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Sara has got two fuck in a row and she is some how tired. Now John is looking at her sexy mom to fuck her but she is not ready for third fuck in a row. We all are drinking wine together and Sara walked to bed while she slept with her legs wide apart, John as well as Rachel moved to hot lady. Now John is kissing her vagina while Rachel is pressing her boobs hardly. Now John put a pillow under her ass and started rubbing butter cake on her vagina. Rachel is putting his semi erected penis on her lips to rub and I can see John rubbing butter cake on her cunt..

I am on sofa watching live sex show. Now John is licking the cunt and Sara is sucking the glans of Rachel. She is in missionary position with her both thighs wide apart as I can see her son John leaving her love zone and wake up to push his long cock in her cunt. He has pushed his cock in her vagina and Rachel leaned his face on her breast to suck it hard. Now John is fucking her with speed as well as power. In last two fuck session she has got penis for 40-45 minutes and now she is getting the third cock in a row while I can see Rachel’s semi erected penis in her mouth to suck. John leaned on her hot body and giving her hard fuck while Sara is bouncing her bum up and down. I can see Rachel’s penis getting erection and he is fucking her mouth fastly. After 5-7 minutes of fuck she started shouting…… “Oohh aashh john leave my cunt baby its not in a good health

(Garry) need some oral therapy. ” And I moved to bed..

Sara is like a bitch on bed and Rachel is sitting in front of her face, while she took Rachel’s penis in her mouth, I drop beer on her vagina to make it wet. Now while sitting in front of her ass, I put my tongue to lick it and she is sucking Rachel’s cock. I opened her vaginal mouth with my fingers and pushed my 2/3 rd tongue inside her glory hole. While fucking her vagina I pushed a long finger in her ass hole to fuck it and Sara is licking Rachel’s cock while my penis is sleeping. Looking at me….. “Garry now John can fuck me. ” And John knelt down in front of her bum. While holding his penis she pushed it and started fucking her in speed. Now Rachel moved to washroom and he is also ready for fuck. Sara is swinging her ass and enjoying her son’s penis inside her vagina. I am drinking chilled beer and John started shouting….. “Oh my hot mom have my cum darling. ” And he poured cum inside her vagina. Now John moved away while Sara is on bed fully exhausted. Rachel came to her and asked……. “Sara darling are you waiting for fuck?

(She screamed) now I need rest Rachel, my vagina has got an hour fuck, so need rest. ” And she walked to washroom.

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