Caught 3 – Dirty Sex Tales

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Sixteen year old Dawn had been member of a well feared violent street gang, her boyfriend Steve was the leader and she had been well protected nobody messed with her for fear of getting beaten up by gang members, then the police raided the gang hut arresting lots of gang members, the police had been ruthless and before bringing the gang members out of the hut they were stripped naked, Dawn had watched from a building opposite and saw the boys slowly taken through the crowd of Bengali girls to the vans, the girls were all groping the boys, by the time the boys were at the van the all had erections Steve had been the last boy to be brought out and like his mates Steve got an erection Dawn could do nothing to help him and saw Bengali girls jerking his dick and saw one girl make him cum which got a very loud cheer from the watching crowd, the girls were also brought out naked and groped by the Bengali boys. Dawn knew that if she got caught by the police she would end up like the rest of the gang and went into hiding, The gang were all sentenced to long custody sentences, Dawn was now scared and alone and decided to go to Birmingham where she knew she would be safe, Dawn contacted a guy she knew who fixed things and soon Dawn was on the canal waiting for a barge that would take her to Birmingham, when the barge arrived Dawn was hidden out of sight, after a day the barge stopped and the bloke steering told Dawn that somebody else would be taking over and left, Dawn then saw a boy she knew from school called Asif he took over the boat and after a few hours the barge was moored up well out in the country side where it was deserted. It was hot and Dawn was wearing just a tee shirt and shorts, Dawn heard a splash looked out and saw Asif swimming and when he climbed out onto the bank Dawn saw he was naked and when he turned and faced the boat Dawn saw he had a full eight inch erection, Asif dived into the canal and swam back to the boat and went into the main part of the barge still naked and still with an erection, Dawn looked at Asif and said ” you never were shy were you” Asif smiled and said ” why don’t you get your shorts down, Dawn said go have a wank I am not interested in that thing, Asif glared at Dawn and said ” get your fucking shorts down I am going to fuck you” Dawn gave the two finger salute and said dream on” then reeled backwards as Asif slapped her hard round the face and lay dazed, Asif grabbed the top of Dawn’s shorts and pulled them down and off, Dawn started to regain her senses and sat up only for Asif to slap her again, Dawn fell back then felt her flimsy tee shirt getting ripped off, Asif looked at the now naked Dawn and said ” nice tits” and started to massage Dawns large boobs, Dawn tried to stop him but got slapped again after a minute Dawn cried out as she felt Asif’s dick slide into her love tube and start to thrust in and out and after five minutes felt Asif cum, A few minutes later Asif was sat looking at Dawn and said to her ” you are not going to be looked after your going to be earning us plenty of lovely money” then thumped Dawn knocking her out, when Dawn came to she found that she was tied spread eagled to the bed and could feel the movement of the boat and hear the chugging of the engines, Dawn tried to get free but could not she lay there naked and over three days Asif helped himself to her love tube when ever he wanted it, then Dawn heard lots of voices, Asif appeared and said we have only just got to Birmingham and there is already a nice queue each paying twenty pound to fuck you, Dawn could see a gang of Bengali men teen boys and some young ones and wished she had stayed with the gang and had been caught by the police.

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