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Janey’s preoccupation with peeing



Those of you that have read of my earlier childhood know that when I grew up on my grandmother’s farm, we would just squat in the weeds to pee. All the boys (mostly cousins) would just haul out their dicks and piss. I would hide in the weeds or bushes, but the other boys and girls would make fun of me.

After a while I began peeing in front of all of them. It just seemed like the thing to do. When soJaney’s preoccupation with peeing

meone had to pee, it seemed like everyone would stop what they were doing to watch. I think it got to the point that I would not pee until someone was around to watch.

We would have nothing to wipe with, so the girls would just make a swipe across their pussy with their hand and wipe their hand on their pants.

One day I saw a cousin wipe her dripping pussy with her hand and then stick it in her mouth. I had never seen or even though of anything like this. I told her that was nasty. She said her older sister did this every time she would pee, so she tried it and she liked it.

The next time no one was around and I had to pee, I tried tasting my pee. Not bad. I tried to pee in my hand and then drink a little. Still not bad. In fact this made me think I was older like my friends older sister. I did this from that moment on.

As I got older, I really enjoyed doing this. Probably because my mother took me off the bottle to early. (ha, ha). After the summer was over, and I would go back to town to live with my parents, I missed having to pee in the woods with people watching me. On any weekend I had a chance to visit the farm and run with the old crowd, I would just to get someone to watch me pee.

A lot of the girls were getting hair on their pussys now, and for some reason, they stopped peeing in front of the others. I didn’t understand this. As when I was younger and they made fun of me for not letting them see me pee, now they were making fun of me for allowing them to see me pee through all that hair. So I also stopped.

I think at this time in my life things were really changing for the worst. I had let my family pet dog fuck me and take my cherry. This was when I lived in the city, and since my cousins no longer peed in front of the others, I stopped going to the farm.

Still peeing in front of others was getting the best of me. One day I was at a restaurant and had to go to the bath room to pee. When I went in, I saw there was no door on one of the stalls. There was no one in the other, but I went in the one with no door.

Most women I know do not set on the seat in public restrooms. We just spread our legs, straddle the commode and cut loose. My heart was beginning to bang out of my chest. The thought of me standing, peeing, and someone come in and see me.

I went into the stall, dropped my panties, and stood over the commode waiting for someone to come in. I thought I was going to burst my bladder if someone didn’t come in soon. I heard the outside door open, and I cut loose. The piss hitting the water was deafening. The lady that came in paused to look in. I think for the first time in my life I almost came as I was pissing. She saw me and then went on into the other stall and said nothing. I swiped with my hand, stuck my fingers in my mouth, stroked my clit with the other hand, and had a tremendous cum. I wondered what the other lady thought when she heard me cum.

After this experience, I went back to that restaurant as often as I could. Between my dog fuckin me and getting to cum as someone watched me pee, I was having a very enjoyable sex life.

On one glorious occasion, I was standing over the commode peeing when a tall red head came in. When she came to the stall, she paused and watched me. She was transfixed with me peeing in front of her.

I don’t know how she did it, but she was peering straight into my eyes, but at the same time was watching my cunt spew my piss. Her eyes didn’t blink or move from mine. My eyes didn’t move from hers. As my piss slowed to a slight dribble, I ran my hand down for my swipe. I ran my hand into my mouth again without moving from her eyes.

She paused for at least 15 seconds before she made two steps forward, reached her hand between my legs and swiped the remaining drops of piss. She then licked each of her fingers. I think I heard her purr a little. After staring into my eyes for a few moments more, she turned and left the bathroom.

I could take no more. I started running my fingers in and out of my pussy. One hand on my clit, the other running in and out. If someone else would have come into the bathroom, I could not have stopped. I came and came and came some more. I know I could never top this one.

My wanting to be watched as I peed I think was getting the best of me. I know if I had told a doctor how I felt, what I had done, and mostly what I had planned, he would have had me committed.

I had it all planed out . I bought a pair of white linen pants and a thong that fit tightly up the crack of my ass and massaged my cunt as I walked.

I went to a nearby mall on a busy Saturday afternoon. I thought that the more people that are there, the better it will be. If someone is there that knows me. It will be so much better.

As I walked along I slowed down and hung my head down and started to moan. I put my hand to my head and weaved around a little. I started this close to a wall so in my weaving I acted as if I was going to faint. I lean against the wall , then started to moan louder. I wanted as many people to see and hear me as I could.

As I leaned on the wall, with my head hung down moaning loudly and swinging from side to side, I started to piss. A lot. It showed up very well in my white pants. It spread all the way down my legs and start to puddle on the floor. I noticed that I did a good job of picking out the right thong. It outlined my cunt hairs very nicely.

Finally I saw some lady come to me and put her arm around me and ask if I am OK. I just moaned. She said “honey can you hear me?” I continued to moan and continued to pee as long as there was any left.

She started to shake me and kept asking if I can hear her. After I have emptied my bladder, I started to look up. She looked into my eyes and asked again, “honey are you alright?” I continued to moan, but I focused on her eyes and asked her “what happened?”

She doesn’t say anything, just holds me tighter. Then I said my wet paints, and started to cry and ask again what happened. By this time there was a large crowd there.

As I looked around, I saw an old friend walking forward. She bent over and took my arm. Come with me Janey. I again looked at my wet pants and started to cry louder. The wet pants sticking to my tight thonged cunt was very visible. “What happened?”

Janey, you peed in your pants. “No, no, no.” I cried louder.

She picked me up and started to lead my out of the mall. As we walked slowly, with her holding my arm, and me crying loudly, many people slowed down to watch. I could hear them say “that woman peed her pants”. The men I could tell were getting an eye full looking at my cunt that was very evident. Some of them even followed us through the mall. I think there may have been a hard on or two. I smiled inwardly and let my friend walk me a little faster. I was in a hurry to get to my car now for the cum of my life.

When my old friend put me in my car, she asked if I thought I was OK. I said I would just rest here a bit, but I was feeling much better and was OK.

As soon as she was out of sight, I grabbed my crouch. I squeezed a little pee from my pants and sucked all I could. I then went to my clit. One touch and I was off into never, never land. Bang, I almost did pass out this time. It was so good.

As I drove home, I languished in my wet pants and was still having after shocks that made me cum just driving and having the tight thong rubbing my cunt.

I wondered how may malls there were in this town, and how many times I could do this without the word getting out. ……Janey

Yes this is a true one.

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