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Feeling sorry – Dirty Sex Tales

Amy was walking down the street after visiting her boyfriend who had been drunk, Amy had got annoyed with her boyfriend Steve who at 17 years of age was a year older than what she was. The pair had been sitting in the park Amy’s 12 year old sister Mandy and her best friend Sue who was also 12 years of age appeared, Amy was very annoyed with Steve she looked at Mandy and Sue and said to them” want to see his cock” with out any hesitation both girls smiled saying ” yeah” Amy pulled Steve’s joggers back exposing his 7 inch hairy dick, both girls stared ” Mandy said ” fucking hell look at that cock”  Sue replied ” what do you think I am doing I am not star gazing” Amy pulled Steve’s joggers down started rubbing his bum, the young girls watched as Steve’s dick grew and stuck up in the air fully erect at 9 inches” Amy started stroking in with the girls looking on in awe, after 5 minutes Steve squirted his cum in 4 spurts, both girls gasped at the sight with Sue saying ” fuck that is a lot of spunk” Amy wiped her hands on Steve’s shirt before the three girls walked off. Sue and Mandy left Amy at the corner of the park saying they were off to see Martin, Amy walked on after awhile she saw Joe one of the many homeless men who slept in the area, Amy stopped spoke with Joe then went and brought Joe a cup of tea, Amy knew Joe was 56 years old and was an army veteran, when Amy returned she did not see Joe in the door way and looked in the disused empty shop and saw Joe having a pee and was surprised to see he had a massive dick, Amy smiled knew it was the biggest she had ever seen and judged it to be about 9 inches and it was still soft. Joe finished his wee went out got his tee Amy said to him” that is a massive cock you got there, Joe smiled told her she was not shy then told her that a couple of the blokes had big cocks they had a dick developer they all used, he then called Kevin a fellow homeless guy of about his age told him to show Amy his dick, Kevin undid his trousers pulled his dick out Amy said ” fucking hell” as she looked at the soft 8 inch dick and when Paul appeared and showed his 8 inch dick Amy said ” they are the biggest cocks I have ever seen,  and watched as Paul’s dick grew to a 10 inch erection, Kevin smiled said ” how about showing us those tits of yours” Amy pulled the zipper on her hoody down opened it up, revealing her naked ample boobs, the three men looked at the naked boobs noticing the erect nipples, Joe reached out gently stroked Amy’s boob, Amy was staring at three massive erections, she felt a hand slide between her legs looked at Kevin smiled, she felt her jeans being opened and slide down her legs then fingers slide inside her wet love tube and start probing as her hoody was removed from her body she then felt herself being laid down on the floor her jeans being pulled off she saw Kevin kneel and a few seconds later yelled out in pleasure as Kevin’s 10 inches slid up her willing love tube Amy groaned and moaned as Kevin pounded into her and after a few minutes she gushed Kevin carried on pounding, after awhile Kevin was replaced by Paul who spent 10 minutes pounding into Amy who came 4 times when Joe entered her Amy came straight away and by the time he had finished pounding Amy had cum 5 more times. After half a hour Amy was walking down the road feeling saw but knew she would be going back for more.

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