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Lara Begins Part I by Reggy

Inspector Ramos and Doctor Symon entered the small cafe just outside of the large port city. It was small, seating maybe twenty-five, and quite warm and cozy. The shop served a variety of teas and wines, and some small snacks and treats, mostly fruits and pastries. They took a seat near the rear, and watched the patrons and the waiters go about their business.

“I am telling you, Symon,” said Ramos, “that this girl is our ticket to Alderaan, and probably the other Minga besides. No one, I repeat, no one, has ever escaped from the Minga. And it is no secret that Alderaan is the most powerful of the group. They have held the Guild in thrall for centuries. This is our change to gain a wedge or a lever into their organization.”

It was no secret that the Minga actually had control over the Guild. The Minga was the sole supplier of navigators and steersman for the Guild’s ships. And the Guild had a monopoly on all space travel. But what should have been an agreeable arrangement was slowly turning into an advantage for the Minga. And the Minga pressed the advantage at every turn, slowly bringing the Guild to its knees.

The two men continued to sit in their corner and watch the shop. A young blonde girl, barely five feet tall, entered and began making pots of tea. She hardly weighed one hundred pounds and she moved with the smooth grace of a dancer. Both men noticed the sway of the hips and jiggle of the breasts. Though the girl was only a c cup, she appeared much larger because of her petite frame. And her clothing, while modest and simple, did nothing to hide her sexuality and beauty.

“That must be Lara, the girl we seek,” said Symon. “It makes sense to me. She stands out, with her blonde hair and the frame. And it is a joy just to watch her move.”

“It is hard to believe she is twenty-five,” said Inspector Ramos. “She could quite easily pass for seventeen. It must have been something in her diet when she was in the service of Alderaan.”

Both men became startled when they noticed the girl begin to walk towards their table. She had a soft smile playing about her lips, and the fact that she was carrying a tray with tea and fruit did nothing to hide her seductiveness. She reached the table and set the tray down.

“Good evening, gentlemen. I am Lara. One of you is Inspector Ramos and the other Doctor Symon. I am sorry I do not know who is who. Please enjoy some refreshment. I will be back in a few minutes to answer your questions,” said Lara.

The two shocked men watched Lara walk away, and then slowly began to pour some tea and nibble on the fruit.

“She knew exactly who we were,” said Inspector Ramos. “This is no child we are dealing with here, Symon. She is experienced, not only in bed, but also probably in some politics and with people in general. We must tread carefully!”

Symon only nodded. He was to busy watching Lara approach her table. As she approached and seated herself, Symon became aware that he had a very painful and profound erection!

Lara seated herself and poured some tea. Inspector Ramos opened his briefcase and pulled out a small recorder. He placed it on the table and activated it. Doctor Symon took out a notepad. He preferred to observe nuances, such as body language and facial expression. Both men made themselves comfortable.

“Where shall I begin?” asked Lara.

“I think,” said Dr. Symon, “from the very beginning.”

“Yes,” said Inspector Ramos, “that would be wise. From the very start, if you please, Lara.”

Lara sighed and took a slow sip of tea. She smiled softly and began her story:

“I was but sixteen, gentlemen. My father, as both of you probably know, was a consulting engineer doing research work for the Guild. He was on a small island on the planet Rossak. My mother and I were on the mainland where I was attending school.

“Over a holiday, my mother and I flew to meet him. We were to spend an entire week with him, relaxing, taking in the beaches, and in general just having a good time. My father’s associate, Dr. Chalmers, a fellow engineer, also brought his wife and two sons to the island at the same time.

Dr. Symon listened, periodically making notes. Inspector Ramos watched his recording device.

“One beautiful, sunny day,” continued Lara, “all of us had decided we should picnic at a lake my father knew about. We packed up the hampers and food and set off early in the morning. The lake was indeed quite spectacular. The boys and I swam, and the adults enjoyed the outdoors and fresh air.

“What we did not know,” Lara went on, “is that there was a mutant and cyborg camp less than two miles away. The previous night, there had been a breakout. The mutants and cyborgs were roaming the area.

Dr. Symon nodded. During the Vegan wars, the mutants and cyborgs did most of the fighting. The peace treaty outlawed all mutant and cyborg creation. The remaining mutants and cyborgs were put in camps, due to their extreme violent nature. At times, however, some occasionally popped up, created for special purposes.

“The attack,” continued Lara, “was quite brutal. The men were killed instantly, including my father. We three women, my mother, Mrs. Chalmers, and myself, were another matter.

