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Casualty – Dirty Sex Tales

16 year old Steve was standing by the hospital trolley in the casualty department of the local hospital looking at his next door neighbour’s daughter who was a couple of years younger than him, July had fallen from her bike and because her parents was out Steve had travelled with July in the ambulance to the hospital where July was now laying in a room very dazed.. July’s 16 year old sister Mary turned up, Steve saw Mary speaking to the nurse then the nurse gave July a gown hospital gown, July came into the room where Steve and July was, Mary smiled at Steve said ” thanks for helping, I got to put her in a gown can you help, Steve told Mary he would, Mary pulled the blind on the door down then removed July’s shoes and socks. pulled July up straight  told Steve to hold her which he did, Mary pulled July’s jumper up told Steve to hold July mid waist which he did, Mary pulled July’s jumper off threw it on a chair unclipped July’s bra and pulled it free of her body, before telling Steve to lower July on to the bed which he did having a good look at July’s naked boobs, Mary undid July’s jeans and along with her panties pulled them down and off, Steve looked in awe at the naked July admiring her boobs and smooth slit, Mary surprised Steve by saying ” July has moaned a few times about you perving after her now you can see the bitch naked and judging by that bulge in your joggers you are loving it” Steve looked at Steve said hold her up while I put the gown on the fucking bitch” Steve held July’s shoulders pulled her forward after putting the gown on Mary said come on lets go have a ciggy and went out, Steve followed her to the empty rose garden where Mary said ” lets have a look at what is causing that bulge”  Steve looked at Mary and said ” what” Mary told him get your cock out let me see it” Steve lowered front of his joggers, Mary looked at Steve’s thick hairy 8 inch erection and said ” fucking hell that is a nice cock” stood up pulled her skirt up lowered her panties stepped out of them saying ” come on fuck me” Steve moved forward lowered Mary to the bench and pushed his dick up the moist love tube of a very willing Mary thrusting in as deep as he could before starting to push in and out getting harder and pushing in deep with each thrust Mary was soon moaning and groaning with pleasure and after a few minutes climaxed Steve thrust in a couple of more times before pulling out, they both adjusted their clothes then Mary said to Steve ” I have thought about getting fucked by you for ages” Steve smiled Mary said let’s get back to bitch on the way Mary told Steve her parents were away and that bitch would be kept in hospital over night at least so he could spend the night at her house. Back in July’s room the doctor was just leaving and told July that a porter would be taking July up to the ward in about half a hour being going away, Mary closed the door leant on it said to Steve ” go on have a good play with the bitch’s body, soon Steve was sucking July’s boobs as he fingered her love tube. A few hours later Steve was pounding into a naked Mary for the 3rd time after gushing Mary looked at Steve said ” you are a fucking stud don’t you ever cum” Steve smiled started pinching Mary’s nipples thinking of the old Chinese man who had given him a potion telling him it would delay his ejaculation for a few hours.

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