Dad made me nude inside car

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Hello friends,

Ritu have had a great fuck session with her lover Naman as getting fucked with my dad for losing virginity was like dream comes true but after it, Naman and Ritu have a great day as my life full of study and boredom gets some romantic fuels as well as physical pleasure, I can’t figure myself to everyone as I have made my curvy figure more slim with exercises and proper diet, so a 5’6 inches tall sexy gal with her small round boobs as well as V shaped buttocks as my smooth thighs with fleshy reddish labia are glittering, you can’t leave neutral with my nude body’s look. Dad, a busy official on Sunday was sitting in balcony with his hairs coloured as mom have put some mehndi in his hairs, so I walked to him with my sexy legs to half parts of thighs nude and as I got refreshed, I just stand in front of him and waiting for a cup of tea as maid Sheela with mom and elder brother all are in home, so dad said ” sit down baby, don’t show your nude legs

(I sits on opposite side) oh! seems to be in love with me

(He) Ritu, don’t be so shameless as your brother is also here. ” and after a while I have my tea as dad moved towards home, so making him a crazy men with my seducing sexy body and after an hour as I have already taken breakfast, mom came to me and asked….. ” Ritu dad is going to meet a friend as you have to go to beauty parlour, so you

(Me) oh sure, ask him to wait for a while as I want to put some clothes. ” and than I removed my shorts as well as tops, so put a blue colored short dress as bikini on waist and a push-up brassier on boobs. now I walked towards dinning space as dad was putting sandals on legs and than both moved out of home as it’s morning 09:35 am, both walked to parking space and dad opened the door of car while I sits on front seat of car as dad starts the car, a weekend holiday as roads are deserted and dad looking at me said ” you need facial as well as pedicure and manicure baby

(Me) sure dad and you. but he remains voiceless as my short dress have gone upto my half of thighs as dad was eyeing at it like a hungry wolf, god save me from him! as I was not praying for it but need some oral sex right now, so as car turned towards Nalanda medical College, I was wondering of dad’s meet with friend and lastly he put car in a deserted place with windows as well as door locked.

Ritu seems horny but showing my stiff resistance, I asked ” dad, leave me at market area as I will have my facial and pedicure so after meeting your friends just receive me ” but dad smiled ” sure but now just move to back seat ” as he bend the seat of car and hold my arms, so I moved first to back seat as it’s a white spacious lancer car, I am feeling hot and now my lovely dad came to me as both hold eachother in arms. Ritu hold his dad’s neck as I kissed him hard and as my short dress gone up, dad took me on his lap with my sexy butts on his both thighs, I am a crazy gal and now I starts dominating him with my both knees bend as I made an opposite position on him and he than hold my dress as he lifts up. Ritu starts kissing her dad’s face to lips as his hand is moving on my sexy butts and lastly, I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he starts sucking it hard and his hand is rubbing my back with doors and windows locked of our car, our relations is in vain and as he is sucking my tongue I can feel his hand searching my bikini lock as he unhooked it to make my cunt nude. now dad’s saliva is mixing with my saliva as I felt it dripping from my mouth, so pushed his face as I put my head on his shoulder and while rubbing my back, he said….. ” you will get time for facial as well pedicure, so have fun first ” and now dad is a hot men with his hand making me sit on seat and as he lifted my short dress I have put my thighs crossed to cover up my vagina as he hold my one thigh to distract it from others and like a slut gal I put my both legs widened as on sit, so showing my vagina to dad as he just sit on my legs but unzipped his jeans first to show his penis and like a hungry gal I hold it.

Lancer, a spacious car as daughter made her dad sit with his head on windows pan and than while holding his penis, I starts jerking it slowly and it’s a nice bed in car as I have bend my face down to his cock and as I kisses his penis, I smelt it natural but it’s my mouth getting thirsty for his penis, so taste as well as smell doesn’t matter and as I swallows his glans to half of cock, my sexy body in a doggy position is giving him a good space to touch my sexual organs as he hold my breast on dress with other hand on my buttocks and now making my mouth too fast while giving it a hard blowjob, he is screaming ” uh oh ah too sexy than your mom aah uuh um ” and my mouth is getting the taste of his urine but seems to be more tasty than vanila flavour ice-cream and as my dad screws his long finger in my vagina I felt too aroused as his thick cock is in my mouth and my mouth starts watering first as saliva is making his cock wet and while dad is fingering my cunt fast, I felt his penis hitting my deep throat and I took out his cock to feel relaxed. a dad starts squeezing his daughter’s boobs but I am a horny slut as I removed my short dress with brassier also and getting nude in front of him was like giving him a call to fuck me, let me see what’s in his mind as dad took out his jeans and now I am a whore gal on seat with legs apart as dad put his face in between my thighs to love my vagina. Ritu have made her vagina available to dad as well as lover Naman and as he is kissing my vagina hard, I am sounding sexy ” uh oh dad my vagina is in fire, lick it fast ” as nude daughter’s vagina get dad’s tongue rolling inside……. to be continued.

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