started her dance. Someone shouted that he wants her shirt. Bindu started unbuttoning the shirt and people started hooting. Slowly she undid all the buttons of the shirt and threw it aside. Then people shouted for the skirt so she started unbuttoning from down and as the skin showed more and more the crowd made merry. Slowly all the buttons were undone and she stepped out of her skirt. Now she was dancing in her bra & panty. She had to go naked. So she thought to do it fast & finish it. She took off her bra & panty. Her unshaved but well maintained pubic hair and boobs were shining in the party lights. One guest came to her and picked her up in arms and danced. Another guest danced holding her boobs. Host of the party caught her hand tightly and pulled her to a room. He wanted to fuck her. Bindu resisted but orchestra owner put a condom in her hand and told her it is common and she should know about it. Host took off his clothes put the condom on his dick and entered her pussy fucking her without her will. Bindu got five thousand rupees from there. Bindu sweared to never ever go for orchestra performance.

Next week the person who was doing service in the party called after taking the number from the orchestra. He said that there is a party of effluent people. Bindu refused narrating her ordeal in the orchestra. He told Bindu that she doesn’t have to perform but just serve people and he would give her five thousand for few hours. Bindu had spent a lot of money she had earned so she thought why not give it a try. She was taken to a Villa outside the city in interiors. There was nothing around it for kilometres. On reaching there she along with other girls were given some clothes to wear. They were hardly clothes. Bra was two pieces just covering the tits and the boobs were nude. Panty was strings tied on both sides with string at the hip cervix and small V shape piece of cloth covering the pussy. On top of it was just a short length apron barely covering the panty with string in the neck and at waist to tie. Back side was completely bare showing entire back & hips with string of panty going inside the cervix. Bindu refused to serve in those clothes. The service guy agreed and told her that she can leave the place & go on her own. Bindu was terrified because there were no means available to go back. Silently she wore the negligees & stood for service. She was given a tray with silk belt to be carried across the shoulder. Party started and she was asked to carry liquor. Other girls were with glasses water snacks etc While serving someone was feeling her back, other were placing hands on hips or patting them. After some time the host uttered something to the service guy. He called all the girls and asked them to remove their aprons and they immediately did so. Bindu was reluctant. One girl came and opened the strings of her apron & said it is part of services. Now Bindu was almost naked with two small pieces covering her tits and a small piece covering the pussy. She was shy while serving. Now people were getting up and playing with her boobs. One guy removed the bra covering her tits. She tried to wear it again but couldn’t. She was serving topless in her scanty panty when someone pulled the strings of her panty and it dropped down. She was finding it difficult to serve completely naked. One man pulled her on table and started fondling with her boobs. Man on the other side took out his dick and thrusted it in her cunt. Everyone was watching Bindu getting fucked. This was her first ever publicly fuck. Many people shagged on her body. It was a nightmare for Bindu.

Bindu was afraid to venture for anything but she had extreme pressure from her friend to pay back. I told her that fast money can be earned only through dubious ways. I told her that easiest way to earn money is to get laid for money. I knew an agent who used to pimp girls for sex. He charged two thousand for a shot

and gave half the amount to the girl. Bindu told me that it is prostitution. I told her for quick money this is the only way. She had slept with so many men. She should not hesitate to become a prostitute for just a few days. She gave a deep thought and agreed. I helped her in dressing up like a slut. I gave her a deep massage all over her body and cunt. Helped her in waxing her body. Shaved her pubic hair leaving little hair above the cunt in a v shape. We did shopping. I picked up a whorish lingerie. Panty was translucent and had a slit above the pussy. Bra had net on the boobs and the nipple are was open. A sexy short navy blue net dress with black lace border and a deep red lipstick. Next day I dropped her at the agents flat where she changed into the attire we had purchased. Agent clicked her snap in a sexy pose and circulated it in his customers. Within 15-20 calls came confirming her booking. In an hour 5-6 people landed up. Bindu was asked to stand in provocative pose along with other girls. All the customers asked Bindu to come forward. Agent said that she was a new item in the market, fresh college girl. Hearing his words Bindu felt like a whore. She moved forward and shook hands with all. One of them got up and put his hands in bra to check if her tits are sagging. Another got up and put his hand in the pussy to check if the pussy is tight or not. She got booked by all. First one was a fat dark skinned man. He took Bindu in the room and took off his clothes. He was dirty and smelly. He had a black fat cock. He asked Bindu to suck his cock. Reluctantly Bindu sucked it and the taste was very bad and pungent. He asked Bindu to strip her clothes. Bindu she’d all her clothes. He entered Bindu’s cunt but it kept slipping hurting her. Bindu was fucked for half an hour. As he left the room another person entered and stripped her. He fucked her nicely. Then the third one and fourth. Bindu stopped wearing her clothes because she knew continuously people are going to come and fuck her. By evening she was fucked 15 times. She was exhausted and slept the moment she reached home. Next day when she reached the flat, she was given a cheap jerky green salwar suit with dark pink pajama to wear. She was given a cheap quality net panty and similar bra. It was requirement of a customer. She was given dark maroon lipstick to be smudged on the lips. After wearing it she looked like a cheap prostitute of a red light area. The man fucked using vulgar language uttering words like cock sucking whore you slut. He fucked her like a bitch. Bindu had a harrowing experience. She fucked various customers the entire week. We met and she was looking and acting like a slut. When I opened her clothes to fuck her boobs were sagging a little and tis were out double the size. Her pussy was too loose and wide. She was definitely looking like a professional whore.

