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It’s just as it turns out

My young wife Tina (21) and I Brian (23) live on my dad’s farm in one of the farm houses, it’s very isolated, we love living in the middle of nowhere and when the sun is out it’s like a sun trap. We have been married for two years and we are very happy, we have an open relationship, Tina has had a black boyfriend (Jack) for 4 years and visits her on a regular basis, he’s 33 and has a really big long thick black cock and she loves it. I have other girls sometimes but not often, I prefer to fuck Tina with my bigger than average white cock, sometimes Jack and I are in bed with her and we take it in turns fucking her, she’s very vocal and tells me she’s always loved sex ever since her first time when she was 14, she’s had nine boyfriends including Jack before she met me so I knew she would have opened her legs for all of them, I had fucked plenty of girls so it didn’t bother me. On our wedding night we both fucked her and by the morning she was totally knackered and our sperm was flowing out of her lovely pussy, she said she didn’t take her pill at that time but she never got pregnant and even if she had it wouldn’t have bothered me if it was mine or Jack’s baby, we loved her pussy and she loved our cocks, live and let live, the reason we got married is simply because we really loved each other even though Jack was fucking her she just wanted him for his cock, I loved seeing his big black cock in her pussy and when he was about to cum she lifted her bum up so he could push all his 9.5 inch cock right up inside her, she loved him shooting his sperm in her, I loved watching her having huge orgasms with him she really loved his long thick black cock probably more than mine but I didn’t care.

