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Experience: My Nigerian BBC – Dirty Sex Tales

My name is Rasika (name changed).  I was working as an Asst  Manager (Marketing)  for a Bank in Kolkata. I was married which was unsuccessful. I was 28 years, very fair, with stunning looks and a perfect figure of 35-24-38. I possessed one of the best well rounded buttocks. Every man who would pass by me was bound to give me a back stare admiring my buttocks. Even at 35 years I had maintained my proportions through regular jogging and yoga exercises.

It so happened that a huge export order was in the offing at Nigeria and my office directed me to go to Nigeria for 4 days to complete the deal and bag the export order. So I packed my bags and was off to Lagos. I was put up at a 5-star hotel in one of the finest suites. The meeting with our importers was also scheduled in the same Hotel conference room. I had prepared myself thoroughly. The presentation with the Directors of the import firm was impeccable and by the evening I had the confirmed orders on hand which I immediately scanned and sent to my Export firm at Kolkata. So I had complete two days on hand to go sight-seeing in and around Lagos. The Hotel had their Tourist Car and I booked one of the cars and the Hotel arranged a local guide to escort me. His name was Alvor.

Alvor was 7 feet tall, 40 years, completely black except for his white teeth and pink tongue. He understood English perfectly and so I was comfortable. We started off in the morning, visited Garshaka Gumti Park, Cross River Park, Matsirga Waterfalls and enjoyed the best wild-life scenes one could imagine. After lunch, we both went to Kuramo beach to see the sunset.

Alvor was not  good looking but he had a charming smile, brilliant white teeth and spoke well. Alvor was working as a bell boy at the Hotel and used to earn an extra buck by taking tourists around. Whenever he used to stare at me directly, I felt weak-kneed and horny.

We came back to the Hotel by 7 p.m. in the evening and I decided to have a swim in the pool. While swimming I noticed Alvor peeping through one of the Hotel lobbies. I felt a tingling sensation run up my spine and came back to my room and had a good bath. I changed into my night dress and decided to have a dinner in my room. I called for Room Service to send me a cocktail and some starters. The doorbell rang and to my surprise I found Alvor rolling in my orders. I asked him to sit down and join me for a few drinks. He said, that he did not drink and was also not permitted, until after 9.00 p.m. when he will be off-duty. I immediately placed another order for a cocktail and asked him to bring it at 9.00 p.m. sharp, after his duty hours. Somehow I was having a creepy sensation between my legs and I had decided to flirt around.. I had made up my mind.

Alvor came into my room with my cocktail drink and I asked him if his duty hours was over. He said “YES” and he was free for the whole night. Me and Alvor had become very free and frank during a whole day of sight seeing and I also noticed him giving me seductive glances throughout. I sipped on my second cocktail and I decided not to waste any more time and straightaway asked him “Alvor, what is your opinion of me?” Alvor replied “Well Madam, in what respect? You are a guest in my country… you are very lovely and beautiful lady and have great sex appeal. I loved to spend time with you.” I asked him again “Alvo, if you have nothing else to do for the night, why don’t you spend the night with me?” He seemed pleased and seemed to read my mind. Alvor  immediately replied “Yes. Madam.. whatever will please a visiting foreign tourist. I am duty bound to provide you with utmost satisfaction.”

I asked Alvor to sit besides me on the sprawling bed and he obliged. I was feeling very horny and wanted someone to satisfy me thoroughly. I brought my head close to his and now we both could feel our breath. He was 7 feet tall and was towering over my 5 ft 5 inches height and he lifted me on his lap and planted one of the best and passionate kisses I have ever experienced. His full mouth covered my lips and saliva mingling he was licking my tongue inside and I responded equally. We both had broken the shackles and knew what we both wanted from each other.

His hands were moving around my bubbies, my shoulders and getting low, he was now fondling and caressing my beautiful rounded buttocks and Alvor exclaimed, “Madam, your ass is the best I have seen in my life.” and he fondled with my butt cheeks while he kept his kissing going on and on. He placed me down and lifted my night dress above my head. I was wearing no bra and only had my panties. He placed his large mouth on my boobies and started to suck each one of them. Occasionally he used to take a gentle bite at the nipples. While he was sucking one boob, he was pinching the other nipple and cupping the other boobs. He brought both his hands on to both my buttock cheeks, pulled me to him and sucked both my boobs taking turns. He had a large mouth and my boobs were wet with his saliva and the nipples stood out hard and taut.

