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Close Encounters of the Hot Kind 4

This is the follow-up to Close Encounters 3

During the week that followed Sherry’s multiple rapes by her black cleaning crew, we had great sex every day. This was different than before I had gotten the guys involved with her. Once a week or every 2 weeks was about it. And, it was pretty routine. Don’t get me wrong, we had very satisfying sex, but the lust wasn’t there like it was 3 years ago when we got married. Now, with this new fantasy I introduced, the lust was back. Of course, she didn’t know the guys were involved at all. She thought that what went on was just her and me. She had no idea she had been raped and abused by her employees. But, she told me she was uncomfortable most of the time and that she didn’t want to do that anymore. Of course, I told her we’d figure something else out. Or, I’d figure something else out! To me, the hottest sex experiences I could imagine were those involving other guys, with her, without her knowledge or consent. It was even hotter with people who she despised because of her racism; people who knew her, who despised her, and to whom she would never even expose herself in a bathing suit, let alone be naked! Just thinking about the possibilities; just fantasizing about doing it. These activities kept me hard and always wanting her. Sherry was amazed by my renewed libido, and it boosted hers as a result. Our sex life was great as long as I was thinking and planning.

Rape of my wife was now even hotter to me than just voyeurism. But it was arranging and watching that was the most exciting at that this point. During one of our fucking sessions I asked her (I knew the answers to my questions before I asked, but I wanted her answers etched in my head) if she would ever sexually tease a stranger by showing him private parts of her body. I asked if she would ever undress in front of a stranger. I asked if she would let a stranger touch her sexually. And I asked if she ever had fantasies of any of those things. She said absolutely no to all. I asked her if she would let a male professional masseur give her a massage, and she said possibly, if he was a licensed professional. I loved the fact that she was adamant about no one else getting near her. The planning of rape and humiliation was a real rush! Depending on how things went with Carl and the guys while she was drugged, I was considering having someone come over posing as a professional masseur, even though he wasn’t. I got that idea from a newspaper article I read about a guy who was busted for doing that very thing.

I knew I couldn’t set up another bathroom rape. She already told me she was uncomfortable. I was trying to figure out how I could let her employees take her without her knowledge. And then I remembered the pills Carl had given me. Sherry never takes meds, which is why the xanax had such a profound effect on her, even just 2 pills. The pills Carl gave me were sleeping pills. I went online and read about them. They were strong. The manufacturer suggested starting at half a pill a night for someone who never took sleeping meds. My plan started to form. I could let Carl and his crew come some night after she was asleep with the pills in her system and rape her to their cock’s content. I had to plan this well. I couldn’t risk her waking up. And, if it worked out, I could continue it with other men. I had to think about a number of things: 1) how many pills to use? 2) How to administer them? 3) How to determine when it was OK for the guys to come over? 4) Were restraints and blindfold necessary in case she awoke? 5) How quiet did we need to be so she didn’t hear strangers, even though she’d be asleep? 6) How long did we have before she started to emerge from the deepest sleep needed to get this done? 7) I know Dre and Darryl would want to torture her sexually. Could this be done under the deep sleep she’d be in, without awakening her? 8) Could they do her anally, because she never allowed me to fuck her ass. There was a lot to consider to keep this a viable fantasy, and to keep my marriage intact. I decided to take my time planning it, so when the guys came to work on Monday, I’d discuss it with Carl, but there wouldn’t be any sex stuff with Sherry that day. Sherry and I owned a business, and I told her she’d need to go in early because I had to do a few things out of the office. By the time Carl got to the house, she was about to leave. She briefly greeted them and left. I told them she had to go to the office early but that they could feel free to go through the hamper or her drawers and enjoy themselves with her panties. Carl had them get to work, and I told Carl I wanted to talk to him.

We sat down and I told him that I was planning to use his pills on her. I told him I’d slip her just one that night to see what effect it had. If it looked promising I’d arrange to give her enough on another night to completely knock her out. Then I’d call him to come over with his men so they could molest her while she slept. He was very excited by the idea. He asked what the limits were. I said maybe we should get Dre and Darryl for this part of the discussion. So he called them in and brought them up to speed on the general plan. They were beyond excited. Carl again asked about limits. I told them I wanted to tie her down and blindfold her so she couldn’t know who it was if she woke up. I said only her arms would be restrained so her legs could be positioned any way they pleased. I said they could do anything they wanted as long as it didn’t leave marks, draw blood, or cause any kind of damage. Darryl’s eyes were sparkling as an evil sneer crossed his face. What I didn’t know, though I should have after our last encounter, was that Darryl’s main interest was torture. He had been raping and torturing women for some time and had served time in prison for it. He had always done it while they were awake. I found this out during the ensuing week when I did some research on the guys. Darryl had one aggravated rape conviction, with the aggravating factor being torture. He had been charged with it 4 times prior to that, but was not convicted in those cases. On one hand this worried me. But on the other, it beyond excited me. Since 3 other guys, including me, would be there, I didn’t think that Sherry would be in any danger. Carl and the guys said they were definitely in. Darryl said he’d bring the restraints (big surprise there!). I told them to think hard about how they were going to molest and abuse her. I said we’d aim for the following Saturday night.

That night I crushed a pill and mixed it into the frozen yogurt she liked to eat before bed, usually while we were laying in bed watching TV. I’d always scoop it out and bring it to her. So, that night I brought her a spiked bowl. She ate it slowly as she watched her 10:00 program. Then I took the empty bowl and just laid next to her, timing how long it would take to kick in. It took 20 minutes for her eyes to close. Normally she could stay up with no problem watching TV until 11:30. She never missed her favorite comedy show, but that night she did. I waited until 10:45, and then I touched her shoulder; no response. She was wearing a short, tight nightgown, pink in color, and laying on her back with her head propped on the pillows so she could watch TV. The nightgown was some satiny fabric. I touched her mouth, her lips. No movement. Her tits were nicely encased by the nightgown, and her nipples were making a hell of a statement. I touched them. I squeezed them. No movement. I looked down at her pussy area and saw the texture of her pubic hair showing through the nightgown. I put my hand on her right thigh and slowly moved up until I had contact with her labia. No movement. I began to massage her labia, then moved to separate them. No movement. I played with her clit and inserted a finger in her dry vagina. I pushed. Movement, but no awakening. I took my finger out and began to massage her anus. She groaned and turned on her side facing me. Damn. I got out of bed and went around to her side. Her nightgown was still covering her ass. I pulled it up. No movement. Beautiful ass, so nice and white and firm. Her pussy lips and pubic hair were showing. I spread her ass cheeks. No movement. Her asshole did have some fine hair around it. I touched that tight, pink treasure. Movement.

OK, so one pill is certainly not enough. I laid next to her and jerked off thinking about what was to cum. I reached over and played with her hard nipples and then fingered her cunt. It was dry, so I wet my finger and finger fucked her. She never moved or changed her breathing. I’ve read stories where a sleeping or drugged girl who is being touched sexually gets wet in her sleep and breathes heavy. They’re mostly bullshit. Probably the author’s own wish. I can tell you from first hand experience that there is NO reaction if the girl is truly unconscious. Well, I had a great orgasm even if Sherry didn’t. I decided that I was going to give her a strong dose of the pills on Saturday night. I was sure she’d stay unconscious through anything and everything.

The week went by slowly, but we had some great sex. I was fantasizing about the weekend and the previous encounters with Carl’s crew. In the meantime, Darryl had emailed me pictures and videos he had taken during their last encounter with Sherry. He had gotten my email from Carl, who used it for billing/statement purposes. I couldn’t believe how hot they were. The closeups, the sounds, Sherry’s moans, grunts, and screams as she was unknowingly molested by her employees. I jerked off to these as soon as I got them, then hid them in an “invisible” folder on our computer. Wow!! I could imagine the fun he was having with them. So hot! And then came the pictures of his equipment. Blindfolds. Arm and leg restraints. And tools that I had no idea what they’d be used for in a situation like we were setting up. Different kinds of pliers, tools that looked like screw drivers but with blunt ends, what looked like small brushes, a Dremel tool with different attachments, some black tubing with one rounded and sealed end (the tubing looked smooth except at the rounded end where it looked abrasive). There were some hemostats of different sizes. Dildoes of various sizes. Candles. Different kinds and sizes of clamps and clips including some with teeth. There were some things that looked like coiled wires, and a small black box that had a wire with a plug on it, terminals, and a couple of switches and a dial. This stuff looked like the equipment of a pro. I knew I was going to have to drug Sherry with a heavy dose if she was going to be subjected to some or all of those things.

And then it was Saturday night. I didn’t want to do anything sexual to Sherry before the guys arrived. I wanted her virginal. I had crushed 8 pills into a powder and mixed it into a bowl of her frozen yogurt, then put it back in the freezer. We went out to dinner. I asked her to dress herself to look sexy in a dress or skirt with hot underwear. I told her to surprise me. She came out wearing a slinky red dress which showed her gorgeous figure and legs. I started getting hard just looking at her. We had a great dinner and came home to watch a movie on TV. We didn’t have dessert with dinner because she only liked her frozen yogurt.

