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Breast feeding, Lactating and Incest

Jony and Roby are best friends. Jony’s parents died in a car accident when he was 18. After that accident he lives with his grandmother. One day after school when Jony said women liked young boys and told Roby about fucking his Kakima(Aunt).Roby also told Jony about seeing his mother’s breast when she breastfed his little sister. After fucking Kakima(Aunt),Jony is very horny now. Sometimes when he was at Roby’s house, he tried to see his (Roby) best friend’s mother breasts. But only one time when she bent down to keep the tray down the table, he could not refrain his eyes devouring the wiggling motions of Roby’s mother great breasts. Her breasts cleavage made a deep valley inside her blouse and the more it entered he saw milky white colored complexion inside her. When she was keeping the tray down, her sari’s pallu fell from her breast, revealing the big mounds of her pair of tits clad in tight blouse to him. Roby’s mother instantly gathered the sari to its right place, but the glimpse was enough for Jony to guess how big his friend’s mother tits really were. Talking he could see the deep cleavage of her magnificent breasts. Also he could see wet around her breast area —- she might be leaking milk. umumumum!!! Even under the blouse and tight nylon bra, they were trying to come out of the confinement. He could not think anything now other than how sexy it would be to see those big fleshy tits of his friend’s mother naked. So, he asked his friend questions about his mother’s breasts. How he saw his mother’s breastfeeding? Did she always breastfeed in front of him?

Roby told his friend, “Wait. I told you my story. Sitting with Ma(Mother) in the drawing room after dinner watching the TV when the baby started crying. So my Ma picked up the baby and after adjusting her sari she opened her blouse, lifted her bra and started feeding her baby. All these time I was straining to see her breast and I did get a glimpse, which immediately gave me an erection so I tried to hide my erection from her. After the feeding was over I got another glimpse of her breast along with the turgid nipples when she removed the sleeping baby and laid her down. My cock was so hard and about to burst so I stood up to go to my room trying to hide the tent in my shorts. In the privacy of my room I masturbated with the images of her breasts and I came so hard my cock just kept on jerking remaining hard for sometime. I wondered whether she deliberately showed me her breast, as this was never done when Baba(Father) was around. That’s all.”

Jony again asked,”So, only once you see your mother’s breastfeeding?”

-No, now she always breastfeeds in front of me in absence of my baba.
-What do you thing, she breastfeeds in front of me too?
-I don’t know. But I think she likes to show her breasts.Because they are realy beautiful and big.
-You want to play with your mother’s breast, am I right?
-Yeah. But I don’t know how it’s possible?
-I can help you.
-When your baba will not at home, I will go at your house and hopefully I can manage it.
Roby was very excited to hear this from his friend. He was dying for his mother’s milkfilled breasts.
-Are you sure?
-Friend, I already fucked my Kakima. I know how to convince a woman.
“Roby!!! You did what?!!!” Mrs. Kavita whispered angrily to her son.
“But ma. He’s my best friend. He won’t tell anyone. It just came out!” Roby responded his face guilty and he looked almost ready to cry. He glanced out into the loungeroom where his buddy, Jony, sat nervously on the edge of the large couch. “We had been having a lesson in biology about babies and how they get fed. After we were in the yard, I told him I watched you feeding Niru and he asked if he could watch too.” The boy looked at his ma tremulously. “I really didn’t think you’d mind, ma, what with Jony not having a ma and not ever getting to see something like that.”
“What? Jony doesn’t have a mother? Who looks after him, then?” Kavita glanced out at the 18 years old sitting on the edge of the lounge, her maternal instincts automatically rising up strongly as she saw his ragged shorts and scuffed sneakers. The poor kid, she thought, he really does look lonely and unloved.
“He lives with his grandma and she’s a real witch!” Roby said. “She won’t let him in the apartment until dark. The old lady is weird! Jony has to hang around the park or at someone’s place. I’m his best friend,” her son finished off.
“But, Roby. I felt shy. You shouldn’t have told anyone.” Roby could tell from his mother’s tone that she was no longer angry. “What if Jony told?”
“He won’t, ma. He’s never seen anyone’s breastfeeding,” her son replied, rather disbelievingly, as though that was not normal.
