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Stoned and fucked hard – Dirty Sex Tales

When we were separated my wife went thru and ordeal that took her years to tell me about after we got back together. She wasn’t too used to being single and sort of went along with anyone in doing stuff. She had not been very experienced in sex before we wed but had gained experience quite rapidly with me. This didn’t help her on this episode.

She had went dancing and drinking at a local night spot on this date and had met a guy she thought was nice and was good looking. He said his name was Bob. He dominated her time and was with her all the time, danced with her, held her close, snuck a feel here and there, kissed her a lot and primed her with alcohol.

At closing he asked if she’d like to see his apartment and she thought “why not”, she left her car and went with him. They got to a nearby apartment complex and he got her out of the car, kissed her deeply and led her to the door. Once inside he showed her the living room, kitchen, got her a really strong and weird tasting drink. He kissed her again but this time he stroked her breasts and pinched her nipple making her winch. He broke the kiss leaned back and took her hand and said “you want this” as he placed it on his erect cock. She withdrew her hand and said “I think I need to go and will you take me back to my car?”. He looked hurt and said “I am sorry lets have another drink and listen to some music, I’ll be good”. Giving him the benefit of the doubt she accepted another drink and downed it. As they listened to music she felt really warm and light headed.

After another drink she felt really weird and wobbly, he dimmed the lights and he kissed her, she felt herself responding to his kiss and didn’t even object when he felt her breasts again. All of a sudden the front door opened and in walked two men. One said “welllllll I guess you brought the entertainment huh”..The men all laughed and Bob said “These are my roommates and this is, uhhh what is your name ?” She mush mouthed her name “Liv” he said “ this is Liv guys”….One said he was Tim and the other said he was Marc. They sat in chairs across from her and Bob, Tim said “Hey Bob she is cute” Bob said “she needs a special drink will you get it“, Tim smiled and went to the kitchen. Tim brought the drink back and she drank it. Marc left the room.

When Marc returned he was holding something that looked like a video camera, she was mystified and asked “what is that for.” Marc said “We just like to have a video of friends we make.” Then she felt a darkness coming over her and that was all she remembers.

She awoke in her car, her clothes disheveled, the smell of cum all over her, dried cum on her face, her hands and a cum taste in her mouth….there was also a video on the car seat with a note attached that said “The evening was great, you are totally hot and we hope you like this remembrance of us, if you want a repeat call this number (a telephone number was written down).” She was humiliated by her appearance and drove home to shower and clean herself up not knowing what the hell had happened, she slept the rest of the day.

That evening she got out of bed, went to the living room still unsure what had occurred and she was a bit scared also. She remembered the video and got it from her car and inserted it in the player. She saw her self slouching against Bob on the couch in his apartment, he would lean and kiss her deeply and she saw herself responding to his kisses as well as the squeezing of her breasts. Tim and Marc were laughing and they were talking about her, Marc said “Damn her tits look good from here” Tim replied, “we’ll see pretty soon how good they look”….she really looked d***k or stoned and was slurring her words when she responded to them “ahhhhhh what is going on? I feel strange”……….Bob laughed and said “ No you are fine” and the men all laughed.

At this point in watching herself and the men she felt a bad feeling coming over her but she couldn’t pull herself away from the video images that were playing.

Bob kissed her again on the screen and this time she heard herself moaning and she muttered “ohhhh that is nice.” Bob smiled, looked at Marc and Tim and proceeded to unbutton her black blouse until it was flung open for the other men to see her black bra covered breasts. The men all moaned a groan and Marc replied “Damn they are nicer than the others we have taped, I bet her nipples are hard by now.” Tim came to the couch and sat beside her and he turned her head and kissed her, she was responding, he stopped the kiss and told her to “suck my tongue” which she immediately began to do. Marc came behind them and reached around to put his hands down inside her bra and he muttered “her nipples are rock hard guys I think she likes this.”. Tim said “If she sucks cock like she did my tongue we are in for a treat, Liv do you like to suck cocks?” She watched herself slowly say “ I like it”. The men laughed out loud again. She was tilted forward a bit and Marc unhooked her bra and let it fall from her. Her breasts were exposed now to their leers, their eyes had a lust glaze over them. Marc began twisting her nipples making her winch with the sudden pain but he kept on twisting them. To her surprise she watched as her nipples got rock hard and stood out an inch. All of a sudden Bob grabbed her and stood her up in front of them. She stood there wobbling and looking stoned.