Normally she’d get undressed and ready for bed before getting in bed to watch TV. That night I told her to stay dressed. When she asked why, I told her that maybe later I’d want to undress her. She smiled. She asked for her yogurt. I was more than happy to comply. Of course my real reason was to let the guys see her dressed so sexy and enjoy stripping her.

She slowly ate her frozen yogurt. She only wants one scoop per night. There were 8 pills in that scoop. They would be absorbed into her system quickly. She gave me the empty bowl and I took it to the kitchen. I called Carl. I told him to head over, text me on arrival, and wait in his car in my driveway for my text. The door would be unlocked. He texted he’d arrive in about 40 minutes.

Sure enough, in 20 minutes, though struggling to keep her eyes open, Sherry was out. I didn’t move or touch her. I wanted to make sure she descended into a very deep sleep. After another 25 minutes I got a text from Carl saying he had arrived.

Sherry hadn’t moved. Her breathing was regular. She was laying on the bed in her sexy red dress, her head on her pillow, her legs crossed at the ankles with no shoes on. Her hands were behind her head. The dress was tight on the upper body, showing her beautiful b-cup tits. But below the waist the dress was loose and slinky. It was a satiny material. I lifted her dress to see what panties she was wearing. They were a silky red thong. Wow!! So hot!! I touched her thighs. No reaction. Her pussy mound. Nothing. Then I moved to her tits. I touched each one with no movement. I texted Carl to come in. A minute later I heard the door open and close. Low voices. Footsteps on the stairs. And in they came.

FOUR guys, not three. I didn’t recognize the fourth. They greeted me. Darryl introduced the fourth guy as Trevor. He told me Trevor was his partner in his various sexual activities. Carl said he didn’t think I’d mind. Thanks for asking, Carl. Trevor was black, and he was big. He was about 6’5. About 250. Like a linebacker. All muscle. Mean looking. He nodded to me. Then he looked at the bed and an involuntary grunt escaped him. They all looked then. The leers were all over. Darryl had a back pack, which he laid on the dresser.

I put music on and turned the TV off. I told them to try to keep the talking to a minimum and soft when they did. I didn’t know how sound would alter her sedation. I told them to be careful with her clothes. I reiterated that there were to be no marks or blood. And no bodily damage. I asked if anyone had an STD. I meant Trevor. They all said no. I told them that bareback was OK. But I also told them no cumming above the neck. I didn’t want her to choke, and I didn’t want cum on her face or in her hair. I was OK with putting a cock in her mouth, but she needed to breathe, so not deep. And I said that they’d be doing it at their own risk. For all I knew she could involuntarily bite down and that would be bad for the mouth fucker!

Darryl then went to his backpack with Trevor. They began to unpack. They laid things in their own order. Dre and Carl looked on with interest. All the things that Darryl had sent me pictures of were there. The Dremel had maybe 10 attachments including sanders and grinders of different shapes, and brushes. The box with wires and dials came out. The clamps. The thin hoses. A candle. A lighter. Pliers of different types. A set of long, very thin needles. A few dildos of different sizes and shapes. A hammer. A small hairdryer. A very small vacuum device with some attachments. Two bottles of clear liquid. Then he took out a video camera and tripod. He set it up at one corner of the foot of the bed. And started it. He scanned her head to toe. Then it was time to start. It looked like Darryl was going to run the show. I asked him about the needles and reminded him that there was tone no marks or blood. He told me they were acupuncture needles; there would be no marks or blood.

Darryl pulled some restraints out if his backpack. They were leather. He and Trevor each put one on each wrist. A rope attached to each leather restraint. They each took their rope end and tied it to the leg of the heavy night table on each side of the bed. Her arms were now stretched above her head.

Darryl got next to her right side near her face while Trevor took the left. Carl got on the bed near her legs on her right, Dre got on next to her legs on her left.

Darryl started smelling and pulling on her hair. Trevor started putting his fingers in her ear and her nose. Then Darryl opened her mouth and both he and Trevor put fingers in and pulled on her tongue. Darryl covered her mouth with his and kissed her hard, sticking his tongue in. Then Trevor did it. They opened her eyelids. It was a blank stare. Her eyes closed. Carl and Dre were feeling her thighs and watching the 2 others.

Now each started feeling a tit. They started softly and got rougher. They squeezed. They pinched. No reaction. They looked down to Carl’s area. His and Dre’s hands were under her dress. I had no idea what they were doing. But Sherry was not moving.

Now they all lifted the hem of her dress. There were her gorgeous thighs, tight together because her ankles were crossed. We all stared at her sexy black panties thinking about what they covered. Carl bent over and sniffed at her crotch and smiled. He told everyone it smelled like fresh, white cunt. The other guys did the same. Then they each took a turn rubbing her pussy mound. Trevor had never seen her before; he was practically drooling.

It was time to lose the dress. Darryl and Trevor released her wrists from the restraints and rolled her on her left side. Since Darryl was on her right, he unzipped the dress. Then he unhooked her bra. They returned her to her back. They pulled the dress up and over her head. There she lay in just her black lace bra and black thong panties. She was SO hot. Trevor wasted no time in ripping the bra from her body. Then they re-secured her wrists. We all gaped at her beautiful B-cup tits with those amazing nickel sized nipples. They were a very light brown color. They weren’t erect. Everyone reached for her tits at the same time. They were squeezing, pulling, pinching; just about everything you could do to tits they were doing. No reaction from Sherry. But her nipples were getting hard from the excessive roughness, plus being exposed to the cool air with no cover, something she wasn’t used to. They discussed their next step in soft tones. They decided to take her panties off to make her completely naked for the camera, but they would concentrate their initial to attack on her breasts.

Dre pulled her panties slowly down, exposing her incredible brown bush as he did. He had to pull hard because the thong was stuck in her ass crack, which she was laying on. But loose it came, and down her legs and off they came. They each examined her panties, which had a whitish stain from her pussy. The stain was slightly moist from the panties being on her all night. Everyone breathed in her musky scent. Carl said he was keeping them and put them in his pocket.

Everyone got out of the way so the camera could get the hot view of their bitch, racist employer laying naked at their mercy. Everyone including me took out their phones and took pictures of her. I knew she would be utterly humiliated and furious at me if she knew.

Carl said they should all strip. They got completely naked. They all had big cocks, but Trevor’s had to be over 10 inches.

They were ready to assault her tits. Carl wanted to have them first. He straddled her with one knee on the bed on each side of her at hip level. His cock rested on her belly. He massaged both tits with both hands. Then he began licking them all over. Next he began sucking her left nipple. Then the right one. Her nipples responded by hardening very quickly. He spent a few minutes on them.

Then it was Dre’s turn. He rubbed his face all over them. He had a rough beard stubble, and I could see he was irritating her nipples as he kept moving his face over them. Then he sucked on each nipple and finally he straddled her chest, put his cock between her firm tits, grabbed each one, pressed them together around his cock, and dry-fucked them! He only did it for about 30 seconds, though, because he didn’t want to cum yet.

Now it was Darryl and Trevor’s turn; they were doing everything as a team. Darryl was on her right, and the big guy was on the left. They each grabbed a nipple between thumb and index finger. They began to pinch hard as they rolled them. The small nipples were hard, and there was no reaction from Sherry. And everyone, including me, was hard.

They got out of bed and went to the dresser to look at their tools. Darryl got the Dremel while Trevor got a couple of small hemostats. Along with the Dremel Darryl brought a few attachments. They got back in position. I knew that whatever they did it was going to be painful and would test Sherry’s sedation. Trevor opened one small hemostat, stretched her left nipple upwards, and slowly clicked the hemostat tips closed on one small part of the very tip of her nipple. Her head moved a bit. Then he took the other hemostat and did the same thing to another part of her nipple tip. Now he held a hemostat in each hand and pulled them upwards, stretching her nipple to a length that would be excruciating to her if conscious. She began to squirm a little and tried to move her arm to ward off the attack but couldn’t. Then he began to twist the hemostats and Sherry moaned. Now he relaxed his pull but left the hemostats on. The guys were all enjoying the show and rubbing themselves.

Darryl plugged the Dremel in next to the bed. The attachment he chose was a fine grinder. He installed it and turned it on. He had Trevor hold his hemostats apart, spreading the nipple tip. He softly applied the grinder to her unprotected nipple. He then began to increase pressure. The nipple started to redden, and Sherry began to pull at her restraints, but very slightly. She started groaning, and her breathing picked up. He moved the grinder all around the nipple tip and onto her areola. He was pressing hard now and the nipple was getting inflamed. Then he stopped. Trevor took the hemostats off. The nipple was red and swollen. Darryl got out of bed again and went to the dresser, retrieving some acupuncture needles. Trevor squeezed her left tit so that the swollen nipple was firm and steady. Darryl took a needle and pushed it into the nipple tip, going from one side and out the other. Sherry’s head went back into the pillow and her legs kicked out. Grunts came from her mouth. Now Darryl put another needle in. Then he put one through her areola. She moaned and twisted, to no avail. Trevor pulled on the needles at each end and twisted them. Sherry grunted helplessly.

