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Tricked Mom to become Incest – Incest Factory

This the Story is not real and it doesn’t have any intension to violate any religion or any other norms. This Story is about Incest and Armpit/Hairy Fetish

This is first part of a story series – Incest Factory

This the story how I become incest son and how I led my mom to become incest mom…. And How we both Ended up In the Bed.

I was 16 when my hormones started to have feelings about Milf and Incest. I had many GF in past and I had sex with many but I was not getting any sexual attraction from the girls of my age. I was and I am a MILF Lover boy.

My Mom was at 39 age. My Parents I think was not having in sexual life active. My Mom was a perfect Milf like Kajol and Rani.
She has face like Kajol and Body like Rani. Sexy long Black Hairs, Big fat bouncy Boobs, Stunning Hot Ass, Round chubby Belly, Fucking Hot, lusty, brown, sweaty, sweet Armpits. She is a Housewife so she used to shave Armpits when we have to go out or in any function. She use to wear sleeveless, low cut dress in house. I have seen many times her cleavage but it was not enough. Once she was sleeping while raising her arms which gave a glorious heavenly look of her hairy armpits, I went near her to smell and lick but she was not fully asleep so it don’t be possible.

I planned to record her bath and changing clothes situation secretly. Her bathroom had attached toilet and bathing area; she use to take bath while she locked her bedroom and let the bathroom door be open so she would came out naked to wear clothe; This was her daily routine. I had a GoPro so I put there which no one can see. I used my phone and a dslr (used two cams so I can get all angles) to put in her room.
Next morning when she was about to go for bath I turned on all the fucking cameras on. After an hour and above she unlocked her door and went to kitchen. I grabbed all the camera and moved all videos to my computer.

It’s time to watch for me and describe to you viewers:
She comes to room, locked it, and pulled out new clothes from cupboard. She grabbed her towel and went to the bathroom. Starts to remove her clothes; pulled her all clothes and Oh my fucking god she is a goodness of sex and milf. Her big big boobs with those sharp nipples on a light brown land is making me jerk. She sits on the toilet sit and starts to pee. OMG that scene when golden “Amrit” was coming out of her valorous pussy which was covered with the most adventurous jungle of hair. She rubbed her cunt after peeing. She started to bath, at a point while she was shampooing hair, she was also shampoo her armpits and pussy hair. Then she came to her room naked as she was a model with the most amazing MILF figure and jingling boobs and ass can make any one horny. She started to lotion body and combing her hair naked. This all scene made me jerked off. Then she dressed up and came out of room.

That whole day I was just seeing her video. From that day whenever I got chance to record her I do it.
Then one day can when she got up lately and I had already taken bath. As she got lately she told me to gave my old clothes so that she can wash in machine as she got her own bath.

I putted the cameras and the show starts but this is the whole different from previous one.
As usual she does her job and go to her bathroom but this time she had laundry basket in her hands. Then OMG she takes out my underwear because it had my fresh stain as I jerked this morning to her. In video her expression was not like disgusting but with a mysterious smiling like. She then grabs dad’s undies too and started to smell it. She then smelled mine and keep changing both but after she putted down dad’s one and starts to lick my fucking white stain from underwear. She went in the bath tub which was empty and wear my undies on her head as the white stain portion came to her nose & mouth. She started to finger her cunt and then pushed the shower nob inside her black hole and turned on the water. OMG FUCK her body was shacking and she twisting her both nipples. She removed the shower and starts to finger herself again. Then BANG she squirted a lot. Her squirt juice was on shower curtain, bathtub, small glass over there and even some get on herself too. She relaxed for while then removed my undies from her mouth.

This whole fucking thing gets he that she is unsatisfied, lusty, and have incest feelings. I got a green light then it was the time to get her. But it is risky to seduce direct in real life. I came up with a plan. I made fake woman account in FB which seems real and genuine. Name Neha, age 42, same state as my mom. I send my friend request. At that night she accepted the request and we started to talk…..

