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Family Fun 71-80 – Dirty Sex Tales

Chapter 71

As his nose pressed repeatedly against his mother’s clit, John heard her uninhibited moans of pleasure increase in both loudness and pitch. Her cunt began to contract, opening and closing around his tongue until he had a hard time breathing. Then he spread her still wider with his palms and began to stab and flick his tongue against his mother’s prominent clit, trying desperately to make her come, teasing the hard, erect little bud until she almost passed out from sheer pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhghhh! Fuuuuccckkkk! Suck it, Johnny! Put your lips around it and suck like mad! Momma’s gonna come all over your mouth, baby! Ohhhhhhhhh, Jesus! Yess!”

Tina’s tongue-ravaged pussy flowered open even wider as she neared orgasm, her cunt-juices flowing freely out over her son’s sucking mouth and chin, to trickle slowly down into the damp crevice between the cheeks of her compact little ass. The erotic scent of his mother’s fully aroused cunt filled his nostrils as John lifted his lips to her clit and sucked it deep into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled at it with a fury, pressing it hard between his lips and occasionally flicking it with the tip of his tongue, but always returning it deep into his mouth as he sucked on it like a baby on a tit.

Tina could feel her climax building rapidly, flowing outward from her loins like a firey tidal wave of white-hot pleasure. She pressed frantically on the back of her son’s head as he ate her, rubbing her cunt savagely against his face until she suddenly stiffened, screaming in violent orgasm.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Arhhhhhggghhhh!… God! Oh, God, I’m cummming Johnny!….. I’m cumming in your horny fuckin’ mouth, honey! Eat momma’s juice, baby! Ohhhh, fuck yesssssss!”

Torrents of cunt juice exploded into John’s fast working mouth, spreading their sticky warmth all over his cheeks and down his chin until his mother heaved one last time, grunting out the last of her orgasm as she collapsed back onto the bed.

The boy looked up at his mother, his lower face still pressed into her cunt, watching her tits, her pink nipples jutting stiffly upward. Tina looked down at him, a satisfied smile on her glowing face.

“God, that was good, Johnny!”, She breathed. “I think it was even better than last night!”

“Practice makes perfect, Mom”, the boy grinned.

“Did you practice on Julie after you two went to your own rooms last night, baby?”

“Naw! I was real tired, Mom. You and Julie really fucked me out last night. I flaked out, I guess,” he said with a sheepish smile.

“You AND your father,” Tina winked. “Anyway, I’m glad to see the rest did you good, ’cause I’ve got a feeling you’re going to need all the energy you’ve got today, Johnny…. Momma’s feeling particularly horny this morning!”

Tina held out her hands, and John scrambled up over her body until he lay on top of her, his stiff young cock pressing urgently against the damp flesh of her stomach, throbbing gently. Tina’s pussy shivered with renewed cuntheat as she felt her son’s big prick against her belly. Although she’d just experienced a very powerful orgasm, she longed for his hard, virile young cock filling her pussy. With the memories of last night seething in her brain, her son’s strong, muscular body was like an aphrodisiac, turning her on again… Something fierce!

Tina reached down between his muscular thighs and wrapped her long, slender fingers around his swollen prick, pumping her fist up and down her son’s long, hard shaft a number of times. With a moan, she pulled his cum-coated mouth down onto her own and kissed him passionately, tasting her own cuntjuice on his soft, wet lips. John cupped his mother’s firm, round titties and squeezed gently. His tongue parted her lips and darted down her throat as the lad returned his mother’s hot, fervent kiss with equal passion. Tina pulled her lips from his.

“Do you still want to fuck me, honey?”, She breathed hotly into his mouth. “Would you like to fuck your mother’s cunt?”

“Jesus yes, Mom! I wanna fuck you now!”, Gasped John, lifting his ass in an attempt to position his cock.

Chapter 72

“Not so fast, my horny little fucker!”, Whispered Tina, holding tightly onto her son’s rampant prick. “If you want to fuck a girl you have to get her well and truly hot for it… Understand, baby?”

“No, Mom. I don’t understand. I thought you wanted to fuck.”, Said the boy, disappointment showing on his handsome young features.

“Of course I want you to fuck me, honey.”, Replied his mother, “But you have to understand that there’s more to a good fuck than a hard, willing cock.”

“What do you mean, Mom?”, Asked John. Tina began to move her body against his in a slow, sensual rhythm, rubbing the tip of his cock against her twat, dragging it slowly through the entire length of her wet, juicy cuntslit.

“This is what I mean, Johnny!”, She moaned, “It’s called foreplay… Ohhhhh!… and it can make the difference between a… Uhnnnghh!… A good fuck and a goddamn fantastic fuck!”

Tina rubbed the boy’s cock at her clit, mewling softly. John looked down between them, writhing his ass with youthful eagerness, anxious to ram his impatient cock up his mother’s tightly-stretched cunt at the slightest provocation. Tina looked up at her son with glazed eyes.

“Does mother’s hot, wet cunt feel good, baby?”, She moaned, “Tell me, Johnny! Tell me what you want… Tell me everything you’ve ever wanted to do to me!”

Tina was breathing heavily now, panting in long, deep breaths as her hand slid his swollen cockhead rapidly back and forth between the lips of her slippery gash. John knew what she wanted now, she was using his cock to tease herself with, but most of all she wanted him to talk dirty to her, to build up the excitement of their inevitable fuck with verbal images… Horny, depraved images of fantasies she longed to experience with her handsome young son.