Darryl left the needles in her left nipple and eyed her right one. He lowered his head until his mouth was just over the nipple, which wasn’t erect. He bared his teeth, grabbed the nipple with his incisors, and bit down. Sherry arched her back and made a feeble attempt to twist away but, of course, couldn’t. He began to stretch the bitten nipple upwards. Slight yelps came from Sherry’s throat. He let the nipple snap back. Now it was hard. He took the Dremel and attached something that looked like a sander with fine grain. Trevor held her tit firmly so the nipple looked like it would explode. Darryl turned on the Dremel and began to sand Sherry’s nipple. He started on the areola and then focused on the sensitive tip. It became more erect. The entire nipple was reddening with the inflammation, and Sherry was writhing. She was kicking her legs, but not with much effort. She was whimpering. Dre and Carl held her legs down. After sanding her nipple for about 2 minutes, Darryl stopped the Dremel and changed attachments, putting on a small brush with very stiff bristles; it reminded me of a dental brush. He turned it on and applied it to the nipple the same way he had sanded, but these bristles seemed rougher. He pressed firmly against the nipple tip. It looked like it was going to break the skin, but didn’t. He pressed harder as he brushed her areola. She was grunting in pain and still trying to thrash. He then applied the brush to her left nipple while Trevor held it by the needles. I couldn’t believe how much pain she was experiencing but not waking up. Her nipples were more red and swollen than if they had been painted and sucked by a vacuum. Finally he turned off the machine. They took the needles out–no blood. They told Carl and Dre to suck them and chew on them; they immediately went for it, each squeezing a tit in their hand and sucking hard, then closing their mouths and lightly chewing the entire nipple. Sherry was moaning with pain but still very deeply asleep.

Darryl got out of bed and got 2 candles and lighter. He came back, got in bed, and lit the candles, giving one to Trevor. They turned the candles sideways and held them just above her nipples. They let the hot wax drip onto the already injured nipples. As each drop hit, Sherry gasped. They didn’t stop with her nipples. They let the hot wax hit the rest of her tits as well. She struggled to get her wrists free to stop the burning. After her tits were covered in hardening wax, they dripped wax onto her arm pits, knowing that was also a sensitive area. She gasped and flinched with each burning splat. Then they blew out the candles. Darryl got out of bed and got the hair dryer. He plugged it in and turned it on high. Then he aimed it at the hardening wax, starting with her left nipple, then sweeping across to the right; back and forth. The wax got hot again and melted, and Sherry’s struggling increased, as did her moaning. I got some towels to catch the wax as it dripped down the sides of her chest. They aimed at her arm pits, too, and that melted and burned her more. Darryl asked me if I had ice. I told him I had plenty. He told me to bring him a large bowl full. I didn’t really want to leave them alone with her, but I was too turned on not to follow his instructions. I got the ice. When I got back he still had the hair dryer on and was again heating her nipples. He turned it off, took a couple of ice cubes, and quickly applied them to her nipples. Trevor took 2 and applied them to her armpits. Again she began to gasp and tried to pull away. The melting ice ran down her chest and armpits to the towels. The coldness again caused her inflamed nipples to harden, and she broke out in goose bumps all over. They applied more ice to her sensitive tits and pits, then put several cubes on her belly, just letting them sit there and melt. She was beginning to shiver and trying to draw her legs up to get warm, but wasn’t allowed to. They told Carl and Dre to put ice on her feet, top and bottom, and hold it there for a few minutes. I suggested using the blue ice I had in the freezer; Darryl told me to get it! I brought 10 back, and they applied it to the tops and bottoms of both feet, one on her belly, and put one under her back, one under her ass, and one between her thighs, touching her pussy, and one on each tit resting on the nipple. Then they took a break to watch its effect on her. After a few minutes the goose bumps were head to toe and she was struggling desperately to get warm. He lifted the blue ice off her nipples so we could see how hard they were. Her legs were flexing and extending as the guys held the blue ice in place. She was shivering like a leaf. Her teeth were chattering. But her goosebumps on every part if her body were very sexy. Even though they were very inflamed, her nipples were hard as pebbles from the cold. Dre rubbed a blue ice up and down against her pussy slit. Carl opened the lips and they pressed the cold brick against her labia and clit, and held it hard against her sensitive flesh. Her legs pressed together, but only made her situation worse. Grunts escaped her throat. They pulled her legs apart to see its effect. There was some blanching of her labia, and the clit head had pulled back under its hood for protection.

Darryl then took all the blue ice off her. He went to the dresser and then came back. He had the vacuum device with an odd attachment. Trevor pulled the needles out of her nipple. Darryl put one end of the attachment over her left tit; it fit perfectly. It was like a clear, soft, flexible cup. He held it tightly on the breast and turned it on. It had a high-pitched sound, but it was strong. The suction immediately began pulling her nipple into the cup. It sucked hard. The tit began to stretch to a shape I couldn’t imagine possible. The color began to change to an angry purplish hue. Sherry was grunting. Sherry’s tit was swelling and being pulled from her chest. She was writhing. He left the suction on for about 2 minutes until the machine sounded like it was going to blow. He turned it off and took the cup off. Her tit was much larger than her right tit. It was extremely red. The nipple was very enlarged and remained erect. Clear fluid was oozing from the nipple. The guys were very turned on by the tit torture. Now Trevor took the cup and put it on her right tit. He hit the power button and we watched as her tit painfully ballooned. She began moaning and resumed writhing. He turned off the machine and put on a smaller cup, obviously for just the nipple. He said he wanted to make it leak and hurt. He pressed it on her nipple and turned the machine on. Now its full power was concentrated only on her nipple. The nipple mushroomed immediately. Sherry’s grunts were louder. The nipple began to leak the clear fluid we had seen on the other side, but more of it. The nipple was about 3 inches long now. He turned off the suction and removed the cup. We watched the tit continue to ooze.

Darryl left the suction device next to the bed and went back to the dresser. He returned with 2 small alligator clamps, wires, and the black box. He unplugged the Dremel and the suction device. He plugged in his black box. He attached one bare end of each wire to the terminals on his box. He attached each of the other ends to his alligator clamps. I knew what he was going to do. He opened the first clamp, put it over her left nipple tip, and let it go. The clamp snapped shut and bit hard into her hard, oozing nipple. There were teeth on the clamp but they weren’t sharp. Still, they bit, and Sherry let out a yelp. Everyone was loving seeing their racist boss in sexual pain. Her struggles intensified, but she remained unconscious and unable to budge. We all looked at the nipple. It was bulging from the pressure. Each guy touched it. Dre pinched the underneath part of her left tit, then started pinching her tit all over. The guys were laughing as she struggled against this new assault. Darryl got ready to clamp the right nipple. Dre started pinching her right tit, starting with the nipple. Her groaning intensified. Darryl told him to stop, opened the clamp, and let it go. The nipple got bitten hard and Sherry’s back arched; she let out something garbled but loud. Her breathing was rapid. Now both tits were wired. He went back to the dresser and got one of the bottles of liquid. It was a squirt bottle, and he squirted some of the dense fluid onto each nipple. It was an electric conduction fluid. Then he got his box. He flipped a switch. And then he started turning the dial. I heard a slight hum and I saw Sherry take a deep breath. Her nipples were hardening again. He then turned the box off. He turned the dial about 75% of full capacity. Then he flipped the switch on. Sherry screamed as her body went stiff and arched. The nipples were swelling. He turned it off. He turned it on again. Repeat performance. Everyone was loving this except Sherry. She was trying to kick. Trevor said to let her legs go and see what she did. Now Darryl cranked it to 100%. He turned it on. The liquid began to bubble and Sherry was making gurgling sounds. She lashed out with her legs, spreading them apart in an attempt to escape the torture. Everyone except Darryl moved down to watch her pussy open and close as she struggled. It was so hot! He turned it off, gave it 30 seconds, and hit it again. She again went into spasms as the electricity went from nipple to nipple. He left it on this time, but kept changing the intensity up and down. Her legs kept spreading open to show her hair-covered cunt. Trevor took the box so Darryl could move down and check out how she was involuntarily exposing her most private area. He reached in and shoved his index finger into her dry pussy. He told us he could feel her spasming constantly. Then they stopped the electrical treatment. Her legs relaxed. Darryl took the clamps off her nipples. They looked very painful, like they had been beaten. No blood. Just very, very red and swollen. Carl was very turned on by this, and he started sucking on each nipple. Sherry responded by whimpering; obviously it was painful to her. Dre grabbed a couple of larger hemostats off the dresser and dug one into her belly button. He clamped it and pulled. Sherry yelped. He dug the other one in, clamped it, and pulled that one up as well. Sherry began to writhe in pain again. I had never heard of abusing a belly button, but it was happening. Apparently the inside is very sensitive and he knew it. Darryl smiled. He attached one if the alligator clamps to one hemostat, and the other clamp to the second hemostat. He squirted some of the conduction fluid into her everted belly button. He gave the box to Dre. Darryl suggested that I put towels under her, so I did. I could see in Dre’s eyes he was going to show no mercy. He hated Sherry and tonight he was going to take it out on her. He turned the dial to 100 and hit the switch. Sherry’s back arched, her legs spread, and she screamed hard. Her legs were apart, and now Carl and Trevor kept them apart. She began to pee. We watched in total turn-on as her vagina spasmed and let us see her pee hole leaking. It ran down her crack to her ass and onto the towels. Her abs were in spasm as well. She kept gasping and letting out short screams. She started saying to stop. Her speech was clearer. She tried to pull her legs together but the guys didn’t let her. She started mumbling about what was going on and why couldn’t she see or move. Dre turned the box off and took the hemostats off of her belly button. There was a lot of swelling and redness; it looked like an outie rather than an innie. Sherry was moaning and struggling. Darryl went to the dresser and got the other bottle of clear liquid. He poured some on a cloth in his bag, and took out what looked like an oxygen mask used by EMTs. He put the soaked cloth into the bottom of the mask and got back in bed. I smelled what I assumed was chloroform. He told the guys to hold her legs and told Trevor to hold her head still. He placed the mask over her mouth and nose. She began to struggle hard, including trying to shake her head. All movement was suppressed. The mask was held firmly in place. She was taking deep breaths. She was gasping. Gradually the fight went out of her and she was fully anesthetized. He kept the mask on for another couple of minutes to make sure the blood level was adequate.

