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Its a Christmas night and I am in hotel parks with two hot lady. My hot mom Lousie as well as her friend Uzma is with me. Its 10:15 pm and we three have dressed properly as we all are drinking wine and waiting for service guy to come with dinner. My penis has erected like a iron fort as I am thinking how to fuck two lady at a time with my one cock. Looking at Uzma, I asked….. “My lovely aunty if you both have came here with an artificial penis also

(Uzma smiled) no need to worry its in my bag, a 9 inch vibrator with 6 type of stimulation. ” And I opened the bag as I took it out to see its function..

I have hold an artificial penis works on battery and now I can fuck two lady with my cock and artificial penis. Now we can hear door bell ringing, I opened the door and two guys came in with our ordered foods. Looking at us they smiled and put it on table before leaving our room. Now I locked the door and moved on bed as I can see both hot lady moving on bed with smile on face. Lousie and Uzma is on her knees and elbows as I am sitting behind them, now I lifted their gown upto their waist and asked…… “Who needs my penis baby?

(Lousie and Uzma) I need…. I want it. ” So I pulled their gown and make them nude. Now I removed my bermuda and knelt behind Uzma’s ass as they both are looking at me. I kissed Uzma’s cunt and pushed my long cock in her vagina while Lousie screamed…. “Oh Garry when I will get your long cock. ” And I pushed my long cock in Uzma’s vagina while I put artificial penis on Lousie’s cunt and started it in medium speed. Its a great fun to fuck a lady while fucking other one with artificial penis. I am fucking aunty with speed and power while holding artificial dildo in my hand, I can see my hot mom swinging her ass fastly as Uzma is also moving her ass fast to enjoy my dick. Now both friends are enjoying fuck and after 5 minutes of deep penetration, Uzma screamed….. “Oohhj Garry I will cum. ” And her cunt become wet. Now my tongue is licking her vaginal juice and I stopped the function of artificial dildo also, both lady moved to washroom. After a while, my hot mom is like a bitch on bed and Uzma is sleeping like a whore and I adjusted the speed of dildo before putting it on Uzma’s cunt. Now I pushed the on button and Uzma is getting the fuck with a long cock while she has hold it in her hand. Now I put the glans on mom’s cunt and pushed it hard inside her cunt, its juicy and I am fucking her fastly while I can see uzma enjoying artificial libido in her juicy vagina. Lousie is swinging her round dome shaped ass fastly and my penis is roaring inside her deep vagina. Now looking at watch its time to leave my mom’s cunt, so I took it out and in anger she….. “Oohh Garry why you took it out ?

(Garry) baby 5 minutes fuck in a go to each one. “.

Uzma is now in joy while I pushed my long cock in her vagina to fuck. She is sleeping like a whore as I am fucking her fastly and leaned on her top to kiss her face and lips. Now Uzma started moving her ass up and down and we both are enjoying fuck as I can see Lousie coming back from washroom and sitting on bed. Now she smiled on us…. “Garry you are fucking your aunt but who will get the cum?

(Garry) I think you both will get cum darling. ” And I am fucking Uzma in speed as she is giving a nice bounce of her ass. Now Lousie is sleeping on bed having rest while I am going hard on uzma’s cunt. She is swinging her ass to enhance our sexual pleasure. I am fucking them for 15 minutes as Uzma has to leave my penis for my mom Lousie and she is shouting….. “Oohh uumm Garry I will cum so don’t stop fucking fuck me hard. ” And looking at watch I am fucking her to cum. Lastly she poured cum inside her cunt and I took my penis out to lick her glory hole. My tongue is getting the taste of her vaginal juice. I walked to washroom for refreshment..

I came back to see my hot mom standing on bed with her legs wide apart. Now moving behind her, I bend her like a four legged animal and while holding her waist, I am fucking her vagina. Looking back to me Lousie is moving her ass fastly. Now my penis is roaring in her deep vagina as I can see Uzma sitting on bed and watching our live sex show. My penis is in duty for a 20 minutes and I am screaming in pleasure…… “Oohhh Lousie move your bum fast, I will cum soon. ” And Uzma is sitting near Lousie’s bum. After a while my penis poured cum in mom’s cunt as I took it out to put it in Uzma’s mouth. She got my cum and tasted it. Our Christmas nights end in joy.

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