We got up and stood at the edge of the bed. I knew what Alvor wanted and from my sitting position I felt his large bulge beneath his pants and started to unbutton his pants and pulled the zipper. He wore no underpants and I could not believe what I saw between his legs. My eyes popped out, my jaws widened and I was awe-struck. It was hanging pendulum. It was nothing less than 8 inches long and 4 inches thick.. It was a monster and I exclaimed with joy and surprise.  “Alvor. My God I never knew men were that big. I have never seen a cock as big and thick as this in my life. My husband is only 5 inches when fully erect. How will it go inside my pussy?” Alvor replied  “Madam, from the same pussy you give birth to a 10 inch thick head with a 16 inch long baby. So you will not feel any pain but only pleasure. Rest assured.”  I said  “Can I hold and play with this for some time Alvor?” He replied, “Madam, this toy of mine is entirely yours. You can do whatever you want with it. In return, let me also play with your stunning figure. I have never seen such a beautiful woman with such great body proportions in my life.”

I lifted his cock and felt it was so heavy.. It was so black, thick and veiny. It had a large round cock-head which was glistening purple. The length of Alvor’s cock  was the size of my forearm. He also had huge heavy balls and I wondered how much cum was inside. A big drop of his pre-cum had appeared on his purple cock-head and was glistening. I slowly moved my mouth towards it and extended my tongue to lick it.. it tasted salty and I enjoyed its taste. The odour and smell of his monstrous cock and balls were driving me crazy.. and I was completely drenched inside my panties. The sight of this magnificent black monster of a cock had stirred up a strong desire to possess it, own it. The manly smell was raw and intoxicating.

I placed both my palms around the thick shaft and opened my mouth as large as possible and took in his dick head inside, started to rotate my tongue around its head and pushed my head further to see how far it goes. Deep into my throat I could manage only six inches. I started to lick the whole shaft from top to bottom and poured all my saliva onto it. The black giant was glistening and throbbing. Its veins were sticking out as if they are going to burst. Gradually. Alvor’s cock expanded to its full size and became hard as a rock and could not be less than 9 inches long. Alvor was enjoying with his eyes closed and muttered “Mmmmmmm, Ooooohhhhh. Baby keep sucking me and licking me. Baby you sure know how to suck. Oooohhh yeah baby, suck my dick. You are a great cock sucker. ooooohhhh. yeah.. keep sucking me.”  I kept on sucking and licking for as long as 15 minutes and my jaws were aching.

After a good twenty minutes he pulled his cock from my grasp , pushed me down onto the bed and ripped my panties from under me. Alvor said  “Baby, I always like to return my favour.”  He lifted both my legs and placed it on his broad shoulders on both sides so that my clean shaven vagina was directly in front of his mouth. My legs, pussy and buttock cheeks had widened on his broad shoulders and he had a clean vision of all my holes. Alvor took out his long tongue and started to clean me up right from my ass-hole to my pussy crack upto my clitoris.. His tongue moved from down to up like a dog and I was writhing on the bed uncontrollably. I was in heaven. Alvor occasionally pushed his tongue deep into my pussy and at times he tickled at my ass-hole. I cried out, “Oooooohhh my god yes, yess.. yeeesss… keep it going Alvor. I love you Alvor, I love you. I love your cock and I want you to fuuuucckk me Alvor. Fuck me to my hearts content. I have never experienced this in my life, keep it going….. aaahhhhh  Alvor.. Suck me dry.. I am loving this..”

He  kept on licking me like a dog and placed both hands on my bubbies and crushed them, pinched my nipples while continuing to lick my ass and pussy together. I experienced orgasm after orgasm and could no longer hold these sexual exploits.

I begged Alvor to fuck me, “Pleeeeeaseee Alvor fuck me. Pleeeaase. I am oozing for you, I beg of you, please stuff your giant black cock deep into my cunt and fuck me, deep and hard, so that I keep asking for more and more, pleeeasse.” Alvor, however, continued with his licking of my pussy crack and sucked my clitoris like a candy chocolate and bit the clitoris with his teeth gently. I was spurting juices of orgasms and Alvor licked them clean. This ordeal of this  heavenly pleasure of sucking my pussy stopped after twenty minutes or ardent licking and sucking and Alvor lifted me off his shoulders and  placed me on the edge of the bed in missionary position.

He came on top of me, stood on his knees and placed his cock head on my vaginal hole and started to tickle my clitoris with his dick-head. I felt like a huge black vibrator running up and down the length of my pussy and this rubbing was driving me crazy. I again begged, “Alvor, pllleeasse push it inside me Alvor. I can wait no longer. I will die if you do not fuck me pleeeassee. I cannot  think of anything else but wanting your huge cock deep inside me, Pleease.” Alvor obliged and holding his shaft with one hand, gave a gentle push almost 6 inches of his black cock was inside me. I started to feel the fullness of his cock inside me, an experience which I had never felt in my life. Alvor pushed his long cock until it was deep into my hilt.

