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Finding out I was not the only gay on the Estate

I always try to think of girls when I am wanking, but the truth is I just can’t cum until I think of a guy it has been like this since I started secondary school. But I am one of the boys, I play football, I was quite good at boxing but gave up recently because the training was getting too much and my boxing trainer was trying to get me to stop hanging about with my best mates, he said they were all scally trouble makers fighting and getting into trouble with the Police and taking drugs and that if I wanted to take boxing seriously I had to forget them and just hang about with the guys from the boxing club, I told him to do one, I come from a rough housing estate so it would not be a good Idea to let anyone know I think about sex with guys when I am wanking, I have had a few girlfriends and done some stuff but never full sex I suppose I am scared I won’t be able to do it right and they will know it’s guys that turn me on.

But anyway, I suppose I have 3 best mates, Jake, Robbo, and Liam we are all the same age, left school on the same day and probably will be mates all our life but there are about 10 of us in I suppose our gang, Only Robbo and one other mate Garry have jobs, I want to get an apprenticeship as a Motor Mechanic but I have been to hundreds of garages but none are looking for apprentices me and Jake have been talking about joining the army but I doubt we will because Jake has got an interview for a job in McDonalds his Dad said he better get a job or he is getting kicked out of the house, I hope he does not mention that Idea to my Dad when they are in the pub.

Ok before you get too bored I will get to the dirty bit.

One of my mates Danny has a big Brother called Kevin he is 19 and has got his own council flat in a high rise building and 6 weeks ago we were all in his flat having a bit of a party as you do, a few beers a smoke and some tunes, it was a good night until One of our mates Kesh punched Liam and the whole thing kicked off, So Kevin kicked everyone out of the party except for his Brother Danny his girlfriend and me, the reason he never kicked me out was because I was in the toilet being sick when it kicked off and had nothing to do with it, I think I had actually fell asleep to be honest, his flat is only a one bedroomed flat so he let Danny and his Girlfriend have his bedroom so they could shag, He said he would sleep on one sofa and I could crash on the other sofa.

I was lying on the Sofa I still had all my clothes on, Polo, Hoodie Grey Joggies and my trainers.

“Fuck sake Teddy take your hoodie and trainers off no one is going to steal them” Kevin said

“I am ok bud comfy like this” I replied, I did not have a problem taking off my hoodie obviously but my feet are a different kettle of fish, My feet stink I would never take my trainers off anywhere other than my own house.

“Don’t be fucking stupid you can’t get comfortable in a hoodie and trainers, fuck I can’t even get to sleep with my joggies on” Kevin replied

“I will take off my hoodie but I will keep my trainers on or you will get gassed” I pulled my hoodie off

“Don’t be a dick I have smelt bad feet before fuck I shared a room with Danny for long enough and his feet stink and my own are not that fresh either”

“Hoodie is off trainers stay on”

I just got the words out of my mouth and he jumped off the sofa and was coming towards me, he only had on a tee shirt and his boxers, he was trying to pull my trainers off and I was trying to stop him it all got a bit crazy but in a funny way not aggression, we sort of wrestled next minute I rolled off the sofa onto the floor, Kevin is bigger and older than me but I am pretty strong so I was able to keep him away from my trainers, I got both my arms under his arm pits pulling him towards me keeping his hands out of reach of my trainers, as I looked down towards my feet I realised that not only was Danny on top of me but his boxers had slid down a bit revealing half of his arse, then I felt it coming, my cock was getting harder by the Nano second I could not get the image out of my head and I was thinking if his arse is half out his cock might be too, I froze and held him there in blind panic, what if he can feel that my cock is hard, his cock was right on top of mine if he could feel I had a hardon he would probably freak and tell everyone I tried to beast him, I rolled him off me and tried to escape away from him, that’s when I saw it, his cock was every bit as hard as mine it was sticking out the leg of his boxers, a real solid hard cock only inches from me, My joggies were pure tented out, I think the two of us froze for a second then he just leaned in and kissed me right on the lips, it was not a long kiss but it was a kiss and I think we both went for it at the same time, he was pulling at my joggies I reached out to his boxers, I had my hand around his cock wanking him for real,  he was groping at mine I don’t know if it was 10 seconds or 10 minutes before he kissed me again but we lay there on the floor our cocks rubbing off each other’s  kissing each other with pure lust, his brother was in the room next door fucking his girl oblivious to the fact that me and his brother were half naked rolling about the floor kissing and groping each other I am sure you get the picture but lets just say I had my cock sucked and sucked my first cock that night, and have sucked more than once since, My mates wonder where I fuck off too most nights, some think I am back at the boxing others think I have a secret girlfriend, but it is my secret time and no one can ever find out, well unless I am sucking their cock that is, I was soon to find out I was not the only gay boy on the estate but I will tell you about some of the others another time.

Merry Christmas readers. Teddy x

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