College time romance with my lover – part 2

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Hello everyone,

Ritu is semi nude with her boyfriend Naman as lot of drinks have made me a little slut and now as Naman put his arm in my shoulder, I just kissed his face but it’s my left soft boobs getting pressed on his chest and as Naman hold my hairs and starts kissing my lips, I inches closer to him and things starts changing as our lips get locked as we both are holding eachother in arms. So a 21 years sexy gal got fucked with her dad as I lost my virginity but breaking hymns is not a moment where things will stop but it’s the start of sexual life and going hard with my dad on bed as mom was watching it seems a committed sin but no guilt as in resort’s room, Ritu just took out her lips from his mouth but feeling bit hot, I pushed my long tongue inside his mouth. Naman is in his undies only as he is sucking my tongue and my hand is touching his bulge of penis on cloth as his hand is on my back, so he is sucking my tongue hard as my hand is rubbing his back and in a minute I pushed his head back as I took out my tongue from his mouth. We both are well drunk as walked to bed and now as I sit on bed with knees bend it seems to be a kaam position for couples but Naman is infront of me ” baby, I have assured you of not getting physical but

(I hold his bulge) it’s my pleasure to get physical with you but today you will get something more. ” And as I told him, he just pushed me on bed, so unconscious mind with desires made me feel horny and while sleeping on bed, I am waiting for his love.

Ritu’s boobs are going up as well as down with fast breaths and like a hungry wolf Naman starts kissing my boobs as he is squeezing other one’s hard, on my top a guy is leaning as my hand is rubbing his back but soon as he removed my front laced bra, my both arms tried to cover it but he is not polite with his hands holding my arms and he than starts pressing my soft boobs as he opened his mouth to swallow my left breast and as he starts sucking it hard, I starts rubbing my nails on his back and my sexy sounds ” uh oh ah um suck suck hard ” as he is sucking his mom’s breast, not true but of her lover and as my vagina starts itching, he just left my breast and looking at me ” let me drink milk first ” as I turned my face feeling shy and Naman took my right breast in his mouth as he starts sucking it hard, so feel like some ants are running in my vagina and as I put my both thighs crossed to rub my vagina’s labia while rubbing my thighs, I don’t think if I give chances to guys my cunt will ever be thirsty and as I am too aroused ” uh oh Naman please leave it aah I am dying for your cock ” and he left my reddish breast as he moved to washroom, so I felt my cunt getting sticky as cum have filled the hole.

Ritu like a shameless gal removed her G string as I am completely nude on bed and looking at me Naman get aggressive, so he pulled down his undies and his erected penis of 6-7 inches (length) with 2 inches thickness is too below of my dad’s penis but it’s mine for a long time. So he came on bed as he starts rubbing my thighs to legs and as he stretched my thighs, he is eyeing at my wet cunt ” so you have lost your cum, have to lick it?

(Me) as you wish dear ” but than he hold a bath towel as he starts cleaning my vagina with it and now I can expect his hard cock in my vagina. Naman put a pillow under my buttocks as my legs are apart and while he starts kissing it I am in heaven ” oh uh fuck me fuck soon ” so he put his face up as he asked ” really you want to lose your virginity ” and I nodded my head to give him reply.

I have put a contraceptive pill as it’s in my purse but feeling too shy I can’t think how to explain it to Naman, so he knelt in between my thighs as he hold his penis and starts rubbing it’s glans on my hole but as his cock starts going inside, I just screamed louder ” uh oh Naman with no protection you are going to fuck me, so want a baby soon ” as he is deaf and dumb right now, so his 2/3 penis vanishes inside it as I am feeling too hot and as he put his hand on my waist, I made my mind to get a hard jerk soon as he did and what a penetration it is as I felt bit pain ” uh oh you demon, don’t make it yours mom cunt ” as he laughed and now he is fucking me hard with one hand squeezing my breast and feeling too hot I just said…… ” Dear fuck me but use a pill inside it as it’s in my purse ” but soon he leaned on my top as he starts kissing my lips while moving his waist fast, his penis is not so long and thick as of my dad and he is going hard with my arms holding him tight ” uh oh ah give give me a hard fuck but don’t cum inside till you insert the pill ” and he is on fire as his penis is giving me a fuck pleasure for first time and getting fucked with dad’s cock while losing my virginity was a normal painful act but pleasure is here on top but after a while, Naman left my cunt as both frisked inside washroom. Ritu urinates there as she washed her vagina and back on bed with a pill ‘Today “, as it’s a long pill used as contraceptive, so as he sits near my legs I gave him the pill and he was unaware of it’s use as I explained him. Now he put his finger in my little wider vagina as he pushes the pill into it’s depth, so feeling horny and like a slut I said ” dear let pill melt first as you can make me your slave than ” and his long erected penis is making me thirsty, so wake up as he get laid on bed and like her sexy slut, I hold his penis as I swallows it to suck but it’s for a brief period only and as pill gets melt in my vagina I will get fucked till he cums. Ritu is sucking her lover’s penis as he is screaming in pleasure ” uh oh ah don’t suck hard otherwise I will cum soon ” so as I felt his penis a rock hard fleshy tool, I just left his penis but being a hot viewer of porn videos I put my sexy nude body in doggy position and like a fuck buddy, he lost his cool as he sits behind my buttocks. Ritu looked back as Naman’s cock is in his hand, so he widened my legs as I felt his soft glans in my sticky cunt and it’s a pill that have lubricated my vagina, so his hard dick is moving inside and as he fucked hard I screamed louder ” oh God! even dad’s cock was not so hard ” and my voice have made me more afraid of what’s in my statement. So getting fucked from behind as I am enjoying it with his one hand squeezing my tits, I am too aroused and starts swinging my V shaped buttocks fast as he is also hot ” uh oh ah I will cum soon baby ” and as his hot sticky semen came inside I just got relaxed but my vagina was not fully satisfied, so I looked back ” your ejaculation was too early.

(He took out his penis) baby you have already lost your virginity before getting fucked with me. ” I am voiceless as I moved towards washroom……

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