She went for a yoga therapy and her genitals became normal. Boobs became fit. Tits retreated and pussy was tight. Only the skin and side walls of her pussy were protruding out and were large. Anyone who would see could make out that she was a fucked up babe.

I got my posting out of city. Bindu also joined an international call centre. It was night shift duty. She used to leave her house in late evening and come back home in the morning by 10. Her dress code was sexy as per international guidelines. She wore a black mini skirt with off white translucent short shirt & black stockings. She looked fantastic in it.. Since I was not there, Bindu had started masturbation a lot. Besides playing with her pussy at home, she used to finger her pussy in the toilet in the break. Bindu was frustrated and was desperate for a fuck.

She had a crush on a couple of guys who sat opposite her work station. Bindu was still careless about her clothes. Whenever she turned her chair for anything, the guys could see her panty from her skirt from far. They always had a hard on seeing her.

Whenever the work was low in office, Bindu along with her colleagues visited pubs and discos around. She started enjoying the lifestyle. Along with other expenses her salary which was quite low exhaust within 15 days. Her other colleagues always had money to spend. One day Bindu asked one of them how they managed to spend so much. She revealed that she sleeps with men for money. She told most of the call centre girls are part time call girls. Bindu thought that she worked as a prostitute once why not give it a try. She told her friend that she wants to work as part time call girl. One day when the work was low she took Bindu with her. She took her to a side lane but with busy flow of cars. She told that it was a pick up point from the girls are picked. She asked Bindu to unbutton a few buttons of the shirt and put one leg towards the road slipping the skirt a little up. In some time her friend was picked up by someone who was her old lover. Bindu was alone. A car stopped but the man looked like someone’s driver. He took out 500 rupees and asked Bindu to sit in the car . He was using dirty filthy language. Bindu got scared and turned to go back. A big car honked and called Bindu. He asked her to sit in the car. Bindu sat next to him. He started rubbing her thigh and took out 10000 rupees and placed it on her thigh. Bindu was very happy and opened his fly and started giving him a blow job in the moving car. He took Bindu to a hotel room. He asked Bindu to strip. Bindu shed all her clothes as she wanted to make him happy too. He took her in shower and bathed with her using aroma soaps. He rubbed her pussy and boobs. They came out of bathroom and he asked Bindu to lie down. He got some massage oils and creams and massaged her body applying cream deep inside her pussy. Bindu was hot and horny now. He turned her on stomach and started rubbing a gel in her ass and inserting a rubber cone spreading her ass hole. Bindu thought that he is a ass man but didn’t mind. When Bindu got up and tried putting her ass on his prick he stopped her and gave another 10000 rupees to her. Bindu was surprised. He told Bindu that he does not enjoy fucking but enjoys watching a girl getting fucked. He said he will call a couple of his friends to fuck her. Bindu couldn’t deny after taking so much money. His friends arrived in some time. They were two blacks of African origin. When they removed their clothes their phullas were black thick and huge. Bindu thought that these pricks will tear her pussy and ass. One of them picked Bindu with one hand and held her legs turning her upside down on the shoulders and licked her cunt. Other guy picked her up from there and rubbed his huge tool on her boobs. They put her on the sofa and one of them liked her ass hole with putting tounge deep inside and spitted Om the cunt and fingered both asshole and cunt together. Bindu became mad with lust and started moaning very loud. One of them stuffed his huge tool in her mouth & she choked. With her mouth stretched, she couldn’t suck but he fucked her mouth in slow motion. Second guy entered her ass almost ripping it and ducked slowly initially and then vigorously. The other one fucked her in her pussy. Bindu was screaming with pleasure. They picked her up with their huge dicks in her pussy and ass and kept fucking. Their tool was so huge that it could hold Bindu’s wait. They cummed on her face and it was thick semen in so much quantity that it filled her face, eyes and hair. The taste was also very different. After the fucking session the man who picked her told that she should not work on street pickup joints as it is unsafe. He would pass her number in his circle and people will call her for their needs. People started calling her and she visited them to fulfill their sexual desires but stopped in sometime as she was treated like a whore and she felt slutty.

I came back to town and offered her for a live in relationship and she agreed. I used her as a sexual object and pounce on her whenever I got a chance at times not letting her wear any clothes for two three days. She left me after a year as she felt as if she was my personal slut.

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