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True Love will win in the end…

The first time I met her I was but a boy in High School, I was a senior and she was a sophomore. She had the body of a goddess and a personality that matched my own. When people speak of soul mates and love at first sight I could easily see it being her that I wanted to spend my life with. Of course destiny has a way of testing true love…

We went to my Senior Prom together, we danced the night away with friends and the night ended on her doorstep with a kiss. With that kiss I would forever be ensnared in this girl’s web. I wish I could say that it only got better from there but I can’t yet, as I said destiny has a way of testing your love and for me it was college.

I left for college for two semesters at which I failed miserably, I had never been out on my own before and since I wasn’t paying for it I just partied the entire time. There where nights of pleasure with a few girls from one of the sororities but never love. I came home shamed from failure and, living with my dad, began to work. This would go on for the next year until one fateful night I had a fight with my dad over the stupidest of things and decide to move to Idaho with my mother. That very night I had my grandparents pick me up and take me away until I could make my flight in 3 days. On the night before I would fly away we stopped at a Wendy’s for some food and in that parking lot I would again reconnect with the girl who haunted my dreams as the one who got away. She jumped from her parents van in the drive-through and sprinted into my arms for one the greatest hugs I ever experienced. Our exchange was quick and we swapped numbers so that we could talk later. Later that night we talked for hours playing catch-up. We talked about my moving away to Idaho and began to talk about her maybe moving there in the future once I was on my own and could afford to get her a ticket.

Once in Idaho I began hunting for a job and once I had one I then started saving my money. We would talk almost every night for hours; she was the only person I could ever talk to that way. My first purchase was a car, after that I began saving up for an apartment and a plane ticket in anticipation of what was to come. But again destiny decided I wasn’t ready yet…

Distance can be hell on any relationship and her being the Goddess she was there was no shortage of people looking for her affection. I think that perhaps it was the fear of moving to an unknown place away from her friends and family to take a chance on me that ultimately spooked her, but whatever it was she began dating a guy closer to home. I was devastated and went into a downward spiral I stopped going to my job, calling in sick every day for about two weeks. I would pretend to be going to work every day but would instead spend my days at the lake, sitting and thinking, writing bad poetry and whatever else heartbroken boys do. Of course this caught up to me and I had to get another job overnights at Wally World. It was there I met the first woman I married. We only dated for a few months when she pressured me to ask her for marriage, still recovering from my loss and not wanting to experience that again I asked for her hand.

 Later that month I got news of Hurricane Katrina hitting my hometown, I rushed outside our apartment and tried to call not my family but her, the one that I left behind. She was the first thought that came to my mind and I had to know that she was ok. Her phone number had been disconnected. I was devastated, I spent the next few days in agony imagining the worst and yet praying for the best.

My life changed after that I spent the next few years focusing on my new family; I was happy for a time and then came the birth of my first daughter. The pregnancy was hell and strained our marriage to almost breaking. But then came the baby and I would do anything for her. I worked for the next year just going through the motions not knowing that my wife was unhappy. She worked a normal schedule and had weekends off where as I worked from 3am to 3pm for four days straight, then I would have four days off work, work three days and then have three days off. This schedule made it hard to do anything and since we both worked at the same building for the same company; any rumors that would get started would get to her and screw with our relationship. I know now that it was my Boss who had a crush on her that started these rumors but never the less they were effective. She threatened me with divorce and forced me to change everything about myself.

I jumped through the hoops for my daughter and eventually she was satisfied. We continued to work for the company until it declared bankruptcy and started laying people off left and right. Since we knew the ax would eventually fall we decided to move to Oklahoma to be closer to my Mom, Brothers and Sister. After we got settled I began working at Wally World again and we had our second daughter. Things where fine for a time, I stopped working and stayed home to take care of the kids and pursue my education since she was making more than triple my Wal-Mart salary. She began taking medication that made her a better happy person yet it killed her sex drive. Without her sex drive she never would show interest in me and I always had to be the one to start something, that lack of sexual desire for me took its toll. I started reconnecting with friends from the past on Facebook and decided on a whim to try and find the one that got away. It took me about two weeks of searching until I finally found her. We reconnected instantly and from her photos I could see she too had a family and a little boy. We talked about our past and our present taking comfort in the fact that we both where in relationships that where failing. We talked, we laughed, and we reconnected. Destiny again stepping in to reconnect that which it tore apart in the first place…

We both agreed we wouldn’t be the ones to end it because of our children but should we both be single in the future; we would reconnect and give it a go. We made dinner plans for 17 years later.

The next 17 years where hell, we stuck through it until our kids grew up all the while chatting almost nightly the entire time. That 17 years of chatting and sharing experiences only strengthened our bond and when the time came when we could both be free we leapt at the chance. Being freshly divorced we decided to keep our dinner plans made that many years ago.






As I entered the restaurant I was nervous, sure we talked and knew each other better than any two people could but the butterflies in my stomach gave me pause. Why was I so nervous? I knew that I loved this girl from the first time I met her those many years ago and yet it felt like we were meeting again for the very first time.