It went normal daily talk for a week then I started to talk about sexual life… She heisted and avoided at first till I broke the silent and said:
Neha: My Sex Life was dull with my husband from past 6 years. So I bought myself a vibrator.
Mom: Really… Does that sex toy is really satisfying?
Neha: Yaa it really satisfies the lust but not full body.
Mom: Means?
Neha: It just works for woman like who just want pussy to be fucked. I want fetish, kissing and specially those white cum on my face.
Mom: So it means you have the tool but not magic of Love & Sex……
Neha: You got the point
Mom: So what you are doing for lust
Neha: Why are you so questioning interestingly about my sex life without husband. Is the same case for you too?
Mom: Yaa… too sad for both of us. We can’t have satisfaction in our life.
Neha: Sorry but I haven’t finished my sex life…. I have a guy who satisfies me without any money or greed. And Especially I mean “Daily”
Mom: You are having affair with some guy?
Neha: No…baby
Mom: Then?
Neha: First answer my question
Mom: Ask
Neha: Are you alone at home every time?
Mom: No, my son lives with me as he is having a long vacation and having online course.
Neha: His age?
Mom: 16&1/2
Neha: does he have girlfriends
Mom: He had, but not now….
Neha: Excellent….. Great
Mom: What is great about his?
Neha: I am having son of age 20 who is that special guy in my “SEX” Life…
After 10 minutes of silence
Mom: What? How? When? Really?
Neha: Are you excited or frustrated?
Mom: I don’t know
Neha: He is fucking me since three years.
Mom: But how seduced him? He is your son.
Neha: Many Boys like mom figure woman to fuck and what can be better than her own milf.
Mom: You forced him or he does?
Neha: Back then, once he fined my vibrator when I was at home. He then started to sneak peek into my bedroom. I saw him many times staring at my boobs and ass. He smells my panties and bra. He was not knowing that I knew what he was doing; I just waited then I day I caught him masturbating seeing some milf and malllu videos. We didn’t talk out that till the lunch. Then he came to me and sorry and he told me that he will not do this again. But at that instant my naughty mind came in action. I said him that this is normal for everyone, even I do this. I saw you because you have not locked the door. I said “But you were doing it wrong my baby” (tone was changing). “You should use some lube or oil, and use whole hand but just twin fingers”. He was shocked by my tone. Then I used the most seducing trick on my dear son. I said tell me teach you. I ordered him to jerk off in front of me. I removed his pants and let me settle by himself. But what I saw my luck or what; his dick was not erecting so I removed my top and pants and I was in lingerie only. He closed his eyes to avoid but I went near him and hold his penis; give him a little motherly but lustier kiss on lips. His dick just powered up in less than a second………… then rest you can imagine
Mom: Fuck dear….. I am so horny right now.
Neha: So what you think about your son
Mom: hmmmm……….
Neha: Hmmmm …..?
Mom: Don’t your husband find out?
Neha: He will never because it will be no change
Mom: But how can I seduce my one?
Neha: Just follow his activity and caught him doing something sexual
Mom: Like yours
Neha: Yess….
Mom: But if he says no to have sexual relationship with me
Neha: Just check her browsing history on pc or mobile. If you found the topic like mom-son, incest, mature, milf, seduced by mom, etc
Mom: Really, does boys see this on internet?
Neha: Oh Poor Milfy mom, they love this
Mom: Ohk…. I will try. But first let me shave hair from body.
Neha: No not do that without knowing his fantasy. Find if he like hairy or shaved body. My Son like my hairy pussy & armpits, so I do not shave for him. It sounds weird but many boys find hairy armpit sexy…. Check in browsing whether we likes hairy or shaved.
(I was trying to stop her from shaving and waxing because I HAVE HAIRY FETISH AND ARMPIT FETISH.
Mom: Ohkk…… Bye for helping and talking about sex life.

From that day I started to give advice from Fake Neha that how to look sexy sexy and seduce a son….
From then my mom started to wear backless and sleeveless sarees and kurtis with very low cut blouse and neck. Her dressing was becoming sexier day by day. She wear clothes infront of me which give me a strong full lust cleavage look even if she is standing straight. But she changes her clothes before my dad comes home. One day she wore a full black bikini blouse saree like deepika padukone’s saree in movie cocktail song “Teri Jawaani”, Too Hot to handle…….
Once I started pc screen recording and started gopro; and left the house for hour. When I came back and see both footages, my mom seen all the history and watched some of my naught mom-son, hairy armpit stuff. In gopro recording I found that she was playing with herself while seeing porn video and was moaning with my name…..
Then she started to follow my instruction, like:
• Came to my in early morning to in too tiny semi-transparent nighty. She comes on my Bed in a position that I can see her full boobs with those fucking hot nipples….
• Just wrap towel around her naked body after coming from bath for about hours.
• While sitting always sit while raising arms on back for the glorious look of armpit.
• Accidental touch to my dick
• Sing Naughty or lusty song while cooking and twerk ass.
Once while we were eating ice-cream, she said that I have some on my cheeks, she came near me licked and kissed on that part while giving landmark of her red hot lipstick….. (This was not planned)

Then finally the moment came when my dad left for Dubai contract for a month.
I got a message on Neha’s Account…..
Mom: Finally Tomorrow I am going to break rules for my lust and satisfaction
Neha: Great to hear… First get all the stuff need for a safe and perfect sex
Mom: Yess….. I was searching all the sex stuff and brought around 2 dozens of different condom. Butt Plug, men & women oil, and a lot of lubes.
Neha: Hmmm…. Butt plug; You are getting too naughty Dear
Mom: I was naughty in my college days but after marriage all those wishes just left unfinished
Neha: Best of Luck

I was now excited for tomorrow. But there was surprise because me; Mom called me in her room after dinner to oil her hair. She was wearing very short back-less nighty, I was clearly seeing her naked back with just a bra hook. I sat on the corner of bed and she sat on the floor. I massage her head for 15 minutes after she ordered me the most surprise thing to do;
Mom: Can you unhook my bra strips, it is too tight for my boobies while sleeping.