Kavita loves breastfeeding in fornt of people. But she always pretends she has to. No way.She also knows her son always try to see her breasts whenever she breastfed. And she showed a lot. So Roby would see nothing wrong with his best friend seeing her, she thought. She looked back into the lounge room at her son’s friend. Her breasts felt full and heavy – it was time for Niru’s feed. It wouldn’t be too difficult for her to acceed to her son’s request, would it? She felt a quiver in the pit of her belly at the thought. She would be showing her breasts – a young boy – the best friend of her son willingly. He was a rather mature and good-looking boy, too.
Stop it! She thought. He’s only a boy. But she suddenly realised there was a definite thrill inside her at the thought of having the boys watch her breast-feeding – and it wasn’t maternal! It was sexual! She felt herself blush and turned away from Jony to gaze at Roby.
“If I do this, Roby, you must say nothing to your baba. Okay? I don’t know if he’d approve or not, so you say nothing.”
Roby’s face beamed, but he quickly changed it to a look of grateful sobriety and nodded. Inside he was still bubbling, though. She’d given in. They had made up the story about Jony’s grandma and everything. And it had worked! It was true that Jony didn’t have parent.
“Thanks ma. It’ll really help Jony. And we won’t say anything to anyone. I promise.” He sounded so sincere!
Kavita suddenly felt rather nervous. “Well I’ll go get Niru and you tell Jony. But make sure he understands that this is just to help him and he is not to tell anyone about it. Okay?” she requested firmly, before leaving the kitchen and heading for the hall towards Niru’s room.
Jony glanced up to watch Mrs Kavita. She was certainly a great looking woman! He watched her long legs beneath her pajama scissor across the room. His eyes travelling up their length, over the red pajama, noting her full hips and buttocks accented by her slim waist. She wore a loose white kamiz(long shirt) and her full 38DD breasts jutted out prominently, her cleavage quite visible over the low neckline. She also had a beautiful face to go with her figure, Jony thought as she disappeared down the hallway. She had black long, silky hair, big eyes which she highlighted with a dark blue eye-liner, and full, red lips. He stood up as his friend came into the lounge.
“We’ve done it!” he said to Jony in an excited whisper, glancing towards the hallway door. “She’s gonna do it!”
“Yeah. I could hear you,” Jony said smiling. “I reckon we’ll get to do more than just watch, too,” he added. “She ended up sounding keen.”
“Yeah,” Roby agreed. “But don’t go too fast, Jony. She might freak. Then we’d both really be in the shit.”
“Don’t worry, buddy. Just follow my lead. I got into Kakima’s sari by being ‘innocent’.” He smirked. “Most women are suckers for ‘innocence’ and your ma won’t be any different.”
Roby shivered with excitement. “I hope so,” he said. The idea of doing things with his ma like Jony had talked about was a fantasy he had been thinking about for the last couple of months, watching his mother breast-feeding Niru, he had been almost constantly sexually aroused and his fantasy had become more of an obsession; and Jony might help to make it a reality.
Mrs. Kavita walked back into the lounge room, baby Niru cradled in her arms. Niru was mewling, her tiny face puckered and her mouth seeking upwards towards the firm breasts it rested beneath, her tiny hands touching the full mounds and trying to grasp them. The two boys watched in anticipation as the neckline of the woman’s kamiz was pulled awry and the tops of her breasts uncovered by the baby’s groupings. Jony stood up as she came towards the lounge.
“Uh…Jony, Roby said you wanted to…er…watch me…um…feed Niru,” she began to say, her blush spreading upwards as her excitement increased. She still couldn’t believe she had agreed to this! “And Roby should have told you that I’ll let you only on the condition it goes no further than this room.” She looked at the boy, thinking again how cute he was; and she also noted, with a flutter in her belly, that he was quite well built and mature looking for his age too. Jony nodded agreement, his eyes flickering from her face to her breasts, causing an even stronger flutter in the pit of Kavita’s belly.
“Sure thing, Kakima,” the boy said enthusiastically. “I really appreciate it and none’ll ever know about it from me. Whatever happens,” he added, looking her boldly eye to eye, hinting at…?
Kavita looked back at him, her heart beating faster. She knew the boy was hinting that there was a possibility of other things happening and she found her body tingling at that thought in spite of her internal thoughts telling her to stop the situation now – not to let it go any further. But she didn’t want to stop. She suddenly realized the thought of deliberately exposing herself to Roby and his friend was highly erotic and something she wanted to do – in spite of her nervousness and that sense of wrong-doing.
