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Bully Boy – Dirty Sex Tales

Greetings – Some months ago I saw in an Agony Aunts’ site on the computer the letter which was written “I am a 16-year-old boy and I am being bullied – What can I do?”

Since I am not a member of the organisation that published this, I could not respond even if I wanted. I pondered for a while and remembered occasions, but depending on conditions.

If you include being forced to do something against one’s desires I remember an instance when I attended a convent School from age 4 to 6. – Sister Rose, who looked after the cloakroom was very gentle and kind. Sister Superior Janet was a bitch of a nun.

At lunch, one day there were broad beans as a vegetable – I did not care for them and neither did most of the other boys and girls. S. S. Janet lectured us on not to waste food, at a time of rationing and ordered us to eat them.

I did and immediately vomitted them over the plate – Mother was called and she took me to a cafe on the way home.

I am not a Roman Catholic and was sent to junior and senior Public Schools (in England private fee-paying schools are called Public as against state schools)

I attended Sherborne – the school was founded in 705 by St Aldhelm. – King Edmund 2 was a pupil.

It was re-founded in 1550, by King William 111 (William of Orange) as a Church of England School. – With the motto “Dieu et Mon Droit”

I was in Elmdene, at the time so I must have been 13 years old. I was putting my bicycle in the rack outside the door when a boy started to kick the spokes of my front wheel. I told him to stop – he did – but started to kick me instead. – I thumped him in the face and blood streamed from his nose – the odd thing is that we became friendly afterwards,

The other occurrence was a few weeks later. The boys were doing prep (preparation work – homework for state schools)

I was at a table writing an essay when a boy grabbed me by the lapels and dragged me away from the table and started beating me up – we exchanged many blows until I had the opportunity to knee him in the balls. He screamed and continued screaming while I straightened my clothes and resumed my essay. Moments later a senior boy approached me and said “I saw Hyde, a notorious bully drag you out and thought he is at it again – I heard the screaming and thought he’d done it again but I saw you a quiet and peaceful boy resuming your prep I realised you must have done it to him – CONGRATULATIONS,

A couple of years later when we were all going to bed – the boy from the next bed flicked me in the face with a towel – catching my eye, which started to water – so I grabbed him and we were wrestling when the housemaster Dr. Arthur Gourley walked in. – He grabbed me and took me down to his study and pulled a cane from the recess behind the cushions of his sofa and gave me four strokes of the cane “For Fighting” – what bothered me most was the thought that he might believe the eye-watering was me crying because of the cane.

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