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European Protest by Barbie – My Sex Stories

My best friend and I are both college freshmen and although we attend different colleges, they are only 60 miles apart. We get together often and recently she turned me on to your story web site. She says it’s gotten really popular among the girls in her dorm and that some of the girls have started to send in their own stories. I’ve read dozens of stories so far from the “Straight Fucking and Groups and Gangbangs” categories, and I’ve decided to write to you about one of my more memorable experiences.

It took place about three years ago when my family spent a year oversees. My dad had gotten a consulting contract from the US Military and we had to move to Germany for a year. I hated the idea of leaving all my friends, and what made it even worse is that I had not one, but 3 guys interested in me. This move was really going to screw up my life.

I rebelled in a truly ineffective way. I didn’t like the idea of drugs, and the one time I had tried to drink I wound up making myself really ill. But sex! God I loved sex and I knew that I could always find willing partners. Having sex behind my parents’ backs was a way to protest what I thought was a really unfair situation.

As you cant tell, I wasn’t a virgin when I got to Germany. Both my best friend and I become sexually active a few months earlier, just after the end of our freshman year. Neither of us wanted start the new school year as virgins, so we made a pact at the beginning of that summer to lose our cherries before we returned to school. Since both of us are quite attractive, we knew we wouldn’t have any problem finding guys willing to have sex with us. But we weren’t willing to just jump into bed or the back seat with the first cute guy who came along. There were reputations to be worried about. Guys talk and neither of us wanted to risk putting out for a guy who didn’t know the meaning of the word “discretion”.

Luckily, her family had a summer cabin on a lake. We were spending a couple weeks up there and we managed to hook up with two cute guys who were several years older than us. The two of us were showing off in our bikinis, and they started flirting with us. Within three days, both of us had sex with both guys. The second day we knew them, I paired up with one guy and let him fuck me while my friend lost her cherry in the next room. We were so proud of ourselves. The next day we switched partners. We had sex every day for the next week, sometimes two or three times a day.

When we returned home, we were both ready for more sex, but like I said, we didn’t want to just fuck a lot of guys indiscriminantly. I got my chance for more sex when I met a new guy at my parents’ tennis club. He saw me in my cute little tennis outfit and started flirting with me. He was several years older and I knew my parents wouldn’t approve of my dating him, so saw him during the days when my parents were at work. I went to bed with him a week after meeting him. You know the old saying of “When it rains it pours”. Well it rained cute guys. Our neighbor’s grandson came to spend the summer and he was hot. I made sure he saw me sunbathing in my back yard in the tiniest bikini I owned. He came over to meet me and I found out he was a couple years older. Within an hour of meeting him, I was on my back letting him fuck the daylights out of me. Both he and the guy from the tennis club were interested in spending a lot of time with me and I got laid almost every day. The third guy was a young assistant coach from my softball team. He was a college baseball player who volunteered to help coach us because his sister was on the team. I sneaked out to see him too and we had sex in the back of his mini-van.

Anyway, I was having a great summer with plenty of sex when my parents dropped the bombshell – meaning the year in Germany – on me. I was so mad I could hardly keep from screaming at them. They couldn’t understand why I was so upset. In their minds, living in Europe for a year should have been an exciting experience for me and we would only be away for a year. I couldn’t tell them about my three “boy friends” and a month later I found myself in Germany.

My dad was a civilian, but contractors and their families were allowed access to the base and use of its facilities. A few weeks after arriving, I was at he recreational building using the pool. There were other kids about my age, some were from civilian families whose parents were working as contractors for the military, and some were officer’s kids.

I was wearing a cute one piece bathing suit with high cut hip openings that made my legs look really long and sexy. My legs are very nice. Even though I’m just 5 foot 1, they are long in relation to my body, and they are really pretty. I have a nice figure too. My tits aren’t big, but they are cute in terms of shape. They are firm, round and perky, and I have tiny pink nipples. My total measurements are 33B-24-32.

Two cute guys, Jon and Howie came over to talk to me. They were brothers, 3 and 4 years older than me, and they were cute. Their father was a major, and they had been at the base for about 2 years. They offered to show me around and I took them up on it.

It didn’t take long for me to start sleeping with them. I didn’t have to choose between them, they were more than willing to share. A week after I met them, we had a threesome, my very first. I discovered some things about myself. First, I like to have sex in front of other people. Having Jon fuck me while Howie watched was quite a turn on. Second, I don’t necessarily need, but I do like big penises. The two brothers had 7 inch penises. Up until then, I had slept with 5 guys, and they were all in the 5 to 6 inch range.