She sat down on the lounge and the two young boys sat eagerly beside her. Kavita laid Niru in her lap and began unbuttoning her kamiz with trembling fingers. This was it! She hadn’t bothered to put her bra on, not expecting anyone to come to the house this afternoon and she suddenly felt very naked. She only had a pair of silk panties on beneath her pajama, and the kamiz. She felt the white material was wet – she had started leaking as soon as she had picked Niru up, as usual. What the fuck, she decided. She was turned on by the situation so she might as well just do it – as they say in the ad. She unbuttoned her kamiz half the way down then pulled it back from her breasts. She left her orna(long skirf) in Niru’s room and this kamiz had button in the front.
“Jeeesus!” Jony whispered. “You’ve got the most beautiful tits, Kakima!” he exclaimed. “Oh! I’m sorry!” he burst out, looking immediately contrite. “I didn’t mean to say that! Honest, Kakima.” He looked at the half-nude woman beside him and had a good feeling inside him. She was going to fall for his act.
“Its all right, Jony. I don’t mind that word. Roby calls them ‘boobs’ but I like ‘tits’ as well,” Kovita said, her words coming out without any effort – which surprised her.
“You’re leaking already, ma,” Roby said, pointing to her near breast where white droplets of fluid beaded around her large nipple.
“Wow!” Jony exclaimed, leaning forward to look at her. “So that’s how it comes out. Boy, your nipples are as beautiful as your tits, too,” he added.
Kavita blushed as she brought Niru up to the breast nearest Jony. She shivered as the baby latched on to her nipple, sucking greedily as her milk flowed. The two boys watched, their eyes meeting each other’s and giving a sly smile before moving back to the woman’s bared mammaries. Her breasts were rounded and firm, jutting out from her chest. There was a tracery of faint bluish veins underneath her smooth skin, leading towards her puffy, large pinkish-brown aureoles with their bright pink nipples. Milk trickled from her un-attended breast and Roby touched it with his finger.
“Roby!” his mother said, startled at his boldness. He had never touched her before. He looked at her guiltily and she immediately felt as though she’d been too harsh. After all, it was quite natural for the boys to be curious. She smiled softly. “I’m sorry, hon. Its okay,” she said. “You can touch me.”
To her surprise, Jony immediately put his hand over the bulge of her breast above Niru’s head when Roby touched her other nipple. The boy looked up at her with such an imploring look that she decided not to react. ‘He’s only an inquisitive young boy,’ she thought, settling back against the sofa and letting them feel her. Niru had ceased her greedy guzzling and was now steadily sucking on her nipple and Kavita felt the familiar stirring of desire from the baby’s suckling. The room was quiet except for the boys’ heavy breathing and the occasional snorts from the baby. Kavita relaxed, letting the feelings of love, motherhood and desire flow through her. Roby was lightly rubbing around her now stiffened left nipple, her excess milk dribbling from the rough nub and tickling her as it trickled under her breast. Jony was gently caressing over the upper bulge of her right breast, his hand just brushing against Niru’s cheek as he came closer and closer to her nipple. Their touches were becoming more sexual; she realised and felt her body stirring in response deep inside. Her groin felt moist and hot and she was aware she was getting turned on by her son and his friend. She knew she should stand up now and leave the room and end it; but her body told her to just enjoy it. So, instead of leaving, she transferred Niru to her other breast, exposing her right breast fully to Jony’s sight and touch. As though this was her sign of approval, the boy immediately cupped her breast in his hand and ran his thumb over her moist nipple. Milk still seeped from it and the boy seemed fascinated.
“Does it feel nice?” he asked Kaviya, his eyes looking up innocently at her, a slight little smile on his full lips.
“What?” she replied, smiling back at him? “You are touching me or Niru suckling?”
Jony’s smile widened and his eyes lost some of their innocence as he took hold of her nipple between his thumb and finger, a deliberately sexual touch this time, his eyes locked on her’s. “Us touching you will do,” he responded, squeezing her nipple and causing Kavita to draw breath as a tingle rippled down to her groin. “But I meant does it feel nice when your milk comes out?”
Kavita could only nod. She was aware Roby had moved back and was following their conversation with the same sort of smile as Jony on his face. Niru was asleep at her breast, her mouth around, but not touching, her nipple. She swallowed nervously. She knew what was going to follow this. She guessed she had realised right from the start. Jony’s touch and the look on the boys’ faces told her she had let this go too far all ready. But she didn’t want to stop it. Not now. That time had passed a minute or two ago.
