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Kimbra Mayes and her son, Jonty Mayes – Chapter 2

Claimer: I own these characters, no one else does.

Chapter 2


“Goodnight, baby.” I said, kissing my son on the forehead as I tucked him in. “Have a good night’s rest, okay? I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay, Mom.” Jonty said, smiling at me and causing my heat to flutter again. “I love you.”

I sighed in pleasure as my son said that, causing some heat to form between my legs again. I smiled back at him.

“I… I love you too, Jonty.” I said, shutting off his light and closing the door. “See you in the morning.”

After tucking my son in, I immediately went to my room to masturbate. My son and I have now been living together in our own house for about a year now, and it couldn’t get even more peaceful. My ex-husband, Talon, tried to forcefully come and see Jonty, but I called the police on him and he got arrested. Now, there is peace and quiet in my new house, but… There is a slight dilemma… I was single and constantly horny, but that wasn’t the worst of it. My son was making me even more desperate in finding a man. But, it was my son and his cock that I was thinking about every time I masturbated. And that was tearing me apart.

Stripping out of everything until I was naked, I climbed on my bed and laid down on my back. I spread my legs and began fingering my hungry pussy. I started moaning as envisioned my son naked and kneeling between my legs, thrusting his 10 year old cock in and out of my pussy.

“Ohhhh, Jonty.” I moaned, thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy faster. “Fuck your mother’s pussy and make her cum.”

I started fingering my pussy faster when I suddenly felt like I was being watched. I opened my eyes and looked toward my bedroom door, and that’s when I saw my son standing there in the doorway in the dark. I saw his form jerk when he realized I saw him. I knew for a fact her was going to run away, but I had to stop him.

“Jonty?” I said, sitting up. “Come here, baby. Come to Mommy.”

My son very slowly entered my room, wearing his pajamas and I could see very faintly, in the dark, there was a small tent in his pants. Seeing that made my pussy burn and I spread my legs even wider, opening my pussy lips and causing my son to stop in his tracks as he stared at his old home, the place where he came from.

“You like what you see, baby?” I said, trailing a finger around my pussy lips, causing Jonty to start shaking.

“Um… I think so.” Jonty stammered, standing at the foot of my bed.

“Come to Mommy, baby.” I said, holding out my arms for him.

Slowly, Jonty climbed on top of the bed and sat crosslegged between my spread out legs, his eyes glued on my pink and juicy pussy. Now that he was sitting on the bed, I could clearly see the tent in his pants, and that caused me to rub my pussy lips. Seeing me do that, my son started shaking, and that’s when he looked down and saw the tent in his pants.

“What the…?” he said, touching it, then to my pleasure, he grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled them down, along with his underwear, making his 10 year old cock spring free. I almost fainted at the sight of it. It was about 3 inches long and 2 inches thick, and it was pointing toward my pussy as if it need to be in there.

“Oh, baby.” I said, grabbing my son’s pants and pulling them off him legs, then throwing them on the floor. “Take your shirt off.”

Jonty frowned, but he did as he was told. He took off his shirt and handed it to me. I then tossed his shirt onto the floor and took a good long look at my son’s naked body. I was fascinated by the size of his cock, and I… Couldn’t wait until I had that inside my pussy.

“Mom?” Jonty’s voice interrupted my train of thought and I looked at him, seeing him get into kneeling position with his throbbing 10 year old cock pointing straight at me.

“Come here, baby.” I said, laying back onto the pillows, spreading my legs even wider and holding out my arms to my son. “Come to Mommy.”

Jonty scooted forward and was about to fall on me when I sat up and grabbed his hips. He frowned, but then I just leaned my head down and pressed my lips on his, causing him to moan. I then slid my tongue into his mouth, and we started French kissing. As we were kissing, I trailed my hand down and wrapped my hand around my son’s cock. I was shocked at how hard it was, and I began gently pumping it, feeling it throb in my hands.

“Oh, Mom.” Jonty said, pulling away and looking down at me jerking his cock. “That’s feels good.”

“Do you want to feel something better, baby?” I asked, smiling at him.

Jonty nodded, and I slowly bent my head down until his cock was inches from my face. He gulped and shifted.

“Uh, Mom?” he said nervously. “What are you… Oh, God!”

