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Hidden desires finally exposed – Dirty Sex Tales

I had found a swingers group on the web in a nearby town that met monthly at a local hotel. For many years I have wanted to attend an adult party with my wife but she wasn’t hearing any of that. I emailed the leaders and over time became familiar with them on line.

I had mentioned it to my wife quite a few more times and she continued to be reluctant about it. Finally after me bringing it up enough times she agreed to go. She remarked that she didn’t want to be caught up in a lewd party with a bunch of deviants. She also stated she wasn’t going to have any weird stuff going on with anyone there. She would attend only because of my persistence. I emailed the hosts and we were invited to the next event.

Not really knowing what to wear or to do we dressed casually yet really nice. I noticed she took some extra time in the shower and also with her makeup. She really looked great for being 50 years old. Her 38C’s were sagging some but her stomach was flat and well toned. She was wearing a blue bra and blue bikini panties along with a pair of nice figure fitting jeans, and a white button up top that showed the blue bra underneath. We left for the hotel and just had some nervous casual talk during the drive.

When we arrived we were met by the organizers, taken to an adjoining room and informed of the rules. They reiterated the main rules, especially that  “no ” meant  “no “. They were a nice clean cut couple and this seemingly reassured my wife because her demeanor changed.

We entered the ballroom and it was like a community room that had about 30 couples in it. People immediately came up to us and introduced themselves, it was just like a neighborhood get together. My wife remarked that the couples were really nice.

I saw a couple across the room who looked familiar. My wife said  “Hey there is Jane and Tom, who would have thought they’d be here. “

They saw us and were a bit embarrassed but approached us and Tom said  “We are so glad you came. We saw your names on the list and didn’t know you liked this type of get together. ” My wife said  “it is our 1st time and I really don’t know what to do or say. I thought everyone would be naked and groping us by now. “
Jane laughed and said  “Look, just enjoy yourself and remember nothing is expected of you okay? ” My wife sort of relaxed at this and the activities began.

There were mixed drinks which everyone dove into, an abundant amount of snacks, tables to sit at and a dance floor. A DJ was playing music and a lot of mixing, talking and the lights were then dimmed a lot.

We talked with Jane and Tom as well as a lot of couples that came over to talk and joke. You would never know it was a swingers party until the organizers announced that  ” it is time to party. “

Couples began to dance to the slow sexy music that was being played. My wife and I danced and she held me tightly as I casually stroked her ass. As we danced she would push into my crotch area and grind a bit and smile at me. She by then had quite a few drinks and it seemed she was really having a good time.

A middle aged couple danced along side us and the man asked if we could switch dance partners. I nodded agreement and he and my wife began to dance. His wife molded into my arms and asked me questions about us and how we came about attending the party. Then suddenly she just kissed me and her tongue invaded my mouth to explore my tongue. I was caught off guard for an instant but responded to her kiss.

As out kiss broke I glanced over at my wife and she and man guy were also kissing. He had his hands on her ass pulling her into him and she was grinding herself into his obvious erection. The song ended and they said they hoped to see us later on and wandered off. We sat back at the table and she asked me if it was alright what she did. I said  “heck yeah, we are here to have fun. ” She smiled and drank another drink.

This routine continued for about 3 hours. There was alot of drinking, dancing, a musical chair game was played and some different games which was sexual in nature. It was just people having adult fun and relaxing together.

My wife was pretty well loose and relaxed from the alcohol by then. She had kissed and been felted up by who knows how many men. They all wanted to check out the new lady at the party I guess. She in turn had also massaged and felt many erect cocks during the dancing. Between songs we were both hot and feeling the other up. We had unknowingly brought about the wild passion we used to have between us. We kissed each other quite alot and in a whole new way. This was long overdue. Little did I realize just how much things would change.

The party ended at the bars closing time. The hosts thanked everyone for attending and an announcement was made. The couples could return to their floor of the hotel that had been blocked off and the party could resume then. Couples began to go to their respective rooms. We started to leave but Jane and Tom suggested we come to their room to freshen up and to see what other action was going on. My wife and I agreed and went with them.

