The Farm Visit And After

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The farm stood five miles out side of the nearest town and had been owned by the same family for many years and was often visited by schools some attending more than once and always having a very good time, Cindy was sixteen years old and daughter of the farmer her dad was away on a business trip for a week and she had been left to run the farm her two mates Karen and Sharon who were in her class at school had agreed to give her a hand. Sharon’s mum was an emergency carer and on the night before Sharon was going to give Cindy a hand her mum was given Colin who was four years younger than Sharon was to look after, Sharon took Colin with her to the farm arriving at the farm at five thirty in the morning as she walked into the farm yard she saw Cindy through the window and saw that she was topless and called Colin over saying to him look you can see her tits, Colin looked and said ” fucking hell they are nice” Sharon said to Colin ” Do net tell her you have seen them” Colin said he wood not and watched as Cindy put a jumper on, when Karen turned up the gang set to work finishing late in the afternoon, Cindy looked at Colin and when Sharon said to her ” it is ok we will shower when we get home” and started to walk away with Colin and just outside the gates of the farm Sharon asked Colin if he had seeing Cindy’s boobs earlier, Colin smiled and said ” yeah they were nice tits” Sharon smiled and said to Colin ” do you want to see Cindy and Karen completely naked and see their tits bum and cunts” Colin smiled and said ” you bet I do” Sharon pointed to a building and said ” that is the shower unit if you go over to it there is a gap in the brickwork mid way up you should see them” Colin looked at Sharon who said ” go on ” Colin climbed over the fence and made his way over to the building and soon found the gap and looked through it and smiled when he saw Cindy stood under the shower facing the wall with Karen with her back to it, Colin smiled at the sight of Cindy’s boobs and love tube as well as Karen’s bum and when Karen turned he looked at her boobs and love tube thinking two naked live sixteen year old girls what a sight better than a porn magazine, Colin watched and after twenty minutes Karen had dried and left leaving Cindy under the shower as Colin watched her Cindy started to rub her love tube and Colin noticed that her nipples were erect and when Cindy slid fingers inside her love tube and started to masturbate Colin thought very cool and watched and after ten minutes saw Cindy’s knees bend and saw her gush and after Cindy had dressed Colin went back to Sharon and told her what he had seen Sharon smiled and the pair headed home with Colin smiling, once home Sharon’s mum was just going out as she went she told Sharon that she had been called into work and would not be home till the morning, Sharon went in the house and upstairs to her room and saw Colin on the landing wearing just a towel and asked him where he was going and when Colin told her to the bath, Sharon said ” not if I get there first” and pulled her jumper over her head and off as she did her naked boobs fell free, Colin stared at Sharon’s boobs and watched her undo her jeans and take them and her panties off Colin looked at her love tube and as she moved towards him ran to the bathroom getting there at the same time as Sharon did but got in the bathroom first dropped his towel and climbed in the bath, Sharon stood looking at Colin who was admiring her love tube and boobs, Sharon said I am not waiting and lifted one leg over the edge of the bath as she did Colin looked at her open love tube, Sharon got into the bath and sat down as she did Colin felt her foot brush against his dick, Sharon said to him “you got a hard on” Colin smiled and when Sharon told him to stand Colin did, Sharon looked at Colin’s five inch solid dick and said ” you dirty sod” Colin laughed and said ” your fault” Sharon reached out and held Colin’s dick then started to jerk him stopping after a minute, Colin saw Sharon’s erect nipples reached out and started rubbing them after a minute Sharon stopped him then got out of the bath and went to her room and after a minute Colin appeared at the doorway, Sharon said ” what do you want” Colin went to Sharon who was sat on her bed put his hands on her shoulders and said ” you” and pushed her flat on her back then sat astride her legs and started rubbing her boobs and after a couple of minutes stopped bent forward and started sucking her nipples, after a couple of minutes Sharon pushed Colin off her and after pulling him right onto the bed bent forward and started to suck his dick, after five minutes Sharon felt Colin cum dry and after a minute sat up straight, after five minutes Colin was in his room not believing what had happened but was glad it had, the following day Colin was told his mum would be hospital at least a week that afternoon Cindy appeared at the house and said to Colin ” you watched me in the shower saw me naked, Colin did not say anything just noticed the pokies in her tee shirt, Cindy pushed Colin onto the sofa then pulled his trousers down knelt and started to suck his dick and after he had dry cum stood up and said ” you ever spy on me again and I will punish you the same way again” and left that night when he went to her room Sharon was naked Colin smiled at her went to her and started to rub her love tube and suck her nipples before inserting his fingers into her moist love tube and started to masturbate her and after ten minutes felt her cum, Twenty minutes later Cindy arrived as she sat on the sofa waiting for Sharon went up to her and pulled her tee shirt up and started to suck her nipples and after a few minutes stood undid her jeans and along with her panties pulled them down and started rubbing her love tube while sucking her nipples then inserted his fingers into her love tube and started to masturbate her and smiled when he felt her cum then stood up and said ” you suck my cock again and I will punish you like that again and left. A hour later he was sat groaning as Sharon sucked his dick while he fingered Cindy after he had cum Sharon said ” he fired spunk” Cindy said ” I will find out later” the two girls told Colin not to say anything to Karen as she did not know. The following morning Colin was told by the social worker that he would have to stay another two weeks, Colin sat in his room later thinking I got to put up with two sixteen year old girls who are four years older than me playing with my cock but I do not care take you time getting better mum I will be all right and smiled when he heard Cindy and Sharon down stairs.

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