All the men then sat on the couch and told her to stand in the middle of the room while the camera was relocated to see her. Tim said “Liv do you like us?” She mumbled “ah Yes I guess so”. He then said “You’ll do what we want and how we want it done won’t you?”. She heard herself say like a zombie, “I guess so.” Bob said “Okay then massage your breasts for us.” She watched the video and she saw her hands go to her naked breasts, her fingers rub and twist her bare nipples, she heard herself moan and groan with each twist and her body sort of slouched a bit as she massaged her breasts. Her nipples were erect and standing out from her breasts, hard and like always very sensitive to the touch. She was licking her lips and they were wet as her tongue caressed them. (((((( In live person now she felt herself actually rubbing her breasts as she watched in disbelief )))))) Tim softly told her to do a sexy dance for them, he put on some slow music and she began to move her hips while she massaged herself. She pushed her hips forward and ground the air as if grinding against someone. Marc had gotten the video camera and was zooming in on her face, her breasts and taping the erotic dance. The guys were loving it and said “ Strip Liv, show us what you have.”

She saw herself reach down and unsnapped the buttons to her jeans and hooked her fingers in the waistband. She swayed and moved to the music as she twisted her hips in a “fucking” motion. The men were beside themselves with their conquest of this d**gged woman. She pushed and the jeans fell to the floor leaving her clad in a skimpy pair of Black lace bikini panties. If they had looked close enough they would have also seen the traces of brown pussy hair sneaking from the seams of her legs. She continued to dance and began a more intense sexual dance, Bob told her to stand in front of them and dance which she moved to do. As she danced and did her grinds each man would cup and breast or sneak a finger inside the leg band of her panties to touch her hair.

Bob leaned forward and sucked in on one of her nipples which made her gasp and moan very loudly. This excited the men further and Tom sucked on the other nipple while she tried to continue her dance but her legs were becoming weak from the sucking and her arousal. Marc took his cue and traced his finger along the entrance of her already wet pussy making her startle with a jolt. He loudly said “ God guys this sluts pussy is soooooo wet.” He then jammed it inside her pussy and she almost fell to the floor exclaiming “Ohhhhhhhh shit touch me, jam your finger inside me, suck my tits, ohhhhh gawd.” Marc said “Fuck this shit man lets do her”

They grabbed her and pulled her to a room that she saw was a bedroom. She watched as they flung her onto a bed then made her lay down and Tim removed her soaking panties, he then spread her legs wide open exposing her wet pussy to their gaze. Her hips were moving side to side and lifting as Bob went between her legs and she watched as he slid his tongue into her pussy. She grabbed his head and moved his tongue to where it did the most. The sounds and motions she saw made her realize that Bob had then brought her to her first climax of the evening.

Tim and Marc watched as Bob brought her to a stunning and very vocal climax. She watched the video as her image moaned and suddenly yelled, “Ahhhhhh fuck…….suck my clit, please suck my clit harder…….I’m cummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg.”. As she climaxed and collapsed Bob got out of the bed and Tim took his place between her legs as his tongue lapped up her juices, Bob and Marc got beside her and the video showed them rubbing her breasts and manipulating her erect nipples. Her hips began to move onto Tim’s tongue and she knew by watching that she was approaching another climax.

She watched as her head was turning side to side, her voice was saying things like “Oh shit that feels good, suck my clit, suck my nipples, bite them, oh god that feels good.” She watched as Tim held her hips up as he ate her pussy, then his hand went under her hips and she heard herself squeal and she knew that Tim had slid a finger into her asshole. She was squealing “No-No-No… please not there”….. “I don’t like …uuuu….oooo…ahhh… ooooooooooooh yeah finger my asshole….oh fuck that is great……fuck my ass….put 2 fingers in my ass”. She saw herself driving her pussy and ass onto Tim’s tongue and finger….

She continued to watch and then saw Marc and Bob go to each side of her head and Bob grabbed her head, turned it to his erect cock and pulled her face to his cock. She saw her mouth gap open and his cock enter her mouth. Her moans made him continue maybe a bit more aggressively than needed and he slammed his cock deep into her mouth making her gag. When he withdrew his cock she inhaled a gasp of air before he slammed it in again and again and again. Her hand found Marc’s cock and was masturbating his cock as her mouth was being r**ed.