“Why don’t you put Niru back in her cot, Roby,” Jony said, his eyes not leaving Kavita’s. “I think we can make your ma feel nice for a while longer without the baby. What do you think, Kakima?”
Kavita sat still, her heart fluttering. “I…You…Its not….” she stammered, but her voice was too shaky. She had lost control of this situation and felt like a little girl again. She was mesmerised by Jony and the way he had taken control. She was only dimly aware of Roby taking Niru from her arms and getting up from the lounge – her awareness centred almost fully on the boy beside her fondling and squeezing her naked breast and nipple.
“Roby and I thought you might like to let us drink from your tits,” Jony said softly as Roby left the room. “You’re a really gorgeous looking woman, Kakima, and we’d like to look at you and who knows….?” He let the sentence hang and Kavita felt her breathing quicken. The boy pushed her kamiz back from her shoulder. “Why don’t you take it right off?” he asked her. “I’d like you to.”
Kavita slowly removed the kamiz, letting it drop behind the lounge as she pulled her arm free. She felt as though she was hypnotised, as though she had no will of her own. Her sexuality and her needs had taken control of her under Jony’s sensual presence.
“Hmmmmmmm. Very nice,” the boy murmurred, his hands stroking both of her breasts now, making no pretense that it was an innocent action. He was very experienced, she realised and wondered fleetingly where he had learned as he teased and kneaded her firm flesh. Roby came back into the room and gaped when he saw Jony fondling his half-naked mother so shamelessly. But he hesitated only for a moment before resuming his seat beside his mother.
“Your ma’s got gorgeous tits, buddy. Have a good feel,” his friend said, winking at him. Roby’s heart pounded as he took hold of his mother’s breast. They had done it! Jony had been right. His mother was easy to arouse and was going to let them do things with her! He weighed her breast on his hand, her firm roundness heavy and warm. His thumb grazed her nipple and she moaned softly.
“You…’t….” she said, but made no move to stop the boys. Her breasts still leaked milk and the boys smeared it over them. The more they stimulated her nipples, the more her milk flowed.
“You ever tasted your ma’s milk, Roby?” Jony asked. The boy shook his head. “I reckon we ought to try it, don’t you?” his friend urged. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, kakima?” Before she could answer, the young lad bent his mouth to her breast and took her stiffened nipple into his mouth. She gasped as he began sucking on her like a baby.
Roby watched for a moment, seeing Jony kneading his mother’s breast as he suckled her, white milk appearing at the edges of his mouth as he drew it from within her spongy breast. Then he leaned in towards his mother, smelling her familiar, warm smell as he closed in on her breast. Her nipple jutted out stiffly, droplets of milk trickling from it and running under her breast. Roby pressed his mouth over it, his lips clamping around and he began instinctively working on it to increase her flow. The warm, sweet taste of her filled his mouth, bringing with it distant memories of familiarity from his own babyhood. He swirled his tongue around and under the stiff nub, pressing it up to the roof of his mouth and feeling his mother’s breathing quickening with the rise and fall of her breasts.
The two boys suckled her for several minutes and Kavita was almost overwhelmed by the sensations they created. They were rougher and more forceful than a baby, which was more exciting; and both of them seemed to instinctively know how to stimulate her beyond just getting her milk to flow. They manipulated her nipples and fondled her breasts in a way that aroused her sexually and her pussy was getting quite wet and heated between her clenched thighs.
“Relax, kakima,” Jony said, pulling away from her breast but holding her firmly. “You know you like it. Just let yourself relax. Roby and I will make you feel real good. Won’t we, Roby?” He squeezed her breast gently and nuzzled his face into the sensitive nape of her neck. Kavita felt goosebumps spring up over her skin. This boy really did know what it was all about, she thought. But Roby? How did he know what to do? Her thoughts were confused and flitted from panic to desire. She wanted the boys! Both of them! Even her own son!!!
“Watch this, Roby,” Jony said and he took hold of Kovita’s nipple and squeezed it. Several thin streams of milk squirted out, going in different directions and leaving a trail of wetness down the woman’s skin and over her pajama. “Oh, sorry,” the boy apologized as they saw the red material of her pajama darken as it was wetted. He squeezed another burst of milk from her. “I guess you’d better take your pajama off,” he said smiling as more streaks appeared on it. His fingers followed a trickle of milk that was running down her skin and making a damp spot on her pajama at her waist. “We don’t want to stain it, do we?” He eased his fingers beneath her waist band and began pushing her pajama downwards.

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