Friend’s brother : it’s love or sex (part – 2)

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Hi friends,
Ritu and Rajan are in a room of a resort as both are nude on bed, so feeling the heat I get laid but my eyes are on his long and thick penis, so a sexy gal of whitesh complexion with a nice figure of 32-26-36 inches is nude and Rajan is a handsome guy as lot of gals get attracted to him, his hand hold my thighs as putting it apart while pushing a pillow under my buttocks and now my reddish vagina is getting horny with his lips sealed on labia, so it’s my pleasure to get his oral love on it and there I put my crossed fingers to widen it’s hole as his long tongue starts licking it fast but Rajan is holding my breast also and as his tongue is fucking my vagina, I starts shouting ” oh Rajan uh it’s going to be wet soon ” and his tongue is hitting my clitoris fast, so moving my buttocks slight up I am fully aroused as his hand have hold my waist also and my dry as well as hot vagina is going to pour cum soon as Rajan is licking my vagina fast like a stray dog and soon I screamed ” oh suck suck you dog, it’s cumming ” as he swallows my labia with hole and sucked it hard to taste it’s cum. Ritu is now relaxed as I left bed and moved inside washroom, there I urinates as I washed my vagina and legs to face and there I got a bath towel as I wrapped it on my chest, so walked to bedroom as Rajan is sitting nude and looking at me he said ” looking too sexy and hot baby
( I walked towards sofa as I sit there ) sure first I need some drinks
( Rajan is well surprised ) oh I see! You drink also ” and as I nodded my head, he called room service and ordered for three bottles of beer as it’s a month of May with heat wave making us too uncomfortable and now Rajan while sitting beside me is looking for some fun as I hold his long and thick penis to jerk. So he is rubbing my thighs with his hand, now door bell starts ringing as I left him and walked towards washroom but there Rajan was bit aggressive and pulled my towel down as I looked at him but frisked inside washroom, so putting it’s door locked as waiting for service guy to left the room and after 4-5 minutes, Rajan screamed ” Ritu come out as I am waiting for you
( Me ) guy have left the room
( He ) yes sexy. ‘ ” And I am standing nude infront of him as I can see his penis erected, so he have put beer in glasses and than I sit on floor as I hold the glass, so he lit a cigarette as both are drinking beer but I am horny to suck his penis and as I hold it, he moved forward as his buttocks is on sofas corner and than I dropped some beer on his penis as I starts rubbing it softly. Ritu now knelt down as I start rubbing the glans on my lips and making myself thirsty for it before going to suck, so put my lips on his penis as I kissed it and than took cigarette from him as I smoked it for a while, he is pouring more beer in glasses but now I opened my mouth as I swallows it, so starts sucking it hard with his hand pressing my breast and slowly my mouth starts moving on it to give his penis a warm love and there he is screaming ” oh ah baby don’t suck it hard, aah it’s not fair as I have to fuck you also ” but now I am giving him a hard blowjob as I want to make it cum and drinks it semens, so my mouth can feel it’s hardness as his both legs are shivering and now I took out his wet penis as I put my tongue on it and while licking it, my hand is pressing his testicles, a round big tennis ball as it’s full of cum and after licking his wet penis I opened my whole mouth as I took his testicles in my mouth and it have little hairs also, so tasting it for first time as I can hear him ” uh oh baby, don’t do it now want to fuck you ” and I left his testicles, so sits near him as both are nude and both starts drinking beer again as I want to become unconscious before getting fucked, so Ritu lit a cigarette as I am looking damn hot with one glass on hand as other hands fingers have hold the cigarette and now Rajan finished his drink as starts smoking. So two nude lovers are dying for fuck…. To be continued.

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