At their room Jane began to change clothes to a more provocative attire and my wife stated she didn’t bring anything else. Jane took her to the bathroom. When they returned I didn’t notice any change in my wife until the room light behind her showed the outline of her visible breasts. Her hard dark erect nipples were very visible behind the white top. I said “wow you look good” and she whispered in my ear that she had also removed her panties.

Tom spoke up and said “Whew look at those great big nipples, girl you are a knockout. Someone must want to get fucked tonight. ” We all laughed as my wife blushed but said nothing.

We then went to another room, knocked and walked in to find a man and woman on a bed in a 69 position. She was on top of him and sucking his cock as her pussy was grinding into his tongue. We were taken back by his but I noticed my wife staring at them quite intensely. Jane eased us out of the room and down to a door that stated “Hot tub area”.

We walked in to find a huge hot tub with about 4 couples in it. Some had underwear on and a few were nude. One man said “Hey why not join us.”
Jane said “well maybe later” and we left. We walked to another room and knocked, someone yelled for us to come in.

We entered to find more couples that were sitting around in all stages of undress. Some were kissing, some touching and the others watching. We went in and sat down on one of the beds. Someone got us a drink a few welcomed us and we chit chatted while the action continued around us. The talk turned to sexual nature and one man was just staring at my wife’s chest. He just up and asked my wife if her breasts were as tasty as they looked. She blushed as I spoke up to say “you betcha ass.” Everyone laughed and he said “why not show us?”
Everyone replied,  “Show us  ” as they urged her on.

With the atmosphere and drinks she said “well okay” and just stood up. She unbuttoned her top slowly and a bit provocatively let it fall on the floor. Every man and some women were salivating at her erect hard nipples and nice 50 year old breasts. The girls voiced their approval when the man said “You definitely do have suckable nipples.” Suddenly he just leaned over placed his mouth on one of her hard nipples. He sucked and tongued it causing her to intake a deep breath and moan out loud. She closed her eyes and her head tilted back a bit. I knew that look and she said  “Oh I like this a whole lot. ” One woman spoke up and said “this is going to be a really good night.”

Jane stood and not to be outdone said “I can’t let her have all the fun.” as she began to remove her top. As her smaller breasts came into view she squeezed them for us to see. She strolled over to me and said “feel them.” I reached and cupped her breasts in my hands and ran my fingers over and around her nipples. She leaned more into my hand and was enjoying this very much.

I watched as the man sucking my wife’s nipple reached and unsnapped her jeans. This allowed them to fall to the floor. As they hit the floor it showed everyone she wore no panties. The sex aroma was obvious emitting from her pussy. He stated loudly “well someone is ready for a good time.” He stopped sucking her nipple and turned her so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He stood in front of her and asked her to touch him. Obediently she started to remove his underwear and as his cock became visible she reached to stroke his erection.

Here was my earlier reluctant wife now disrobing a strange man and massaging his erect cock in front of a group of other strangers. He reached and guided her face towards his hard cock. She glanced at me and I nodded for her to go ahead. She cupped his ball and bent towards his cock. She instinctively let her mouth open as she took his length inside her mouth while looking up at him.

She withdrew it and licked around his shaft and the head. She then licked along his pee hole to taste the pre cum. He was groaning so loud and was actually wobbling. She opened her mouth and slowly pulled it inside again. Her head was then rocking up and down his cock, her eyes were closed as she began sucking his cock more intensely.

The group stopped to watch as they were also stroking one another. Jane was by then sucking my cock in earnest. I watched as my wife gave this total stranger a blow job. He was now holding her head as he face fucked her. She would start to pull his cock almost out of her mouth then slowly suck it in further. She would gag at times but didn’t slow down. Her hands were massaging his balls as she sucked him. I have had her doing this to me numerous times so I knew the pleasure he was feeling.

Another man came and stood beside them. She stopped sucking and looked at the new cock before her. Then with a smile she also took turns sucking both men. All of the couples were making out, sucking cocks, eating pussy in the room by now. Me, well I was on my back as Jane was fucking me for all she was worth.