Our eyes connected and I was stunned, there she was the goddess of my dreams every bit as perfect as the day we first met. Her black dress accented her body like a lover caressing her skin, the years had only served to change this girl into a woman deserving of worship. We hugged and laughed away the tension we both felt and sat down to enjoy dinner. We talked and enjoyed ourselves throughout the entire dinner process and afterwards we went for a walk along the riverfront. The moonlight on her skin as she and I walked together arm-in-arm was alluring and we stopped for a moment. We both turned and looked at each other and then kissed for the first time in over twenty years. We stood there embraced in a kiss long overdue, with a fire in our souls and lust in our eyes. We quickly made plans to go back to my place since it was closer.

As we entered my place I quickly lit the gas fireplace in my bedroom and then embraced her again as the fire slowly came to life in the background. We kissed again with such a passion that you could feel the air around our bodies began to heat up with anticipation of what was coming. I slowly moved to her neck and began to suck and lightly bite her as I slowly unzipped her dress during our embrace. I could feel her entire body quiver at my touch and it was electrifying. As the zipper finally stopped I backed up a moment to take it all in, she slowly and seductively let the dress drop to the floor leaving her in nothing but her black lace bra and panties. She was more amazing then I had ever imagined. With the crook of her finger she beckoned me over seductively, a coy and crooked smile on her lips. This was a woman in heat, a tigress looking at her prey and knowing this would fun.

As I got closer she reached back and unlatched her Bra and held it in place as she took it off. With only her hand holding it in place I stood before her as she let it drop to the hardwood floor below. Her amazing breasts finally free from there prison bounced lightly as she sucked in her breath. Her erect nipples gave away her excitement as we re-embraced passionately. I laid her down on the edge of my bed and I then proceeded to suck and nibble my way down her neck to first the left breast and then the right. As my tongue hit her left nipple for the first time her body shook slightly with pleasure. I continued to suckle both and then worked my way down to her navel. As I circled it with my tongue she giggled lightly, I then continued down her body to her legs. I kissed down her legs and then to her feet. As I kissed her feet lightly she squealed with delight, no one had ever worshiped her entire body like this before. I then began to work my way back up her legs and onto her inner thighs. As her legs parted I placed each one around my neck and continued my assault on her inner thighs until I couldn’t wait any longer and began to kiss the crotch of her now soaked panties. I could tell by the tremble of her body that she couldn’t wait any longer; I pulled her panties off and began to work my tongue all along her pussy. I sucked and tongued her pussy like a thirsty man at a water hole, latching onto her clit and sucking as I slowly began to insert my finger into her pussy. She was so tight and hot, she began to moan loudly as I worked another finger into her pussy while still sucking on her clit. Her legs kept pulling me in tighter and tighter, I could tell this was sending her over the moon.

As her body buckled with her first orgasm she let out a scream of delight. I kept going and as she recovered she slowly pushed me back as she sat up on the edge of the bed. The firelight cast across her body and the sweat on her skin glistened like a thousand tiny diamonds. I could see the fire reflecting in her eyes and the hunger for more, she reach to my chest and ripped open my button-up dress shirt with one swift move. I could tell the tigress had taken over and I the prey had been caught. As we stood up she kissed me with such passion and then bit my lip as she worked open my belt and pants. With the slight iron taste of blood in her mouth she fell to her knees and pulled down my boxers. As my cock sprang out she grasped it with her left hand and stroked it lightly. She looked up at me and as our eyes connected she slowly took my cock into her mouth never breaking eye contact. It was one the most erotic moments of my life and as she continued with the most amazing blowjob I had ever experienced I began to feel my inner animal starting to stir. She continued until I couldn’t take it any longer, I pulled her up to me and then turned her around and forced her to all fours on the edge of the bed. The crackle of the logs on the fireplace in background gave accent to the animalistic side that now reared inside me.

 She was my tigress and I was to be her tiger, I slowly placed my left foot on the bed next to her and then entered her cunt for the first time. I then began to thrust in and out of her with such a force; she buried her face into the sheets and screamed in pleasure. Through her next orgasm we continued and then we changed position I sat on the edge of the bed and she sat down facing me, wrapping her legs around my waist. I placed my hands around her waist and we began to grind together, again my tigress came out and she began to scratch and claw my back in pleasure. I could tell she was coming in on her third orgasm and I was closing in on my own. As she arched back and let out another scream I also roared in pleasure as we achieved orgasm together, I could feel my cum filling her up and mixing with her own. We both fell back on the bed panting and sweaty, the air around us chilly on our flush skin.

We lay there exhausted in our embrace trying to catch our breaths. We cuddled up and got under the covers as the fire began to die down in the background. As we spooned together we both drifted off to sleep, neither being able to remember when we both felt so secure and loved as we did now. The next morning and the rest of that day we spent both in and out of the bed pleasuring each other in attempts to make up for the twenty plus years we missed out on. Even though destiny led us down different paths at first we were happy to be together now and just lived in the moment.


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