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What A Change – Dirty Sex Tales

16 year old Amy was a loud mouthed violent girl who drank cheap cider and smoked dope, she had the nick name of bitch, Amy lived with her sister July who was a few years younger than what Amy was and their mum who was a alcoholic and never home. Amy was sitting on the stairs of the tower block of flats where she lived when the Bengali man who lived next door to her appeared, Amy knew he was in his 50’s and owned a couple of shops he also had a son of 16 years of age and one her sisters age, the guy stopped looked at Amy and asked her if she needed money and when Amy told him she did, he told us show me your tits and I will give £10 let me have a good feel of them and I will give you £20, Amy looked at him thought about the money which she badly needed and agreed, Amy stood up raised her tee shirt letting her naked boobs fall free, the man stood closer and cupped Amy’s boobs in his hands and gently rubbed then pinching the nipples as he did, after 5 minutes he gave Amy £20 said ” you got beautiful tits” and walked away, Amy went got cider and went home. next day Amy saw the bloke again and got another £20 after letting him grope her boobs, after a few days when Amy had got £20 each day the guy said I will give you £40 to see your cunt and play, Cindy raised her tight fitting skirt and the bloke rubbed her slit giving her £40 after he had rubbed Amy for a few minutes. Next day Amy saw July talking to the man then go onto the stair well Amy looked and saw July with her top raised the man rubbing her developing boobs that were more like large peas. Amy went to her flat her mum was out July came in with the man who offered £100 for both girls to strip naked Amy looked at July who nodded and after a few minutes both girls were standing naked. Next morning Amy was still in bed when July came in Amy was she was bleary eyed, July showed Amy £80 and told her that the man had paid her to let his youngest boy fuck her, Amy got dressed while July had a bath there was a knock on the door Amy answered it the mans eldest boy was there he showed Amy £20 said I want go on your tits after a few minutes Amy was stood in the hall of her flat with her top off while the boy played with her boobs saying ” yes these are fucking beautiful tits” later that night the man offered Amy £80 to have full sex Amy agreed and after 20 minutes  had her £80. Next morning Amy arrived in the mans eldest son was just leaving he said to Amy your sister is nice and tight she is a good fuck what are you like, Amy told him £80 and find out later that afternoon Amy lay naked while her classmate pounded away into her. Next morning the man told Amy they were having a party would her sister and her like to earn cash after speaking to July Amy agreed and the next night was laying naked being pounded by the mans dad while July was being pounded by the mans youngest son there was a queue Bengali men and boys out side the door all waiting their turn on the bitch and her sister.

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