One man pulled my wife away from the two guys and laid her on the bed. The other two men each a her legs high in the air exposing her soaking pussy to anyone who wanted to watch. He knelled down between her legs and pushed his cock hard in her pussy. She gasped but was at once bucking her pussy into him. Tom knelt on the bed beside her face allowing her to grab and suck his cock at the same time. He was saying,  “Oh gee, I have wanted to fuck you for such a long time. ” as he fucked her eager mouth.

My wife was moaning very loudly now and I knew she was going to cum. The man in her pussy exclaimed that he was cumming which set off Tom. She was swallowing Tom’s load of hot cum as her pussy was also being filled. As she collapsed on the bed, one man was on top of her and Tom beside her head. She looked over at me with cum seeping from her pussy and her mouth caked with it. She mouthed the words, “Honey is this what you wanted? ” I smiled at her as I came into Jane’s pussy.

Everyone was cumming, moaning or fucking. The group was a pile of naked bodies some nice and some not so nice looking. I heard a woman ask my wife if she could suck the cum from her just fucked pussy. My wife didn’t say anything as the woman just pushed my wife’s apart and began to eat her pussy. My wife was a bit startled and had never done anything with another woman. As the woman’s tongue was stimulating her clitoris my wives hips were beginning to move up and down. Her eyes closed and she was beginning to moan again.

Another man got behind the woman and began to fuck her as she ate my wife’s pussy. Jane and I cuddled and watched. Another man got on the bed beside my wife and was sucking her nipples and massaging her breasts. This went on for a few minutes until he knelt beside her head. He placed his cock at her mouth and she eagerly began sucking this new cock, The woman ate her pussy like a pro and my wife suddenly emitted a yelp as she came another time. The man my wife was sucking pulled his cock from her mouth and came on the sheets.

We watched as another man got on the bed and rolled my wife onto her stomach. He lifted her hips until she was on her knees and elbows. He reached to the nightstand and got a hand full of lube and began to slide his finger along my wife’s asshole making her twitch as his finger traced her asshole. He teased her hole as she pushed backwards onto it. He slowly entered her ass with his finger as she uttered  “oh yeah baby, finger my asshole, stick it in deeper. ” Her inhibitions had left the room by now and pure want took over. This finger fucking was arousing her to no the ultimate limit.

The man just stopped his finger fucking because he knew her asshole was well lubed and stretched. He placed himself behind her. His 8” cock was at her asshole and he pushed it in her. She was urging him on with  “Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass. ” She was also searching for another cock to suck, her hands found one and she began to suck it.

When the cock in her ass was firmly inside she took the cock from her mouth to again utter loudly “Ohhhh my godddddd, fuckkkkk me, fuck my ass, oh yeah, go deeper”.

This made the man she was sucking explode his cum in her mouth and the excess on her face and lips. My fantastic wife was fucking the cock in her ass like a hellion. The man in her ass exclaimed he was cumming also. He grabbed her hips as he emptied his load deep in her bowels. This feeling deep inside her also made her cum again. His cock just flopped from her ass making a slight popping sound They all collapsed in a pile kissing and touching one another. My wives asshole was leaking cum as she laid on the bed smiling at me. She then was cuddling and kissing anyone who wanted her to.

This sexual gala went on for a couple more hours, everyone seemed to be fucking anyone who wanted to. I finally had Jane’s ass which was a new experience to her. I think watching my wife she got jealous and tried anal on for size. I was fucked and was sucked by a few other women, but the fun was watching as my wife as she was literally fucked by all of the men. They took her pussy, her ass and her mouth and she never asked them to stop.

We decided early in the morning we were just exhausted for more. We did some half ass cleaning up and started to go home. Upon saying goodbyes all of the group members asked if we had fun. My wife hugged me and said  “I never thought I would have this much fun. ” One member of the group said  “Please, come next month, it’s going be a gang bang party. “

My lovely and sexy wife giggled as she smiled at me and replied, “Well I guess we’ll see you again next month.”

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