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How I fucked my Phupo (Aunt) Part 3 (Real Story)

This is the third part off. How I fuck my phupo. If you haven’t read the first two parts I recommend you to go and read Part 1 and Part 2 first so that you can get all the scenarios so let’s start our story. Maria she was 16 years old. When she arrives at home from school Phupo gave her lunch. She ate and she went to sleep after she woke up she did her homework and around 7 PM we all start watching TV. Around 8 PM it was dinner time so Phupo and Maria together made dinner. We ate and getting ready to sleep. We were watching movie around 9 PM Maria said I will sleep with Phupo and you can sleep alone in your room. I said, why don’t you sleep in parents’ room as always, and me and phupo will sleep in my bedroom as always. She said I can’t sleep alone because I feel scared, she was saying right but I do not want to sleep alone because I wanted to play a game with my Phupo. I have to think quickly I was making eye contact with Phupo and she didn’t say anything because she knew Maria was right, so I said why don’t we all watch movie together because tomorrow is Sunday and Maria you also don’t have to go to school so we can awake till late tonight and then we can sleep together in my room, everyone says yes, so Maria which movie do you want to watch? She said any movie is fine so I was thinking what movie should we watch because I was thinking that we should watch some romantic sexy movie so that everyone feels a little horny. Let me tell you at that time I didn’t have any intention to fuck Maria because I feel she was very young but after fucking Phupo I start getting feelings that I have to fuck Maria too but I know it cannot be happened so quickly so I thought let’s just focus on Phupo first and when she go back to Canada then I will start thinking about Maria. I quickly see from Google about adult movies so there was a movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ so I suggested let’s watch this movie but phupo said This movie is not for kids. Don’t worry it’s OK, I said. I took my laptop and I find the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and we went to my bedroom and turn off all the lights. Now phupo was sitting between me and Maria, I was sitting on the left side. I turn on the AC so that everyone had to put blanket on. With darkness and blanket on I can play with Phupo, the room was perfectly black, and my plan was also perfect. The movie was going smoothly and then suddenly kissing scene started. I take a look at Maria She was watching very confidently… I got excited and I put my hand in the blanket and start touching around the pussy of my Phupo and I start slowly moving her pajamas down and her panties. Phupo see the Maria she was not taking any notice. She was busy in watching adult scenes which was making me more excited. I knew that my younger sister is adult now. Phupo got comfortable and let me do my work. I put my finger in her pussy slowly and she moan a little. Ahhh. What happened. Nothing I just get scared and Maria start laughing. I start moving my finger in and out very slowly so that Maria don’t feel what’s going on and phupo’s pussy start getting wet, I keep my finger inside the pussy and start watching movie. Whenever the adult scene appears I start in and out my finger I was shocked that Maria is watching nude scene with so interest even she was just 16 and she knew that her brother is beside her. I started teasing Maria. Why are you watching this movie don’t you feel shame your brother is with you Maria. Maria felt ashamed and she said sorry. Phupo said why are you teasing her. Let her watch it’s just a movie and she can also watch. I said she’s just 16. Phupo said she’s big girl now, she’s adult now, isn’t it maria. Yes Phupo I am a big girl now but I am really feeling ashamed that I watch this movie with my brother. Maria start smiling and I said if you can watch this movie with your brother then you might also watch porn alone. Phupo said don’t say anything to her. This is her life she can do anything she wants. I said OK she can do anything I am not stopping her. I’m just curious to know. I give a big bang with my finger in phupo’s pussy. Phupo moaned Ahhhh. I said what happened. She said mosquito bit on my leg. Maria said OK and I start laughing and phupo also smiled. The movie was about to end. I start moving my fingers in out more frequently. Phupo got very hot but we don’t have any chance to fuck. I whispered in phupo’s ear to make plan to fuck now… She said I also want but we cannot do anything we plan to wait till Maria sleeps and then we will go to other room and have sex. It was very difficult to wait. After the movie we said let’s sleep now. Phupo lay between me and Maria and we turn off all the lights. The room was very dark. I put my one hand on phupo’s boobs and start squeezing a little. Maria was looking on the other side. I thought it will take a long time and my dick was ready so I pulled down the phupo’s pajama and start rubbing my hand on her ass and I start moving my fingers around her pussy, phupo got very hot and I start finger fucking her pussy and it was becoming wet and wet. I said Phupo let’s fuck here one time she said OK so Maria was looking on the other side phupo turned towards Maria’s side. And I take my dick and put it in her pussy from back position, I start moving very very slow in and out. It was not satisfying. I put my finger in my mouth and make it wet and put that finger in Phupo’s ass, Phupo ass was also very tight. She pinched me so that I don’t do this but I keep on doing this and phupo can’t do anything. I take my dick out of her pussy and it was already very wet and I take my dick near her asshole and with full force bang in her asshole. Phupo screamed loudly and Maria got scared and ask what happened. Phupo said in pain nothing I just saw a bad dream maria hugs Poopoo and kissed on her for forehead and she feels the tears in Phupo’s eyes. Phupo starts crying. Phupo what happen don’t worry I am with you don’t need to be scared. I said Maria go and bring some water for Phupo. When Maria went outside Phupo punched on my stomach. You asshole what are you doing? I don’t want to fuck in my ass hole, I said bitch I will do whatever I want to do you are my slut. I am your master you are my servant. Phupo said I am feeling too much pain. I said it’s OK after I fuck one or two times it will be OK. I said Maria make tea for Phupo. I wanted to get some time so that I can fuck. Maria started making tea. Without wasting time and I locked the door silently and start fucking Phupo I cannot fuck with full force because in that way Maria can know something is happening in the bedroom. I put her legs on my shoulder and start fucking slowly. I knew it gonna take just 5 to 7 minutes to make the tea so I have to finish quickly. Phupo start moaning a little bit. I start kissing Phupo so that her moan cannot go outside. You bastard, you are so bad you’re fucking me and you are so bad. Fuck me more fuck me harder in pussy. Yes I like it. I like it come on come on. I’m your slut do it do it. Yes Phupo yes I will fuck you. You are my baby you are my daughter say daddy fuck me harder. Phupo “Daddy fuck me harder, fuck your daughter harder, fuck me I’m Maria fuck your sister harder, fuck Maria harder”. Listening this I got more excited and without realizing Maria is at home I start banging very fast and with force. Shaap shap shap ahhh ahh voice all over the room. Fuck me son fuck your phupo. Phupo was not stopping. I was about to cum and I wanted to cum before Maria come so I start fucking even harder. In 2 or 3 minutes I put all my water in her pussy and we quickly wear our clothes. Maria came and she turn on the light and she said what happened to both of you why are you both red and why are you breathing so heavily. Phupo said nothing I am still in the shock of dream. But what happened with you Brother? I said I also had a bad dream. Maria watching us with strange eyes, Phupo drink tea and then turn off the light. I said this time I will lay down between Phupo and sister. Maria got a little surprised, but she didn’t say anything Maria turn towards me and she was watching me and I turned towards Maria and I was watching her we make eye contact and it was very strange feeling. I start getting sex feelings for my sister. I don’t know her feelings but that was my feelings about my younger sister. Phupo was very relaxed so she went to sleep early and I don’t know why Maria cannot sleep. I started acting like I am sleeping and I knew that Maria isn’t sleepy and I put my one arm and my one leg on Maria. Maria cannot do anything because she knows Phupo is not feeling well and she’s sleeping now, I hug Maria very tightly and after five minutes I turn my head on other side so that Maria knows that I am in real sleep. ( To be continued )

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