“Your cunt’s all hot and wet, Mom!”, He said, kissing her nipples one at a time. “… All hot, wet and juicy for my big, fat cock!”

Tina nodded, her eyes fixed on his face, almost hypnotized by his words.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Your cock is big alright, baby! Very big!”, Murmured Tina, almost inaudibly.

John’s cock twitched in her hand.

“As big as Dad’s?”, He asked, feeling the power fill him.

“Ohhhh yes! Maybe even bigger, darling! I can’t even get my hand around it!”

It was true. As his hardon swelled, his mother’s fingers didn’t quite meet around it’s huge girth. His erection continued to grow as his excitement increased. It wasn’t just because of her hand around his cock either, although that felt pretty damn good at the moment, it was because he got a big thrill out of talking to his own mother like this too.

“You like to fuck don’t you, Mom!”, Grinned John, pinching her large pink nipples. “You like plenty of long, stiff cock rammed into that hot, juicy slit of yours, don’t you, you horny cunt?”

Tina shuddered and squeezed his cock as she remembered her first time.

“Yes! I love it! I always have, ever since I was a little girl!” John could certainly believe that! ‘She was probably fucking before she could ride a bike.’, He thought with a smile.

“You play with yourself a lot too, don’t you Mom?”, He breathed, running his hands slowly over every inch of his mother’s firm, creamy breasts, rubbing each nipple in turn.

“I bet you get real fuckin’ horny Mom… When you’re home here all alone.” John’s voice was low and husky as he ran his fingers down between her thighs and grabbed a handful of cunt. The wet heat emanating from his mother’s hairy cunt-hole delighted him. He also felt moisture there… And plenty of it. In response, Tina yanked even faster on her son’s thick shaft, enjoying his finger action on her itchy pussy.

Chapter 73

“I bet you take off all your clothes and lie on the bed with your legs wide apart, and fuck your hot, horny little cunt with your fingers! Don’t you Mom?” Tina nodded, humping her slim hips up against his massaging hand.

“Yes, baby! Much too damn often!”, She admitted “I need a lot more action than your father can give me, Johnny!…. I always have!”

“I’ll give you all the action you’ll ever need, Mom! I promise!”, Said John, inserting his middle finger neatly into his mother’s gaping cunt. As it sank into her pussy, Tina jerked her ass up off the bed and whimpered deep in her throat.

“What about your sister?”, She sighed, kissing him softly on the mouth, “She seems to like your cock too. Doesn’t she deserve a little home-grown fun as well?” Tina flexed her pussy-muscles around her son’s exploring finger.

“The horny little cunt will just have to get Dad to fuck her, or wait her turn, won’t she, Mom?” John lowered his head and tried to suck his mother’s left tit into his mouth. Tina gave a soft little cry and began to stroke the back of her son’s head as he suckled her. ‘Life from now on, was going to be one long, endless orgasm!’, She thought, as Johnny began to bite gently on her nipples.

Lifting his head from her jutting breasts, Johnny looked down at his mother with smoldering eyes, a wild idea had just entered in his fevered brain.

“Would you like me to fuck you up the ass Mom?”, He breathed, pressing a finger into the puckered little ring of his mother’s anus.

Tina let out a little yelp at the sudden, exquisite pressure on her nether hole. It had always been one of her special treats to be fucked in the ass, and the thought of her young teenage son ramming his big, fat cock up her back passage made Tina positively squirm with delight. Johnny sensed her reaction and pressed harder, wriggling the tip of his finger until it slipped easily inside her buttery asshole. Tina writhed against him, moaning loudly with mounting pleasure.

“Yeahhh! You like that, don’t you, Mom?”, Gasped John, surprised at the strength and suddenness of his mother’s reaction. He was dead right, the highly aroused young woman loved the feel of his finger in her tight ass, but her son had excited her beyond all control, and right now it was her sizzling cunt that needed immediate attention.

“Ooooooooh, Johnny! You can fuck me in the ass later!”, She squealed, “I don’t think my poor pussy can stand it any longer! Fuck me, baby! Ram that big, long pole you call a cock into mother’s cunt, honey, and fuck me hard!”

John knew that it was time. His mother was jerking on his cock and wiggling her snatch up at him like crazy…. Totally past caring about anything except getting her hungry, insatiable cunt well and truly fucked.

“Okay! Spread it for me!”, Ordered John, positioning his prick at the entrance of his mother’s flooded gash. “Open those cuntlips up wide for my cock, Mom, and I’ll fuck your hot, juicy cunt till you faint!”

Tina whimpered with pleasure. Using one hand to spread her pussy-lips, she gripped her son’s huge, bloated cockshaft with the other, and stuffed it unceremoniously into her wet, gaping snatch.

As his cock entered her, Johnny slammed forward, and with one mighty stroke, rammed it savagely up to the balls inside his mother’s tightly stretched cunthole.


“Jesus, Mom! Not so loud!”, Gasped John, “The whole fuckin’ street will hear you!” Tina took no notice, she was too engrossed in getting as much of her son’s magnificent erection into her cunt as she possibly could. Her pussy walls clasped his big, throbbing rod like a vice, holding him firmly in it’s tight carnal grasp.