The mask came off and he put it away. Trevor now straddled her face. Darryl opened her mouth and pulled her tongue out. Trevor took her tongue and put his fully erect cock on it. He rubbed it back and forth and let his precum leak onto her tongue. Then he put his cock in her mouth and pushed in until she couldn’t breathe, then pulled back. He started fucking her mouth like that, not cutting off her breathing but going down her throat. Her gag reflex was minimal, so he was pushing 10 inches down her throat! He was the one grunting now. He did that for about 2 minutes, then Darryl took his place. All 4 guys fucked her mouth and throat. The chloroform was doing its job, working well along with the sleeping pills.

No one came in her mouth per my instructions. Now they got ready to work on her treasure. Her cunt. With its beautiful coating of brown, silky pussy hair. They spread her legs open. Darryl thought for a minute as he stroked his cock, looking at the amazing view, as we all were. Everyone got their phones and took pictures of her with the legs spread. Then Darryl went to his bag and pulled out a rig I had never seen. There were black straps with length adjusters on them, sewn together in a formation I couldn’t make out. He and Trevor fitted one part of the rig over her shoulders like bra straps. They looped the other ends of the rig around behind her knees, getting Carl and Dre to lift one leg at a time and pull it all the way back so that each knee was now close to each shoulder. They tightened the adjusters. She was now totally spread open with her legs all the way back, opening and exposing her cunt and asshole to all of us. No amount of struggling would do her any good. Her most private parts were totally open and exposed, and she was vulnerable and unprotected. Darryl told everyone to get in line and smell her and taste her, one at a time. But first there were pictures to be taken. I held her pussy lips apart so the guys had full view of the inside of her cunt for their cameras. Then I held her ass cheeks apart so they could get great pics of her anus.

Now they put their phones down, and starting with Carl, sniffed and ate her pussy, each one spending a couple of minutes in their own bliss. They loved her musky pussy smell and her salty/tangy pussy taste. They all put their tongues inside her vagina and tried to do the same with her asshole, but it was too tight to let a tongue in.

Darryl said it was time to begin work on the cunt’s cunt. He went to the dresser and brought back 2 pairs of pliers. He gave a pair to Trevor and a pair to Dre. He told them to start pulling her pubic hair out. He said to leave the hair on her pubic mound alone, but to start pulling out the hair on her labia and the hair near her anus. Dre and Trevor looked at each other with those evil sneers. Dre was on Sherry’s right and Trevor was on her left. They positioned themselves laying on their stomachs next to each other. Dre grabbed just a few hairs on her right lip with his pliers and pulled. The hairs came out at the root and Sherry’s pussy twitched. Her mouth twitched too. Trevor grabbed a few more hairs than Dre had, and yanked. About 5 hairs came out of her left pussy lip. Again Sherry twitched. Dre and Trevor went to work simultaneously, grabbing small tufts of her silky cunt hair and ripping it out. Sherry was becoming more agitated and starting to make sounds of pain, like moans and grunts. Those sounds turned all of us on even more. At one point they asked me if I wanted to pull some hair, but I wanted to see them work her over; that’s how I got my kicks. Her labia were partially denuded when Darryl told them not to rip her anal hair out; he had a better plan. The ripped-out hair was on one of the towels. I took that towel and put it in Darryl’s bag for a souvenir. I replaced the towel. Darryl got his candle and lit it. He had Trevor open her ass cheeks, put the candle close to her anus, and let the hot wax drip onto it. She yelped and struggled against her restraints. Her asshole was clenching and unclenching. Darryl told Trevor to stretch her as open as possible; he wanted some hot wax to go inside her ass! So Trevor used his considerable strength and spread not only her ass cheeks but her anus opened a small amount too. That was amazing to see. Her little pink, puckered asshole was OPEN for us to see inside her! And Darryl took full advantage of her vulnerability. He put that candle within an inch of her opening and let the hot wax go up her ass. I thought she’d rip out of her restraints by how hard she was struggling. She started to scream in a muffled manner. But Darryl didn’t stop. The guys seemed to get harder when she screamed, so they let her. Darryl also put hot wax all around her pink outer anus until it was completely covered. Then he put the candle out and waited. We waited impatiently for whatever came next. Finally the wax had hardened. He grabbed it with both hands and yanked it up and away. Sherry screamed again as the wax tore her anal hair out. There had also been some hair on her taint, and that, too, got ripped out. The entire area was red from the hot wax and the forcible pulling of her hair. Her asshole was spasming from the internal and external burns and abuse.

Darryl got the chloroform and mask, and reapplied it even as she struggled to turn her face away. But Trevor held her head again, and she was forced to breathe the sedating vapor into her lungs. In 5 minutes she was again unconscious.

Darryl went to the dresser and brought back a black, flexible tube about 12 inches long. It was about 1/4 inch diameter at one end, and gradually expanded to about 3/4 inch. It seemed to be hollow. The tapered end had 2 holes and its surface looked very abrasive. The abrasiveness ended about 1 inch up. I was trying to figure out its use. He laid down close to her pudendum and told Carl to open her labia as far as possible. He told everyone his first target was the bitch’s pee hole. So that was what this tube was designed for! Tormenting a woman’s pee hole! Wow, this would be hot. Everyone moved close to watch. Her pee hole was on prominent display. It was small, pink, and recessed, not meant for abuse or viewing. But here we were, staring at her private area and waiting to watch how Darryl abused it.

He rubbed the outside rim of the pee hole with the abrasive tip. Then he inserted it without lube and began to slowly push it in. Sherry’s vagina began to twitch…so hot!! Her hips began to shift. He slowly pulled it back, then pushed it in. He did this faster. He was fucking her pee hole with the abrasive tube! Then he pulled it out so we could see the results so far. The rim was reddening as was the inner lining. Now he shoved it in hard and far. She bucked and moaned. Her pee began to leak from the open end of the tube. He pushed further, stretching her hole and urethra because of the dilation caused by the increasing diameter of the tube. He pushed it until it was up to its hilt. Her pee kept coming into the towel under her. The pee hole was beyond stretched, and Sherry was silently sobbing. Her pee stopped, and Darryl left the tube where it was. I removed the towel and replaced it with a dry one. Dre grabbed the exposed end of the tube and began moving it in circular motion, stretching her more and making her groan and writhe. It was obvious how sensitive that part of her cunt was. Darryl took the tube out. He went to the dresser and got a new attachment for the Dremel. It was a grinder shaped like a small cone; the point was aiming out. He inserted it into the machine, then positioned himself in front of her pussy. He turned it on and touched the cone’s side to the outside rim of the pee hole. He ran it around the perimeter, drawing muffled cries from Sherry. It was becoming more red and swollen by the second. Then he put the point of the grinder into the hole. It caused her cunt and asshole to begin spasming, and Sherry was now bucking wildly against her restraints trying to get free and stop the pain. Her head was thrashing all over. This in spite of the chloroform and pills. I could imagine what it would do to her fully awake. Dre grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head against the pillow, and told her to shut the fuck up, hold still, and take what she deserved since she was a racist cracker cunt. She didn’t, so he started slapping her tits hard. He held her left tit by the swollen nipple, stretched it, and took a swing at it with his open hand. There was a loud smack, and her tit had a red handprint on it. She screamed, coming more awake because of that and what was happening to her pee hole. He did it again to her right tit. He went back and forth, beating her tits up. She was sobbing, and Darryl wasn’t relenting on the Dremel treatment. He had pushed the grinder into the hole the grinder’s full length. That pee hole was very swollen and red. I wasn’t sure she’d actually be able to pee for a while. After about 3 minutes of grinding her urethra, he pulled it out. No blood, just a lot of swelling. Dre stopped slapping her tits. Darryl got one of the small hemostats and had Trevor get the other. He clamped one on the rim of the pee hole, and Trevor did the same. Sherry screamed. Her thrashing was increasing. Trevor got the chloroform mask and added more chloroform. Dre pulled her back by her hair and held her head still while Trevor put the mask over her nose and mouth. She made gagging and wheezing sounds, and tried desperately to fight. Her head was held too tightly for any fight, though, and in a couple of minutes she was again unconscious. I looked at her beaten tits; red, swollen; nipples the same. Hand marks over them. Hand marks. So I told the guys we had to stop. I told them one if my rules was NO marks on her skin. Now there were marks, so it was fun, but time to quit.

