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Dirty Wrestling – Dirty Sex Tales

Sara was standing in the middle of the floor of the basement in the tower block of flats where she lived. It was late evening and Sara was looking at the old man stood before her smiling as she did, Sara asked the old man how old he was and got the reply of 69 years of age. Sara laughed and told the old man that she was 16 years of age and had been wrestling since she was 14 years old and in that two years had only lost one fight, she also told him that she belonged to a street gang and knew how to fight and was not scared to hurt any one, Shane smiled said ” I might be old but no gym slip of a girl like you will beat me. Sara grinned and told Shane that if she sneezed she would blow him away, Shane told Sara that if she fought as well as she bragged he would have problems, Sara got annoyed at this and told Shane it was his last chance to save face and back down, Shane raised his eye brows and told Sara he would not back down and would take great pleasure in beating her at dirty wrestling and all the perks that came with being the winner. Sara looked at him said ” ok you skinny old fart you have had your warnings now get prepared to get your ass kicked”  and took her wind cheater off and hung it over the beam behind her. Shane faced her said ” ready when you” Sara threw a punch at Shane catching him on the chin sending him staggering backwards, Shane recovered his balance and told Sara that punch was the only one that would land and when Sara took a kick at him quickly grabbed her by the ankle and threw it in the air sending Sara falling to the floor, Sara got up and dived at Shane who dodged Sara tripping her as she went past, Sara fell to the floor before she could get up Shane sat on her back, Sara was surprised at how heavy Shane felt and how hard the slaps were that Shane delivered to her face, after half a dozen slaps Shane got off Sara’s back grabbed her pony tail and pulled Sara to her feet the with out letting go of the pony tail delivered a dozen more slaps to Sara’s face before forcing her head down and gripping it tightly between his knees, Sara struggled to get free but was unable to, Shane reached down grabbed the bottom of Sara’s tee shirt pulled it right up to her shoulders then released her head and pulled the tee shirt right over Sara’s head and off, Sara backed away then charged at Shane who stepped to one side and  hit Sara on the back of the head as she went by, Sara was stunned from the hit and staggered, Shane slapped Sara a few times as she staggered Sara became more stunned Shane reached out grabbed the back of Sara’s bra by the straps and started pulling her around the pushed her to the floor pulled hard on the straps until the clip broke, Shane pulled the bra hard , the bra pulled away from Sara’s body, Shane threw it to one side then stood back and waited for Sara to regain her sense, Sara stood Shane smiled at the sight of the girls naked boobs, Sara again charged at Shane and again landed on the floor when Shane hit her as she passed him when he side stepped, Shane quickly sat on Sara with his back to her to face reached down and removed her shoes then undid her jeans and along with her panties pushed them down then stood and very quickly spun round reached down grabbed Sara’s jeans and tugged them off her leaving Sara naked, Sara got to her feet hit out at Shane who blocked the punch by grabbing her wrist and pushing hard, Sara fell to the floor landing on her back, Shane sat on her stomach said ” you got a nice pair of tits” and started to gently rub them, Sara realised that she had been beaten, Shane started pinching Sara’s nipples after a few minutes he stopped reached behind himself and ran his hand between Sara’s legs and over her shaved clit, then started pinching her nipples with his free hand, Shane stopped rubbing between Sara’s legs and inserted a finger into her love tube and was not surprised to feel it was moist, after probing for a couple of minutes Shane removed his finger turned back bent forward and started to suck Sara’s nipples then spent after a couple of minutes of sucking Shane pinched the erect nipples of the heavily breathing girl, then after a few minutes stopped got up turned around then sat back down on Sara’s stomach and pushed three fingers in side Sara’s very wet love tube and probed around for a coupe of minutes pushing his fingers in as far as they would go, Shane stopped pushing his fingers in and out pulled his fingers right out waited for a short while then bent forward placed his head between the girls legs and started to lick the love tube of the moaning girl before inserting his tongue inside and probing, after a couple of minutes Shane pulled his tongue out waited a short while before standing up then turning to face Sara undid his trousers and lowered them then after a short time parted Sara’s legs and knelt between them and rubbed the lips of her love tube, he then stopped bent forward and pushed his solid dick right into and up Sara’s love tube resting a very short time before he started thrusting in and out getting harder with each inward thrust after a few minutes Shane felt Sara cum but did not stop his thrusting and after thrusting away for a few minutes more felt Sara cum a second time before pulling his dick out and squirting his cum over Sara’s body. Shane stood up looked at Sara and told her she was a good fighter against amateur fighters but he had spent 14 years fighting with the para’s in the army, Sara smiled looked at Shane and told him he was good, Shane said ” if you ever want a return match just call me, Sara said “ok I will but am not going through all that fighting just to get fucked good” then got up and dressed. The pair walked out the basement laughing.

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