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High School Bully puts Mom in Her Place

16 Year old Matt was a regular teenager at his high school. He did his work, hung out with his friends, and was regarded as a well behaved student. This was not the case for fellow 16 year old student Dereck. Dereck was a well known troublemaker, getting into fights, sneaking in banned items, and bullying other students. Matt was one of his most well known victims, Dereck often going out of his own way to torment poor Matt. One day though, things would get a lot worse for Matt as he went home, and as usual Dereck followed him the whole way there.

“So this is your house eh Matty boy? I guess I should’ve figured it’d be as shitty as you are!” Dereck boasted laughing in Matt’s face. Even though they were the same age, Dereck stood nearly a foot taller than Matt. “Hey lay off man, I’ve gotta get inside my mom’s waiting for me.” Matt said trying to wave him off, but Dereck wasn’t having it. “Oh what? You gotta go cry to your mommy now about how much I picked on you today? Well guess what, that’s not gonna stop me!” Dereck exclaimed before dropping to a knee and punching Matt right in the testicles, a favorite move of his. Matt feels to his side groaning as Dereck laughed and grabbed his house key, walking inside. After a few minutes Matt was able to stand up and hobble after Dereck, who had just invaded his home technically!

“Agh, Dereck get out! This is my house!” Matt said trying to get him to leave. “No way man, I’m gonna take a look around, see what you got in here. Pretty sure you wouldn’t mind lending me a few things.” Dereck said with an evil grin, moving into the living room. Matt walked after him. “Dereck, I said leave!” He tried to make a grab at Dereck, standing up for himself for once, but it was all for nothing as Dereck easily sidestepped him and got behind him. In a swift motion, Dereck reaches into Matt’s jeans and grabbed at his underwear, pulling up hard into a nice hanging wedgie. “YEARGH!!” Matt yelled out, flailing his limbs in pain. “Ahhh!! I’m sorry I’m sorry!! Please put me down!!!” Matt said, it was very easy for Dereck to break him down at this point. “After what you just tried to pull loser? No way! I need to teach you your fucking place!” With that, Dereck held Matt in the wedgie and started to carry him upstairs, towards the bathroom.

Once upstairs, Dereck dragged Matt into the bedroom and threw him on the floor, landing with a thud. Deeeck laughed and opened up the toilet, and Matt knew exactly what was coming. “This is what betas like you get for trying to stand up to Alpha’s like me!” Dereck proudly said, grabbing Matt’s head and dunking it into the toilet water. His arms thrashed around trying to leave but couldn’t get Dereck to let go, who laughed and flushed the toilet, making the toilet water swirl all around him. The force of the water on his head hurt a lot and made him dizzy. He was finally able to breathe once the water receded, and Dereck lifted him up again. “P-please Dereck! Stop it!! I said I was sorry!!” Matt said with a very squeaky voice as tears formed in his eyes. “Or what? Are you gonna cry over this like usual? ‘Wa! Wa! I want my mommy!’ Fucking pathetic!” As if on cue, the bathroom door opened and a woman stood there, staring at the scene dumbfounded. “Uhh… What’s all the racket in here?”

Matt’s mother Sarah was an example of a woman. Long red hair, DD breasts and an ass to match, an hourglass figure, all the works. Dereck noticed this too as he stared up at her, as she was about half a foot taller. “Heeeeyyy sexy lady, you must be Matt’s mom?” Sarah stood there a bit confused before she looked over at Matt, who’s head was dripping wet and his underwear stretched out of his pants. “Mom! Thank goodness you’re here! Get this guy out of here! He won’t stop bullying me!” Sarah looked over at Dereck with anger in her face. “What?! I do not tolerate people bullying my son young man, let alone in my own house!” She started to walk towards him, and he pushed Matt aside smiling. “Aw that’s too bad… Well if I can’t bully your son, I’ll just bully you!” Suddenly he threw a punch right into Sarah’s stomach, making her double over in pain. He laughed as he grabbed her head suddenly and shoved it into the now refilled toilet as well, her head and hair getting soaked as her legs kicked and arms grabbed wildly around her. He laughed harder than Matt had ever seen him laugh as he flushed the toilet on her head, and he watched his own mother now become a victim of Dereck’s antics. He reached another hand down into Sarah’s leggings and grabbed hold of her pink panties, pulling them up hard and wedgieing her as he gave her a swirlie. Once the water receded Sarah’s head came back up, sputtering. “Gah!! Wh-what the hell?!” Dereck looked down at her. “Get used to it sweet cheeks! I think I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you! That bod of yours is too good to hide!” He laughed as he pulled harder on the wedgie, making her squeal out in pain as her panty fabric was pulled into her butt and pussy. “Pl-please stop it… Stop bullying me…” Sarah said softly, tears forming in her eyes as well. “Aw what’s this? Is mommy gonna cry in front of her own son? Well save those tears for the worst part!” Suddenly, he reaches down and undid his pants a bit, freeing his dick out. He flopped it against Sarah’s face at first who recoiled in disgust. “I can see you like it, but I’m not giving this to you just yet!” He then turned and started peeing into the bowl of water, turning it nice and yellow. “W-Wait… You’re not seriously gonna do that to me are you?! Please don’t!! Please!!” Dereck just laughed as he finished. Grabbing hold of Sarah’s head, he dunked her into the now piss filled toilet bowl, holding her in place there as she thrashed wildly. “Man, your mom’s a lot more fun to bully than you are. Fresh meat for me and a nice ass to take!” He flushed the piss soaked water around Sarah’s head, making her almost gag as it roughly hit her head. Once it was done she lifted her head out of the bowl and was visibly crying. “P-please!! I’m begging you!! Please stop bullying me!! Waaaa!!!” Dereck laughed very hard at that. “Wow, a grown ass woman crying from bullying? You both are so fucking pathetic. I’m taking what’s mine and leaving you both to wallow in your own miserableness.” With that, he grabbed Matt and Sarah by the underwear and wedgie dragged them over towards the bedroom.