“Move your ass!”, Urged Tina, “Oooooh, yeahhhh! That’s it! Now, fuck me baby! Fuck Mommy’s hot, horny cunt! Uhhhhhnnnngghhhh! Jesus, that feels goooooooood!”

Chapter 74

Johnny lifted himself up on his elbows and began hunching his hips, pumping his cock back and forth inside his mother’s mound with long, deep strokes. Tina lifted her head and stared down between their sweat-soaked bodies, watching excitedly as her son’s virile young cock slid deliciously in and out of her snatch. John saw what she was doing and kissed her damp forehead.

“Can you see my big, fat cock fucking your hairy twat, Mom?”, He asked.

“Oooh, Jesus! Can I ever, baby!”, Nodded Tina.

Her eyes were round and bright, fixed intently on her son’s thick, purple-veined shaft as it reamed her drooling cunt. She put her hands on his shoulders for support as he lurched forward, his weight pushing her bodily towards the head of the bed.

“Watch it!”, Grunted Johnny. “Watch your horny cunt take every inch of my fuckin’ cock! Watch me fuck you, Mom!”

His mother’s crotch bounced up and down against him, taking his glistening prick as deeply as possible. On the down-stroke, Johnny began to grind his hips in a slow circle, mashing his pubic bone hard against her stiff, throbbing clit.

“Ohhh, Johnny! You’re making me so fucking hot!… Jesus, I love the feel of your cock up my cunt!…. Bang it to me, lover!”, She cried, “Yes, that’s it, baby! Fuck me! Screw your horny fuckin’ momma long and hard!”

With gasping ecstasy, she bounced her ass faster and faster, matching his powerful cockthrusts with equal force. Her son fucked like a stallion, and Tina was determined to enjoy him to the fullest. Not only now, but every chance she got! John ran his hands all over her tingling flesh, squeezing her big, jiggling tits and creamy thighs. Anxious to please her, the boy fucked his mother like a little demon, gripping her taut, firm ass with both hands as he filled her hungry cunt with a full nine inches of throbbing teenage cock.

“Drive it into me, darling…. Make me come now! Fuck me hard, baby… Make me come all over myself, like one of your horny little schoolgirl fucks! Uhhhhh, deeper! Deeper!”

John loved to hear his mother beg for it, his cock seemed to swell even more as she gasped obscenities into his ear, urging him on. His sperm filled balls slapped noisily against the crack of her ass, and the contracting muscles of Tina’s cunt gripped his pistoning shaft so tightly, it almost felt like his prick was being wrenched from his body each time he pulled it out of her. John inched forward, changing the angle of penetration, plunging his cock in so deep that Tina occasionally felt his cockhead enter the very mouth of her womb!

“Is that…Unghh!.. Deep enough for you, Mom!”, Panted John, increasing the length and tempo of his thrusts. His voice was hoarse and his words were punctuated by frequent grunts of exertion.

“Mmmmmmm! Jesus Christ, yessssss! Oh, baby! It’s going in so fuckin’ deep! I’m gonna come any second. Don’t stop, whatever you do, you gorgeous little prick!… Momma’s almost there!”

Her pleading voice died away to a wordless murmur as John grabbed her firm, round tits, one in each hand, and fucked his raging cock into his mother’s upthrust cunt as hard as he could. The muscles on his back and thighs bulged with the effort as John gave the half-crazed woman everything she had begged for….. and more!

John sensed his mother’s orgasm blossom long before he heard her loud scream of release. The whole sheath of Tina’s slick, quivering cunt closed tightly around his shaft, gripping and pulling at his pounding cock like a hungry, sucking mouth. His balls swelled and contracted as he felt his own climax peak with a mighty roar.

“AHHHHGGHH! OOOOOH, JOHNNNY! I’M CUMMING, BABY! NOW! OOOOOW! NOWWW!”, Yelled Tina as she felt her son’s powerful ejaculation blast from the tip of his cock, filling her spasming cunt with his hot, thick jism.


Their bodies were a blur of motion as mother and son fucked like two wild animals in heat, abandoning themselves completely to their mutual climaxes. Their juices blended together, flooding her cunt, and washing over his cock like a hot shower. John continued hunching into her until his mother’s body went limp beneath him. All the while her pussy kept squeezing his cock, milking every last drop of cum from her young son’s sperm-filled balls. John collapsed beside her, hugging Tina’s, hot sweaty body against his own.

“That was great, Mom! The best ever!”, He gasped, “How about for you?”

His mother snuggled against him, wrapping her trembling fingers around his dwindling cock. It was still a formidable size, coated liberally with their mingled juices.

“Ohhh!… Fuck!… Fuck, yesss!”, Panted Tina, “It was fantastic, darling! I can still…. Mmmmm!… Jesus Johnny!… I can still feel it!” Her pussy convulsed in a lingering aftershock that made her body tingle all over.

As they lay back recovering, Johnny remembered that his sister wasn’t in her bed when he went looking for her this morning. ‘I wonder where Julie’s snuck off to?’, He mused, knowing his little sister’s penchance for intrigue… Among other things, he grinned.

Chapter 75

Despite the exhausting efforts of the previous night, Julie had woken up early and excitedly rushed nextdoor to tell Bob and Kelly that stage one of her clever little plan had worked to perfection.

After letting herself in with the key Bobby had given her yesterday, Julie went straight to his room. To her surprise, Bobby’s bed was empty. Then, suddenly, she heard moaning sounds coming from the main bedroom down the hall. Grinning, evilly, the sexy little blonde tiptoed down to the half-open door and peeped inside.

