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LOUSIE AND GARRY – Dirty Sex Tales

Lousie came back from Chandigarh after a week long vacation. Her vacation has made her energetic as well as curious. Her curiosity is non other than physical pleasure with me. She has a great sex for nights with her hubby as she came in the evening, she is well exhausted and I have ordered for dinner to a local food plaza. Nina has prepared coffee for us as we three are sitting in balcony, Nina asked….. “Mom you were with your hubby for a week, have you enjoyed my dad company or just living a solo life. ” Lousie smiled and put her cup on table….. “Nina I have enjoyed lot with your dad as he is still sexually active and love my hot body. ” We three left the chair after a while..

I moved inside my bedroom as I have put a cane beer in wardrobe to drink it before dinner. Now I took it out and started drinking beer while sitting on chair. After a while I moved to washroom for refreshment and came back in my bermuda. I can see my mom sitting on bed as I smiled….. “Mom you are looking hot in your red coloured gown

(Lousie) yes your dad has gifted me with a brassier and thongs also

(Garry) nice, you are too tired, so take rest

(Lousie) no rest, I need a massage. ” And she slept on the middle of bed. Looking at her, I walked out of my room and took out a bottle of oil from mom’s bedroom. I can see Nina in her room doing study as I walked to my bedroom..

Lousie is sleeping on my bed as I left my door opened having a curtain on it. Now I am sitting near her as I started lifting her gown upwards. Its now on her waist as I can see red thongs covering her genital zone. I lifted her gown upto her neck and took it out to see her boobs caged in a red brassier. Now Lousie is looking hot and wild in her undergarments. I put my both hand on her boobs to press it hard, I am massaging it hardly as I can see my hot mom pushing her hand in my bermuda to hold my cock, its in a semi-erected position. Now I leaned on her face as my body is on her hot body, I started kissing her and she is moving her palm on my back. My penis is hitting her vaginal zone but its inside bermuda. I took her rosy lip in my mouth to suck as she is pulling my bermuda down to legs. Now my cock is nude as Lousie has pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck and while sucking it I am feeling her two boobs on my chest. After a while, I left her tongue and inched lower to remove her brassier as her boobs are nude, I hold both of them and started licking its long areola with my tongue. She is a lady of 39 years and now she is getting the tongue on her breasts to lick it, slowly I moved lower to kiss her tummy and belly as her both boobs are getting the hard massage..

Lousie is feeling the love of my lips on her waist as I removed her thongs and wide spread her thighs to look her vaginal zone. I put my hand on her soft vulva as tiny hairs have grown on her labias and I put a pillow under her ass, now my face is in between her strong thighs as my lips are moving on her labias, she opened her vaginal hole as my 2/3 rd tongue is moving inside her vagina to cervix. She is screaming in pleasure as I am fucking her glory hole fastly. Now I took her labias in my mouth to suck as my hand is moving on her soft body. Later on she pushed my face as her vagina is out of my mouth. Looking at Lousie, I knelt infront of her pelvic zone and pushed my long cock in her vagina to fuck. My penis is moving inside her gloryhole as it is hitting hard on her vagina. She is screaming….. “Oohh uumm Garry fuck me hard, I need this massage from you, fuck me for whole night. ” As I leaned on her hot body to fuck. My penis is roaring inside her vagina as she is moving her ass up and down to enjoy my long cock. After pounding her vagina for 7-8 minutes she started shouting….. “Oohj Garry give me hard fuck I will cum aahhb. ” And my penis felt her vaginal juice in her cunt. I took out my cock and put my tongue to lick her glory hole to taste her cum. Later on, I knelt in front of her mouth as she guided my long cock in her mouth to suck and I am fucking her mouth slowly as my glans are hitting her deep throat. She took it out and started licking it with her tongue.

Lousie and Garry are hot as she is on her knees and elbows, now I am sitting behind her round dome shaped ass, pushed my cock in her ass hole as she looked back….. “Nice Garry fuck my ass I love your hot rod in my ass

(Garry pushed his long cock) oohh Lousie this sort of massage you need naa, I love your ass

(Lousie is moving her ass) sure Garry my vaginal flexibility is so that 12-14 inches long and 4-5 inches cock can do some friction inside it.

(Garry is fucking her ass) yes mom so I love your sexy ass. ” And I am fucking her anus hole with speed and power as her ass hole is equal to my sister’s vaginal hole. My penis has done lot of friction in her ass as I am feeling the fire inside, my penis is going to pour and I screamed…. “Oohj aahhh Lousie my white fluid is out and will rain inside your ass, have it my bitch. ” As my penis poured cum in her ass hole. We are on bed like a tired couple.

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