One morning Tina and I were driving home after being in town and we saw this young girl sat on the grass and she was crying, I pulled over and Tina got out to see what was wrong, after a few minutes Tina brought the girl to our car and she got in, Tina was sat in the back with her cuddling the young girl trying to calm her down. She said her name was Jody and was from New Zealand, she said her new boyfriend had decided to do a road trip in England and asked if she could go with him but after a couple of days he started to get aggressive with her because she wouldn’t have sex with him unless he wore a condom, he refused and told her he wanted to shoot his sperm in her. She was just 16 and her new boyfriend was 27, she said she had only known him for 8 days and she wasn’t on the pill and didn’t want to get pregnant. We asked her why she was sat on the grass, he kicked me out of his camper and just left me, I had been sat there for half an hour before you found me. We asked her if she wanted to come home with us and have some food and maybe a shower, I don’t want to put you to any trouble, don’t be silly we are not leaving you here. Back at our house Jody had a shower and Tina made some food, Tina noticed her clothes were filthy and so put them in the washing machine, as Tina and Jody were roughly the same size Tina got some clothes of hers for Jody to wear. When Jody came down she looked gorgeous after doing her long hair and a bit of make-up not that she needed it, we sat down and had dinner. Jody was more relaxed now and said she had only been in England for two days and was looking forward to the 3-month trip she was going to have. I said it seems to me you’re better off without being with your boyfriend if all he wants is sex with you. I asked her where is she going to stay tonight, I don’t know, well it seems to me you will have to use one of our bedrooms until you get yourself sorted out. I can’t do that, Jody don’t worry its fine with us. The rest of the day we just lazed around drinking coffee and watching TV, it was raining outside. About 5pm Jody had fallen asleep on the settee and the dress Tina had given her to wear had moved up and we could see her white knickers and her pussy crack through them, I said to Tina she looks lovely she smiled and got my cock out and started to jerk me off as soon as some pre cum appeared she put some on the end of her finger, leaned over me, moved Jody’s knickers a bit and put her cum covered fingers in Jody’s love hole, I said to Tina I would love to put my cock in her shaved pussy, she smiled. Ten minutes later Jody sat up, yawned and fell asleep on my lap. I whispered to Tina if she thought Jody had had sex before she said her fingers went in Jody’s pussy easily enough so yes I’m sure she has been fucked. I put my hand on the side of her little bum and rubbed it slowly, Tina put her fingers in Jody’s hair and massaged her head, Jody stretched out on to Tina’s lap as well she was fast asleep. She was face down and Jody’s little bum was on my lap, I lifted her dress up and lowered her knickers I could see her little shaved pussy, Tina reached over to the side cabinet and got a black dildo out and passed it to me, I worked it in to her pussy it easily went in all 6 inches of it, I started to fuck her with it and she made little moans, she started to wake up so I pulled it out and pulled her knickers back up, my god I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to lay on you both I must have fell asleep she got up and went to the toilet. Sometime later Tina said she was going to have a shower ready for tonight she went to the bathroom and Jody asked what was happening tonight. Quietly I said Tina has a boyfriend and he comes round to fuck her three times a week he stays all night and I usually sleep in the bed you’re going to use but I’ll sleep on the settee tonight. Boyfriend but I assumed you’re both married to each other, we are but she’s had this boyfriend for four years and she loves sex with him, don’t you mind Brian, no it was part of the deal when we got married that she could still fuck him, blimey Brian why can’t she just be satisfied with you, she is but she like his black cock too, BLACK, yes Jody he’s a black man and he has a really long thick cock and Tina loves it. I tell you what Jody when he comes round later do you fancy going for a ride in my VW camper for a few hours, we could find a view point and look at the stars, we could also make a drink too if you like it beats listening to Tina screaming on her boyfriend’s black cock. I would like that Brian and if I feel sleepy can I lay down on the bed in your camper, of course Jody. Tina’s boyfriend turned up and he took her upstairs, Jody and I drove off and found a nice quiet place under the stars and she cuddled in to me, she asked me if we had an open marriage, yes Jody, I’ve been with a few girls and Tina has had a few boyfriends but has been fucking this black man for the last four years. I asked Jody about her boyfriend, I thought he was okay but when he threw me out of his camper I realised he was just a loser. I asked her if she had sex before, yes Brian I had my first boyfriend when I was 14 and he was my first one and then I’ve had two more before that loser, they had no problem wearing condoms but my second boyfriend used one and it broke so his love juice went in me I was worried until my period came. To be honest Jody I didn’t really like Jack her boyfriend fucking her but I’ve had to accept it and now I quite like seeing his black cock in her, such is life. It was 2am and Jody was feeling tired so I set the bed up and she laid down and went to sleep, her dress was up again I really wanted to shag her, I was staring at her little body and my cock was hard I knew Tina was having a good time with Jack and I wanted to have a good time with Jody. To cool down I got out and had a walk around and when I got back Jody was at the window she had wondered where I was and was a bit upset that I had left her, she hugged me tight as I did her, we looked at each other and we kissed, I told her I was getting hot and flustered looking at her on the bed and that’s why I went for a walk, did you see my knickers Brian, yes Jody it’s what got me flustered. I think you’re a good man Brian you could easily have taken my knickers off and put your cock in me and I respect you for not doing that but I do like you a lot we seem to get on well with no drama, she kissed me and she pulled me on the bed, I was lying on her 16 year old little body she was beautiful and I kissed her with passion then she said to me to take her knickers off, I did and I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit she got very wet, Brian put your cock in me and make love to me, I dropped my pants and she opened her legs wide, I pushed my nearly 8 inch cock in her 16 year old pussy oh my god she felt lovely, BRIAN YOU FEEL SO BIG IN ME OH I LIKE IT I LOVE IT, IT FEELS SO NICE OH BRIAN YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM I LOVE YOUR COCK BRIAN BRIAN BRIAN I’M CUMMMING, I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING BRIAN I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING OH MY GOD I’M HAVING A BIG ORGASM DON’T STOP DON’T STOP DON’T STOP OH YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR COCK BRIAN PUSH YOUR COCK IN ME AND RUB MY CLIT OH YES BRIAN JUST LIKE THAT OH YES YES YES MY GOD I’M HAVING ANOTHER ORGASM OH I LOVE YOUR COCK BRIAN OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH MY GOD THAT WAS SO NICE I’M SO GLAD YOU FOUND ME I’VE NEVER FELY LIKE THIS WHEN HAVING SEX OH I LOVE IT THANK YOU BRIAN I’M SO HAPPY, Jody if I don’t take my cock out I will be shooting my sperm in you, she held me tight, SHOOT IT IN ME LET ME FEEL IT, OH MY GOD IT FEELS WONDERFUL FILL ME UP I LOVE IT, MY GOD BRIAN I LOVE HAVING SEX WITH YOU, after I finished cumming I said to Jody that she could take one of Tina’s birth pills, she kissed me and said that was the best sex she’s ever had, we got dressed and drove home. I opened the door and we could hear Tina screaming she had just had a massive orgasm, I made us a stiff drink and we cuddled up on the settee, after an hour I asked her if she wanted to go to her bed, I want to go to bed with you Brian, we crept upstairs and had a peek in Tina’s room Jody saw Jack’s huge cock and her eyes nearly popped out of her head, she pulled me to her room closed the door and we got in to bed but this time I kissed her body all over front and back she has a perfect slim body and her lovely pert tit’s were just right in fact she is just right. Jody wanted to suck my cock and she did it so well and she swallowed my sperm my god I think I had hit on the jack pot here she was so good then we made love again and I made her scream with orgasms she was squeezing my cock tight her little shaved pussy was fantastic. Jody was a lot better than Tina for me she really loved sex with me as I did with her we just hit it off. We managed to sleep for a few hours and in the morning we got up about 11am had a shower and got dressed, we went down stairs and had breakfast. There was a note on the table from Tina saying she wanted to stay with Jack for a few days, I text her and said stay as long as you want and that me and Jody had hit it off and would be sleeping together, I also said I thought she loved Jack’s cock more than mine, she replied yes I do and she wants to get pregnant by him. I told Jody that Tina wants to get pregnant by Jack, let her Brian I don’t know how she could want someone else fucking her when she had you Brian. Jody we’ve only known each other for a few hours but do you feel something is right between us, yes Brian I get that feeling and I don’t want anyone else I would love to make my life with you. Later in the day I noticed that Tina had taken her clothes and jewellery and the suit cases were gone I text Tina saying have you left me, she replied sorry Brian but yes I have I really love Jack but didn’t realise it until last night the house and everything in it you can have I won’t fight you in court for anything if we can have an amicable divorce that would be great sorry Brian. I told Jody all this and she flung her arms around me and said we are going to have a good life. After a few months we were getting along like a house on fire then Jody said she was pregnant, we were so happy and I was going to be a dad, I love this beautiful Kiwi girl.


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