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Flashers Night Again – Dirty Sex Tales

It was early evening after a very hot day and sixteen year old Martin was waiting on the railway station platform for the train that would take him home, the station was deserted apart from a homeless man who slept there, Martin had given the homeless man a sandwich and cup of tea which he did every time he was on the station, Martin looked at his watch and saw that there was twenty minutes to the next train that would take him home he knew the journey would take a hour and that the train was normally empty, Martin saw Sara and Tina two sixteen year old trouble makers who often had a go at him because he was a flasher, Sara started to bad mouth him calling him a pervert and other names, she then said to Tina ” have you ever seen his cock it is about nine inches and fat” Tina looked at Martin, then Sara’s boyfriend  Steve came onto the platform the trio started to talk as they were talking the train arrived at the platform, Martin boarded the train and as normal it was empty, as he looked out the window Martin saw Sara and Steve leaving the station, the train left the station starting the none stop journey to where Martin got off as it did Tina walked into the carriage using her phone as did and saying ” some dirty cunt has shit in the carriage and it stinks so I have gone in the other one” and after a few minutes put the phone away, Martin saw Tina kept looking in his direction, he got up and stood by the window and saw Tina look at his crutch a couple of times, he said to her ” what are you looking for” Tina never said anything, Martin undid his joggers as he did he saw Tina looking, he then lowered the front of his joggers letting his erection spring out he saw Tina looking and said ” this what you looking for” Tina looked at it and thought Sara was right it is big, Martin stood there and noticed pokies appear in Tina’s tee shirt and thought nice, Martin said to Tina ” you want it” Tina just looked at the massive dick thinking that is much bigger than my boyfriends, Martin went and stood in front of Tina and said ” you can have it if you want nobody will know” Martin saw the pokies in Tina’s tee shirt were bigger and said ” you got a nice set of pokies” Martin reached out and squeezed the pokies, Tina brushed Martin’s hands away, Martin lowered his hands and pushed then under Tina’s tee shirt who said ” somebody might come” Martin told her nobody else was on the train and pushed his hands up the inside of Tina’s tee shirt finding her naked boobs and started to massage them, Tina said ” you better not tell anybody” and got hold of his dick and started to stroke it, Martin lifted Tina’s tee shirt said ” fuck you got beautiful” tits bent and started to suck her nipples, after five minutes Tina was breathing heavy, Martin stopped licking Tina’s boobs reached down reached up under her short denim skirt and pulled her panties down and off then pushed her skirt up round her waist and pulled her forward in the seat a bit and started to rub her hairless love tube and when he pushed a finger inside he found it was wet, Martin with drew his finger and lifted Tina onto the floor then lifted her tee shirt up over her head and off he then knelt between her parted legs bent forward and slid his dick into her love tube, as Tina felt it slide in she groaned, Martin started to thrust in and out pushing in deep and after a few minutes he felt Tina cum but carried on thrusting away and felt her cum three more times before he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirt his cum in four spurts, he then sat on a seat looking at Tina and smiling, Martin wiped his dick before putting it away, after she had dressed properly Tina said ” you wont tell anyone will you” Martin promised her that he would not, when the train pulled stopped at Martin’s stop he got off he saw Tina go up to her boyfriend who was waiting for her and as he passed he heard Tina say ” I want to go home I am not feeling well” as she walked with her boyfriend Tina thought he is good best I ever had” Martin walked to the station entrance thinking another one fucked they like big cocks, will have to try and get Sara, he then saw Tina’s sister Mandy who was two years younger than Tina and smiled at her noticing the pokies in her tee shirt, Mandy walked down the road and into the derelict building with Martin followed her taking a Viagra as he went and twenty minutes later Mandy was groaning as Martin thrust in and out of her love tube making her cum  twice before he squirted his cum over the floor, as Mandy left Martin took another Viagra thinking I wonder who will be next.

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