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I unhooked and bra then she said to pull me the whole bra from her huge boobs. She held my hands, get them on the soft fluffy boobs; my hand went inside her nighty grabbed both the boobs and pulled the bra out while mom moaned;.. Yaa Baby just grab
And pull.
She offered me to get hair massage from her. Then position changed, I was below her… After a while she started to poke her boobs to my head. Then we got sleepy. Mom said please stay this night with me in my room as I am alone.

I was just an inch far from her. I was not able to sleep because of excitement and my mom was not getting sleep. I was moving around so my mom said: Not comfortable baby, let hug me.
My face was on her boobs and she was smelling my hair. We both went asleep.

Next morning……
As I wake up she was infront of mirror naked from top; I saw her full boobs live infront of me first time from the reflection of mirror. I act asleep to see her for long time. Suddenly I thought to wake up because I realised that this act is the part of her plan to seduce me. She acted to hide her breast with her hands;
Mom: I thought you might wake up late
Me: Sorry, I didn’t see anything mom. (I act to close eyes)
Mom (Seducing sound): Its okay baby, Let me go to bathroom.

As she went inside I noticed she left the bathroom door unlocked.
After 10 minutes… A loud scream of my mom came from the bathroom
I went inside the bathroom, and oh my fucking good……… She was screaming while laying on the floor fully naked with exposer of her wild hairy jungle covering the hottest cave of the world to enter; her armpits were wet and gave a look alike Niagara fall of armpit hair.
Me: What happened? Why are you screaming?
Mom: A lizard came up from the window… (She is scared of Lizards so she played a bold move for excuse).
My leg slipped on the floor, my ankle is paining not able to move.
Me: Let me help you

I was lifting a naked goddess of sex and lust in my arms. Her boobs emerged in my chest, my one hand holed her from the underarm area and other from the soft sexy ass of goddess. She was making sound of pain but for lustier.
While moving towards the bed, we both were making an eye contact not parental but sexual.

She wrapped her both hands around me. I dropped her on bed smoothly as she wrapped me I got a opposite force on me, I landed on her face, we looked each other than She kissed me on my lips. Our saliva’s were mixing to make a love cocktail, tongues started to cuddle each other; my hands were squeezing the mother milk palace; we then rested our mouth and she started to undress me. Mom make a happy and naughty look by seeing my 8 inch monster which will soon enter the heaven to fuck those fairies of paradise. She said “come on baby make this mom a whore bitch”
Mom wrapped a hand around to the back of my head and reached down with her other hand and started stroking my rock hard cock and moaning as I sucked and played with her tits, going back and forth from one to the other.

A short time of sucking and playing with her tits, I took one hand and slid it down her belly to her bush then on down to her pussy lips, where I felt her juices getting her pussy lips wet and I could feel the heat coming out of her as well.

Mom pulled away from kissing and pushed me back down on the bed, then she kneeled down, looked my dick over some, “I think if remember me right, you are about 3 inches longer and about the double thickness of your dad is. He didn’t have a thick cock just like you have.” Then mom licked up the underside from the base to the head then after a swirl of her tongue around the head, she opened up her mouth and took almost all of my hard cock into her mouth and down her throat.

I thought I was going to cum then, but I was able to hold off from doing so, I had never had any one take all of me in like my mom just did. She pulled back a little then started bobbing her head up and down my cock a few times, then she took all of my cock into her mouth and throat again before backing off all the way breathing heavy, “Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a good hard cock in my mouth like that, and you taste good too.”

“Why don’t you get up here and straddle my head so I can taste your horny pot while you suck my dick.”

While mom stroked my cock I moved up to get more comfortable and to make it easier for her to get astraddle of me too.

When mom got over me, I pulled her down to my face then started licking and sucking on her pussy, spending most of my time flicking my tongue on her clit as I sucked and then dipping my tongue in as far as I could into the love canal, to get all of her juices that I could get, before sucking a flicking my tongue on her clit.

The whole time I sucked and licked mom’s pussy, she sucked on my dick and moaning and in a about two in a half minutes pulled off from my dick called out in a loud voice, “OOOO GODDDDD I’MMMM CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNgggggggggggg.”