Bobby and his mother were on the bed, fucking noisily. Debbie Conroy’s long slender legs were wrapped around her son’s narrow hips, her heels locked in the small of the boy’s back as Bob rammed his thick cock into her cunt with deep, powerful thrusts. Debbie’s long nails clawed her son’s broad, muscular shoulders as she hunched her ass up off the bed, grinding her hairy twat up against her son’s pounding prick.

Julie’s cunt began to drool at the horny sight of Bobby Conroy fucking his beautiful mother. She desperately wanted to join them, but didn’t dare disturb them in their own house. Suddenly she felt guilty, spying on them like this, leering at them like some perverted peeping-tom. But the familiar feelings of arousal rising deep within her moistening young pussy quickly washed away any feelings of guilt the horny youngster may have had, replacing them instead with a rising flush of passion.

She dropped a hand to her crotch and slipped her fingers under the waist-band of her sodden panties, stroking and rubbing her hot, gooey little slit as she stared with mounting lust at the incestuously copulating couple on the bed.

Julie leant weakly against the door-frame, her knees beginning to feel like rubber as she fucked two stiff fingers into her little blonde pussy-hole. Her clit was throbbing like mad, sending small sharp shocks of pleasure shooting through her loins each time her knuckles mashed rhythmically up against it. The young masturbator was lost in a fantasy world of self-gratification and voyeur bliss as she gazed longingly at Bob’s long, hard prick fucking Debbie’s hot, clinging cunt. Then, suddenly, a whispered voice behind her shocked her into reality.

“Need a hand with that, honey?”

Julie twisted around to see Kelly Conroy standing behind her. Bobby’s pretty twin sister was as naked as her mother and brother, and judging by the jar of Vaseline in her hand and the lewd grin on her face, the three of them had been going at it since they woke up. As Julie began to speak, Kelly pressed a finger against the younger girl’s lips.

“Shhhh…”, She whispered. “Let’s just watch for a while, okay?”

Julie nodded and turned around, feeling Kelly’s naked body press up against her from behind. Kelly reached ’round and cupped Julie’s hard young tits, at the same time grinding her pussy-mound against the younger girl’s pert little ass. Julie responded by pressing back against her, enjoying the feel of Kelly’s firm, naked flesh against her back as she stared lustfully at Bobby’s pistoning prick.

“Mom just loves a good hard fuck in the morning,” whispered Kelly, slipping her hand down into Julie’s panties. “Trouble is, so do I!”

Julie gave a low moan as Kelly’s fingers slid seductively into her slippery little slit.

“You want him to fuck you again, don’t you, Julie?”, Husked Kelly as they watched Bobby fuck his cock powerfully into his groaning mother.

“Yesssss!”, Hissed Julie, hunching her cunt forward against Kelly’s foraging fingers. She couldn’t keep her eyes off Bobby’s mother-fucking cock.

“He’s already fucked me once this morning,” whispered Kelly, “Now it’s Mom’s turn.”

Julie was delirious with lust. Watching Bobby fuck his own mom while his sister finger-fucked her drooling cunt was so totally arousing, the youngster almost couldn’t stand it. She watched wide-eyed and listened intently as Kelly explained what had been transpiring in the Conroy household since first light.

“After Bobby finished fucking Mom, Mom and I were gonna sixty-nine while Bobby took turns at fucking both of us up the ass… See?”, Continued Kelly, showing Julie the jar of Vaseline she’d been on her way back from the bathroom with. “But now that you’re here, Julie, I’ve got a better idea.”

Kelly began to undress her young next-door neighbor, sensuously removing every last item of the girl’s clothing until Julie stood before her, completely naked. The pretty little sixteen-year-old stood nude and trembling in the doorway, but not with cold or fear…. After the way Kelly had sucked her pussy so expertly yesterday, Julie was trembling with horny anticipation.

As the last garment hit the floor, Kelly dropped to her knees in front of Julie and buried her face in the blonde’s juice-filled little cunt, causing Julie to grab at the door-frame for support. A small cry of pleasure escaped her pretty pink lips as Kelly’s long experienced tongue delved deeply into her tiny quivering cunt.

“Uuuuuuuhhhhhhuuuuuhhh”, moaned Julie, grabbing the back of Kelly’s head. As the older girl’s tongue slithered and writhed like a tiny purposeful snake between her furry pussy-lips, Julie spread her legs as far as she could standing up, and thrust her hips forward, forcing Kelly’s tongue deep into her boiling hot snatch.

Chapter 76

Julie could hardly stand. Kelly’s mouth was doing wonderfully depraved things to her saturated slit, and the sight of Bobby’s gorgeous big cock slamming in and out of his mother’s cunt, combined with Kelly’s twisting tongue stabbing in and out of her tight little fuck-hole was just too much for Julie to bear. She came with a loud groan, her legs wide apart and her hands clenched in Kelly’s hair, humping her slender young hips into the older girl’s glistening juice-covered face as she climaxed like crazy.

“Well, well, well!”, Came a voice from the bed. “I do believe we have an audience.”

It was Debbie. Bobby had finished fucking her and lay on his back beside his beautiful mother gasping for breath, his long thick cock twitching out the last creamy remnants of his orgasm onto her deeply tanned thigh.