Bob withdrew and turned her head forcibly to Marc and her in turn grabbed her hair and jammed his cock in her mouth, fucking her mouth as he said “Yeah bitch suck my fat cock, deeper damnit, yeah that is it suck it” Bob was tweeting her nipples hard making her groan around Marc’s cock….She could see Tim as he fingered her red asshole, the camera capturing the entire scene. Her body fucking his finger and her head driving onto Tim’s cock. Marc groaned loudly as he proclaimed “I’m cummmmmmming swallow that hot cum Liv, choke on it” she could see herself trying to swallow it but a lot came seeping out of her mouth as he fucked her mouth. As he emptied his load Bob turned her face to him as he jacked off and his cock spewed cum on her face as she tried to open her mouth to capture his load also. They stood back as Tim stopped his fingered fucking her as, he grabbed her hips and spun her onto her knees and elbows, He actually waved his cock at the camera as Marc and Bob laughed. Her hips were still moving in a fuck motion as he took his cock in hand and placed the tip at her asshole….She must have realized what he was going to do and said “Please just your finger ok, don’t put that thing inside me.”…..Again they all laughed and Tim said “Too late bitch you’re going to be ass fucked by all of us before this night is out”, she did see her own eyes wide in fear and being d***k or stoned. He spit onto the tip of his cock and pushed it inside her ass making her yell “ohhhh fuck, take it out please….take it out”

He paid no attention to her pleadings and began to ass fuck her very swiftly, she must have grown accustomed to his width and length because in a minute or so she began to fuck back at him and moaning “yes it feels so good now, fuck me you bastard, fuck my asshole, fuck me deep”. Marc and Bob stood back adjusting the camera and watching the show. She was beside herself by now, in a daze, stoned, not realizing what she was actually doing and not caring either. Her ass must have been tight because Tim erupted “fucking tight asshole I am cummmmming” and he exploded into her ass,
drops escaping and running down her legs. He fell onto her hips and rolled off as she felled face down on the bed, her eyes glazed, ass seeping cum. She looked at herself on the video and couldn’t imagine herself doing this stuff but here at home she found her fingers inside her own pussy massaging the inside and clit.

On the video Bob and Marc went to her and Marc asked “do you want some more?” She glanced at him and muttered “ohhhhhh yes, yes”. He laid down beside her and pulled her on top of him, she leaned forward as his cock entered her wet pussy making her groan again, she kissed him and as they kissed they began fucking each other. Bob got on the bed behind her and took his hard cock and poked it in her ass, she was being double stuffed for the 1st time and seemed to be loving it. They were fucking respective holes and she was trying to match stroke for stroke. The fucking went on for an unknown length of time as she was now finger fucking her pussy as she watched the video. On screen she saw herself throw her head back and scream “I’m cummmmmmmmmming, oh god I am cummmmmming.” Her body was pitching back and forth, a cock in her ass and one in her pussy until both men within a second or two emptied their cum inside her. All three collapsed on the bed. Tim not to be outdone pulled her until her knees were on the floor and body on the bed and asshole readily visible to anyone who would watch the video, He kneeled and pushed his cock in her cum filled ass and fucked her until she came again and he pulled his cock out of her ass with a plop sound and came on her ass cheeks. She appeared to pass out and while the men videoed her from all angles, her ass leaking cum, they spread her pussy lips apart and filmed it, then her face and all three masturbated and came on her face.

They clothed her somewhat and Bob said to the camera “How do you like the fucking she got?”. They made a copy, took her to her car and left her with the copy. She felt so humiliated and yet excited by what she had done and witnessed herself doing. All week she would work, come home, watch the video and masturbate in front of it. On Saturday she was irritated about them using her body while she was stoned and d**gged and then making a video for who ever to see. She reached for the telephone and called the number on the note.

Marc answered and she said “why did you guys do that to me?” He laughed and said “Why hello Liv.” She said “I am so embarrassed”. He replied “Well all our friends thought you were really good and hot as hell. What are you doing?” Caught off guard she replied, “nothing”. Marc said “Look we have 3 friends here watching the game and it is boring, how about you putting something sexy on and being our entertainment tonight?”…She felt herself become red faced and yet wet at the same time. She said “look I am no slut or whore ok?”. Marc said “well you are for us so come on over, I promise we will fuck every hole you have, fill you with cum, do it at the same time and send you home satisfied and sore…”…………She felt the wetness in her pussy……..She without even thinking muttered “Is an hour ok?”……Marc said “come on over we all have hard cocks waiting for you”. She answered
“ keep them hard, see you all in a little while.” She knew her life was about to change.

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