Friend’s brother : it’s love or sex (part – 3)

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Hello everyone,
I am bit unconscious as glasses of beer have made me feel hot also and after sucking his penis, I walked to bed as I slept there with a white bed cover on my nude body and Rajan walked towards washroom as I know he will start fucking me soon, so my vagina after getting cum is also waiting for his 6-7 inches long and 2 inches thick cock and after a while he came back as bath towel have covered his tool. Ritu smiled at him as he sits near my waist and as he hold the bed cover to make me nude, I hold it to show my resistance but it’s only for me to give him little wait to fuck me as he have never fucked me earlier on but lastly he put away the bed cover, so putting my thighs crossed I have made my soft cunt invisible but soon Rajan starts kissing my soft thigh as rubbing other ones, so legs are moving apart and his kisses are making me horny as I bend my knees to put vagina nude and thighs widened, so he can fuck me in a missionary position and as he is still kissing my legs I am fully aroused ” uh oh Rajan please don’t make me more hot, push your tool soon
( He starts rubbing his fingers in between my labias ) sure baby but want to hear tool’s name
( I am too shy as I put my palms on face ) dear push your penis, ok ” and he than put away my hand as he starts rubbing his glans on my vagina, so bit lubricant my cunt swallows his glans with 1/2 of penis in a one go but seems that hole have no way in it’s depth and as Rajan hold my waist he fucked hard, so I screamed louder ” oh auch it’s hurting dear
( He starts penetrating hard ) baby, don’t know if you have lost your virginity or not
( Ritu too hot ) sure have lost it with my artificial penis but not swallowed any penis before ” as he is fucking me wildly while sitting in between my thighs and it’s my pleasure to get third cock in my vagina as dad and Naman have fucked me, so his one hand starts squeezing my breast and my cunt is getting hotter with his fast frictions, so Rajan leaned on me as moving his waist like spring and pounding my cunt for 3-4 minutes. Ritu now hold him in her arms as I start bouncing my buttocks fast and he kissed my lips as my soft boobs are getting pressed on his chest ” uh oh ah um fuck fuck hard my dear ah I am your sex slave for a day ” and his strong body have put lot of pressure on me as I stopped bouncing my buttocks, so sweating profusely inside air-conditioned room and it’s a hard fuck but soon Rajan left me as he moved inside washroom. Ritu’s vagina is like a dry and hot boiler as I am resting for a while, so he came back as he spits on my vagina and starts rubbing it with his hand, again he widened it’s hole and spits there so I put my sexy body on knees and elbows, like a bitch going to be fucked and as I felt his hard penis going inside it, I looked back ” go hard, haven’t the strength of fucking me hard ” as he hold my waist and fucked me hard, so I screamed ” oh yes it’s too hard dear give me a hard and fast fuck ” and Rajan is sitting behind as he is fucking me while holding my boobs, so Ritu starts swinging her butts and both are voiceless as enjoying fuck. Rajan have seen my vagina’s flexibility but not get suspicious of getting fucked dozens of time, so I am in heaven as buttocks is swinging fast and soon his hard hot penis starts ejaculating semens in my vagina as my vagina get wet and sticky.. So what happened than! Wait for it’s next part.

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