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LOUSIE AND CATHY – Dirty Sex Tales

Lousie is in dinning hall with her younger sister Cathy as I am in my bedroom changing my dress after a long walk in evening. I can hear them talking about some thing private, as I came inside dinning hall my mom Lousie walked towards kitchen and I join their conversation. Looking at Cathy I smiled as she asked…. “Garry you are so nice in sex

(Garry) oh aunty keep quiet mom will listen

(Cathy) we both were talking about your sexual skill. ” And Lousie came there with a cup of coffee for me. Looking at me Lousie said….. ” Garry we both sister have an indecent proposal for you and if you agree

(Garry) indecent, what’s it

(Cathy) listen you young guy we three are in home as Nina will leave for a party tonight

(Garry) so what

(Cathy) we three will enjoy group sex. ”

I am well shocked as surprised to listen the proposal but I am now sure that my mom her younger sister has disclosed their physical relations with me. So looking at my hot mom and aunty, I said… “Ok I am ready but need some alcohol

(Cathy) sure we both sisters have arranged items like wine, beer and cigarette. ” Its 07:45 pm as Nina left the home with her friend for a birthday party. Now Lousie closed the door and we three are in dinning hall as Lousie walked towards refrigerator and took out a bottle of red wine and came back to us. Looking hot in a pink coloured saree with deep necked blouse as its backlash also, sits on sofa and we three are drinking wine. My aunt Cathy is in a crop-tops and shorts as her flat tummy to deep navel is nude, her strong thighs and legs are also nude. We three took 3-4 large packs of wine as my mom called a near by restaurant for packed meals. Now while sitting in between my mom and aunty, I hold their boobs to press it hard as my aunt pulled down my bermuda to legs.

I am in briefs only as I pulled down saree from my mom-‘s chest and removed her saree from her hot body as Cathy sits on ground and removed my briefs to hold my long cock. Now Cathy is rubbing the glans on her lips and face while I removed my mom’s blouse and peticote to make her nude, Cathy is sucking my cock as I am pressing my mom’s boobs and lastly Lousie pushed her breast in my mouth to suck. While sucking it I am massaging other ones as I can see Cathy sucking my cock fastly and I took another breast to suck hard. My hand is moving in between my mom’s thighs as I pushed my long finger in her cunt while Cathy is licking my penis and after a while things change as my mom is on ground to love my cock and Cathy is sitting near me. I removed Cathy’s tops and shorts to make her nude, now she is kissing my lips and pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck as my mom is sucking my cock. Later on, I am pressing Cathy’s breast hardly as my long finger is in her deep cunt, Lousie is rolling her tongue on my penis and she took my dick again to suck it hard. Later on, Cathy put her boobs on my face as I took her breast in my mouth to suck. We three are enjoying oral sex.

We three walked nudely as they made me sleep on bed and now Lousie is sitting on my face as she will pee in my mouth. Her vaginal parts are just above of my mouth as I hold her waist to kiss her vagina, now my mom put her fingers to open her vaginal hole and I pushed my long tongue in her deep cunt to fuck hard. I can feel Cathy sucking my cock and my tongue is licking my mom’s vagina. Later on Lousie is near my waist and Cathy is sitting over my face with her legs wide apart, looking above my aunt’s vagina I put lips on her labias to kiss and Lousie is sucking my cock with her head moving faster. Now I rolled my tongue in Cathy’s vagina as Lousie is licking my rock hard penis, my tongue is fucking aunt’s vagina and I am in joy. Later on I moved to washroom. I came back to see my mom and aunty both sleeping on bed waiting for my long dick. I am now on my mom’s top as my penis is hitting her vaginal depth, she has hold me tightly and started swinging ass up and down. Now she is screaming in pleasure….. “Oohhh Garry I will cum soon fuck me hard

(Cathy) now its my turn Garry you can’t fuck her only. ” And I can feel her vagina becoming wet, I licked it.

Cathy is on her knees and elbows as I pushed my dick in her vagina from behind, I am fucking her with speed and power while holding her waist, Cathy is moving her sexy ass and we are now too hot to cum as I am fucking them for last15-17 minutes. Lastly I shouted….. “Oohhh Cathy have my cum whore. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her cunt as my mom tasted it also. We three are on bed.

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