Inspector Ramos shivered. He knew, from experience, that a military attack would have human controllers. The attack would be short, direct, brutal, and inflict the maximum number of casualties. Then the attacking force would leave quickly. But this was no military attack. The women would be brutalized, the men and boys killed. It was nothing but a sheer venting of rage by the mutants and cyborgs.

“I saw my father’s head smashed by a large rock,” said Lara. “I became paralyzed with fear; all movement was impossible. I saw Mrs. Chalmers get pulled to the ground, and all of her clothing was torn off of her body!

Lara paused for a moment to collect her thoughts and emotions. The memory was quite emotional and very, very disturbing to her.

“Perhaps you need a pause, my dear,” said Dr. Symon. He poured Lara some fresh tea.

Lara paused a few moments to recollect her thoughts, and then she continued on.

“A rather large mutant,” she said, “charged me. He was easily seven or eight feet tall, quite brown, and very, very muscular. He grabbed me and tore my bikini from me, and then he began to play in between my legs with his fingers. Now, gentlemen, please keep in mind his fingers were in proportion to the rest of his frame!

Lara blushed and giggled. “Excuse me, gentlemen, but sometimes, when I remember some of my experiences, I get quite aroused. And in discussion, such as this, I may get embarrassed.

Dr. Symon smiled softly. “We do understand, Lara. Please continue with this at your own pace.

“Well, gentlemen, I found this sensation quite exquisite!” continued Lara. “He continued until I was aroused, then he entered me. I thought I would break in two from his size; he hurt me quite a bit. And, at that time, I was a virgin. It was quite painful. He pumped that oversized penis in me for what seemed an eternity, then he climaxed. It felt like a gallon of fluid had entered me! But, gentlemen, something was happening. I liked the sensations and the feelings going through me. And when he finished and tossed me on the sand, I was quite confused.

Dr. Symon made some notes. He knew the statistics. Ninety-eight percent of the women who were taken by a mutant or cyborg died. One and one-half percent went hopelessly insane. The one half of one percent who enjoyed it was in demand, as breeders and to provide these creatures with sexual pleasure. And it was the only way these women could enjoy sex.

“I really don’t know what happened, to a point, Sirs,” continued Lara. “I know I was passed around between several of the mutants. I was in a bit of a trance. At some point, my mind completely gave into the pleasure.

Inspector Ramos noticed, as Lara paused, she had become quite red. The blush on her face was very deep. She was fidgeting in her seat, and appeared to be experiencing a bit of discomfort.

“Continue whenever you are ready, Lara dear,” said Dr. Symon.

“Well, this is a bit hard to talk about, Sirs,” said Lara. Dr. Symon smiled to himself. This was the point where she would go completely over to the alien, mutant, and cyborg side. This is the part where she would give in, and lose herself completely in the pleasure. He removed a new pen and prepared to write.

“Well,” said Lara, “at some point I came out of the swoon. I found myself straddling a large, dark green mutant, trying to take all of a rough penis that was, perhaps, fourteen inches long. It hurt, but I embraced the pain, and worshipped the pleasure! I finally managed to fit some of him in me, and began to rock a bit back and forth on him. His rough, coarse penis was causing unbelievable sensations inside me.

“Next, Sirs, I completely lost all control,” continued Lara with a very deep blush. “Another mutant approached from the rear, and with his claws started to pinch my nipples. Then, he slowly, oh so slowly, entered my anus. I leaned forward to accommodate him. Between the pain and the pleasure, it was heavenly! I rocked back and forth, feeling the two huge penises rub together inside me! I had wave after wave of orgasm, and gave completely into the sensations.

“I don’t know how long this went on. It seemed as if it would last forever. I do, however, remember bathing, naked in the lake. That is how the security forces found me.

Dr. Symon nodded. That was in the report. A naked girl, in a state of ecstasy, was bathing and splashing in the water.

“Well, my dear,” said Inspector Ramos, “I do believe we have covered quite enough for one session. At our next meeting, in two nights, we could discuss how you became involved with Alderaan?

“Of course, Sirs,” said Lara with a smile. “Until we meet again.”

She rose, shook their hands, and escorted them to the door. The two Guild agents left and walked slowly down the street.

“You know, Ramos,” said Symon, “we have here the very beginning of her introduction to Alderaan. We must proceed carefully. I am getting some valuable insights into the girl’s state of mind and emotions.

“Yes,” answered Ramos. “She is a slut for the creatures. But she will give us Alderaan. And, perhaps, take care of us?

“Oh,” smiled Symon. “I would like that. But all things in their time. In two nights we will probe her for more information. Then we shall see where the gate to Alderaan and the Minga are!

– The End –

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