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First fuck with my mom’s sis (Pinni)

Hi Friends my name is Rahul (Name changed), live in Bangalore, age 27 years. This is my first Story so any mistake please forgive me.

Let’s go to the story now. This all started in may-2015, I normally visit my village in May every year for carfestival. Every time I visit in same month cause I love to see my aunty, wanted to fuck her from when I was 18 years but I didn’t get the chance and I was scared to take a step, so I was waiting very badly. On 4-May 2015 morning by 10am I reached my village and searching for her, finally I found her near temple. She was happy to see me, I went and hugged her but I felt different in the hug, so I asked her what happened she told nothing and went, at night we all had dinner and I went to sleep, after 1 hour I got up for smoke and I saw she is sleeping alone, my brother was not there, I went and I was smoking she came there saw me.

She: from when you started this?
Me: when I was 17.
She: just asked.
Me: ok but why are you sleeping alone where is your son?
She: no one is at home all went to carfestival, they may come back at 5am.

I was like really! that I got a chance. I’m done with my smoking, we started walking and I asked her what was wrong why you’re sad she told money problem so I told I will give if you want, she was happy and hugged me, it was cold and I told I love you aunty and she told I too love you then I told I really love you since when I was 18, she told I know that I was really happy and hugged her, oh I forgot to tell you about my aunty, her name is Preethi (Name Changed). She is chubby, age is 41 and looks like 30+, 5.2” and 36,30,36. She looks sexy. After hugging her, I moved my hand to her ass and started pressing it then she told that I know you love me a lot, I too love you but I was unable to tell you that. Your uncle is not caring me from past 2 years, so I told can I do what uncle didn’t do past 2 years, she was quiet and looking into my eyes, so I kissed her lips she responded to my kiss and told her I want you very badly, she was happy and told me that I’m all yours, you can do whatever you want, I went and locked the door and came, she was waiting for me like a sexy angel. She was wearing pink saree, I sat next to her and started kissing her. She started slight moaning aah.. Aah.. she told please f.. me I was waiting for this from 2 years, I too want to fuck you I’m also waiting for this from 8 years. I started pressing her boobs then I kissed her on lips for 10 mins then started kissing her body then I stopped and removed her saree and one by one now I can see her sexy nude body for the first time, then I kissed her body stopped near her pussy and started licking it, that was the first time I’m seeing and licking a pussy, it was really great feeling, I licked it for 5 mins, she was moaning loudly by my name Chinny (She Normally Calls Me) moaning aah aah and pressing my head towards her pussy, as started licking faster she moaned loudly Chinny I’m Cuming I’m Cuming but I didn’t stop and she cumed on my face, it was great feeling. Then she pushed me on bed and removed my dress one by one, when she removed my boxer 7 inch cock came out, by seeing it she was shocked, your cock is bigger than my husband, I want to have it in my pussy. She moved her hand and hold my cock started sucking it, that was my first blowjob and I started to mouth fucking her for 10 mins, I cumed in her mouth, she: I’m really happy this was the first time someone ate my pussy, its very cold out so send your cock inside my pussy let it see the new world inside. So I told I will also show you the new life from now and asked her I want to fuck your boobs, she was ok and I fucked her boobs and I got into action, went between her legs asked her to give me a view to do, she done that, I placed my cock on her pussy, entered it, I had pain so I entered slowly and I was in heaven I have not been in my life. She was in pain, its big so asked me to go slow, I did and entered fully and started to fuck her slowly, she was moaning aah Chinni I love you, I missed your cock for so long please fuck me deeper. I was waiting for it Pinni to fuck you and I started to fuck her faster and faster, she was moaning loudly aah… ahh… aaaaahhh I’m cuming Chinni, I was also feeling like cuming, told her Pinni I’m also feeling like cuming, she told oh Chinni its all yours, cum inside I want to feel your cum. I’m cuming… that was the first time I cumed large amount of cum, which was flowing out of her pussy and I kissed her on lips and my cock was inside again, I started to fuck her slowly, she asked me oh after cuming also you want me to like that only so me I was masturbating every day, so she kissed me and told you can fuck your Pinni any time now. When I was fucking her slowly door bell rang, heard a sound from house memers came from carfestival. We got up and dressed, told her I want to do it again so she told me ok we can’t do it now or in home, everyone will be here so we can do it back side of the house on the mountain. So I told her ok, kissed her and went to sleep… Next what happened I will tell in the next part (Name: Romance with Pinni on mountain).

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