I screamed in pain and increasing delight of ecstacy. “Yeeeaaah Alvor, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, keep on fucking me, push it deeper and harder, keep it going, bang, bang, bang, harder, deeper, fuck, fuck, fuck me Alvor… ooohhh… aaahhh… mmmm, it is so lovely.” My moans and groans became screams and I was enjoying every second of each thrust. Alvor had shown me the doors of heavenly pleasures. When his black monster entered my pussy, I started to get the feeling of fullness inside me which I have never felt before and orgasms racked through me. I raised my buttocks and he went deeper and deeper inside me, exploring places inside my pussy which I had never felt before. Sensing my enjoyment, Alvor gradually started to increase his speed “Whap, Whap, Phuchh, Slap, Whap, Whap, Phhuch, Whap, “The sounds were reverberating inside the hotel room as his went in and out of me and his huge balls were ramming against my buttocks and ass. His beautiful black dick head was hitting against my cervix wall. Alvor had clasped me around his massive arms and started to kiss me so that my shouts and screams of ecstasy do not go beyond the walls of the room. While I  responded to his ardent kisses by sucking in his long tongue deep in my mouth, even then I kept on shrieking ,” Mmmmmmm oooohhhhhh  aaahhhhh mmmmmm, aah, aaah, hooo, aaah, aahha, fuck, fuck… aaah… fuck me, keep it going Alvor, fuck me, fuck me.. aah, haah”.

Alvor  kept his cock inside me and at the same time lifted my legs onto his shoulders and continued to ram me. My cunt was oozing juices and it was so slippery that I had taken his entire length of 9 inches and girth of 5 inches inside me fully. He rammed me and said, “Baby are you liking it? Can your husband fuck you like this?” I replied “Never Alvor, As of now you are my hubby and you will fuck me… no one else, keep on fucking me. aaahhhh… you are my love, I love you Alvor.. I love your cock, it is mine and mine only… oooohhh, aahha… harder,h arder… yesssss…  bang me, push it, keep pushing it deeper and deeper, your beautiful cock is hitting my cervix wall and ovary… keep banging my hilt Alvor.. I love you. Keep fucking me. I do not want it to stop… I want you to fuck me forever… oooooohhhh… fuck me Alvor.”

Alvor suddenly stopped and pulled his cock outside. He asked me to get on all fours and mounted me like a dog mounts a bitch and pushed his cock into my cunt from my backside. The black monster slid inside my pussy like a knife slicing through melted butter.. Alvor clasped his hands around me and once again started his fucking and banging. With one hand he was also fiddling with my clitoris and pinching my nipples. His head was rested against my bare back and he was licking it. We were sticking to each other like a dog and bitch and his ramming continued. His balls were beating against my stomach and I was spurting orgasms continuously.

Suddenly, after 20 minutes Alvor was ramming and beating his cock inside my walls with great speed and shouted, “Aaaaahhhhhh my baby. I am cumming.. I am cuming.. His speed of ramming and thrusting increased. I responded by pushing my ass to match his thrusts and screamed  “Alvor, cum inside me baby, I want to have all your semen inside my cunt,,, I want to feel your wetness inside me fully… pour all your cum inside my cunt. Alvor, yessss…”. Suddenly I felt the massive black cock of Alvor expanding more and more and I could feel his veins bursting as Alvor held onto me tightly like a dog and spurted and spilled loads and loads of his hot semen inside me. I could feel him exploding inside me and he had pushed himself fully and was now sticking to my buttocks with his shaft embedded deep inside my cunt. Alvor spilled his last drop of cum inside me and I wanted that this will never end. We stayed joined like a dog and bitch for about five minutes before he pulled himself out of me. His cock gave a “Plop” sound when it came out of my pussy and along with his cock all his semen and the juice of my cunt kept dropping onto the bed and floor of the hotel room. I fell flat on my face on the bed and Alvor rolled besides me.

We both slept together and even when we slept, I had Alvor’s long cock inside my pussy. In the middle of the night, his cock started to expand and become erect once more and we had two more long love sessions in the middle of the night and early next morning before Alvor got ready to report for duty.

On my part, I requested the Hotel Manager to send Alvor to help me in sight seeing and for the next two days, we were engaged in sexual intercourse during the day and night… In the two and half days I was sight seeing with Alvor, he had fucked me 9 times…

It was a fucking session which I will never forget for the rest of my life…

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