At that time I got a full mouth of her cum that tasted as sweet as I thought it would. I did all that I could to get all of her cum into my mouth without success. When mom finished cumming, she collapsed on top of me then rolled over to the bed beside me panting trying to recover her breathing, I turned over and around to face my mom and move up over her between her legs.

Mom opened her eyes with a smile, “Wow, no one has ever eat my pussy out like that in my whole entire life, not even your dad could do that to me.” I raised her right hand and the smell of her armpit hit my nose. I slowly placed my finger on the hair on her armpit. It was wet and shining. I bought that finger to my nose, aww it was really good. After seeing that shiny armpit, I couldn’t resist. I placed my mouth on it and started licking. She moaned aww and placed my one hand on her boob and started crushing it heavily. She started moaning loudly awwww. While licking her armpits. “You have been waiting for this moment all night, haven’t you? Oh Son, lick me, suck me, squeeze me, hurt me… do whatever the fuck you and your dick wants! Make me scream, baby!”

I was kissing her, holding her tits with one hand and fingering her with the other. She was moaning and begging for more. I pushed her to the bed and started going down on her. She was wet like heavy rainfall and I licked every bit of it. Her pussy was so hairy I was overjoyed. I licked her and put two fingers in but then she told me to shove three fingers in. She was shaking with excitement and told me that Asif never appreciated her hairiness. But I loved every bit of hair on her body especially her hairy armpits.

“Oh my goddddddd this is the best sex ever…. Oh baby just give it to me. Ahhh I can’t take it anymore. Ohh baby put your stick in my pussy. Mommy needs it badly. Please baby just make mommy cum.” I put my both hands on mom’s buttocks and pulled her toward me. Mom helped me by parting her legs even wider. I was making slurping sounds and sucking her hot pussy. Mom was all aroused and she now started to beg me. She was begging to have my shaft in her pussy.

Come on beta, give me your cock in mom’s thirsty pussy. I am dying to feel your dick within me. Come on now.

I stood up and parted her legs by my hands. Mom took my dick in her hand and guided it on her hole. Without me doing anything she started to rub it on her big pussy lips. My dick was getting that sticky substance which was being leaked from that mature pussy. Mom rubbed it nicely on her pussy line and than slowly put it back on hole. Her hole was so hot; I could feel the heat on my shaft. And mom slowly put my dick little bit in her hole. Wow that felt really great and I gave a slight jerk. My dick went in that hot thirsty pussy and mom moaned lightly. I hugged her and she hugged me back. My dick was in her pussy and she enjoyed it too much. She started to shake her booty nicely now and my dick was coming in and out of her pussy. Though her pussy was having big lips; it was tight and I was getting a lot of pleasure fucking it.

Mom was moving nicely on my cock and her moaning never stopped. She was praising me for fucking her so nicely. I was putting my full dick in her pussy and take out it with extreme force. And mom was enjoying the friction on her vagina walls. She parted her legs t full and asked me to pump more nicely. I could not stop it anymore and my hardcore sex action came in effect. I was fucking her like an old guy who is given last pussy of the world to fuck. Mom was still moaning very heavily. It was such a hard fucking session for both of us. I was sweating a lot all over my body and same thing was happening with this hot mom.

I fucked her in this position for about 10 mins and mom asked me to take out my dick. I took shaft out of her thirsty pussy and she asked me to stay back. As I stayed back mom bent down and she went in doggy style. Now she asked me to fuck me from behind. I went back and put my dick on her asshole.

Chhi, you want me to fuck in my ass?
Mom wanted me to fuck in her pussy only; but as she bent like that I thought she wants in her ass.
It will be too hard for me to take it in asshole now, I am virgin there for years now. And she winked at me. Once again my dick was in her hand and she put it in her thirsty pussy yet again. I went over her and this time dick entered hr pussy with much ease. Mom kept on moaning and I fucked her more and more hard. Mom was shaking her ass nicely now and my dick was going in and out of her pussy.

And after few minutes mom’s speed increased a lot. She was making her moves nicely and begging me to fuck much harder.

Daal andar… aaahhhhh fuck me more harder… make my pussy cum on your cock….. aaah it feeeels so gooooodddddd….. Come one make me your randi now….. you fuck me so welll darling…..!

Who would not like someone praising the way you fuck her! I was also a lot excited the way mom was taking my dick in her thirsty pussy. My speed also went up and mom kept on shaking booty. And I could not take it any more!

I had blast in my dick and all the cum blasted out of the penis canals. She was satisfied to have such a nice sex with her son.

This is the first part of Satisfying my Horny Mom…… Stay tuned and connect to

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