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HOT GAL TARA 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

Tara is in her home as I knocked her door. She opened the door with smile on face, as her younger brother is out for tuition class, her mom is in duty. So we have planned to enjoy some nice time together, moving inside her home, I am feeling relaxed as she locked the door and hold me in her arms. She is wearing a leggings and crop-tops as her nude belly to flat tummy are inviting me for love. While holding her in my arms, I started kissing her lips and face as she is pressing her boobs on my chest and my hand is measuring her round shaped ass..

Tara is too horny as she pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck and started removing my jeans. It fell on ground as she pulled down my briefs and I can feel my penis hitting her vulva zone on leggins. While she took out her tongue, her lips took my lips in her mouth and I pulled down her leggings down to earth. As she is wearing a G string, my palm is getting the soft touch of her round ass. She left my lips as I removed her G string. Now my penis is hitting her labias and I pushed my long cock in her vagina. While standing on ground, I am fucking her vagina with speed as well as power. We both have hold each other tightly as I am fucking her from below. She is enjoying my dick as my penis getting harder and my speed of fucking her get enhanced. She is sexually aroused as she removed her tops and I made her nude after removing her brassier. Our waist are in friction as my long cock is fucking her fast. She put her head on my shoulders and started kissing my neck. We both are enjoying sex as she is screaming….. “Oihh uhmmm aahh Garry fuck me hard aahh your cock is too hard, I will cum soon. ” And after my hard struck, her cunt become a pond..

I took out my cock from her cunt as I am on her legs. My lips are on her thighs as she is stretching her legs wide open and I put my tongue in her vagina to lick it. She has put her fingers to make her labias wide as her inner parts are wet, my tongue is licking it with my tongue like a dog. After a while I stand in front of hot gal Tara. Now she turned back as her bum is in front of me, now I pushed my long cock in her vagina as I hold her waist tightly and started fucking her fastly. She has put her hands on dinning table as her legs are shaking and she is swinging her round ass faster to enhance our pleasure. My penis is hitting her vagina as I have put my one hand on her breast to massage it hard. She is enjoying my penis but her wet cunt has become dry as I started fucking her fast, she is moving her ass slowly….. “Oohh Garry fuck me hard dear, its in fire, pour your cum inside. ” And my penis is rock hard and too hot, fucking her for 10 minutes, now I am shouting…… “Oohh uumm aahh Tara I will cum in your vagina darling….. ” And white fluid filled her vagina as it came out also. Like a hot gal, she sucked my cock and tasted the cum.

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