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They looked at each other. Carl, the boss, looked me square in the eye and said that they owned Sherry now, and me, too. He said they’d do what they wanted. If I tried to interfere, they’d subdue me, hurt me as well, and afterwards post the video and pictures online. I was being threatened and blackmailed. I had no choice but to let them proceed.

Now they focused on her anus. Tiny, pink, tight. It was Trevor’s turn with the Dremel. There was still redness from the hot wax. Instead of the cone-shaped grinder, he attached a medium-coarse grinder that was about 1 1/2 inches long with a rounded end. No lube. He turned it on and started abrading the outside rim of her asshole. It immediately reddened and the sphincter began to spasm, trying to ward off the assault. I was hard as hell watching the physical reaction. She began to wiggle her pelvis in a subconscious attempt at escape. The guys were loving the reaction and all except Trevor were jerking their cocks. Then he slowly pushed the grinder, which was about 1 inch in diameter, into her asshole. It was seriously grinding her sphincter. The anal spasms increased as did her pelvic thrusts. All that did was advance the forward progress of the grinder. Once inside her rectum, he began to dry-fuck her with it. I imagined this would be excruciating to a conscious person and by her physical reaction I knew her brain was registering significant torture. He moved the grinder so it would abrade her rectal lining as well as her anus. Nothing was spared. He abruptly pulled it out. He went to the dresser and got a medical anal spreader. The only lube he gave it was his spit. It was made of metal and was about 5 inches long and maybe 1 1/2 inches wide. He spit on the end of it, put it against her asshole, and pushed. Her asshole had no choice but to yield. Sherry grunted loudly while her anus tried to expel the intruder. No luck with that. He pushed it all the way in, and opened it one click at a time. He opened her asshole to an extent I didn’t think was possible. She was starting to buck her pelvis side to side. Carl held one side and Dre the other to steady her. Darryl got a bright flashlight from his bag and shined it in her ass. We could see everything outside and in. Her rectal lining was a pinkish color, and tight, though not nearly as tight as her anal sphincter. Everyone put their finger in her to feel her rectum. Darryl told everyone he had found something at one of the houses they cleaned recently, and he had brought it with him to put inside this bitch’s ass. An evil smile crossed his lips. He went to his bag, rummaged around, and brought out a bag wit 3 large roaches in it. Oh fuck! This was too much. What was he going to do now? He took the lid off the jar and pressed the open top against her open and unprotected anus. At first nothing happened, but then the roaches were gone and inside Sherry. Then they were trying to get out, but Darryl turned the jar around so the bottom was against her asshole and they were trapped. Then he closed the spreader. They must have started to scratch and bite her inside because she started to cry and yell for the pain to stop. Her hips were bucking wildly and she was absolutely helpless. Those roaches must have been really biting her hard, trying to eat their way out. He left them there for about 5 minutes while they stroked their cocks, thoroughly enjoying her pain. Finally he reinserted the spreader and grabbed each roach as it exited. He put them back in the jar. He took the hairdryer, turned it on, and blew very hot air into her rectum, burning the lining, I’m sure. She continued to thrash and yell unintelligibly. He stopped the hairdryer, and as a final insult to her asshole, he took 2 large hemostats and clamped them hard at 3 and 9 o’clock positions on her anal rim. She screamed. He took the spreader out and pulled up on the hemostats, then apart. She kept bucking and pleading to stop, though her speech was garbled from semi-consciousness. He took the hemostats off; they left deep impressions in the sphincter. Dre went to the dresser and brought back a large black dildo. It was about 15 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter. He put some lube on it. Darryl went to the dresser and brought back the hammer/mallet. He put it at her anal entrance and began to push. Then he took the mallet and started to hammer it home. Sherry was exhausted from unconsciously fighting the restraints. All she could do against that new excruciating assault was moan and cry and pull feebly at her wrist restraints. Dre had no mercy. Her anus stretched beyond its limits. He leaned on the dildo and hammered it all the way in. About 14 inches went up her ass, and her asshole was stretched to 2 inches. I saw some blood on the dildo, so I knew it was ripping her. And then he started to fuck her with it. Slowly at first, then faster, ramming it up her ass with each stroke. Now each of the other of Sherry’s employees took turns raping her ass with the dildo and making sure the camera caught every stroke. Sherry was crying and moaning. Darryl made no attempt to re-chloroform her at that point. He was enjoying seeing her cry and moan. After about 10 minutes of ass rape, they pulled the dildo out. Her anus was gaping and trying to close. There were constant twitches. Her crying subsided and she fell into unconsciousness again, mostly due to the sleeping pills.

Dre was staring at her naked, spread pussy. He got next to Sherry, wound up with an open hand, and slapped her open and unprotected cunt. She gasped and let out a garbled scream. He told everyone to do it. Each guy got next to her, pulled back, and slammed her open cunt. The hardest one was Trevor. He actually stood on the bed, one foot on each side of her. He put one hand inside the other, brought them over his head, and came down on her pussy like Thor using a hammer. That get brought a piercing scream from her as his blow crushed her clit. Dre put his hand over her mouth to muffle the scream.

Darryl decided to gas her. She was still trying to scream when he put the mask over her face. Dre said, “I’ll make her breathe deep”. He grabbed her injured nipples and yanked them hard to either side. Yeah, she took a deep breath alright. And began to wheeze and gurgle. And began to fade again. He left the mask on for 5 minutes. In the meantime they stared at her cunt and discussed their next move. Carl said he was too horny to wait. He wanted to fuck her ass now. He was the crew boss, so he could do what he wanted. Her anus was starting to regain tone. It was closing. Carl didn’t put any lube on his 8 inch cock; he stood up, put the cock head on her asshole, and shoved hard. She was out of it, and she didn’t even flinch. Carl was in ecstasy. He was all the way in with his balls slapping her ass cheeks. He held her thighs as he rammed in and out. Her anus was taking a beating beyond what had already been done. He was relentless in his assault. He lasted for about 5 minutes of hard fucking and let out a yell as he pumped his cum into her rectum. It seemed like he was never going to stop cumming. When he did, he kept his cock in her for a minute, then pulled out. Her asshole was stretched open again and in spasm. We could see inside her and saw his cum pooled inside her. Because her anus was aimed toward the ceiling, his cum wasn’t going to come out.

So now it was time to concentrate on her womanhood. It was open and waiting to be tortured. It was slightly swollen from the hand slaps it had received. The pee hole was still red, swollen, and dilated. Darryl said he was going to work on her clit, then her vagina and cervix. With his fingers he pulled back the clit hood and exposed the pink head of her clit. Sherry’s clit head was prominent. It usually stuck out from under its hood naturally. She told me she had started masturbating at age 10. Her clit had gotten so much exercise that the head became a mini-glans. I always thought it was such a turn-on. Darryl even said it looked like a tiny cock. He grabbed it between his thumb and forefinger, squeezed it, and began to roll it. Then he held it with one hand and started to dry-rub it. Sherry, even through her anesthesia, felt the assault on her most sensitive body part. She started shifting and pulling slightly at her restraints. The dry-rubbing was very irritating, and her vagina was starting to have small spasms. He then showed us his fingernails. They were uncut and dirty, like he hadn’t washed his hands at all that day. He held the clit steady with one hand and began to scratch the head with his dirty index nail. Grunts came from Sherry. He scratched the hood, too. Dre asked to try something. He grabbed the clit and began to pull on it. He was stretching something that wasn’t supposed to stretch. Her hips began to move from the pain. Darryl told him to stop. Now Trevor took 2 small hemostats and clamped one on each side of the hood. Sherry was writhing. He pulled the hood all the way back, exposing the entire clit head. He said he wanted to see what the roaches would do to it. He went to the dresser and got a small bottle that looked like eye drops. He came back and put a drop of it on her clit. He said it was honey. He smeared it around the head. He brought the jar with the roaches over, took the lid off, and pressed it over her clit area, not exposing it to her vagina. The roaches held back at first. Then they got the scent of the honey and fought to get to it. The bigger roach went to Sherry’s clit. It started to eat the honey, but was also biting her clit. The others managed to join the assault. They were eating the honey and her clit. Now Sherry responded with a gurgling scream. I saw the clit moving as the 3 roaches attacked it. They were getting honey and flesh. I don’t know why, but this really excited me! And the guys. Her clit was moving right and left as they fought over biting it. After letting this go on for about 2 minutes, he put the lid back on. He didn’t want her clit to be totally chewed up. It was definitely injured with small bite marks on it.

