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Colouring the life of a widow – part 18

Mira is in illicit relation with me as she has got the taste of my friend’s dick also. She is a 40 years old widow and her life style has changed in last one year as I fucked her to colour her life and she has great love for sex with me as my two friends…. John and Michael have also fucked her. She is now a modern era lady as her dressing sense and physical appearances have changed drastically. She is in a modern outfit of knee length skirt as well as kurti, I can see her arms pit clean shaved as my hand is on her soft boobs to press it hard. We both are in a deserted ridge zone as we are sitting behind dense bushes and I have hold her in my arms..

Mira is sitting on my lap as I can feel her heavy ass pressing on my penis bulge. She has put her arms on my shoulder as her legs are wrapped on my waist, while holding her tightly I can feel her boobs on my chest as my lips are kissing are her lips and face. She took no time to push her tongue in my mouth as I have hold her tightly in my arms. While sucking her tongue my hand is lifting her kurti up and I pushed my hand inside her kurti to feel her soft touch. Now she took out her tongue from my mouth and left my lap to sleep on grass. Her knee length skirt has moved upto her waist as I can see her panty covering her genital zone and I leaned on her thigh to kiss it, I kissed her thighs and removed her panty to uncover her vagina. Now she stands on her legs as I knelt down and lifted her skirt upto her waist, my lips are kissing her labias as she is opening the vaginal hole with her fingers. Now I pushed my long tongue in her vagina as her hole is wide to have it easily. My penis is in full erection as my tongue is fucking her vagina fastly. Now Mira is screaming in joy as I left her cunt for a short break..

Mira washed her cunt after a while as she is curious to suck my penis. Now looking at Mira, I removed my pant and briefs as my long cock is rock hard. Now she came closer to me and hold the grith of my penis, her face is on my penis as she is running the glans on her lips and slowly she took my long cock in her mouth to suck, as I am sitting n grass, she bends herself to suck my penis as her face is downwards to earth, her sexy ass is upwards and while she is sucking my cock fastly, I put my hand on her ass to massage it, Mira took out my wet dick as her tongue is moving on my penis from base to glans. Now I pushed my long finger in her vagina as she licked my penis for a while but she is a nice cock sucker as she started sucking my cock and I am fingering her cunt fastly. Now my one hand is on her head as I started fucking her mouth with my penis from below and my finger is fucking her flexible vagina. She is in pleasure as my penis is going inside her mouth and glans hitting her deep throat. My finger has got the vaginal juice, as I took it out from her cunt and took it in my mouth to taste its vaginal juice. Now my pre-cum is coming out of penis as I took it out from her mouth, she is licking my cum and I put my finger in her vaginal juice to make my finger wet and pushed it in Mira’s mouth as she sucked my finger to taste her own cum..

I walked away from her to urinate and came back. Mira is on her knees and elbows as I pushed my long cock in her vagina and started fucking her glory hole while holding her waist. Mira is swinging her ass fast as my penis is hitting her vagina to cervix and I am penetrating her vagina with speed and power. I am fucking her from behind as she is swinging her ass fast and lastly I shouted….. “Oohh aahh my darling I will cum have it you whore. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina as she took it out from her cunt to suck it and got the taste of cum. Our sex ends in a ridge zone.

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