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Hairy Fetish about Indian Woman

The best thing I like about the Indian Ladki is that they never shave! They are so sweaty in the right places. The blouse is wet under the arms and panties soaked with sweat. The good news is that the sweat has a sweet smell to it and tend arouse you to go closer and get a better smell. Try standing in the back of a crowded bus near the girls, the smell is easy to obtain. I really do not know how, but it’s a sweet aroma. The Indian ladki is all that!

What makes the Indian Ladki sexy is that you can catch a glimpse of the armpit hair through their short sleeves, or a good side show from their sarees! They are so hairy that their panties take off frequently curled strands clinging to them. Their pubic hair is so thick that you have the chance to smell their when they change their panties at home. You’ve seen them in their underwear? There are a lot of hair and some of the biggest bushes! The panty stays relatively cleaner because the hair takes care of all the secretions. The hair on the belly is light colored like down and becomes thicker and ends with the muff like an arrow on a sign post … this way! The hair becomes thinner and lighter in color as it reaches the ass. There are lots of hair on legs and armpits lovers see paradise! The flooz and your sperm clinging on to their muff is quite a view.

Indian woman have the best hairy pussy in my opinion. They got really bushing inside. Licking sweaty armpits of an Indian milf is the most satisfying feeling for me. I have encounter with many women in my life; American, Russian, African, Indian, Japanese, etc. But the feeling which an Indian hairy bomb gives is unmatchable. Ebony and Indian woman makes the best screaming, moaning and face expression while having sex. Once I fucked an 42 year old hairy milf like the actress Tabu, she had the best armpit hair I have ever licked, smelled and fucked….

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Now, as back then, I am up-front about what I like, admitting almost from the start that I have a thing for armpits. Naturally, this doesn’t always work out well, but at least they know and can take it from there.

Compared to some other fetishes I’ve heard of, I think mine is pretty harmless and once women get over the initial shock of somebody who thinks their underarms are sexy, most enjoy the affection I give their armpits.

The purpose of this story wasn’t the bring the reader down, but it was more of a tribute to a woman that I still worship and adore. I was a lucky man to find Indian Woman, and I think that she loved me as much as I loved her.

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