Darryl put some electrode fluid on her clit. He put some on her asshole. He took a small hemostat and clamped it directly on the very tip of her clit head. She grunted and bucked. He clamped another on the rim of her anus. She writhed. He connected the wires from his box to alligator clamps, which he attached to each hemostat. He let Trevor turn on the juice. He started low. Sherry jumped and yelled something I couldn’t understand. Her vagina contracted as did her anus. Her body broke out in a sweat with goose bumps. I never saw her sweat much before, but as he increased the power on the box, she began sweating profusely and her breathing was rapid, like panting. He started turning the power up, then down, then up. 100%. 0%. 100%. 0%. 5 Seconds on each. No time to recover. Sweat even came from her labia! She was soaked in her own sweat. It dripped into her cunt and into her vagina. Her vagina spasmed hard with each 100% pulse. Her nipples hardened with her goose bumps. Her anus clamped down with each pulse. I looked close at her clit. It he’d turned from pink to extreme red. I guessed it had a first degree burn. Darryl stopped Trevor for a minute, took the hemostat off her snus, and inserted the tip of it into her pee hole. He opened the hemostat blindly, then closed it so that it grabbed a bit of her urethra. She was moving in every direction uncontrollably and started screaming again. Dre went to her dresser and got a pair of panties out of her drawer. He came back and stuffed them in her mouth, making sure she could breathe through her nose. Now her screaming was inaudible. Darryl decided not to re-sedate her. He gave Trevor the go-ahead. He went directly to 100%. Sherry was slamming her head against the pillow and pulling against the restraints as hard as she could. That hot pussy was convulsing. She started to pee again! It squirted out with force because of bladder spasm from the electric shock. It hit Trevor in his face. He got angry and turned it up to 100% and left it there. Her body went stiff like she was having a seizure. Darryl told him to turn it off, which he reluctantly did. Sherry’s body relaxed. Darryl took the hemostats off. Her clit was swollen to the size of a small cock. Dre grabbed it and started to jerk it off. Sherry began to moan, but with pain rather than pleasure. He was getting off on masturbating her, and he was doing it hard. It looked like he’d rip it off soon. It definitely wasn’t pleasuring Sherry. But her employees were loving it. Dre was yanking her clit while he stroked himself. Plenty of precum was on his cock. Sherry was in agony. She was screaming, but no one heard it.

Then Darryl said it was time to move on to the next phase. Her vagina and cervix. He got the mask. More chloroform in it. He took the panties out of her mouth. Just as she tried to scream he put the mask over her face. She was still breathing fast, but not sweating. The fast breathing became fast wheezing, then shallow gasps, then she was out. Her breathing normalised. He stared at her abused but very hot cunt. He went to the dresser and brought back a large vaginal speculum. Larger than Sherry’s vagina. It was stainless steel. He put it in the large bowl where the blue ice was. He told me to get a few ice cubes. I went to the kitchen, put some in a glass, and returned.

He took 2 and shoved them roughly up her vagina. She bucked, but feebly because of the anesthesia. Her pelvis started to tremor as if it were shivering. Her vagina started to contract trying to get the new agent of torture out. No dice. He put his finger in and pulled the ice out. He got the ice-cold speculum, put its curved end against the vaginal entrance, and started to push, with the only lube being her sweat and the melting ice. Her vagina protested, spasming violently as it tried to expel the intruder. No dice. Darryl pushed it all the way to its hilt and started to open it, one click at a time. Her entire insides gradually came into view, a view even I had never seen before. The vaginal lining was pinkish, and because it was so stretched, it was smooth. And there at the end was her cervix with its tiny hole in the center. It protruded into the vagina. It was encased at 12:00 and 6:00 by the speculum, but its flesh was exposed at 9:00 and 3:00. He got the Dremel and attached the cone grinder. But before he used it, he got a pointed, long metal rod from the dresser. Trevor held the flashlight. He advanced the point to the exposed flesh of her cervix and started poking it. She made a muffled moan. Then he put the point on her cervix opening and pushed lightly. Her vagina twitched, and so did she. He poked the sensitive hole a few times, then withdrew the stick.

He picked up the Dremel. He turned it on. He told everyone that the most sensitive part of a vagina is the first one-third of its length. He applied the side of the cone grinder to the exposed sides of her vagina’s outer portion. The vagina reacted sharply to the abrasion by having strong contractions. It was trying to push the speculum and grinder out. Sherry’s knees were desperately trying to come together. Sherry was whimpering and struggling. We were all totally into this pussy torment. The vaginal lining was getting red. The abrasive, with no lube, was injuring the sensitive tissue. After spending a couple of minutes on her vagina, he aimed for the cervix. He turned the machine off, put the point of the cone in the cervical hole, and turned it on. Even in her anesthetized state, Sherry started to groan and grunt loudly. He pushed on the Dremel. Her cervical hole was taking a beating, and it, too, was very sensitive. He held the grinder in place for a minute, then pulled it out. He got an attachment I hadn’t seen: a tiny wire brush. I’d seen wire brushes of larger size used on metal. I never saw a miniature wire brush. It was like the round toothbrush you see on an electric toothbrush, but metal bristles. He turned it on and touched it to everyone’s hand. It didn’t rip flesh, but it didn’t tickle. It was very abrasive. It left a red, sore mark. He left it on and applied it to her left pussy lip. He moved it slowly up and down the labia. There was still some pussy hair on it, which entangled in the brush and ripped out. She was coming out of the chloroform stupor and started to writhe and tried to scream. Dre stuck the panties back in her mouth. She thrashed but could stop nothing. He abraded her labia to extreme redness, then went to the right one with the same result. He touched the brush to her abused anus, further injuring it and increasing Sherry’s scream attempts. He touched it to her tortured clit head and hood, and Sherry started gasping and pulling so hard against her restraints I thought her wrists would bleed. Then he put the machine inside her cunt. He put the spinning wire brush directly on her exposed cervix. He abraded every exposed part of it. She screamed and yelled unintelligibly. After a minute of full-on abrasion, he withdrew. He went to the dresser and got a long stainless steel rod which was very narrow at one end (the end was rounded, not sharp) but gradually increased in diameter throughout its length. He said it was a cervical dilator. He said the pain a woman experiences during labor is partially from the dilation of the cervix. He gave an evil smile, and was about to use the dilator, when Dre asked if he could do it. Darryl said the Dre knew nothing about this stuff, but Dre insisted that he was part of the team and wanted to do something bad to her. Dre told Darryl just to give him instructions. Dre got in position so he was at eye level with her vagina. Darryl held the flashlight. Trevor put some lube on the end if the dilator. Dre put the tip of the dilator at the hole’s entrance. Darryl told him to apply a little pressure. The dilator started to push in. It was probably 1/8 inch at the tip. The cervix started to give way. Sherry started to scream again, and her pelvis started to buck up and down. Darryl told Trevor and Carl to hold her still. On second thought, he took the panties out if her mouth and gave her a quick dose of chloroform. She was again sedated. Darryl said he didn’t want her extreme movements to cause any irreversible damage. The dilator had come out, so Dre put it back at the cervical hole, and slowly pushed it forward. She was out, but her body tensed and her breathing picked up. He pushed more. The diameter was 1/4 inch. He kept the pressure on, and her hole was 1/2 inch diameter with the dilator about 1 1/2 inches inside her cervix. Now she began to sweat like she had earlier. First her face got wet, then her chest, tits, and belly. Then her hands, legs, and feet broke out in sweat. Dre pushed on, and her cervix was dilated to 3/4 inch. Now she was at 1 inch dilation with 2 inches of dilator in her cervix. Darryl said that they’d take it up to 1 1/2 inches dilation. Dre smiled as he kept pushing. Everyone was loving her extreme reaction. Her breathing was a rapid pant. Dre was at a full inch dilation. Then he was at 1 1/4 inch. She was grunting with each push Dre gave. Finally he was at 1 1/2 inches with 3 inches of dilator inside her cervix. Darryl told him to stop there. Darryl took the dilator and began to move it around, causing more stress on the cervix hole. Finally he pulled it out, and we could see into her uterus. What a view! The tiny hole was open so we could see where everyone’s sperm was going to be headed soon.

