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Kimbra Mayes and her son, Jonty Mayes – Chapter 1

Claimer: I own these characters, no one else does.

Chapter 1


“Hey, you know what?!” my husband, Talon, screamed to me as I walked out of our room. “I’m done with your bullshit!”

“So am I!” I screamed back at him as I slammed the door shut, making him roar in anger as I walked down the hallway to check on our son, Jonty. I found him shaking under his blanket on his top bunk bed in his room. I felt so sorry for him that I wanted to take him in my arms and hold him close.

“Baby?” I asked, rubbing the bump that I knew it was his small head. “Are you okay?”

My son peeked one eye out of the blanket at me. “No.” he whimpered. “Why do you and Dad always fight?”

“He drinks too much, baby.” I said soothingly, rubbing his head as he rose to support his weight on his elbows. “But soon, you and I are going to move out and get our own place. I can’t let you watch us fight like this.”

“When will we move out, Mom?” Jonty said, sitting up while looking at me.

“I don’t know, baby.” I said, leaning froward and pressing my forehead on his. “But it will be soon, baby. Very soon.”

He shivered, and I couldn’t help myself from acting. I leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose, then I hurriedly left the room to fill out the divorce papers that I had ordered a couple of days ago.

Well, all the divorce papers are filled out, and much to my ex-husband’s anger, dismay, and shock, I managed to have permanent custody of my son with no visitations. The temper tantrum he threw in the court room got so intense that police had to escort him out in handcuffs.

“You daughter of a bitch!” he screamed as he was lead out of the courtroom. “I want to visit my son! He’s mi -”

That’s when the doors slammed shut. When a sigh of relief, I turned to Judge Melesina Masters, who was looking at me with smile on her face as she rose from her seat. She also looked relived that I had my son all to my self with no visitations from Talon.

“Are you feeling, Ms. Mayes?” she said as she made her way over to me as my son hugged my leg. I could tell he was scared of the fact that his father had made a huge scene in the courtroom by letting his anger get the best of him.

“Just fine, your honor.” I said, rubbing Jonty’s head, making him hug my leg even tighter.

“Please, call me Melesina.” she said, shaking my hand as she kneeled to face Jonty, who was still hugging my leg. “How are you feeling, buddy?”

“Scared.” he said, shaking. “Why did Dad act like that?”

“Oh, he’s just mad that he can’t come visit you and that your mom has full custody of you.” Melesina said, rubbing his head. “Don’t worry. You’re safe with your mom from your dad.”

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“I would pick Mom over Dad any day.” Jonty said, and for some reason, that caused my heart to flutter and some heat to form between my legs.

“Good boy.” Melesina said, rising to her feet and looking at me. “Ms. Mayes.”

At those words, she turned around and went into the back, so now I was alone with my son. Jonty looked up at me with confusion in his eyes. I couldn’t help but to pick up my son and hold him in my arms. Now his face was close to mine as I set him on my hip, and I felt just a bit of a big bump in his pants. That sent the heat between my legs to a whole different level as I blushed and looked at my son.

“What now, Mom?” he said, looking at me in the eye.

I was silent, partly because I didn’t want to my heat between my legs to go up another notch, but I couldn’t help it again. I looked at my son and smiled through my red face. He smiled back, and that sent the heat to go up again between my legs. Now I had trouble standing because my legs were shaking a little bit.

“Right now we’re going home to pack our things, baby.” I said, kissing him on the forehead. “Then, we’re going to get our own place, okay?”

“Okay, Mom.” he said, resting his head on my shoulder as I walked out of the courtroom with him in my arms. I somehow couldn’t wait to get him home, pack our things, and go get our own place to live in. Just me and my son. Just… Me and my… Son… Son… Son…

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