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Wife Barbara’s Bloomington Escapade by Poppa 1

For my birthday Barbara and I hired two babysitters to stay with the kids Sat. and Sun. so we could go overnight to Bloomington IN. That’s the home of the Indiana University Hoosiers. I went to school there and enjoy several restaurants and clubs and milling around campus.

I’m going to to cut to the chase of the night because it’s a long story to get there. For those that may not have read about Barbara and her experiences since I told her I’d enjoy seeing another guy fuck her I’ll tell you about her. Barbara is 43 yrs. old, 5’9″, 140 Lbs, long shapely legs, a very pretty small shaven pussy that is so tight, a large bubble butt accentuated be her small waist, 34c tits with larger-than-a-50-cent-piece nipples. Her hair is brunette and she is facially an average looking woman. Her measurements, I’ve learned, are 34C-26-46. Her foray into casual sex has produced a lady in the livingroom and a slut in the bedroom and I love it. But she has wondered how many times in a row she could take being fucked one way or another. That brings us to this story.

We went out to a blues club called the Bluebird. Barbara showered, I watched her give a fresh shave to her pussy, she put on a white thong that the back disappeared up the crack of her huge butt, a lightweight, very soft, light pink sweater that was pulled over her braless tits that outlined her nipples beautifully and they easily poked through the material. Then she pulled a very short white skirt on where the waistband fit tightly around her waist and the material smoothed down over her hips but flaired away at the base of her butt. The hem was just at the bottom of her ass cheeks and when she walked the motion of her butt caused that little skirt to swish side to side and you could make out the bottoms of her ass. No man could keep from looking when she walked by in that outfit. Her walking up steps was a real treat.

Anyway, at the bar Barbara bought some pitchers of beer for a group of college guys that took an interest in her and the rest is history as we have arrived at our room with 11 college guys ready to explode. Barbara went into the bathroom and here is where I’ll pick this up in present tense.

“You guys might want to begin to take off your clothes and lay them over here because when Barbara comes out you’ll need to be free of clothing” I told them. They began to disrobe. They knew each other well and were anxious, almost giggly.

Barbara came out, I turned on the video camera for the first time during this sexual revolution in our marriage, and she was wearing her thong and pink sweater. Her nipples were really poking through. One of the guys went up to her and deeply kissed her and began to grope her tits. Three other guys quickly followed. Two behind her the other in front began to lift her sweater off over her head while she continued to be groped and deeply kissed. The two behind her were actually on their knees chewing on her ass cheeks. Another guy came up on his knees and began to pull the thong down and she stepped out of it. That guy in front on his knees pushed at her thighs and Barbara spread them while still standing and making out with this guy. Once her legs were spread he began to lap at her pussy.

“Come on let’s get her on the bed so we can all work on her!” said one of the guys not presently involved.

Barbara broke the lip lock and, with her heels still on, walked over to the bed and laid down and spread her legs inviting them in. The lip-locker was the first on board and he shoved his cock in to the hilt. I might say that none of these guys had anything to be embarrassed about physically. They were all 20-22 yrs old, bodies were all buff, and they all were prominently hung. I have about 7 inches, I’m not small but these guys were easily my size and larger. There were two guys that were really heavy hung, but all in all, Barbara was in for some fucking.

Barbara had her feet swinging in the air as this guy really was energetic. She was talking slut talk in his ear. “That’s it shove your cock in my pussy. You don’t have to worry go ahead cum in me. Give me your cum, fuck me, that’s it fuck me, give me your cum.” This guy grunted and unloaded his cum. He held there a few seconds and the other guys started to get on him “Come on man we all want a turn!” So he pulled out and the next guy was on. Now the energy was taking over. Barbara was trying to talk to this guy but because of the sheer force of the fucking she was only grunting. One after the other kept climbing on and cumming in my wife. Her head now was being slammed into the head board as number 7 was fucking her. One guy got up on the bed and told her to open her mouth and when she did he dopped his load in her mouth. She closed her mouth and swallowed. The boys loved that. Number 9 was fucking her as another guy dropped a load into her mouth. These guys recovery was spectacular there were so many hard dicks hanging out that it was like nobody had fucked at all. They all fucked her pussy. She got up and sat down on a cock up her butt and another guy was between her legs and he began to fuck her pussy. This double penetration lasted for about 10 minutes. Barbara took her first load in her ass and she was turned onto her stomach with her hips on pillows to raise her ass up and the guys lined up and all gangbanged her ass. While she was grunting and huffing and her ass was being slammed she continued to use her hands to spread her ass so they could get deeper. The guys seemed to reenergize watching her huge ass ripple and roll as she was repeatedly buttfucked. They got her head wedged in between the headboard and the mattress and no matter how hard she pushed against the headboard to get released their slamming kept her pinned. They were like a tag team. She was fucked 12 straight times in the ass. They got her out of the bed and bent her over the back of the stuffed chair and they took turns having her suck their cocks and fucking whichever hole they pleased from behind. She ate 4 loads in this position and 8 guys fucked her from behind. Now she staggered over to the bed and laid down on her back and spread her legs and they were on her again. This time only 6 guys fucked her and 2 guys dropped cum in her mouth and she swallowed it. Two guys want ed to butt fuck her again so she rolled over and spread her ass. 4 guys fucked her butt and the energy was now gone. There was one more hard cock and she let him fuck her pussy. They all got dressed and soon were gone. Barbara stayed naked the whole time they were dressing and leaving. Cum was rolling out of her butt and pussy. Once they were gone she went for a shower. “God how many times did I get fucked?” I said that I’d have to watch the video to count. So we watched the video and counted and I gently fucked her sore asshole and shot my load into her.

So Barbara’s personal best was 8 loads of cum swallowed, pussy fucked 27 times, and her big butt fucked 17 times and all was bareback. She could hardly walk to the car the next morning. The drive home we had to stop many times so she could get off her pussy and ass. She tried to lay back in the seat but that didn’t help much.

“You know, you may not like this, but, I think I’m through letting anybody fuck me” she said. “It may happen some day again but I think I’ve all I want.”

“I can understand your feeling that way especially this morning. But all you had to do was say ‘no or stop’ and it was over” I said.

“But at least now I like being butt fucked and I swallow like a slut.”

“And you can talk like a slut I love it.”

“I’m sure you do!”

– The End –

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