He had one more insult in mind. None of us knew he had a small cage in his backpack. In it was what looked like a mouse. He told us it was a baby rat. He said it had tiny teeth and claws, and he was going to let it go into Sherry’s cunt. He said he would let it explore her vagina, and it was small enough to get through the dilated cervix hole. He would hold it by its tail so he could retrieve it when he was ready. Everyone was watching intently. He took it out of its cage. It tried to bite him, but he put it right on her outer vulva. It sniffed and bit down on her right labia. She stiffened and a slight yelp came from her. Her clit was resting on top of the speculum’s upper spreader. The rat saw it, sniffed it, and bit into the head. Its little teeth sunk in. Sherry yelled and jerked her pelvis. The rat let go in fear. It looked around. Darryl took it and set it inside her vagina on the bottom speculum spreader. Smelling something good, the rat moved in. He sniffed the vaginal walls and attacked, since he was hungry. He bit her cunt over and over, and she was bucking and writhing, trying to rid herself of the pain. The rat used its claws to scratch her vagina to get a better hold of its meal. It was obvious there were superficial tears in the lining. Now Darryl gave the rat a shove, and it was confronted with the cervical opening. It sniffed inside the hole. Then it put its paws on the hole, pushed its head through, and clawed its way in. Sherry groaned. Darryl had the rat by its tail. We couldn’t see everything the rat was doing. But Sherry’s pelvic thrusts and her screams told us the rat was scratching and biting the inside of her uterus. His rear claws were against the cervix and scratching it badly. Darryl didn’t have much mercy. He let the rat gnaw on her uterus and scratch it up. After giving the rat 5 minutes to complete its meal, he pulled it out. There was some blood on it. Then he put the rat on her anus. The rat bit. Sherry screamed. Then he put the rat on her left tit, head near her nipple. It bit the tip of her nipple and didn’t want to let go. Sherry screamed again. Darryl yanked the rat free, pulling her teat with it. Then he let the rat have her right nipple. It bit that, too. Sherry grunted, then screamed again. Dre shoved the panties in her mouth. Darryl put some honey on her belly button and set the rat on her abdomen. It went for the honey and started to chew her belly button, sticking its mouth deep into it and biting down deep. Her body was jerking around from the rat’s attack. Darryl pulled the rat off her belly button. He told Trevor to take the speculum out of her cunt. He had one more treat for the rat. He got a long piece of twine from his pack. He gave it to Carl. He held the rat still on the bed and told Carl to tie it firmly around the rat’s tail. Darryl got the anal speculum he had used earlier. He asked his guys if they ever heard of gerbils being put up people’s asses. They had, and so had I. I didn’t know if it was true or folklore. Darryl said he was going to let the rat go up her ass, but he wouldn’t lose it because of the tether. He pushed the anal speculum into her asshole. She flinched. Her groan was muffled; she had panties in her mouth. He clicked it open to its full extent. Sherry twitched and her anus was trying to close. He put the nose of the rat at the opening so it could get excited, and it did. It moved quickly into her rectum. Darryl decided to give it privacy; we’d know what it was doing by Sherry’s reactions. He had let the chloroform wear off. She still had the sleeping pills on board, though, so she was by no means conscious. She was in a semiconscious state. So Darryl closed the speculum and tied the tether to the dilator he had used on her cervix; that way it was anchored without him holding it. He knew that “trapping” the rat would serve 2 purposes. At first the rat would act freely because there were no humans or lights to distract it. After it had done whatever it wanted to do, it would want to escape and start doing other things to accomplish that. We couldn’t wait to see the results and Sherry’s reactions. It began. Sherry started to twist and thrust her pelvis like she was trying to grind against me while I fucked her. Her anus was contracting severely. The rat was obviously biting her rectal lining. The tether was getting to its shortest outside, which meant the rat was venturing to the farthest point from her anus–the top of her rectum. The string tightened. Sherry tried to scream while the rat chewed on her rectum lining and used its claws to try to move further in. Finally it stopped pulling. Darryl put tension on the string and felt it getting longer, which meant the rat was moving back toward us. It must have started to try to scratch and chew its way out because Sherry started to scream and shake her head from side to side. Her anus was in constant spasm. Dre touched her asshole and said he felt the rat against the other side. Darryl put the speculum back in and the rat squirmed out. Its fur was wet and there was some blood on it. Not much, but some. He put the rat in its cage. He shined a light in her ass. It was hard to make out but I thought I saw small areas where the rat had eaten some of the lining. I didn’t see any blood.

He wanted the rat to attack all her sensitive places. He put it on her right arm pit, still with the string attached. It scratched and bit at her pit. She moaned. He did the same to her left pit. She was grunting from the pain. I saw scratch and bite marks in both. Now Trevor opened her mouth, and Darryl put the head of the rat in. Her mouth was held open while the rat scratched and bit her tongue and inner cheeks. It tried to move toward her throat, but Darryl held it back. Finally he put it back in its cage.

Darryl asked his guys if there was anything else anyone wanted to do to her before fucking her. Dre asked if he could electrocute her cervix. He said he wanted to attach an alligator clip to her cervix and the other one to her tongue and zap her good. Her tongue? I asked Darryl if that was a good idea. He seemed very excited about it; he hadn’t ever done that before. So he thought it would be pretty hot. He took the panties out of her mouth after pouring some chloroform on the cloth inside the mask. Sherry was still breathing hard from the rectal assault and rat torture. He put the mask over her face and waited 3 minutes. She struggled against the mask until she began to wheeze and gasp, then faded into unconsciousness.

Dre got 2 small clips. Darryl attached wires to each one. Dre roughly pushed the speculum back into her vagina. He quickly forced it open. Darryl held the flashlight while Dre attached the clip to her cervix. Her vagina began to have small spasms from the cervical pain. Then he opened her mouth. He brought a big glob of spit up, and let it go onto her mouth. He tried to grab her tongue, but it was slippery. He used the panties that had been in her mouth to grab it and pulled it out as far as he could. He applied the clip to the tip of her tongue and let it go back into her mouth. He put the panties back in her mouth, covering the clip and wire. Now she couldn’t bite down. He turned the dial to 50% and flipped the switch. Sherry looked like she was having convulsions. Her body went stiff and then she was jerking all over. Gurgling noises came from her throat. Then he turned it off. He waited 30 seconds as we watched her rapid breathing. Then she broke out in that severe sweat. She was glistening from head to toe. The pussy hair on her mound was soaked. The hair on her head was wet. Her tits looked like they had been oiled. Everyone was hard. And then he cranked it to 100% and let her have it. She tried to scream. Her body convulsed. Her head jerked back as far as it could into the pillow. While she was convulsing, Trevor, Darryl, and Carl started pinching her sensitive areas very hard. Trevor grabbed a nipple and pinched. Darryl grabbed her other nipple and pinched and twisted. Carl first grabbed some pubic hair and yanked it out, then grabbed her clit and pinched hard. Her convulsions increased from the new torture. After about 3 minutes Dre turned off the box. Her convulsions started to subside from exhaustion. Dre took the panties out of her mouth and took the clip off her tongue, which was very red at that spot. Then we all looked inside her cunt to see her cervix as Dre took the clip off. It was bright red and swollen shut with the clip teeth marks still there.