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Once in there, Dereck threw Sarah into the bed who offered very little resistance while she was sobbing. He then closed the door and hung Matt up on a clothes hook on the door by his underwear, making his wedgie even worse. He laughed at the sight and turned his attention back towards Sarah, who tried to crawl away but was quickly grabbed and pinned by Dereck. “Please!! Please don’t do this to me!! I’ll give you my money please!!” Dereck chuckled to himself and reached down to Sarah’s blouse, ripping it open with his hands and exposing her naked breasts. “Wow, no bra underneath? What a slut mommy you are~” He roughly grabbed hold of Sarah’s large breasts and gripped them, getting a feel of them for himself, causing Sarah to moan inbetween her pathetic sobbing. He reached down and suckled onto one of her breasts, making a little bit of milk squirt into his mouth. “Mmm…. Delicious! But I need more than that to satisfy me.” Dereck then flipped Sarah onto her stomach and pulled her leggings down all the way and off, throwing them aside. Seeing her stretched out pink panties he got an idea and grabbed them, stretching them as far as he could up towards Sarah’s head before hooking them around her nose, trapping her in an atomic wedgie which made her cry out louder in pain. “Man, are all adults this easy to bully? I may have to pay that bitch of a principal a visit after this…” Matt watched in horror as he moved her wedgied panties out of the way of her pussy and brought out his now erect 8 inch dick, wasting no time before sticking it into her, making her moan out loudly. “Engh… Really fucking tight… I’m guessing your hubby doesn’t fuck you often…” Dereck began violently thrusting into Sarah’s soaking wet pussy, as if she was somehow enjoying this, though her hands gripping the bed in pain and her mumbles begging Dereck to leave her alone begged to differ. He pounded into her little hole over and over and over again while Matt watched dumbfounded at his bully fucking his own mother, unable to do anything because of his own predicament. After almost 10 minutes of horror, Dereck finally came inside of Sarah’s pussy, making her min and cry out louder than before, and then slumping down into the bed, defeated and dominated.

Dereck laughed again and gave a hard slap to Sarah’s ass, making her squeak out in pain. He then walked over to where her purse was and rummaged through it, taking out any money that was inside, which was nearly $100. “Damn, this is the best shakedown I’ve ever done. Listen bitch, I’m gonna be coming around here a lot more often, so you better have more money for me next time, you got that?!” Dereck said in a very loud and authoritative voice, making Sarah whimper and retract out of fear. “Y-yes Dereck… I’ll m-make sure I have more money for you next time… I’m sorry…” Dereck gave another hearty laugh. “That’s what I thought bitch! Your mine now, and don’t you ever forget that! Give me the keys to your car, I’m gonna take a little test drive!” Sarah obediently nodded and reached over to her end table, tossing Dereck the keys. “And I lied, I’m not giving the car back. Anyway, now to deal with you…” He walked over to Sarah and undid the atomic wedgie but lifted her up with another wedgie, carrying her over to Matt and hanging her by her underwear in a hook next to him. “I’ll see you idiots around later, I think I’m also gonna make myself some food!”

With that, Dereck exited the room, giving his usual hearty laugh of victory. Matt and Sarah couldn’t even look at each other as they hung there, completely bullied and defeated, though Matt still shot glances at his mothers exposed breasts. Eventually Matt asked his mother why he let Dereck do all that to her. She responded saying that she had been bullied in school herself, and she had never really gotten over her fear of bullies, which had always made her easy to pick on. Matt and Sarah hunt there together until eventually both of their underwear ripped and they fell to the ground. Matt stood up rubbing his sore ass, wondering what Dereck was going to do to him and his mom next time…

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