My son said that last part because I kissed his purple cock head, and I very slowly took him in my mouth. I slid my son’s cock deeper and deeper in my mouth, and I began bobbing my head up and down on his cock, making him groan. I swirled my tongue over his cock head and started deepthroating him.

It wasn’t long before Jonty said, “Mom, I’m feeling strange inside.”

I slid his cock out of my mouth and laid back on the pillows, spreading my legs for my son. He looked at me all confused.

“Mom, what are you doing?” he asked, sitting back.

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“I… I want you to fuck me, Jonty.” I said, forcing the words out and making his eyes grow wide.

“What?” Jonty said, shaking a little bit.

“Kneel between my legs, baby.” I said, and for some reason, he hurried to comply. “Take your cock and aim it directly at my pussy.”

My love for him grew stronger as I watched him kneel between my spread out legs, take his cock in his hand, and positioned it so that it was hovering over my pulsing pussy lips. I then moaned as he moved his hips forward until his thick cock head came in contact with my wet pussy lips.

“Oh, baby!” I moaned as he began sawing his cock head over my pussy lips. “Stop teasing me, please! Shove that cock of yours inside your mother’s pussy and pound it like there is no tomorrow.”

“As you wish, Mom.” Jonty said, slowly easing his big and thick cock into my hot and moist pussy. “God!”

“Oh, baby!” I gushed, feeling his size stretch my pussy a little bit. “You are so big! Please! Fuck your mother’s pussy and make her cum on that wonderful cock of yours!”

“Um, how do I do that?” Jonty said, sliding his cock in deeper and deeper until his pubic hair was mashed up against my pubic hair. “God, Mom! You are so tight!”

“Just move your hips back and forth, baby.” I moaned, feeling my son’s 10 year old cock throb and twitch in my pussy. “Now… Pound your mother’s pussy!”

Jonty nodded and he began slowly moving his hips back and forth, slowly sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. I threw back my head, arching my back and moaning as my 10 year old son fucked me.

“Go faster, baby!” I moaned as my son began pumping his cock in and out of my pussy a little faster. “Yes, baby, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“Oh, Mom!” he grunted, picking up speed with his thrusts into my pussy. “I love your pussy. It’s so hot, wet, warm, and tight.”

“It’s all yours, baby.” I said taking his face in my hands and making him look me in the eyes as he fucked me hard. “You own my pussy now. Mold it to your liking. Make me cum!”

Jonty grunted as he began fucking me even faster. My boobs were bouncing up and down from the force of his thrusts and I could feel and hear his balls slaping my ass as he pumped his 10 year old cock in and out of my pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” I said, feeling my orgasm approach. “I’m going to cum! You’re going to make me cum, baby!”

“Cum for me, Mom.” Jonty grunted as be drove his 10 year old cock deeper in my pussy. “Soak my cock with your cum.”

“OH, GOD!” I screamed, excited by his dirty words. “I’M CUMMING!”

I clamped my pussy hard around my son’s cock as I cummed hard, soaking his cock with my cum and making it easier for him to slip his 10 year old cock in and out my pussy.

“Uh, Mom?” Jonty said, grunting as he fucked me even faster. “I think I’m going to… Cum.”

“CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!” I screamed, lost in a sexual bliss at the feeling of my son’s 10 year old cock fucking my pussy hard. “FILL MY WOMB WITH YOUR SEED!

“OH, MOM!” Jonty screamed as his cock started to unload rope after rope after rope of hot semen inside my pussy, heading straight for my womb. “I LOVE YOU!

“I LOVE YOU TOO, BABY!” I screamed, feeling my womb swell up with my 10 year old son’s seed. “OH, HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!”

Jonty grunted as he unleashed more of his creamy, hot, and thick seed inside my pussy. Then he stopped and just collapsed on top of me, his cock still wedged in my cum filled pussy.

“I love you, Mom.” he said, and just promptly fell asleep in my arms.

I smiled at him. “I love you too, baby.” I said, still feeling my son’s cock still pulsing inside my pussy.

I soon fell asleep a few minutes after my son with his cock still in my pussy.

We just have to wait and see what the future holds for us.

A/N: I’m back! What do you think about this chapter? Please tell what you think about this chapter and what other stories I should write.

Peace out!

– The Everlasting Adventurer

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