Julie stared at them with glazed eyes, her own orgasm prolonged expertly by Kelly’s eagerly sucking mouth. She watched as Debbie opened her legs wide, letting her well-fucked cuntlips gape open. Bobby’s fresh sperm drooled from his mother’s pussy in a rich, creamy flood.

“When you’re finished Kelly, your momma’s cunt needs a good long clean-out, baby!”, Murmured Debbie to her daughter. Then she looked up at Julie, shamelessly stroking her son’s cock as she spoke. “And I’m sure Julie can get Bobby interested in what she has to offer…. Right, honey?”

“S.. Sure, Mrs Conroy!”

“Call me Debbie, sweetheart!”

“Okay… Debbie..”

Julie followed Kelly into the room and watched as the gorgeous young brunette scrambled onto the bed between her mother’s wide-stretched thighs. Bobby grinned, fucking his rapidly re-awakening cock into his mother’s tightly clenched fist.

“Come here, Julie,” he husked. “Come sit on my cock while Kelly sucks the cum out of Mom’s cunt!”

Julie clambered onto the bed, eagerly straddling Bobby’s lean young thighs. Debbie still had hold of her son’s cock, jacking him off slowly as her daughter hungrily tongued her feverish, cum-filled gash.

“Put it in her, mom!”, Bobby groaned as he felt Julie’s hot, moist young cuntlips nudge the head of his rampant prick.

Debbie positioned her son’s rigid cock into Julie’s tight, wet little fuck-hole, letting her fingers do the walking as she explored both of their young, eager sex organs with equal delight.

“Hey! Later, Mom!”, Chided Bobby with a grin.

Debbie grinned knowingly at her handsome young son and removed her hand, concentrating instead on the exquisite sensations her daughter’s mouth and tongue were generating in her gaping, upthrust cuntslit.

Bobby looked up at Julie and grabbed her by the tits.

“Now! Let’s fuck, baby!” He grunted, ramming his huge prick up into the girl’s tight little cunt with a single vicious stroke.

“Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, Bobby! Jesus, yesssss! Fuck me!”, Moaned Julie, as the boy’s mammoth organ slid once more into the youngster’s cock-hungry little sixteen-year-old cunt.

Beside them, Kelly was eagerly tonguing her mother’s sperm-filled cunt. She loved sucking her mother to orgasm almost as much as she loved getting fucked by her constantly-horny brother… The love of wild, uninhibited sex of any kind seemed to run in the family.

“Cream for me, Mom,” Kelly rasped, her words muffled on a mouthful of wet cunt so that they bubbled out into Debbie’s pussy-hole. Kelly’s hot tongue curled and whipped at her mother’s clit. “Cream in my mouth… Cum on my tongue, Mom!”

“Uuuuhhhh, yes, baby!” Debbie sighed.

The flow from Debbie’s mature cunthole was getting hotter and thicker as her cuntjuice began to turn to cum-cream, and she began to jerk her crotch up into Kelly’s face frantically, her excess pussy-juice dribbling down her daughter’s chin. With a moan, Kelly slid one hand under Debbie’s ass and began to finger her mother’s pink, puckered little shit-hole.

Simultaneously, Kelly slid four fingers up into Debbie’s saturated cuntslit and started finger-fucking her mother’s fuck-hole while sucking hungrily on her erect clit.

Debbie began to cry out as the spasms of climax racked her loins. Clinging to the back of Kelly’s head with both hands, Debbie ground her cunt against her daughter’s face frantically. Kelly’s tongue was fairly flying as it drove up into her mother’s flooded fuck-hole again, alongside her fingers.

“Oooohhhh! I’m coming! Fuck! Jesus! I’m commmmmming, baby!” Debbie gasped as her daughter continued to suck expertly on her exploding clit.

Chapter 77

But Kelly was well aware of that. Her mouth was full of her mother’s tasty cream, her tongue was awash, literally floating in the stuff. As she shot her tongue up Debbie’s creaming fuckhole, Kelly gulped and gurgled in cunt-lapping delight, milking her mother’s cunt with incestuous relish.

Debbie Conroy began to moan and shake, her magnificently body shuddering wildly as spasm after spasm rippled through her quivering loins.

“Come for me, Mom!” Moaned Kelly, her voice muffled in her mother’s hairy, orgasming cunt. “Keep coming!”

Kelly’s mouth filled with another deluge of her mother’s cunt-cream… Steaming hot and fragrant. She rubbed her whole face around in her mother’s pussy like a terrier shaking a rat, stabbing her tongue as deeply into Debbie’s hot, quivering fuck-hole as it would reach, sucking alternately at the hairy, wet pussy-lips.

The final wave of her orgasm rushed through her and Debbie stiffened, gripping the back of her daughter’s head with both hands, her legs spread wide and shaking, and her pussy quivering.

Julie loved the feel of Bob’s big cock sliding into her tight young cunt. Squatting over his loins, she had slowly lowered her tender, gaping young pussy down over the youth’s rampant prick, holding the full penetration for a few moments as she savored the joy of having her eager young fuck-hole stuffed to the brim once more with Bob’s long, hot, throbbing cockmeat.

As the horny little sixteen-year-old began to bounce up and down on him, Bob thrilled to the wonderful sensation of having every inch of his pounding prick enveloped in tight, steaming little-girl pussy. His prick-shaft pulsed, and his cock-head flared, as Julie’s tight, slippery cuntwalls enfolded him, rippling and fluttering up and down his cock-shaft as if she were jerking him off with her cunt.

