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The Clear Up – Dirty Sex Tales

Abdul was not happy he was clearing up after a big dance at the mansion, his brother should have been helping him but he had not shown up so he was on his own, all the guests had gone and the place was in a mess, he had already taken five bags of rubbish out to the skip at the back of the mansion and was now collecting the dirty glasses and crockery when 16 year Kim who was the owners daughter and a couple of years older than him walked in, Abdul saw she was wearing a long shoulder less ball gown, Kim asked Abdul to take her sister a glass of juice and walked out, Abdul got the juice and took it up to Junes room, Abdul walked into June’s room and saw June who was a couple of years younger than him laying on her bed completely naked rubbing between her legs, Abdul stared at June, June looked up stopped rubbing when she saw Abdul and parted her legs saying come on fuck me, Abdul looked put the juice down undid his trousers letting his 6 inch erection spring out, June looked at it smiled Abdul went to the bed climbed on got between June’s legs and was soon easing his dick into June’s waiting love tube as he did June groaned, Abdul started to push in and out slowly but getting faster and faster after a while June cried out ” oh yes” and Abdul felt her cum, after a minute June said  “enough” Abdul stopped pulled his dick out and got off the bed he did his trousers up then left the room and went back to the clearing up, after twenty minutes Abdul saw Cindy who is one of Kim’s friends walk through the room she was wearing a long ball gown with designer splits up each leg right to her hip before Cindy got to the other end of the room her boyfriend 17 year old Martin entered, Martin went to Cindy hugged her the pair started to snog, Abdul saw Martin pulling Cindy’s gown up at the back and smiled when he saw Cindy’s naked bum which Martin started to rub, Abdul saw Cindy’s hands move in front of her while Martin pulled the zip on her gown down and the gown drop to the floor, Martin moved Abdul saw his dick was on show standing up stiff at about 9 inches, Martin turned Cindy giving Abdul a good view of her naked boobs and love tube, Cindy bent forward Martin moved behind her and after a short time Abdul saw Cindy’s boobs start swinging about her nipples erect, after a few minutes Abdul saw Martin’s dick appear and 4 long spurts of cum shoot out, after a minute or two Martin left the room, Cindy stood up straight looked at Abdul smiled picked up her gown and left, Abdul carried on clearing up after a couple of hours he had cleared everything away and was sweeping the floor when a girl from his class at school walked she looked at Abdul and said” June told me you fucked her and that you were good” Abdul just smiled the girl then pulled the bottom of her gown right up exposing her love tube and said to Abdul ” you want to fuck me” Abdul undid his trousers and as he pushed his erection into the girls wet love tube smiled thinking I like working on my own.

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