The first time I got together with the two brothers, I was a little scared. Two guys at one time and tow big penises. It was a little painful taking all 7 inches of Jon into me, but he was gentle. Howie took his turn and by then Jon had kind of stretched me, and his cum had made my pussy slippery inside so I took all of his penis without a complaint. They both raved about how soft and tight my pussy is. He had a really powerful climax which made me climax too.

Two days later they tried to do anal sex to me and I hated it. Howie got his penis about 1/3 of the way in before I made him stop. I’m not sure why guys like to fuck a girl in the rectum when she is willing to share the most delicate, intimate part of her body, her pussy, with them. I made Howie go and wash his dick off with soap and hot water before I would touch it again. While he was away, Jon took over and gave my tight little pussy and gentle stroke session.

Then something unimaginable to me, and exciting happened. I was on top of Howie in the cowgirl position when I felt Jon behind me. I said “no” to another try at anal sex. But he said that wasn’t what he had in mind. Then I felt his dick entering my pussy while Howie was already in it. It hurt, but it was too exciting for me to make them stop. Soon I had both guys pushing 6 inches or so into me. One would push in while the other pulled partway out. They pushed and pulled in opposite directions.

After a couple minutes of that I made them stop so they wouldn’t rub the interior of my little pussy raw.

They both fucked me gently in my preferred missionary position and I walked home to the sensation of warm cum soaking into my panties.

They weren’t the only cute guys hanging around the base. I fucked 8 guys in the first two months I was over there.

Then just before Christmas, my first gang bang took place. Basically, every guy who I let fuck me knew everybody else. I didn’t care. At home I was afraid of being branded a slut, but I didn’t care what they thought over there. As my parents said, we would only be there a year.

I was hanging out with 4 of the guys one afternoon when one of the guys asked if I was going to give each of them a Christmas fuck. I asked if he meant one at a time, or all together. He said both. That’s when the gang bang started. I stripped while the guys worked out who was going to go first. Then I laid back and spread my pretty little legs and let the first guy do me while the rest watched. Each guy followed. The first guy, Issac finished fucking me and went to use the phone to call Howie and Jon to tell them what was going one. We were having our little sex party at Rick’s house, and the two brothers were there in a flash, with a couple guys I had never met. As it turned out, they had two cousins who had come for a visit. Issac had also called the two other guys I had fucked previously, and they got there pretty darn quick, but they also brought a couple of friends.

In total, I fucked 12 guys that afternoon. It was mostly in the missionary position because it’s less tiring for the girl than cowgirl and less hard on the back than doggie.

I told them I really enjoyed it and agreed to let them again.

A week later, two days after Christmas we decided to have an early New Year’s Celebration gang bang.

This time they invited more guys. I found myself in a room with 21 guys. There was one guy, Tureek, who was black, the first black guy I would ever fuck, and another, Nick who was the first hispanic sex partner of my life. My first interracial fucks. Tureek was fun. He had a good sized penis, about 7 1/2 inches and I liked seeing his dark black cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I was on my back with some cushions to hold my head and shoulders up and I could look down at my little blonde pubic patch and the tiny pink lips of my pussy. Seeing the contrast between his dark flesh and my pink and blonde pussy was so erotic.

The real topper though was a guy name Cal. He was a hot, buffed blonde with a huge, and I do mean huge penis. He told me it was 10 1/8 inches long and I believed him. It was so huge he could of told me it was a foot long and wouldn’t have doubted it. The head was the size of a handball, and the shaft portion was too big for my hand to fit all the way around it.

They guys all gathered round to watch him enter me. He had me hold the lips wide apart while he rubbed the tip up and down against my opening to start putting it in. I was amazed at how it felt. It didn’t hurt a lot, but I really felt the entrance of my pussy being stretched. He got about half way in when I had to ask him to stop going further until I got used to it. I must have taken him 10 minutes to get all the way into me. It hurt when he hit bottom and I told him he couldn’t fuck me that deep. He used my little pussy to milk about 8 inches of his giant dick. When he got ready to climax he couldn’t resist and he shoved completely into me again. Since he wasn’t pounding in and out it wasn’t painful for more than a brief moment and I got to feel a huge gush of semen, then another, then another hitting me deep inside.

I must have climaxed a dozen times that night as I let all 21 guys fuck me. Some came back for seconds but buy then I was too worn out to fuck back. If they wanted to enjoy being inside of me, they could, but I just wouldn’t use my hips or vaginal muscles to fuck them back.

I was sore for a couple of days afterwards too.

By the time I left Germany, I had let 39 different guys fuck me. It was a wild year. My parents didn’t know what I was up to so it wasn’t much a way to rebell. Oh well, I got to grow sexually.

– The End –

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