Her tight young pussy clung to the contours of his prick, as if it had melted and then congealed around his cock like a mold. Her cute little tits jiggled provocatively before his face, so Bob licked at her nipples, then buried his face in the firm young flesh of the youngster’s bobbing breasts. ‘God it was great to fuck a tight, young, well-built kid like Julie’, Bob thought. She obviously loved to fuck, and as long as he was around she wouldn’t have to go without. Besides, since her plan had worked, it meant that he would eventually get to fuck her equally gorgeous, big-titted mother.

Julie lashed her shapely little ass from side to side and pumped her hips up and down on Bob’s rigid prick. Twisting from the waist, she added torque to the straight in-and-out friction, grinding her tight young fuckhole down onto his upthrust prickmeat. Bob hunched his hips up to meet her as Julie’s ass descended, and his long, thick cock surged deeply up into her steaming, creaming fuck-tunnel.

Bob’s cock seemed to fill her to the brim, pumping cunt-juice out of her excited young twat in a steady flow. His fat cockhead plunged into the depths of her pussy like a battering-ram, and more cunt-cream flooded her crotch.

Julie was gasping… Her lovely young face radiant with desire… Eyes narrowed and mouth wide open as she panted and whimpered with the excruciating pleasure of being well and truly fucked!

Bob’s long, hard prick was hammering so deeply into her tightly clasping cunt-hole that Julie almost expected it to come out of her mouth… Spurting creamy jism out of her mouth in a sort of reverse blowjob.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck….” She began to chant, saying the word each time she slid down to the hilt on Bobby’s huge, pounding fuck-tool.

He grunted and rammed into her harder, rattling her bones, stuffing her tight, squirming little fuck-hole so full that Julie thought her hipbones might jump out of their sockets! She liked it when Bobby fucked her hard… It reminded her of the way her big strong daddy had fucked her last night… Long, and hard, and very, very deep….

They began to grind together faster and harder as they both soared towards the looming crest of total fulfillment. Waves of hot, lusty pleasure coalesced between Julie’s sweaty young thighs and shot up and down her arched spine, swirling back into a creamy maelstrom of ecstasy deep inside her cock-filled pussy.

Bobby’s balls swelled, almost ready to erupt with the lava of his lust. He shoved his fuckmeat into the young girl above him frantically, whipping his cock in to the brim, jerking her about on his violent lunges, transfixing her quivering young loins on his smoking-hot fuck-rod.

Julie fell forward and kissed him, sucking Bobby’s hot tongue into her mouth. She wished that he had two pricks so that she could suck him and fuck him at the same time… Or even three, so that she could enjoy an asshole full, as well. Then she realized that what she craved so much was only a house away. She DID have three cocks to fuck, all she had to do was get them all in the same place at the same time and nature would take it’s course. Julie couldn’t wait!

Sucking on Bobby’s tongue, which was still flavored with his mother’s cunt-cream, Julie reached under her ass and fondled his balls. With her other hand, she pulled alternately at her stiff nipples and fingered her shithole, running her hands all over her voluptuous young body in a frenzy of adolescent desire.

“Ooohhhhh, Jesus! I’m gonna cum, Bobby! Fuck! I’m gonna cummmmmm!” Breathed Julie into Bobby’s panting mouth. “Cum with me! Please cum in my cunt! Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Goddddddddd!”

Chapter 78

Bobby grunted and slammed his cock up into her convulsing pussy with gusto, his massive prick coring her tight little cunt like an apple. Julie’s cum-juice gushed out from her teeny young fuck slot like a fountain, all milky and frothy as it washed over Bobby’s hairy balls and drenched his thighs.

“Oooooh, God! Ohhhh, fuck!” She wailed.

Bobby lifted her cute little ass up until the head of his prick was just inside her clinging cuntlips, holding her steady for an instant, then slammed her down onto his upthrust cock again.

“Take it, baby!” He howled. “Fuckin’ Jesus! I’m cumming too!!”

Julie cried out with joy as she felt Bobby’s cum squirt into her pussy. She creamed again, and he shot another hot, creamy wad into the very core of her cunt. Each time he pulled the girl’s squirming young cunt down on his cock, Bobby pumped another of geyser of sperm into her.

Julie gasped and moaned, tossing her little blonde head as she bounced up and down on the hard, throbbing cock squirting deeply inside her pussy. It felt as if she were squatting astride a fire hose. Her ass jerked wildly as she rode Bobby’s prick, literally siphoning the hot, churning semen out of his balls with her cunt-muscles.

Bobby slumped back, drained, his muscular young chest heaving. Julie continued to grind her sperm-filled cunt up and down on the youth’s still-hard cock, prolonging her own orgasm as much as possible, and in the process, milking the few last drops of precious spunk from Bobby’s pisshole.

Then, drained too, she settled over him and held him in a loving embrace. Her hard little tits rubbed against his chest as she kissed him affectionately. Then she slowly pulled her pussy up and off his prick. His cock stood upright for a moment, then slowly began to subside, sinking down in a fat coil of glistening flesh along his thigh. Even semi-hard, it was still an awesome sight, slathered with cum and cuntjuice.

