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Loosers – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy who was 16 years of age and a loud mouthed trouble making teen with a drink problem was staggering home from a party on her own. She had already passed the Bengali lady and shoulder barged her out of the way causing the woman to fall to the ground landing in a puddle at which Cindy had laughed out loudly at. Cindy got to the park and started to go through when the son of the  Bengali lady who Cindy had shoulder barged appeared, he knew Cindy was in her class at school and was the same age as her. as Cindy passed him Abdul barged her knocking her to the ground, Cindy got up called Abdul a few choice names, Abdul shoulder barged Cindy again and again Cindy fell to the ground this time falling flat on her front, Cindy dragged herself to her hands and knees as she did Abdul saw the top of her bum over her jeans and smiled, Cindy got up looked at Abdul and called him a paki bastard, Abdul smiled and told Cindy he was Bengali not Pakistani and slapped her hard round the face, Cindy staggered backwards after regaining her balance Cindy charged at Abdul who side stepped the charge sticking his foot out as he did tripping Cindy as she went past him, Cindy ended up laying on her front again as she started to get up Abdul pushed her flat again using his foot when Cindy got up she said ” what the fuck I done to you” Abdul slapped her again telling her she had barged  his mum, Cindy staggered back wards,  Cindy said ” I am sorry” Abdul slapped her again telling her she would be and told her to get her jumper off, Cindy looked at Abdul said ” what I cant I aint wearing anything underneath, Abdul smiled said good I will see those tits of yours and know if they real or just padding then slapped her twice, Cindy fell back wards but did not fall, Cindy knew she was beat and as Abdul raised his hand again Cindy said ” OK  I will take it off ” and took her jumper off, Abdul looked at Cindy’s naked boobs and said ” wow they are fucking real and they are beauties now get your jeans off your walking home naked” Cindy looked at Abdul and when he raised his hand said ” ok” and unclipped her jeans lowered her zip and took her jeans off and stood naked, Abdul looked at her shaved slit and felt his dick get harder said to Cindy ever sucked a Bengali boy cock and drank his spunk down, Cindy told him no, Abdul unzipped his jeans and pulled his erection out, Cindy looked at the 8 inch Bengali erection said ” you want me to suck your cock and swallow the spunk” Abdul nodded, Cindy said ” I thought you Bengali boys liked fucking a white girl up her bum” Abdul saw that Cindy now had erect nipples he said to her which do you want you want it down your throat or straight up your bum, Cindy replied saying ” your the boss sir” Abdul smiled said ” I think I am going to fuck your bum” Cindy said ” yes sir” and got on her hands and knees, Abdul moved behind knelt rubbed his dick over Cindy’s bum cheeks then slid it right up inside her bum, Cindy moaned as Abdul started thrusting in and out  then stopped and was surprised when Cindy said ” please keep fucking my bum sir” Abdul reached under Cindy and cupped her boobs then squeezed her nipples carried on humping her bum as he did he then brought his hands round started slapping Cindy’s bum as he did, Cindy was moaning loudly Abdul squirted his cum up Cindy’s bum and after a minute pulled out. stood looking down at Cindy who rolled onto her back and started to finger herself Abdul watched and smiled when Cindy arched her back and gushed, a few minutes later Cindy stood, looking at Abdul who told her to dress as he walked off Abdul gave Cindy his phone number. Next day at school Abdul got a text message from Cindy saying ” meet me at the old gym please sir” Abdul went and found Cindy standing naked and to his surprise her best mate Amy was also there naked. Soon he was ramming into Amy’s bum after taking a couple of Viagra.

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