Darryl took the speculum out. The guys took Sherry out of her restraints. She was now laying flat and unconscious. Her sweating was subsiding but her rapid breathing and guttural moaning were still there. Darryl said that it was rape time. He said his balls were aching. He said he was going to do her as dry as possible to hurt her more. He spread her legs and got between them, aiming his big, cut cock at her abused cunt. He put a little bit of saliva on his glans. He touched it to her pussy lips and shoved it into her vagina hard. She gasped but had no fight. He gritted his teeth as he pushed into her ravaged vagina. I was sure he was ripping the lining. With no lube and a big cock, the only give had to be in her pussy. When he was only 3/4 of the length of his cock into her, he hit her injured cervix, and she gasped and gave a subdued shriek. He pushed more, further torturing her. Then he pulled back to the entrance and rammed his way in again; another shriek, followed by continuous moans as he began a constant ramming. He showed no mercy as he pumped. He was totally getting off on her pain. His balls slapped against the raw labia. She lifted her arms and tried to push him off. She reached down to try to protect her pussy, but with him on her she couldn’t get there. Carl held her head still, and Darryl put his mouth over hers and stuck his tongue in. He kept it there as he fucked her. She tried to turn away but Carl held her there. Her moans were suppressed. He had a big tongue, and he started sticking it down her throat, causing her to gag and gasp for breath. Those troubles made her pussy tighten off and on, which he loved, and so he continued to choke her intermittently with his tongue. After 10 minutes of furiously ramming her cunt, he lifted his head and let out a roar as he pumped his cum into her violated cunt. He kept cumming for about 45 seconds. Finally he stopped and pulled out. Her pussy was full of his thick, white sperm. What a cream pie! He got up and went to his bag. He took out a large syringe. He put the tip into her cunt and sucked out about 20 cc’s of his cum. He went to her face, opened her mouth, and squeezed 10 cc’s in. She started to gag and choke and tried to spit it out. He held his hand over her mouth. She refused to swallow but was able to breathe through her nose. So he pinched her nose shut. She began to struggle so she could breathe, but he didn’t release. Finally she swallowed and he let go of her nose and mouth. She was coughing and gagging when he put the syringe tip in her mouth again and quickly injected the rest of the cum. At the same time, he told Trevor to pinch her clit. Since she was already gagging and trying to catch her breath, it caught her by surprise; she did a violent gasp and she both swallowed and inhaled it. She went into a coughing and wheezing fit. While she was having trouble breathing, Dre got between her legs. His uncut cock was bigger than Darryl’s, probably 11 inches. It was also thicker, between 1 1/2 – 2 inches thick. It could have been a piece if firewood. He didn’t need lube since Darryl’s jizz was there. So he just shoved it up her cunt with no warning and pushed all the way in. He was pushing her cervix and uterus way back into her pelvis. Hitting her abraded and abused areas was bad enough. Stretching them backwards was excruciating. She tried to scream as he started pumping, stretching her pelvic organs to where they weren’t supposed to be. He grunted loudly with each thrust. Her head was banging against the headboard, but he didn’t notice. He told anyone who wanted to help to start pinching and pulling at her nipples so he could watch while he pumped. Carl took one side and Trevor took the other; they started working over her already injured nipples. She started to open her mouth to scream. Dre put his mouth over hers and stuck his tongue down her throat. She gagged as she breathed through her nose. But she couldn’t scream. He was pumping ferociously and her nipples were being tortured again. They were fully erect. He took his mouth away from hers so he could see her nipples, and then he started to orgasm. He yelled something about having raped the white cunt and exploded inside her. He kept pumping for another minute as his balls emptied. Finally he pulled out, letting his cum overflow her vagina. It soaked the towel under her. His cock was still hard and huge. He moved up and straddled her face. Trevor held her head still. Dre opened her mouth. He pushed his cock in. She struggled to get it out, trying to push him off, and reaching for her mouth to get his cock out. In her drugged state she didn’t know what it was. She felt his balls and tried to pull them, but all she actually did was rub them, and he enjoyed her struggles. Her tongue was working inside her mouth to push the intruder out, but it just cleaned him off and kept him hard. After a couple of minutes in her mouth, he was done with her.

Finally it was Trevor’s turn. He told us he was going to make her eat his ass. He said he liked forcing women to lick his asshole. He told us he never met a woman who would do it willingly. For him it was a huge turn on. I told him that in her drugged state she probably wouldn’t be sticking her tongue out on his command. He told us he was going to straddle he face, facing toward us, and squat over her face. Then he was going to lower his ass until his anus was on her mouth. Because her nose would be partially obstructed, she would react by moving her face around to try to free her nose. She would end up rubbing his asshole with her nose AND opening her mouth to breathe, probably allowing her tongue to come out. He didn’t want anyone to touch her or hold her still. His cock was similar to Dre’s. Long, cut, thick. Big sack. He was not hard yet. He grabbed her feet and pulled her down on the bed about 2 feet from the headboard. He repositioned the pillow under her head. He climbed on the bed and stood over her with a foot next to each of her shoulders. Then he put his knees on the bed, one next to each side of her abdomen. He gradually lowered his ass. He used his hands to open his cheeks more. Now his asshole was in contact with her nose. He started to rub it around on her nose, then moved it over her mouth and covered her nose and mouth with his ass. Her head began to move. She began to squirm. Her head was moving back and forth, up and down. He was getting hard. He told us she was rubbing her nose in his anus. She started to mouth breathe. Now her mouth was open. He moved a little. Now he said her lips were on his asshole. He wiggled. We heard gagging sounds, then gurgling sounds. In desperation her tongue came out. He lifted a little but kept part of his ass covering her nose. She had to keep her mouth open to breathe, and her tongue stayed out and licked to get the obstruction away. She was eating Trevor’s ass unconsciously! He was fully hard and started to jerk off. Watching her face in his ass was an amazing turn on. She had her hands on his ass cheeks trying to get him off her, but was actually opening him more. Her tongue was doing exactly what he wanted. He was close to cumming. Now he backed up and put his balls in her mouth. He continued jerking off while she manipulated his balls trying to expel them. At some point he decided not to fuck her. He decided to finish up by fucking her mouth. He stood up. He had us turn her so she was laying across the bed. He pulled her to the edge of the left side if the bed. He let her head hang off the edge. He stood facing her with his huge erection. He opened her mouth and stuck his cock in part way. He held her head so she couldn’t move it and told the other guys to pin her down. Dre held her legs, Carl took one arm, I took the other. I couldn’t help playing with her tit while I watched. Carl did the same. Dre stuck his finger up her ass while holding her legs with his other hand. Now Trevor started pumping in her mouth, giving her some room to breathe. Her neck was fully extended and she was helpless to fight off the oral rape. He pumped faster. She struggled. He was moaning, she was grunting. Finally, with a huge roar, he shoved his cock all the way down her throat. Her breathing was temporarily cut off. He came violently, pumping his cock out, then all the way down her throat again and again. His cum was shooting down her esophagus, and bubbling back up and out of her mouth. He stopped to let her breathe. She choked up some if his cum as she gagged and tried to breathe. He let her do that for about 30 seconds, then shoved his cock down her throat again. Then he pulled it out, moved quickly to the other side of the bed, got on, shoved her legs apart, and rammed into her cunt. She tried screaming but was still choking on his cum. He pumped her pussy for about 1 minute, then folded her legs back, and shoved his huge cock up her unprepared ass. She gave a gurgling scream and inhaled some of his sperm. She had a coughing fit, which caused her ass to tighten. He yelled again, and came again, this time in her rectum. He emptied himself over the next minute. He was breathing hard as he recovered and pulled his cock out of her ass. Her anus was fully dilated. We could see inside her, and saw a pool of Trevor’s sperm in there. Everyone took a second shot at her now, in her cunt. She struggled to close her legs, but the unoccupied guys held them open to their fullest extent. She slapped at whoever the current rapist was. Her slaps weren’t very effective, and only made the rapist ram her harder. Her cunt was now filled with sperm. They let her legs drop onto the bed, and the jizz leaked out over her taint and onto the towel. She laid there gently sobbing. Then, due to the drugs, she was again unconscious. The guys took some more pictures, then got dressed. Everyone was talking about how hot the night had been.

Darryl wasn’t finished with her. Carl asked him about “the other thing”. The guys started looking at him imploringly. He told me his dog, a big Rottweiler, was in the car. The dog had been trained to rape humans. He said he wasn’t into bestiality that much, but it was great for the torture aspect. He said that he would put a solution on her pussy with the scent of a female dog in heat. The dog would smell it, eat her out, mount her, and fuck her. He said the dog’s cock was big, and once inside her a big knot formed on it so no one could pull it out until he came. I told him to do it; I had never even seen or considered bestiality, but this punishment sounded to good to pass up. He got another jar out of his pack, opened it, and applied the whitish liquid to her pussy and ass. He told the guys to help him turn her onto her belly. She was now laying flat on her stomach with her head on the pillow, sleeping soundly. They put 6 pillows under her belly to get her ass elevated; she was almost in doggy position! How appropriate! Darryl went to get the dog.

That dog was big. And yeah, he had a big cock on him. It looked like 6 inches in its resting state. The dog had caught the scent as soon as he entered the room. His cock was growing bigger as he searched for the female dog it was coming from. Darryl signalled for him to get on the bed. He jumped up and saw the human pussy/ass he had come to enjoy, and realized that the scent was coming from there. He went to Sherry, sniffed her private parts, and started to eat her out. He stuck his snout in her cunt and began nibbling her labia in his increasing frenzy. Then he was nibbling at her clit. Then her anus. He was unstoppable, and Sherry was feeling the bites. She began to attempt to get away, but the guys moved fast to hold her in place. The dog started growling in his sexual frenzy. Then he put his paws on either side of her abdomen, reaching around into a hugging grip. His cock was about 10 inches. Not as thick as Trevor was, but once that knot formed, it was really going to hurt Sherry. Her already damaged vaginal lining was going to possibly rip. The cock was at her vaginal opening. Darryl guided it in, and the dog started wildly pumping her. His claws had her tightly, so there was nothing she could do except whimper and groan as the dog raped her. Dogs don’t take long, especially if they’re horny. It took this dog 2 minutes, and he was flooding Sherry with his sperm. After he came he waited about 15 seconds until the knot relaxed and he pulled out, jumped off the bed, and started to lick himself. Sherry was still in doggy position, and we all got to look inside her cunt at the amazing pool of dog cum in there. We all took pictures, then took the pillows out and let her lay flat.

Time-wise, they had been working her over for about 2 hours. They thanked me for letting them rape my wife. They packed up and said they’d see me on Monday.

Now I had to figure out how to explain to Sherry what happened to her to cause all the pain she was going to experience when she woke up….

Coming soon: Close Encounters 5

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