Debbie moaned deep in her throat at the delicious looking sight and scrambled between her son’s wide-spread thighs. She took his slimy prick into her hot mouth and sucked on it voraciously, whimpering with delight at the sweet taste of cum and cunt-juice blended into one rare nectar, relishing the sweet, tangy flavor of a cock that had just been soaked in creaming cunt.

She cleaned Bobby’s prick-knob to a gleaming purple luster, tongued his fuck stalk until it glistened and lapped up the overflow from his drained balls. She licked his thighs and belly and her tongue rustled through his pubic thicket like a little pink rodent in the undergrowth.

Kelly and Julie were engaged in a voracious sixty-nine, with the little blonde tonguing Kelly’s dark-haired pussy while Kelly sucked out her brother’s creamy cum from Julie’s pink little cunt-slit.

Debbie lifted her head and watched the two girls eat each other for a second. They were such a gorgeous contrast. Although her daughter had just rewarded her with a delicious orgasm using her talented little mouth, Debbie’s passion was instantly rekindled. Having cute, sexy young Julie fuck with them added a new dimension to her lusty incestuous relationship with her two kids, and Debbie planned to enjoy it to the full. She looked up at her panting son and grinned.

“Can you come again, darling?” She whispered. “I want you to fuck me again. In the ass this time. Mommy feels like a deliciously dirty ass-fuck, baby.”

“If you can get it hard again, Mom. Sure, I’ll fuck you in the ass!” He rasped.

Bobby reached down and cupped his balls, squeezing gently, to see if they had started to recharge themselves. His hand slid up and folded around his prick and he began to tentatively pull it up and down as his mother sucked on his cock-knob.

“Oooooh, yes, baby! Jerk yourself off in my mouth,” Debbie panted. “And when it gets hard enough, I want you to stuff it up my hot, horny ass!”

“Okay, Mom!” Bobby grinned. “Anything you say!”

In a way, it was more depraved than when she simply sucked him off. Having her son jerk off in her mouth made her cunt twitch with fuck-lust. Bobby placed one hand behind his mother’s head and frigged his cock into her mouth vigorously. His cock-shaft began to ripple and stiffen again.

Debbie sighed with joy as she felt her son’s meaty mouthful expand and harden. She dropped her head down and sucked half of his cock into her mouth as his fist pounded up and down on the lower half, bumping against her lips on the top of the stroke and brushing against his balls as he jerked back down again.

Jerk by jerk, Bobby’s manly young erection grew and Debbie pulled her lips up to the tip of his prick, sucking the swelling head and licking at his dilated pisshole. Soon Bobby’s virile young cock was at full attention.

“Ohhh, fuck, what a cock!” Groaned Debbie, her desperate lust beginning to get the better of her. She released her son’s rock-hard prick and turned around on all fours, her legs spread and her ass poking provocatively at Bobby. “Now, shove that big thing up momma’s hot ass and fuck it hard, lover!”

Chapter 79

Bobby grabbed his mother’s hips, and pulled her ass back onto his rampant cock, pressing the bloated tip into her tightly puckered little anus. With well-practiced ease, Bobby’s hard young prick slid into his mother’s juicy asshole like a hot knife through butter. Debby groaned and hunched back against the deeply satisfying penetration of her son’s long prick, moaning loudly.

“Ooooooohhhh, God! That feels so gooooood, baby!”, She wailed, squirming her ass shamelessly back onto her son’s rock-hard erection.

Bobby began to pump his cock in and out of his mother’s tightly clasping butthole, making her ass-cheeks ripple and her tits bounce lewdly with the impacts of his muscular young hips against hers. Debby moaned, low and sensually, loving the way her son’s hairy young balls slapped deliciously against her gaping cuntlips, stimulating her throbbing clit wonderfully with each savage thrust.

Excited by her moans of pleasure, Bobby began ass-fucking his mother faster. He grabbed her slender, writhing hips and began pumping his cock into her tightly clinging asshole with long, hard vicious thrusts that made Debby’s slender body shake and quiver with the sheer force of them.

“Fuck me! Cum in my ass, baby! Fill mommy’s ass with your hot cum, lover!” Debby panted hoarsely.

Her body began to gleam with a fine sheen of sweat. So did Bobby’s… And soon, Debby’s slippery asscheeks began to slap against her son’s hard, muscular thighs in that strong, deliciously punishing rhythm that Debby enjoyed so much.

Her thighs quivered and her ass tensed up. Bobby heard her gasp, exhaling one short breath… Then another. He slowed his cock-thrusts a little. He had brought his mother to the brink, and now he was trying to keep her there.

Beside them, Julie and Kelly were curled up, head to twat, tonguing and fingering and sucking each other’s cunts like crazy, totally engrossed in a heated frenzy of lesbian lust. Bobby slowed his fucking movements long enough to watch his sister stick out her tongue and lap at the creamy pink gash of Julie’s little blonde pussy.

“Suck my cunt, baby!” Julie cried, her hot little body shaking like a leaf. “Suck me where my Daddy fucked me! Lick my pussy! Oh, Kelly. Kelly, Kelly! It’s so beautiful! It’s so dirty and delicious! Suck me!”

Bobby watched as Julie forced her mouth back over the wet, hairy mound she’d just been sucking and spread the lips of Kelly’s dark and sultry cunt with her tongue, stabbing it relentlessly inside again and again… Licking and probing the inner lips of his sister’s hot, seething twat with renewed vigor. Both girls made lewd, slurping sounds as they ravenously sucked up each other’s spicy, free-flowing cunt-juice.

All the while, Bobby continued to pump his cock inside his mother’s hot, buttery asshole, making Debby squirm with pleasure. It was obvious that Debby wanted to cum bad. Her son was torturing her deliciously by keeping her so close to orgasm like this, but right now she needed release!

“Uuuuuuuhhh, Bobby! My God, Bobby! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck mommy’s ass real hard! Oooo, please screw the hell out of me! Bobby! Your cock is so big, so hot, so hard inside me! Move it faster! Faster! Oh, yes! Yes, Bobby! Fuck me, son! Fuck me, lover!”, She moaned, lost in the heat of her incestuous lust.

Bobby began to fuck his mother’s tight, buttery asshole as hard as he could, letting his carnal instincts take control. Debby slammed back against him, the flesh of her ass continuing to ripple and shake with every solid stroke, her breasts swaying and bouncing beneath her.

“Ohhhhh! Yesss! Fuck my ass, Bobby! Fuck it hard and deep!” She chanted. “Ooooooooooh, yessssss! God, it feels sooo gooooood.”

“Uhhhnnnnngghh, God! I love fucking your hot ass, mom!” Bobby groaned loudly.

“Ohh, yes, me too, baby! Harder!”, Panted Debby, her voice hoarse and breathless with lust.

Chapter 80

Bobby rammed into his cock into his mother’s snugly sucking asshole as hard as he could, making her squeal and gasp. He leaned forward and cupped her hanging tits, feeling them quiver as he pounded his prick into her.

Debby lowered her shoulders to the bed, raising her ass to her son’s powerful thrusts. Bobby’s fingers gripped her roughly, literally pulling his mother’s tight, clasping anal sheath over his cock as he slammed the thick glistening, incestuous shaft deep up inside her heaving belly.

“That’s it, Mom! Throw that hot, fuckin’ ass of yours back at my prick!” He moaned. “God, I love fuckin’ you, Mom!”

Bobby abandoned himself totally to the wondrous feeling in his groin. The flames of lust leapt and lapped up and down the length of his deeply buried cock until his belly felt like it was on fire. The liquid, surging lava of lust, exploded in his body and burned throughout his universe. It spread in an ever widening circle, centered in his balls, until finally his entire torso was engulfed. His brain was clouded and, as orgasm smashed through his mind he jetted what felt like gallons of hot, seething jism up his mother’s tight, heaving ass.

Debby rocked and bucked and ground her ass wantonly back against her son’s squirting cock. He was buried full length in her hot clinging rectum as he came and Debby began to moan passionately, biting her lower lip to keep from screaming out too loudly.

Again and again, his virile young balls lurched in their tight sack and again and again he erupted inside his mother’s tortured anus. Debby felt as if she were lost in a world of orgasmic pleasure, unending pleasure, a world that revolved around her son’s ejaculating cock. Her asshole was so tight around him, so filled with his swollen cock, that it quickly filled with his jism and then overflowed. Each new geyser forced more of the white heat out around the widely-stretched rim of her tiny anal sphincter.

As orgasm seized her body and blanketed out the world except for her son’s pounding prick buried deep in her butt, Debby abandoned all attempt at restraint. ‘Fuck the neighbors’, she thought, and screamed loud and long, feeling the surging flood of orgasm wash through her body and crash into her brain. A brilliant fireworks display ignited behind her eyelids, and Debby was soon completely lost in the ecstasy of her climax.

“AHRGGGGGGHH! FUCK! FUCK! UHHHHHHH!” She couldn’t stop cumming it seemed. She always came hard with her son’s massive young prick stretching her asshole. “HARDER! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Bobby did just that, slamming his cock powerfully into his mother’s quivering rectal sheath as he finished coming.

“UNNHHHGGGGGGHHHH! MOM! FUCK!!!” He yelled, emptying his balls into her creamy ass.

Even after Bobby’s prick had stopped squirting up inside his mother’s butthole, he kept fucking her tight clinging, sperm-filled ass unmercifully. He reached under and thrust three fingers into her sloppy twat, feeling his cock still stabbing her ass through the thin, separating membrane.

Debby could only moan and writhe in absolute ecstasy as her son began to bring her off again, stabbing his fingers up into her cunt and rubbing her clit with his thumb as he reamed her ass with his still-hard cock. It was all too much for Debby and she climaxed again, screaming out her orgasm to the world.


Her orgasm ballooned in her and then burst and Debby writhed like a madwoman, her ass impaled on her son’s thick, gushing hose of a cock while he fucked his fingers deep into her cunt and mashed her tiny throbbing clit with his thumb.

Bobby fucked his mother for another few minutes before his own exhaustion caught up with him. The tension in his body seemed to have drained into her through his cock and then he was limp and quivering with the effort of not collapsing on top of her.

He bent over and kissed the back of her neck through her hair as his pulsing dick slowly deflated. Debby could feel all his hot creamy jism inside her bowels. The thought always thrilled her. Sexually, she’d done almost everything possible with her son over the years, but the best of all was having him fuck her up the ass. She would leak cum everywhere, but it was his cum and that made it all the better.

Bobby withdrew slowly. As usual, his mother’s tight, sucking asshole didn’t want to release him, and when his glans finally came out, there was a slurpy, sucking noise.

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